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on October 29, 2011
*** UPDATED 9/9/2013: Nearly two years later and I haven't had one single solitary problem with this printer. It's worked beautifully. I would definitely buy another Brother inkjet. Great with both AirPrint and Google CloudPrint.

I've worked in technology for over 36 years. I'm picky as hell. I've been looking for a new all-in-one (AIO) printer for a while. I've tried Epson, Canon, Lexmark. I never tried Brother. I saw this printer in OfficeMax where it was on sale before Amazon for $99 and picked it up. The quality and the price of the inks looked great, the features were killer, and I needed the scanner because I often scan documents and photos, as well as use DocsVault to have a paperless office. I figured I would return it if I didn't like it. No harm, no foul.

Man, was I surprised. The quality of the construction is terrific. It has a small footprint and low noise. The paper tray combines holding the paper and providing the output tray. It also will store a stack of 4x6 photo paper ready to go. All you have to do is push a lever to move the photo paper into position. The tray will extend as well for legal size paper. The paper stops on the output tray and the fax tray are a little flimsy, but I can live with it.

The document feeder is smooth as silk. The touch screen removes the need for endless buttons by transforming itself based on the selected functions. The driver and software is excellent.

The printer functions both wired and wireless and has the usual fax functions.

Now for the gravy! There is an iPad and iPhone app that allows you to scan DIRECTLY TO YOUR iOS DEVICE! It works flawlessly. The quality of the scans are beautiful. In addition, there will be a FIRMWARE UPDATE in JANUARY 2012 that will enable the printer for AIRPRINT! SCORE!

All of that in a brand new released model for $99! What is Brother thinking? I don't care. I love this device and I highly recommend it. The output is excellent. It prints very quickly in draft mode and does a great job of saving me paper with duplex. It is serving all of our devices in the house. Best I've seen yet!

What have you got to lose? Try it! If you hate it, return it. No harm, no foul. :D
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on January 11, 2012
I did some research for a couple days and ended up purchasing this printer. I've never owned a Brother printer since i guess the name is kinda silly. Don't let the name fool you this is an excellent printer. For $100 you simply cannot beat it. The setup is easy and the unit seems to be well built. It has scan, copy, fax, dial pad, etc. as rubber buttons on the front face. All the menu options are on a touchscreen LCD. The touchscreen can be touchy during the initial setup phase but you get used to it. It even has a feature which allows you to copy and reprint CD artwork onto burnable thats cool!

The unit prints fast and has good picture quality. The scanner was way beyond my expectations and reproduces photos extremely well. Its almost like you took the picture directly off your camera. It also is able to print duplex prints and does so very fast. If you need anything more out of a printer then this then you'd be running a large business of some sort. It would even be well suited for a small business or office.

If i could recommend anything is use the quick setup guide and use the CD to install all the software and drivers. It took me a minute to get the wireless working since you have to setup your printer on your computer as a "wireless printer" and set it up as a shared printer on your network. If your having problems there is an excellent source of troubleshooting information on the Brother website. Once everything is installed i HIGHLY recommend going onto the Brother website and updating the firmware for the printer. The firmware tells the printer how to operate its various functions. My printer out of the box needed a firmware update. If your running into issues with your printer it may be because your firmware is out of date so do this first because it may make things much easier for you.

Other then that setup was pretty straight forward. I was able to instantly connect the printer to my wireless internet and set everything up with no real hassle. The printer wakes quickly with little delay when sending documents wirelessly.

All i can say is i am thoroughly impressed with this product. I dont think i'll ever buy another printer without the Brother brand name. For home use you dont need anything more elaborate then this it has everything you need in a printer and then some. You can get a 12 pack of ink for $20 so ink is not expensive at all (which was also one of my purchasing points).

I got the printer, 3 reams of paper and the ink all for $130 shipped...what a deal! Gotta love Amazon.

