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Format: Video Game|Change
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on June 24, 2015
This is an entertaining game, let me put that out there first. It's your basic hack-and-slash every zombie in your path type of game, but it has an enjoyable mashup of songs that'll get stuck in your head, brain-dead humor (did you see what I did there?), and just an overall creative atmosphere. You play as a Juliet, the zombie-hunting cheerleader, who as you might guess, wields her chainsaw while sucking a lollipop. From that description, and looking at the title cover, you may think, "this is just a vapid, eye-candy character with a market saturated basic enemy type."

You'd think that, and you'd be exactly right. The cover tells you exactly what you're getting. However, it doesn't nearly address the amount of simple enjoyment generated after you play through the first level. It's fun, and the characters know it's for fun. So it's not taking itself seriously by any means; and if anything, it pushes the envelope to show how well-adjusted it is to the fact that the hopes of humanity, ride on the shoulders of our busty, air headed, pom pom touting main character.

What I dislike about the game is that sometimes the controls can be very clunky. This game is intimately a quick-time-event game as it will move you from stage to stage by performing a chainsaw QTE on a wall or jump through a window. If you're not in the right spot, it won't register you pressed anything. Or, in a stage filled with a sequence of QTE, if you miss one, you're forced to start the ENTIRE stage over. So you have to go through not only the redundant fights, but also the short cinema moments that are impossible to skip, all over again. It was very frustrating for me at times. I'm not a big fan of QTE, and this game mixes it in pretty often. This upsets me because it takes me out of the fun of performing combos on leagues of zombies, or knocking their heads through basketball hoops. That's my biggest gripe because there were several scenes were I clearly accomplished what I should have within the time limit, but because I was in the middle of it's animation cycle, it didn't register. Hell, even the beginning of the game says "Press Start" ... I push the start button. There is no sound, or an animation following my button press that affirms that I pushed the button. After a a few seconds, it will move from that screen to the main menu. That sort of thing bugs me, but it gives you an idea where the game went wrong. Controls aren't always solid. And sometimes the graphics don't load everything up quickly (PS3 version).

Despite that, it is enjoyable game that mixes up the action in different ways with different challenges. Keeping it light and lively with Micky You're so Fine, and punk rock and metal choices. You can always customize what you listen to, and also what Juliet is wearing. It's fun, and if you can pick it up cheap like I did, you should get a solid number of hours entertainment sprinkled with moments of "WTF?"
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on April 15, 2016
Great game! I felt like a rah-rah Buffy the Zombie killer lol. The combos are challenging but once I got the hang of it they were real fun. I love farming for the costumes and unlockable content. The story is predictable and gameplay is linear but you can repeat area play throughs. To some this game may come off cheesy but it's actually very enjoyable. Even my boyfriend likes this game but he prefers to watch me play this instead though.
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on January 22, 2013
I mean what do you expect from this game? It's No More Heroes with zombies and a cute cheerleader character with ample... assets. But that being said, it's surprisingly genre-savvy, constantly hilarious, and downright fun. Making big combos rewards you over and over with ridiculous "sparkle hunting" cutscenes, and new powers make returning to previous levels entertaining again and again. I found it difficult even advancing through the entire plot of the game because I was having so much fun trying to master each successive level with new abilities.

The one thing I am constantly worried about with games like this that rely so heavily on mastering combos and timing is the responsiveness of the controls. I had to abandon God of War because it was so inconsistent, laggy, and unresponsive. This one, however, has never given me any grief whatsoever, and for that I am really thankful. I am just crazy about this ridiculous, rainbow-filled, pink-spouting zombie masher.
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on April 6, 2014
What a great game with a unique storyline concept. Here, we have Juliet, who is a zombie hunter in a long line of zombie hunters in her family. Her father and her sister are also zombie hunters. She is afraid of having her boyfriend, Nick, find out the truth. However, this becomes inevitable and what follows is quite humorous. The banter between Juliet and her boyfriend, Nick, through out the game is hilarious (most times). The graphics are beautiful, very visual, very high contrast. The gameplay was really fun. It might be a guilty pleasure, though because it was also pretty easy and I finished this game up in probably about three days. I might go back and play it because it is a high score game and I like the idea of those. One thing that I didn't care much for in the game was the repetitive fighting of the bosses. I guess it is okay for one or two bosses, but it should not have been for all of them. Overall, I do recommend this game. Yes, it can be a bit silly, but that is the point.
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on December 30, 2015
At first I was skeptical about this game

But as soon as I started watching videos from Alphaomegasin from YouTube channel, I saw that he had a cutout card board in his room and since he is a metal head and loves zombies I was like, "oh what the hell I'll try" and when I purchased this game I wasn't sorry at all had everything I could ever love!!

