Customer Reviews: Brother Printer MFCJ825DW Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax
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on October 29, 2011
*** UPDATED 9/9/2013: Nearly two years later and I haven't had one single solitary problem with this printer. It's worked beautifully. I would definitely buy another Brother inkjet. Great with both AirPrint and Google CloudPrint.

I've worked in technology for over 36 years. I'm picky as hell. I've been looking for a new all-in-one (AIO) printer for a while. I've tried Epson, Canon, Lexmark. I never tried Brother. I saw this printer in OfficeMax where it was on sale before Amazon for $99 and picked it up. The quality and the price of the inks looked great, the features were killer, and I needed the scanner because I often scan documents and photos, as well as use DocsVault to have a paperless office. I figured I would return it if I didn't like it. No harm, no foul.

Man, was I surprised. The quality of the construction is terrific. It has a small footprint and low noise. The paper tray combines holding the paper and providing the output tray. It also will store a stack of 4x6 photo paper ready to go. All you have to do is push a lever to move the photo paper into position. The tray will extend as well for legal size paper. The paper stops on the output tray and the fax tray are a little flimsy, but I can live with it.

The document feeder is smooth as silk. The touch screen removes the need for endless buttons by transforming itself based on the selected functions. The driver and software is excellent.

The printer functions both wired and wireless and has the usual fax functions.

Now for the gravy! There is an iPad and iPhone app that allows you to scan DIRECTLY TO YOUR iOS DEVICE! It works flawlessly. The quality of the scans are beautiful. In addition, there will be a FIRMWARE UPDATE in JANUARY 2012 that will enable the printer for AIRPRINT! SCORE!

All of that in a brand new released model for $99! What is Brother thinking? I don't care. I love this device and I highly recommend it. The output is excellent. It prints very quickly in draft mode and does a great job of saving me paper with duplex. It is serving all of our devices in the house. Best I've seen yet!

What have you got to lose? Try it! If you hate it, return it. No harm, no foul. :D
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on January 7, 2012
Generally speaking, this printer so far is VERY GOOD for the price. It does what it says, and it is very USER-FRIENDLY.

My two complaints are the following:

(1) My previous printer (a 2005 HP) printed with the same resolution in "normal" and "fast print/draft", the only difference being the quality of the ink's hue or depth (and, of course, the speed). That is, the 2005 HP Printer printed a lighter-colored draft document, but very quickly. THIS PRINTER in fast/draft mode also prints quickly in a lighter shade (which is fine). HOWEVER, in doing so, the resolution/form of the characters is compromised. Remember the old printers from the 90's where a curved letter visibly showed the small blocks that formed it? How they looked like letters shaped out of Lego(TM) blocks? Well, unfortunately, in 2012, that's what Brother delivers in its fast/draft mode. The only way to save ink is to use the "ink save" function within a particular mode, in which case it prints just as slow as that mode normally would. So, you can save ink, but you can't save time, unless you are ok with "block" character forms.

(2) Scanning a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper cannot happen in its entirety. The instruction booklet tells you this - .12 inches are subtracted vertically and horizontally from the page (see Basic User's Guide, p. 25). Maybe this is normal for all scanners, I do not know. But, you should know that if you wish to scan a page in its entirety, a certain dimension will be subtracted from it. Since there is no zoom out function, you cannot correct this by zooming out.

The two complaints/warnings listed above may not bother you. If they don't, this is a fine printer for the price.
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on January 11, 2012
I did some research for a couple days and ended up purchasing this printer. I've never owned a Brother printer since i guess the name is kinda silly. Don't let the name fool you this is an excellent printer. For $100 you simply cannot beat it. The setup is easy and the unit seems to be well built. It has scan, copy, fax, dial pad, etc. as rubber buttons on the front face. All the menu options are on a touchscreen LCD. The touchscreen can be touchy during the initial setup phase but you get used to it. It even has a feature which allows you to copy and reprint CD artwork onto burnable thats cool!

The unit prints fast and has good picture quality. The scanner was way beyond my expectations and reproduces photos extremely well. Its almost like you took the picture directly off your camera. It also is able to print duplex prints and does so very fast. If you need anything more out of a printer then this then you'd be running a large business of some sort. It would even be well suited for a small business or office.