Update as of 5/6/12:
Well we've been using the printer for quite sometime now and its been flawless. We recently got a home phone line and hooked up the fax machine. There are multiple faxing options but you have to choose the "External TAD" if you have an external answering machine. If you dont the printer will actually record voicemails and record received calls and such...actually pretty neat but not needed. Overall its a great printer i'm very happy with this purchase.
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on January 3, 2012
A little more than a year ago my Epson died. I was using compatible cartridges with my Epson so my ink cost was very reasonable. Then, I bought a Lexmark Pro205. I assumed I could find similar compatible ink cartridges. No success. I searched Amazon for compatible cartridges for my Lexmark but all the reviews complained of issues. "Won't recognize the cartridge", "Leaked", etc. Basically without compatible cartridge options, I had to buy genuine Lexmark Ink. Good ink but expensive at about $20 for an XL cartridge. After watching my bank account drain away to pay for ink over the course of one year for my Lexmark Pro205, I thought there has to be a better way. So, I went on a mad hunt for a new printer that would accept compatible cartridges.

I scoured the compatible cartridges for some that had good ratings. I finally found the Brother compatible cartridges on Amazon and they had decent ratings. It looked like it might work out. Rather than paying $20 for a genuine Lexmark cartridge, I found I could pay less than $4 for a compatible cartridge.

I wanted a Brother printer that had a document feeder, could duplex, could do both wireless and wired printing, could scan and could use the compatible cartridges. So, I opted for this Brother. My family has been using it almost everyday for about 3 months and it has been awesome. The only issue I had was when I unpacked and set it up the first time, I tried to install the compatible cartridges right off the bat. However, Brother wanted me to install the starter cartridges first. So I did and then when they ran out I switched to the compatibles. I've got all 4 inks running on compatible ink cartridges from Sophia Global.

My 12 yr. old daughter just created a family calendar for me for Christmas pasting pictures in it for every month. She printed it on 110 lb card stock, and it came out beautifully.

Thank you Brother for giving me this printer with all the options I wanted including being able to use genuine ink or compatible ink.

A note to those setting up the first time, it will consume about half of the ink in the smaller starter cartridges as it primes itself. At the conclusion of the priming, the printer said the black cartridge was out or may result in degraded print quality. I took it out and put it back in. The printer asks you if you replaced it or not. I said I did (even though I didn't replace it with a new one) and it continued printing a long time afterward. You can replace the cartridges when you want and when you see that your print fades. With my Lexmark, when it said the cartridge was out, that's the end of it. It could have had more ink, but it would not in any way let you put it back in to try to get more ink out. It remembered which cartridges were installed and could tell when you tried to put them back.
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on May 9, 2017
I bought this printer three and a half years ago and overall, I'm happy with my purchase. However, there are a couple of things lately that I find really annoying. First, if you're thinking of purchasing generic printer cartridges, forget it. They don't work. Second, and arguably most important--I switched internet providers a couple of months ago. With my old service, I had to input the WLAN information once and that was it. With the new provider, I have to input the WLAN info EVERY TIME I WANT TO PRINT. I finally called the provider and they told me I'd have to contact the printer manufacturer. I'm sure at some point, I'll have to take the time to call them (there's no info on their website for this problem), but in the meantime, I just keep inputting the information every time I print--which can range from one to 10 times a day.
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on June 30, 2013
The short:
I would not buy this printer again - or any other Brother product, for that matter - simply on principle. It may be a fine printer, but I wouldn't know because I'm 3 hours and two calls to customer support (paraphrased: "the problem is your computer, not our printer") into the installation process and it still is not working with my Windows 7 computer. As such I've yet to print with it. And I'm not the only one...type "How do I fix a 0x00000704 error?" into Google and see how many of the top hits have "Brother" in the abstract. (Hint: 5 out of the first 5 as of 6/30/2013) Hmmm.

The full story:
Consumer reports rates this machine well. The price was quite reasonable. I bought it and it was delivered promptly. I unpacked it, removed all the plastic, installed the ink cartridges, etc. I'm impressed. This is a good looking machine and is going to do everything but cook my breakfast. Or so I think.

Removed the CD-ROM supplied with the machine and put it in my computer. It must be off balance, because it sounds like a helicopter is taking off from my computer desk and touching my computer reveals such vibration that I'm a little worried about if my computer may be damaged. Never-the-less, I continue and the disc surprisingly does not fail to transfer it's data.

