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on April 25, 2017
Love Bose headsets - I have purchase 2 as "back ups" for my husband.
He had this several years ago and it finally died. I have purchased 3 different high quality (means expensive) ear sets and he hated every one.
This is the only one he likes - WHY, OR WHY DID BOSE DISCONTINUE???
The one that arrived was perfect -
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on June 27, 2014
The sound quality is superb of course, both for voice calls and music, for a (mono) bluetooth headset. I can actually listen to music with it and NOT hate my life.

The battery seems to be pretty weak. I ran it out in under a day, which is kind of a problem... but manageable. I'm having a little bit of a hard time fitting it into my ear properly. I tried the M and S size fittings. The S seems too small and insecure, and the M seems too big.

To me it seems like the buttons have not been placed intuitively. The Vol+ and Vol- are in the opposite places I would expect them, but I can learn it. The talk button (with my iPhone 5C) activates Siri, which is very nice. I've never had anyone on the other end complain about call quality.

The main thing I love about this headset is its design — it is discrete and small, unlike most other BT headsets.

All in all, highly recommended.

UPDATE 8 July 2015

Well, sadly, I broke my BT2 the other day. The plastic earpiece disconnected from the main body. Apparently, it's held by 2 small screws. Both came un-threaded. I tried to super-glue it back into place, but it didn't hold. Since I've had this headset for awhile and my ONLY gripes were the buttons being illogically placed and the power button being turned on in my pocket, I'm lowering my 4/5 stars to just 3/5.

I called Bose about a warranty return. I was almost a month past the 1-year warranty, but the helpful gal at Bose said it was no big deal and that they would replace it. She didn't want a receipt or anything. The only downside was that I have to pay shipping both ways (about $15 USD) and the wait time is up to 25 business days, because Bose is awaiting stock, since they're discontinuing this product entirely, to my disappointment! I couldn't wait that long, so I ordered the Plantronics Voyager Edge. When the Bose arrives I'll keep that paired to my laptop for video calls, and use the Plantronics as my primary.

Apart from it catastrophically breaking, I loved this headset. The sound quality was great, all-day comfort was there (for me). I just replaced it with the Plantronics Voyager Edge ( since it had great reviews, and the extra charger is a huge deal for me. (I'm going to stick it on my car dash and keep it plugged in, kind of like a 'dock' while I'm driving). I haven't received this new headset yet, but will review when I do.

All in all, I would still recommend this headset, but be careful with it! Some users have had callers complain about call quality. In over a year of using it, I never had a single complaint. I loved how stylish and small this headset is, and I'm looking forward to having my replacement! I'd still recommend this headset, but according to reviews, the Plantronics Voyager Edge has 'the edge' in terms of performance. So if you care about style, probably the Bose BT2 is a better option for you because the performance is still excellent.

UPDATE 15 July 2015

Funny how some perspective changes things. Since my Bose broke, I tried the Plantronics Voyager Edge, but returned it because any combination of fitment hurt my ear. I replaced that with a Jawbone ERA v2, which I like a lot. It's far more comfortable, but still not as comfortable as the Bose (for me).

I re-read my initial review and realized I should update about comfort & fitment. For me, I have small ears. It took me a few different tries to find the right fit with the Bose, but I ended up using the Small one and it was great. No pain, all-day comfort. Especially comparing to the Plantronics Voyager Edge and Jawbone ERA v2, the Bose is FAR more comfortable for me personally.

I've read that several reviewers have had the Bose break like I did... see my attached pictures. My replacement unit will arrive this week, and I'm considering super-gluing it straight out of the box to try and prevent the breakage again!
review image review image review image
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on June 6, 2012
I have used popular (and spendy) BT headsets from Motorola, Plantronics, Jawbone, and other major manufacturers, and have to say this Bose headset is by far my favorite to date. While it does lack some bells and whistles (some of which can be very useful), it has better incoming and outgoing sound quality than any headset I can compare it to, and it also supports A2DP which I consider to be essential in a headset. I listen to audio books and music for hours a day and I don't want to have to switch between a wired and wireless headset depending on intended use.

As others have mentioned, the max volume for this Bose is much louder than what I have found elsewhere, and the fit and design of the earpiece make this headset usable in environments where I just couldn't use another BT headset (e.g., mowing the lawn or driving in the car with the window down). Additionally, at any volume, the sound is crystal clear and never sounds forced or like the miniature speaker is about to blow.