If i could recommend anything is use the quick setup guide and use the CD to install all the software and drivers. It took me a minute to get the wireless working since you have to setup your printer on your computer as a "wireless printer" and set it up as a shared printer on your network. If your having problems there is an excellent source of troubleshooting information on the Brother website. Once everything is installed i HIGHLY recommend going onto the Brother website and updating the firmware for the printer. The firmware tells the printer how to operate its various functions. My printer out of the box needed a firmware update. If your running into issues with your printer it may be because your firmware is out of date so do this first because it may make things much easier for you.

Other then that setup was pretty straight forward. I was able to instantly connect the printer to my wireless internet and set everything up with no real hassle. The printer wakes quickly with little delay when sending documents wirelessly.

All i can say is i am thoroughly impressed with this product. I dont think i'll ever buy another printer without the Brother brand name. For home use you dont need anything more elaborate then this it has everything you need in a printer and then some. You can get a 12 pack of ink for $20 so ink is not expensive at all (which was also one of my purchasing points).

I got the printer, 3 reams of paper and the ink all for $130 shipped...what a deal! Gotta love Amazon.

Update as of 5/6/12:
Well we've been using the printer for quite sometime now and its been flawless. We recently got a home phone line and hooked up the fax machine. There are multiple faxing options but you have to choose the "External TAD" if you have an external answering machine. If you dont the printer will actually record voicemails and record received calls and such...actually pretty neat but not needed. Overall its a great printer i'm very happy with this purchase.
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on January 3, 2012
A little more than a year ago my Epson died. I was using compatible cartridges with my Epson so my ink cost was very reasonable. Then, I bought a Lexmark Pro205. I assumed I could find similar compatible ink cartridges. No success. I searched Amazon for compatible cartridges for my Lexmark but all the reviews complained of issues. "Won't recognize the cartridge", "Leaked", etc. Basically without compatible cartridge options, I had to buy genuine Lexmark Ink. Good ink but expensive at about $20 for an XL cartridge. After watching my bank account drain away to pay for ink over the course of one year for my Lexmark Pro205, I thought there has to be a better way. So, I went on a mad hunt for a new printer that would accept compatible cartridges.

I scoured the compatible cartridges for some that had good ratings. I finally found the Brother compatible cartridges on Amazon and they had decent ratings. It looked like it might work out. Rather than paying $20 for a genuine Lexmark cartridge, I found I could pay less than $4 for a compatible cartridge.

I wanted a Brother printer that had a document feeder, could duplex, could do both wireless and wired printing, could scan and could use the compatible cartridges. So, I opted for this Brother. My family has been using it almost everyday for about 3 months and it has been awesome. The only issue I had was when I unpacked and set it up the first time, I tried to install the compatible cartridges right off the bat. However, Brother wanted me to install the starter cartridges first. So I did and then when they ran out I switched to the compatibles. I've got all 4 inks running on compatible ink cartridges from Sophia Global.

My 12 yr. old daughter just created a family calendar for me for Christmas pasting pictures in it for every month. She printed it on 110 lb card stock, and it came out beautifully.

Thank you Brother for giving me this printer with all the options I wanted including being able to use genuine ink or compatible ink.

A note to those setting up the first time, it will consume about half of the ink in the smaller starter cartridges as it primes itself. At the conclusion of the priming, the printer said the black cartridge was out or may result in degraded print quality. I took it out and put it back in. The printer asks you if you replaced it or not. I said I did (even though I didn't replace it with a new one) and it continued printing a long time afterward. You can replace the cartridges when you want and when you see that your print fades. With my Lexmark, when it said the cartridge was out, that's the end of it. It could have had more ink, but it would not in any way let you put it back in to try to get more ink out. It remembered which cartridges were installed and could tell when you tried to put them back.
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on March 3, 2012
Now the actual review for Brother Printer MFCJ835DW which is exactly same as Brother Printer MFCJ825DW (check out brother web site) except diiferent graphic design on printer cover as checked and informed by some other reviewer
bought for 89 dollars from bestbuy online

compact space saving design
good looks,not bulky looking
good built quality,not cheap plastic
v quiet,not noisy at all contrary to some other reviewers experience
good print quality
duplex/both side on single page printing
seprate boxes for 4x6 prints and cd lable prints
photo quality is v good
speed not as fast as claimed but adequate for home use
wireless set up was not v simple,took a while and had to do mannualy and had to change all secrity setting which needs little technical knowhow and may be difficult for "computery challenged" persons.i guess it was due to my old wep wifi protocol and may not be an issue those using lattest wifi modem which also explains why many reviewers had no issue
can print by iphone or android app from your cell phone
can print remotely,like i did from my office to home printer,if you use google cloud printing

AS A FAX.........
stand alone full fax machine,both send and receive faxes,dont need computer to work
auto switch to fax and telephone mode
can send faxes from computer directly witout actually scaning paper in fax machine, a relatively rare feature
can fax multiple pages from auto paper feeder
fax quality was good

good scan quality

Does nice job

Good but could be better
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on March 15, 2013
Ive owned this Brother MFCJ825DW for a little over a year and I have to say it is the worst printer I have ever owned. Everytime I use it, I want to act out a scene from "Office Space". Sometimes it falls off my wireless network for no reason at all. Most times it just chooses to be "offline" instead of just being on standby mode. I have to walk over to it and turn it off and back on again and then it starts to print.