I follow the booklet instructions for installing my printer wirelessly. Other than the ruckus, everything seems to be going well. However, near the end of the installation I get an error: 0x00000704. Something about "cannot find port" or some such. I click on the "Ok" button and the error pops up again. I click on "Ok" again and hope for the best. Installation completes and I authorize the program to restart my computer. I try to print and the printer is not showing up as an option. I go to Brother's "Installation Diagnostics" program and it states the printer driver installation failed. At the recommendation of the diagnostics program, I run Brother's uninstall application, restart and install again. The same experience is repeated...again.

Although this is a bit of a tangent, it is still part of my (poor) experience. At this point I go to Brother's website via a link for product registration that is in one of the applications that has been installed on my computer during the aforementioned process. There is a link to send customer support an email there. I click it. Oh, you have to create and account / register your product before sending customer service an email? Ok. I go back and attempt to register my product. Street, State and Zip are required fields. I fill them out. I submit. I get an error that states that Phoenix, AZ 860xx (edit: make that 850xx) is not a valid City / State / Zip combination. Hmmm. I beg to differ, since I live there. Ok, well it appears that I can online chat with customer service, so I do. "Dawn" politely tells me they are having a problem with their website accepting registrations and to try again later. Ok, so much for email support.

Next, I call the customer support hotline. I'm quite obviously routed to India where I speak with a tech support representative. I tell him the error code, and he states that is a problem with my computer's print spool function and not a Brother-related problem. As such, there will be a charge to help me fix my apparently broken computer. I inform him that I have an HP printer as well, and my print spool function and everything else involved in my computer's printing process seem to work fine with that printer. Nope, this problem is my computer and to help fix it will cost me a fee. I end the call.

My next move: I type into Google "How do I fix a 0x00000704 error?"
*****EVERY ONE OF THE FIRST 5 HITS FOR "How do I fix a 0x00000704 error?" SAYS "BROTHER" IN THE ABSTRACT!*****
That's right! Try it now. Copy the above phrase (without quotes) into Google and see what comes up? I'm pretty *&$!!ed off now.

I call India back. I let them know my findings, assert that this clearly is a Brother problem and I ask them to help me. I tell them if not, I have no choice but to return the printer. Turns out they are contracted by Brother to supply tech support - they aren't Brother employees themselves. I suspect they could care less if I return my printer. They reiterate that they'll help fix *my* computer...for a fee. Click. Call ended.

So it would seem that Brother has a long-standing issue with compatibility between Windows 7 and their printer drivers. Worse, the off-shore tech support they've contracted is ambivalent to the problem. The end result is what I assume to be a quality product (I, personally, can't confirm) spoiled by software shortcomings and unsatisfactory customer service.

Buy a printer from a different company.

At this point I've read some of the accounts of the many others on Google whom had problems installing Brother printer drivers, and I think I've got mine installed. Still, I'm so disgruntled, I feel obligated to return it simply to deprive an undeserving company of the revenue of my sale. I'm going to contact Amazon and see about a return, but this item was not sold directly from Amazon and as such there was no Super Saver Shipping - I paid $15 to have it shipped to me. I suspect if I return it I will loose that plus have to pay for return shipping - another $15 or more, most likely. So since I'm not likely to be willing to pay $30 to boycott Brother, I'm ashamed to admit I may keep it. But rest assured, I will *never* buy another Brother product again.

Tech support (not review related):
For those who may have already bought and are having the same problem installing, here's the solution I learned of. After attempting to install the driver, receiving the errors and ultimately having the installation fail, go into Windows' Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Add a Printer. Follow the steps to add a network printer and select the Brother from the list of printers attached to your network. (This assumes you've already connected the printer to your network using the input on the printer.) Windows will state it detects a driver for this printer has already been installed, should it use this driver? Say yes. In my case, at least, the driver then installed without error.