Also of note is the usability of this headset to make calls in noisy environments. I haven't tried to use it to make a call while mowing the lawn, but it does supremely well in windy conditions or in crowded and noisy environments. My primary reason for switching to this from the Jawbone ICON I used previously was the continual feedback I received that people couldn't understand me during a phone call. Having a headset that is only good for listening, but not for speaking defeats the purpose of a headset all together. Since getting this headset, I haven't had one single negative comment, and have had a couple of people ask if I either abandoned my old headset all together and just reverted to using my phone, or if I had a new headset (because my end of the call was so clear). I have even been confident enough to step outside in a stiff wind to take sensitive calls which wouldn't have even been an option before. That's good enough for me!
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on February 12, 2016
I've accidentally washed two Jawbone Eras, so I thought I'd try Bose this time around, because of their reputation for great sound. Although I can hear the other party very well, they hear me, and ALL the background noise. In fact, instead of reducing the background nose, it appears to amplify it. If I try to make a call when typing on my computer, cooking, or doing just about anything, it nearly drowns out my voice.

Unlike my previous Jawbones, the Bose Bluetooth does not announce callers, and I can't just tap my ear piece to make a call.

Bottom Line: It costs more than the Jawbone, and has less features, plus has very poor noise cancelling capability.

When I'm ready to replace this, I'm going back to Jawbone.
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on August 16, 2012
I've been using this headset for about 2 months, and just about every work day for at least a few hours. Here's my general summary:

Good sound quality (I don't get many complaints about poor sound)
Comfortable (fits my ear well, doesn't make my ear sore)
Stays put (doesn't fall out easily)
Easy connection with my phone - easy to pair
Charges quickly - takes about 2 hours to charge in my experience
Unobtrusive tones for battery life during calls
Deals with light wind noise effectively

Poor battery life - I get 2-4 hours of talk time on the headset. It's inconsistent how much time I get even after a full charge which is a little weird. Usually around 3-3.5 hours.
Poor battery indicator - My headset has run out of battery and disconnected but the battery indicator still shows yellow (it should show red before it dies). The tone for short battery is a little better but still it dies before all the warnings I'm supposed to get (according to the manual)

Over all this is a very good headset for my purposes, but the short battery life is inconvenient b/c I sometimes have 4-5 hours straight of phone calls, and towards the end I have to switch to speaker phone on my cell phone as this device is dead. So I have to remember to charge up whenever I get a break to keep the headset going all day. But I've been through a number of other headsets and dropped them b/c of poor sound quality, and so this headset is worth the trouble b/c sound quality is so good. It also seems to handle wind noise adequately.
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on November 9, 2013
Ok, first off i will tell those reading this that i have had hearing problems since i was little, and it is difficult for me to hear on cell phones when there is also noise in the room around me. So i have been using Bluetooth headsets for a long time because they allow me to hear normally. I have tried so many different ones that i have lost count.
I thought that i had found the perfect one when i bought the Jawbone Era, i was wrong.
This Bose earpiece is the best on the market in my opinion. Here is why:

1. The audio quality better than anything i have ever used.
2. The earpiece itself is the only earpiece i have ever used that fits so well in my ear that i actually forget its there.
- EVERY earpiece i have ever used was a pain in the butt to get it to stay in your ear correctly. Normally you have to twist them around until they are jammed in your ear and end up causing your ear to hurt after a while.
- This earpiece does not even feel like its there. That alone is worth more than any other factor.
3. The volume curve is much bigger. I usually have to have earpieces at full volume, yet this one i cant have it barely above half or its too loud. Too loud? I have never had that problem before.

1. Unlike the Jawbone era, there is not internal configuration such as voice changing or differing voice dial applications. However this is not much of a con because pressing the button on the headset opens my Siri on my iPhone 5 anyway, so it still accomplishes what it needs to.
2. The Jawbone Era allows you to double tap the earpiece itself to hang up, that was really cool and this one doesn't, but again i'd rather have an earpiece that fits than one that is slightly easier to hang up a call.

I hope this review helps people looking for that perfect earpiece that fits perfectly, sounds perfect, and have it fit well enough for the user to forget its there. This was the best investment i have made in a LONG time. Fantastic Product.
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on July 4, 2012
This is a great little bluetooth earpiece, I've done a lot of research - used many different types. If you not on a tight budget this one is hard to beat.

-sound quality is excellent for both music and communication
-noise cancellation seems great - no complaints by whoever I'm talking to
-buttons - I like that there is a physical volume control that's easy to use, a button for hanging up/picking up calls and a physical on off slide switch - I've used many bluetooth devices... many times companies cut corners and use one button for everything (plantronics comes to mind - not knocking plantronics - they have some good units as well)
-comfortable ear piece once you get the right size and get comfortable with it - takes a good day or 2 of use before comfort kicked in for me.
-looks fantastic!

