Customer Reviews: Crimestopper RS4-G3 Remote Start System with Keyless Entry and Trunk Pop
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on September 16, 2012
I cant believe how much I got for under $50. My last one two years ago cost me $200. It had a few more features that I Dont really need. Alarm unit is small and easy to locate. Remote is a little heavy but is very sturdy being made of mainly metal.

Installation took me longer than expected around 4 hours but im pretty rusty. Directions were horrible but if you cant figure it out then you shouldnt be installing one. Again im not a professional but at least an hour of the installation was figuring out the instructions.

After hooking it up everything worked except for the remote start would not pickup the voltage correctly. It kept the starter engaged while it was running for too long. I went through the menus and adjusted the voltage down and it started fine.

Another gripe is with one push of the remote start it starts. I have small kids and they play with my keys all the time. Well looking through the menus I changed it to two pushes of the button instead of one. I wanted to add this because another reviewer didnt know that you could change it.

Last thing is that it has only negative door lock/unlock pulses. If your car requires positive then you will have to run two relays. Look on the 12volt website. They show you how to wire it and the relays are sold with sockets at radio shack.

Hope my review helps potential buyers because im really happy with mine

Update 06/16/2013:
This unit still works well. I've noticed that the range decreases as the batteries get weaker. I changed the batteries to lithium for longer shelf life. Besides that, remote start still works great and the lock/unlock function still works great too. Just remember to use good butt splices instead of quick splices, this keeps the install lasting longer with less problems and spend time to make a good clean ground (keeps the circuits in the brain more stable and reliable). A couple things I really like about this alarm is that when you unlock the doors, the parking lights stay lit for 20-30 seconds. This is great for locating you car and to see if you did unlock it. Oh also, the remote is a nice sturdy metal great for opening beer bottles too!!! :)

Too bad I gave the car to my nephew, but he enjoys the car with this awesome alarm.
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on June 20, 2012
when i saw the $55 price tag with the free shipping i was skeptical and did some research and it didn't take me long to rush back here to order it. i bought this for my 97' Chevy Silverado and installed it myself; i work on cars all the time so this was not to difficult but i do NOT suggest to anybody who hates electrical stuff or tight spaces or if you are clueless about cars to do it themselves. it is tedious and time consuming but when u push that start button its worth every second. i have had this product installed in my truck for few days now and the only thing i would change is how u push the start button once and the truck starts... be great if u had to push it in a pattern of some sort to prevent accidental starts. Other than that no complaints.ill keep this updated on how thing go and upload a video of it aswell. now my girlfriend even wants me to install one on her 2010 mustang!!!!!

I would DEFINITELY suggest this to ALL my friends!!!
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on December 12, 2012
The price was good, but the directions are almost criminally bad. My friend, who has extensive professional experience with car electronics, is STILL traumatized from trying to properly install it. After visiting the Crimestopper website, combing the internet for insight, and calling in consultant buddies to assess the problem, he believes my 2002 Suburban needs an adapter part to make the remote starter work. So, I wait.

Unless you have a telepathic ability to understand incomprehensible schematics, and a desire to introduce a hefty dose of longsuffering to your life, buy this product here, then pay a "Remote Start System" professional to install it at the dealer's,
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on March 5, 2012
For $55 I wasnt expecting much, but this thing does everything! I installed this in my 2001 Celica and it only took me about 2 hours. Theres over 24 programmable settings so you can get this working how you want. The range is also great. I was able to remote start from my bed which is at least 150ft away from the car. If you want a reliable remote start system that can do everything your ignition can than this is the way to go. The instruction are straight forward so I had no problem at all. Just make sure you know what goes where on your car
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on January 28, 2013
This unit is well built and when married with the appropriate harness and bypass module it is a breeze to install (no cutting of any wires on my vehicle, 100% plug and play, and more details below). The remotes seem very well built and the system works as advertised (so far). Note that this is a 1 way unit, so no confirmation that your vehicle started during a blind start situation.

