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on October 14, 2017
The audio completely drops out an hour into the movie. A quick Google search shows this has been a known issue for years, yet here I am in late 2017 with a brand new Bluray with busted audio. Fantastic
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on May 21, 2017
The only thing the movie was missing is information. Too much left to the imagination kept it from being a 4.5 star and that coupled with unrealistic /impossible scene situations, kept it from a 5 star.
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on October 2, 2017
Full of gratuitous chase scenes, tiresome fights and predictable plot lines, it has little to do with the original Philip K. Dick story, or the much much better original Paul Verhoeven movie with Arnold Scwharzenegger . Pretty much a waste of time. Colin Farrell is not bad as an action hero.
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on January 3, 2013
I am a great fan of Philip K. Dick's writing and I've found most of the film adaptations to be well written versions, especially Blade Runner and The Adjustment Bureau. I had hoped that this would be better than the earlier version of Total Recall, especially with the cast. Sadly, it was as disappointing as the Schwarzenegger version and the science perhaps just as bad.

Colin Farrell tried, but the movie was choppy and either badly directed or edited. Either way, it was very disappointing.
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on March 25, 2017
Decent movie which loosely follows along the lines of the original. It was a little long but put together well with lots of special effects.
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on June 27, 2017
Good flick. Different from the original with Arnie. Some funny nods to the original. Director's cut is a bit too long. Overall a good movie.
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Too many movies today go long on action and short on storyline and characterization. This 2012 remake of the original "Total Recall" is a good example of this. There is so much action in this flick that the viewer rarely has time to catch his or her breath and reflect on what the story is trying to tell us, i.e. what is reality and who, really, is our protagonist. The original version is not exactly short on action but it does give the viewer a chance to reflect on what is going on.

The film also takes idiotic liberties with the original Phillip K. Dick ("We Can Remember It for You Wholesale") short story upon which this film is (supposedly) based. In the original story and original film the protagonist had a yearning to go to Mars. Here, there is no Mars; just some ambiguous political setup between something called "The United Federation of Britain" and "the Colony." My son's reaction summed it up pretty well: "who cares?" I get it that the makers of this film felt a need to differentiate it from the original version. In my opinion this change to the storyline was a distinct failure.

The characterizations in this film left plenty to be desired as well. The actresses are all skinny, dirty, good-looking (did I say skinny?) women who look so much the same that I had trouble telling them apart. Evidently in the future they will not be taking showers or even washing their hands. There is no chemistry between anyone. By the last 30 minutes I was more than ready for this film to end, which it (mercifully) finally did.

This is a remake that should never have been made. My son and I watched this New Year's Day and we both agreed that our time would have been better spent watching the original version. RJB.
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on June 18, 2017
Classic us vs. them action movie set in the near future. A very different version of the original Total Recall but still entertaining.
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on February 13, 2013
I own this move because of the action scenes and they obviously spent a bunch of money on the film. With that said, I also own 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow.

The good : the technology is pretty cool. The Colin Ferrell does a good job. The story line was pretty thought out. Special effects were very good.

The bad : at times the plot seems glued together weakly. I definitely think the lead actress was way over done. I am cool with tough action women like Cameron from Terminator SCC or Alice from Resident Evil. Those are some of my favorite characters, but the tough woman in this movie was a little much for me. Some examples : when the rest of the police force is in full body armor, she walks into fire with none, apparently "badder" than every single other person there. She has biceps the size of my thumb but can apparently deliver punishing blows or out mussel a guy with fair sized arms. Like I said, Summer Glau, Milla Jovovich, Chalize Theron are some of my favorite action stars, but this character was a little over done for me.

The film also seems to drag on at times. I think it could have ended a little quicker than it did (or at least differently). The idea of a tunnel going through the middle of the earth and not being filled with lava makes no sense either.

Final : I think if you are an action movie fan, you need to watch it. It is loaded with action and is a great visual movie.
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on January 1, 2013
While I understand that movies based upon books cannot truly capture the full story due to time and medium constraints, I expected this movie to do more with the themes of Philip K Dick's source material of questioning Identity and the nature of reality. The original Total Recall I thought did a better job at this, as you were always questioning who Quaid truly was, a spy for the rebels, a spy for the corporations, or some schmuck sitting in a chair dreaming this. This remake teased and made a few references to it, but I think lacked the immersiveness in the theme I would have liked. Quaid in the remake seemed to come to grips much to fast with who he was and what the "truth" was.

I did like the references to original movie and I don't think the removal of Mars from the plot hurt it. It was a good pace, and Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale were fabulous in thier roles (Kate a little more so than Jessica).

Colin Farrel did a good job in his role, though I would have liked to see more range between who he was before Recall and who he was after. Arnold did a great job with this in the original. The video of him talking to his future self shows different linguistics and even a "happier" Arnold. Colin didn't quite pull that off here.

One of the better "action" flicks in terms of plot and character development, but its lack of full immersion caused me to only give it 3 stars.
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