-takes some getting used to comfort-wise
-restricted to 1 ear - of course we know this when we buy it but, still - it would've been nice if you could use it in both ears but, you definately can't with the way the "ear anchor" is shaped.

**this is a con for all bluetooth type ear pieces - easily lost!!!!!!
at $150 - that's a heck of a gamble!

Other thoughts:
This is a great little device - I like wearing it while I'm shopping and streaming music to it - great sound plus is has the "BOSE" label on the side "Better sound through technology"!

There are several other great units I've used in the past - this one takes the cake BUT, it's at a premium price..

If you can't afford this baby I recommend the plantronics m1100 savor - at a third of the price - it's quite nice - doesn't have all the bells and whistles of this bad boy here but, it does have good noice cancellation and voice commands... works very well
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on August 14, 2013
I've tried just about every high end bluetooth headset on the market. Next to this one, Jawbone ERA is the best I have found. Plantronics Voyager Pro is a pretty good one, but it really isn't durable for the price, and its call clarity isn't nearly as good...some of Plantronics earlier headset models were better. Of all the headsets I've used, the Bose bluetooth headset beats all the others "hands down" for clear conversations in all environments. People I'm talking to never notice when I go outside to enjoy the patio, yet I live on a street with a lot of traffic and there is always a nice breeze. The other wonderful thing about the Bose headset: I always hear clearly too, with plenty of volume...despite the fact that I'm older and have some hearing loss.

Cons: It doesn't have the nice "low battery" indicator on the phone that Jawbone has, or the neat voice caller ID telling you the phone number and who is calling.
Also, for the price, you would think they could send all three ear jell sizes. It only comes with "small" and "large" ear jells. After trying the large and small size that came with it...small fell out of my ear, the large pushed outward somewhat...I gambled and ordered some "medium" jells, and found them to be a nice fit.

Pros: Sound Quality for both you and the person you are talking to, regardless of the background noise you have around you....including wind, road traffic, stereo or television playing, or children playing in the room. A volume control that actually works...You can adjust the "hearing" volume up loud enough to understand soft-spoken people, and turn it down when having a conversation with friends who tend to talk loud. Siri also responds well on the iPhone using the call button on the Bose headset.
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on May 3, 2014
...that I was wrong to wait this long... First of all, I have so many of these things, each one better than the previous, still the last one was not loud enough and was falling out of my ear. Still it seemed obscene to buy another one... The impetus was that the one I used broke into half on its own, and their previous model was not A2DP capable, so the GPS from my phone was not getting into the headset. (That was critical for me.) I had read only the highest praise of the sound characteristics of this one, but for some reason it appeared, that you could not voice dial. And that was crucial for me too.
Now that the one I was using broke I figured I will bite the bullet, - compromise - and buy the one that I will hear, do GPS, even if I cannot voice dial.
And then it turned out, that the voice quality was better and louder than I believed it could be, even with the reviews (My ring theme song comes in with a reassuring base line, that still floors me every time ...) and it turns out that it does every other trick (voice dialing) that my previous headsets did. (And why would'nt it? Has the same amount of buttons...) It apparently is that Bose is timid about claiming the feature, because it is ultimately hanging on the phone's feature set. Common. Every smart phone has that. (Best buy info page - ask questions - helped.)
It is still a novelty that when I get a call, I do not have to push with my left hand to hear, and occasionally hang up like that... and the volume is about half on the phone. (Galaxy Note 3). I have this standard opinion: when you buy something, it is usually below or sometimes over your expectations. This one is way over - which is more difficult, because obviously you start out with high ones. Extremely happy with it. Oh, and it stays in my ear too. (Not ears mind you: only one ear...)
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on November 10, 2014
I tried several BT headsets before deciding on this one, and I'm on my second one. The Bose ear-tip is great; it's very comfortable and holds the headset securely, which a real boon if you wear glasses and do not want to use a headset with a look. (The headset comes with eartips in three sizes, and one should fit most folks.) I also like that the headset is operated using discrete switches and buttons that are all easily accessible while wearing it: volume up, volume down, answer/hang-up (and Siri), and On/Off. There is no fumbling around. Sound quality is very good when calling, and because it has the A2DP BT profile, you can use it as a wireless headset for music and podcasts in a pinch, which is nice because it actually sounds quite good for that.

There are some things that I would change: The price is too high by $50, but that's the Bose premium. Also, the life-span of the device could be better. After about 2 years of regular (but not heavy) use, the battery on my first unit no longer held a charge, and had to be replaced. It would be nice if in A2DP mode the answer/hang-up button would function to pause, skip and rewind (in iOS) like a BT headphone, but that's a small quibble.
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