Would that have been so hard to tell me, tech guys?
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on February 6, 2013
This printer really has the look and feel of a high end product. The quality and ease of use also make me believe this is a well made printer that will last a very long time. I will never use the Fax option but will use the Scan, Print, and Photo Print features often. I have had this printer for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it!

+ Unboxing and Initial Setup was a Breeze (Quick Setup Guide Included)
+ Prints in excellent quality and a very good speed
+ Quiet operation
+ Document feeder is a huge plus for me. I was so tired of putting documents in one by one on my old printer
+ Individual ink cartridges. I have had other printers with a black cartridge and a "Multi-color" cartridge. My advice is to stay away because if one color runs low the entire cartridge must be replaced. With this Brother printer you can simply replace the color that has expired.
+ Wireless printing setup was a breeze. I was able to connect to my home WiFi network straight from the touchscreen on the printer. (Make sure you know your SSID and Password) If not, there are several other options for connecting the printer to the network.
+ Printer goes into standby mode shutting off the display screen but is ready to print at any time.
+ I have to be honest here and say this printer looks awesome.
+ Scan documents into and email, PDF, or Image
+ Can easily check ink levels on the display screen

- The biggest negative is having to choose either WiFi or wired. I have a desktop computer that I would like to be wired because it lacks a wireless card (I could by a USB wireless adapter for the desktop but that's not the point here)
- The software to print must be installed on a computer/laptop for the device to recognize the printer. This software only include 2 licenses. We have 3 laptops and 1 desktop but I can only print from two devices. (For an added fee you can purchase additional licenses to install software, for around $50 I think)
- A small amount of the edge is not scanned when using the scanner. If I put the paper flush with the margins of the scan top a small edge will be missing from the scanned image. So I have to stay about 1/4 inch away from the edge while still trying to keep the paper straight to get a straight copy. Closing/opening the top causes the paper to shift and it is very annoying but manageable.

_Bottom Line_ Yes, I would recommend this printer to a friend. Printer has excellent print quality, easy to use functions and software, and it looks great! I am disappointed with the scan as I mentioned a small area is not scanned. Overall I do not regret buying this printer and Brother has earned my business in the future.
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on August 25, 2012
I bought the Brother MFC-J825DW about three weeks ago. I don't do a lot of color printing...most of my day to day printing in on a laser printer, which ironically is also a Brother printer which I have been VERY happy with. I bought the MFC-J825DW for two main reasons: 1) price, and 2) the print to CD/DVD feature. I produce videos, so I'm often sending DVD's of projects I'm working on, to clients. It's SO great to be able to print directly onto a DVD rather than mess with paper labels. But the color print quality is adequate at best. I used to have an Epson Artison 810 which did fabulous color printing, but the new model was twice the money as this printer. One other thing...I scan and email documents all the time, so I was excited to have a document feeder to make this process smoother, but the document feeder on this machine is a complete joke...right out of the box, if I load multiple sheets of paper into the feeder, it grabs two or three or more sheets at a time. And the way it's designed, as papers are drawn through the feeder, they come back out directly on top of the documents going in, so even if I try to feed multiple documents one at a time, the document coming trough the feeder is in the way of the one I'm trying to insert, making it hard to do a stack of scans without stopping after each sheet of paper...UGH! All things said, for the very affordable price, and the print to DVD feature, I'm satisfied with the Brother MFC-J825DW for what I need it for. But if high quality color printing was really important to me, I'd definitely spend the money to get an Epson.
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on October 10, 2012
I'm a long time Linux user, and therefore it is important for any hardware I buy to support Linux. Unfortunately this is typically not the case with the cheap hardware. However Brother usually provides excellent Linux support, and this model was not the exception. It took me around five minutes to have both the printer and the scanner part working on OpenSuSE 12.2 32-bit.

The device arrived promptly, and was easy to unpack and setup by following the Quick guide. I set it up to use the wireless connection so it could be easily used from the multiple computers. Unfortunately the quick guide doesn't mention Linux at all, and the Linux drivers are not included at the provided cd, but this isn't a problem. Just go to the "Brother Drivers for Linux" page at [...] and download the printer driver and the scanner rpms. Install both rpms first, then add the printer via Yast, the model PPM will be right there in the list of models at the bottom.