Cheap price
Handles many vehicle configurations (by user programming)
Good customer support
Works very well with Fortin EVO bypass and T-HAR cables for quick/clean install (can be installed in under 1 hour)
Can use a data bus connection to the bypass that will allow for many functions with only a 4 pin connection

Instructions may not be 100% accurate
Can be overwhelming, many wires and connections needed. Especially if T-HAR is not used

My experience:
I bought this system along with a THAR-CHR5 cable and Fortin EVO-ALL to be installed on my 2007 Dodge RAM 1500. I consulted a tech at crimestoppers by email prior to the order to ensure that I was in fact purchasing the correct components for my system. The technician replied within a day or two and was very helpful in confirming the proper configuration needed for my particular situation.

Once all items were received, I followed the directions supplied along with some directions found online on the manufacturer’s website for how to install with this configuration. Had an issue with install where the instructions indicated that if my car did not have a certain connector that I would use an alternate install, took a little to figure out there was an alternate install, once this was realized I proceeded as instructed. With this preliminary install (wires twisted together, sitting on the floor of the truck) almost everything worked except for an issue with the remote start not staying started. It would start then run for about 5 seconds then shut down and start again. It would cycle like this until I cancelled the remote start. I was back on with the tech from the original email and he suggested trying some things, which I did with no luck. Ended up calling the tech support line and left a message. Received a call back within a few hours and after explaining the issue and talking over my current wiring scheme the tech suggested that another wire would have to be connected between the RS4-G3 and the bypass, (pink ignition wire from high current harness must be combined with the yellow ignition wires found on the EVO and low current connector) this was not outlined in any directions found in box or online. After this was complete, the system worked without fault. Had I known this I could have installed the system in much less than an hour. I ended up installing and tearing down a few times over the course of a week, soldering all the connections and pulling the pins out of the connectors that were not needed. This only took around an hour in total work time.
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on June 30, 2012
I have installed these remote starts before but this one was a little more difficult than others.
To get a wiring diagram you need to email crime stoppers tech support requesting one.let them know if you have factory keyless or factory alarm.
Buttons on the remote are small.
Remote is heavy duty though.
If you understand how relays work and reverse polarity go ahead and install it yourself.if not have a Pro install it for you.
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on June 5, 2012
I have been installing the various models of Crimestopper remote starts for years. This system works great, has all features built-in (did not have to add relays) and works from so far away it is incredible. Only thing I don't like are this style of remote. I have programmed the previous generation remote to work with it though.
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on July 11, 2013
I hate the fact they changed the batteries in the remotes, now I have to buy 3 batteries instead of one when I replace them. However I love Crimestopper Remote starts and have been installing them for 10 years now. The lifetime warrenty is great and they ask no questions!

Installation is not for beginners. Please note that if you do not have a good knowledge of vehical ignition systems do not try to install this product. The manual from crime stopper is great but only cover the crime stopper product not your car!

Installation time for someone like me who has done this for 10 years is anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hour job depending on the vehical.

Do not take to a shop to have them install this unit. As an installer I recommend not to take this to a shop to have it installed. Sure its a $70 remote start, but when you take it to a shopt they will charge you $200 dollars to put this unit in, and then they will not hold up on the warrenty. If you are going to do it yourself this is a great purchase if you are going to have it installed have the installer use their favorite brand, that way you get warrenty and support from the shop. And if you are dead set on crime stopper (like me) find a crimestopper dealer in your area.
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on January 14, 2013
Works perfect. Took a while to install, mostly because I had to add an immobilizer bypass. I wouldn't recommend installing yourself if you don't have some background. Recommend regardless of the price. Robust on features for a unit of any price.
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on March 29, 2014
Range is unpredictable and unreliable... sometimes it works great and starts our vehicle from 2 blocks away and sometimes I have to be standing 2 feet from my vehicle.

I thought I had a bad unit and sent it back to the manufacturer but the replacement unit behaves the exact same way.
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