Hot blonde with a foxy attitude and hack slashing away on zombies and just being funny at random moments. And the best part of all was Metal sound tracks in the background during gameplay such as Needeled 24/7 by Children of Bodom. I just fell in love with this game!! If your a metal head and love zombie killing then buy it!! You won't be disappointed!! :)
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on August 28, 2016
This game was really a breath of fresh air. I have gone through dozens and dozens of what seems like 'cookie cutter' style games that are just so mainstream now and this was a fantastic break from it. The story cheesy horrible but if you are playing it to have fun you certainly will. Game play reminds me of a slower style god of war attack system. But I actually really enjoyed the ridiculousness of the plot and what really made the game for me is the dialogue between the characters. Don't ignore it and don't skip scenes or you will be missing one of the best parts of the game.
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on July 5, 2012
Lollipop Chainsaw is a terribly short game with little to no challenge to it. Under normal circumstances I'd be very disappointed. The redeeming qualities come from the replayability and the story. The game itself took me around 6-8 hours to beat. I ran into barely any trouble in completing the game and I found the combat rather disappointing. It I was rating this game on it's combat mechanics alone I'd give it 1 or 2 stars. The story makes this game very enjoyable though. It's not for everyone, but I found the humor highly entertaining. Also the game has a fair amount of replay value. Finally a game that gives me extra content to go back for instead of simply trophies. Extra content consist of extra costumes, hidden collectables, combat moves, and leadboards. So in conclusion, this game isn't for everyone especially if gameplay is more important than story to the player.

Quick List of Pros and Cons

Entertaining Story (though not for everyone)
High Replayablility
Awesome Soundtrack

Dull Combat
Short Story Experience
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on January 2, 2013
To answer the question above, no. But imagine a teenage cheerleader ZOMBIE slayer in the vein of the BtVS movie and you've got a pretty good idea. It's not meant to be taken seriously (I hope not) and is just funny, bawdy, tongue in cheek enough to have a endearing quality. Quips are nicely traded and one doesn't completely hate Juliet Starling's airheadedness. The character I find disjointed at times for she is at times daft and other times well spoken. I suppose the same could be said about TV's Buffy, but this game obviously lacks the writing depth of Joss Whedon. Instead, the game packs in more kitschy Japanese influence.

But all of that doesn't really matter, does it? You're looking at the game for Juliet's polygons and zombie dismembering chainsaw action. Both deliver. There's even a trophy/award for trying to look up her skirt. But the zombie fighting is meaty, the combos can be challenging but fun and, c'mon, you're a cheerleading chick slicing up zombies. Some of the controls are weird (when you get a call from your mother, for example, there's no button to press to answer, you have to pause the game and go into a menu screen and find your new message... why can't I just answer it ingame?), the button layout has caused me some grief as it's not always a standard layout or intuitive in button mashing. There's no real leveling system though you can get new outfits (duh, it's the reason you're playing a skimpily-dressed cheerleader killing zombies game) and spend points to buy better attributes. And you'll spend so much time in the menus that Lollipop by The Chordettes will be burned into your psyche.

It's fun for what it is, just don't ask it to be anything else.
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on June 8, 2013
Before buying Lollipop Chainsaw I was quite skeptical of the game. While it was made by the legendary Suda 51, I wasn't happy with his previous title No More Heroes. However, I am glad to say Lollipop Chainsaw was a refreshing good time. You probably already know what the game is about so getting down to the grit let's talk about the actual gameplay.

Combat consists of chaining together weak strikes (pom pom attacks) with strong strikes (lollipop chainsaw). The combat is simplistic in the opening but the game allows you to upgrade your attack, defense, health, and add more combos. There are a number of alternate costumes to unlock which also change Juliet's character model during cutscenes.

Presentation wise the game has a ridiculous story but it's not afraid to poke fun at itself and other games in the genre. Some of the jokes do fall flat but it's entertaining overall. There are some flaws though. The controls are "mostly" responsive but there are hiccups as Juliet's animation doesn't always transition smoothly between some combos. And also the mini-games (zombie baseball specifically) are nigh unbearable. Still, if you're looking for a fun game to play over a weekend or just something different from what's out there this would be a good choice.
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on November 23, 2012
"Mature" in that it isn't for kids. That being said, I think it's pretty easy to see Lollipop Chainsaw as a re-imagining of Buffy for the Zombie Apocalypse crowd. The story is short but unique, the dialogue is witty bordering on hilarious, and the action choreography is great.

It is in the same "action" genre as "God of War", running through levels of small adversaries to fight the big boss, with occassional challenges to be overcome with visually-cued button-mashing. Generally, this is not a genre which appeals to me; however, in this case the characters and story are engaging enough to pull me in.

Also, there are multiple difficulty levels which not only change combat values, but the adversaries you confront as well, so there is significant re-playability despite the brevity of the game (I finished it in a weekend, and I'm far from a hard-core gamer).
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