The #1 horrible thing about this printer is that if any of the 4 ink cartridges are close to empty, it won't print at all! Even if its yellow that is out, you cant print an all black ink document. In fact, you can't even turn it off! You have to unplug it from the wall until you replace the ink cartridge.

The print quality is awesome. Fax works great. I have spent hours on the phone and online with Brother to see if maybe I had a defective printer. Nope. I think the other reviews are from people who havent owned the printer very long and actually put it to the test. I run a business from my home and end up printing at a store because this printer frustrates me. I cant even tell you how many times I have had to delete the printer and re-install it. The CD stays in my drive on my laptop.

Spend your money on something else. I swear when the ink cartridge runs out this time, Im getting rid of it!
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on July 11, 2012
Just wanted to let anyone considering this printer know... I read the positive reviews and was confident in ordering this particular printer (have a Brother laser printer that I love).
However, my experience was two days of frustration with constant paper jams. I tried different paper, and thickness, but to no avail. I returned the printer.
This review is specifically for the printer, hence the one star.
However, I must say that this was my first time having to make a return to Amazon, and their service was superb!
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on December 5, 2011
I figure it is my time to give back and make some reviews. I purchased this printer today from Staples. The unit looks sleek, appears to be simple to use, and of course has all the bells and whistles. I did call customer service for clarity on the owner's manual direction which is very difficult to understand. After numerous department prompts, I was advised I would be answered in the next order received; my time estimate was 14 min. After 25 minutes of being on hold, I gave up. I would suggest ditching the owner's manual and go right to the CD. The CD worked perfectly and led me thru the process step by step. The only difficult part was locating the USB connection on the printer for wireless capability (you have to lift up both the copy and main lid) I called Staples and there service tech had a bear of a time locating the above connection. It printed the first time, no paper jams or issues.
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on November 29, 2011
I was searching for a replacement of my HP C309g-n which was a worthless printer if you want to print wirelessly (don't buy the HP C309g-n!)

Oh! About the Brother... I just purchased it today and had it installed and working without a glitch.

The HP (did I mention it consider it worthless for wireless printing!) would take 10 minutes to print a single page, but this printer handled it with ease! What a relief!

I tested duplex (two-sided) printing and it worked flawlessly. That piece of crap HP would pause for 30 seconds to "dry" the ink before printing on the back of the printed front. The Brother doesn't skip a beat. BAM! Both sides printed!

This printer has the equipment to print on CD/DVDs (that accept inkjet!) So I'll have to give that a try. I don't have any reservations about that functionality considering how well it worked on the others.

About build quality, it's a $90 dollar All-In-One... it's made of plastic! What do you expect! Get a grip and buy this printer, you will be suprised about the total package!

Word of advice... please, please, please, don't buy the HP C309g-n to use as a wireless printer, I'd rather you send me the money... I'll put it to better use!
So far... So Good! No buyer's remorse.

UPDATE: 2012-11-20 Still loving this printer! It's the best "inexpensive" printer I've ever purchased! It hasn't failed me yet! Ink is easy to find in multiple "office" stores and relatively-moderately expensive, but it doesn't go through it quickly... that's a plus!

I did try the CD printer function and as I expected... it worked flawlessly!

Would I purchase another one... in a heartbeat!

Oh! And my grey hairs from dealing the the HP C309g-n... they've all grown back to normal thanks to the Brother!
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on January 12, 2012
Finally! We bought this printer for our small business and, like one of the other reviewers indicated, use the touch screen to set it up. How simple can it get. Set up wireless at the same time - no problem. And I assure you, I am not computer geek. Just a small business owner trying to get a printer that works. Have been thru 3 H/P printers and the 2 newest ones both failed after about 1 year. Try getting customer service from H/P, patience will be a virtue. Will never buy a H/P again. The oldest one still works (7 years old), but H/P wont provide the drivers for newer computers. Brother has got this one right.
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