Scanner installation is even easier. Just install the scanner driver from the same link (you'll need the brscan4 package), and use "brsaneconfig4 -a name=BROTHERMFC model=MFC-J825DW ip=" to add it to Sane. Then the scanner is available in SANE and could be used from skanline, gimp, kooka or whatever you use. Optionally you can install brscan-skey which allows scans by pressing the button at the printer and the scanned documents will be automatically transferred to your machine, which is really cool.

Considering the price and the level of Linux support I highly recommend this printer to any Linux user.
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on August 26, 2012
Another device that tries to be all things to all buyers. The printer comes with fax, scanner and copier capabilities, making it a good machine for the price. I have to ask whether these days there are many people who still want fax, since a lot of us have given up land phone lines. I would have preferred a device without fax but did not see one in my price range. When setting up, the Brother wants first of all to set up the fax and for a small office it probably would be necessary.

The setup with my iMac running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 was quick and easy, though the disk that came with the printer is older and not compatible with this Mac OS. One of the great things about a Mac is how simple it is to add most devices. On connecting the printer via printer cable (does not come with the machine), my computer asked if I wanted to download drivers for the printer, which I did, so it proceeded to do so and in no time at all the printer was on line and working. Wireless setup, however, has not happened since for some reason I can't get it to work, probably operator error on my part. Since I don't mind using the cable this is not really important to me yet, but it very well could be if I needed to share the printer with another user, and I do find that not being able to print from my iPad is annoying. Will have to investigate this further and if anyone has advice, would appreciate it. The Brother website info was not sufficient to solve this on first try, though the website does have further contact information.

The printer takes up a bit more space than I anticipated on my desk, but it doesn't have any protrusions, just tall and boxy. Of course with a scanner/copier it can't be situated where the lid can't open, which means desktop use only. The controls are user friendly. It turns on quickly so does not need to be "on" constantly. It has a large keypad for fax dialing and a small screen. The function buttons light up and it's easy to see what function is active. Printing is fairly quick and quality is adequate for me. I haven't tried printing photos. I like the two-sided printing capability that saves paper and makes long documents less bulky. The Brother uses individually replaceable ink cartridges, but have not had to replace any yet.

There's quite a bit still to explore with this machine. The scanner lid seems a bit flimsy, though the rest is sturdy. Overall I think this is a good purchase for my needs, which are strictly home and personal use.
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on January 19, 2013
I purchased the Brother MFC J825DW on Oct, 31, 2012, mainly to print media discs. I decided on the 825 because I did not find many negative reviews on excessive ink usage of this printer.
I am convinced that I made the right decision because I am still printing with the original cartridges, which were supplied with the printer. Yesterday, after approximately two months of moderate average color, color picture and DVD printing, the low ink warning illuminated. However, I was still able to print ten DVDs and the printer is still going strong with the first set of cartridges.
I am very happy with the purchase of this printer, no regrets even though I had a couple of times when the printer paper feeder pulled in two pages of paper at ones, which necessitated reprinting. This however is not enough grieve to let it rain onto the 825's otherwise flawless performance.
I read in the comments part of a review that the 825 will only print media discs with the Brother's very limited Cover Designer, which is not correct. I have printed nearly fifty DVDs with the very talented AVS4YOU Cover Editor; in fact, I have been using their very reasonably priced audio and video software for many years.
There is however a window which pups up when one activates the print command of the AVS4YOU Cover Editor, advising to only print media discs with the Brother software.

I have used this printer with all MS Office, four different picture printing, Quicken, ACDSee and many more programs, why not with a different Cover Design program?
Truthfully, I had not examine the complete message of this instruction window until today after printing the nearly fifty DVDs and the 825 has not exploded yet.
I have not updated the firmware, because the printer performed flawless with the original firmware. Why fix it if it is not broken?
I have not used and have no use for the fax and copy function however, the scanning function worked as flawless for me as the printing part.

I can recommend the Brother MFC J825DW Printer wholeheartedly without reservations.
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