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Jabra HALO2 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Black
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$76.57+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 10, 2017
I own 2 of these. One quit within a couple of months, the other, 2 years. The second one needed a new battery. I found one article on the internet about how to replace it. According to this gentleman, it's doable, but requires some aptitude with a sharp knife, and the ability to use a soldering iron to remove the battery and install a new one. There's a good chance that everything may not go back together quite right and cosmetic damages are likely. Amazon does carry the battery for about $12. I also dug up a statement from Jabra out of the depths of the internet that flatly states that the battery is NOT REPLACEABLE. After looking at what the Jabra repair guy on the internet had to do, I would agree with the manufacturer. It certainly would have been nice if Jabra declared that on their packaging or in their manual, that this model of headset is a throw away. It certainly wasn't priced like a use it and toss it electronic device.
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on February 21, 2016
I own this set of Jabra HALO2 BT headphones (bought on Amazon back in December of 2012). To understand the nature of this product, and to being satisfied with the headset, please read the following -

This product is a luxury-based (but not luxury-priced), minimalist design that is also very sophistcated, but very delicate.
I would suggest it is meant to be worn by immaculately groomed individuals, with no dirt, oils or perspiration of any kind upon the head or hands.
I would suggest it is designed to be worn in the comfort of a air conditioned and sedate environment.
I would suggest it be assembled/disassembled and used with the greatest of care and thought.
I would suggest it is NOT for any type of activity such as sports, working out, cycling, or even outdoor walks. Think leather recliner use, or once on a train or airliner sitting quietly in use.
If you use this product outside the above parameters, its life-expectancy will drop rapidly (it is NOT cheap, just very delicate).
The only two points of concern are: (A) The joint assembly/disassembly must be executed without flaw (100% serious); the specific angles and significant pressure must be just right. Take your time! The joints are NOT cheap, just very delicate. (B) The beautiful black flocking material on the inner side and ear pads is very delicate; if you don't put on/ take off the headset as you would a million dollar tiara made of rice paper you will find it will start to malform and degrade. Both points A & B are NOT a reflection of poor quality (in fact it is high quality in construction, just not robust), but rather that I am stressing that if you want the headset to last, as it should, then you can not be a beast when handling it. This headset is not for everyone (especially not a child), it is for the person that will treat their equipment with the utmost care. If you want a 'tank' of a headset, do not buy this model.

This particular design is meant for quiet to moderate sound environments. The ear pads are not cups. Even the band is ever so slightly cantored so you can not accidentally put the headset on in the wrong orientation (L-R vs R-L).

With that said, this set of BT headphones is -
Ultra light (for a banded headset)
Ultra comfortable (really)
Very high tech (love the proximity touch volume control)
Fairly up-to-date (BT version 3.0 and protocal A2DP, and can even be paired to 2 devices at the same time, while remembering upto 8 different pairings)
Has very good sound quality and volume (although not the largest sized drivers at 32 [vs 40])
Is very beautiful and posh (very slim with just the right curves and colors).
Its value exceeds its price (which is becoming rare), but ONLY if you use it in the specified manner. $100 would likely be the match point.
It would have been nice if it came with a small drawstring bag to keep dust off, and assure the 'arms' stayed closed, when not in use.

I would highly recommend them.

In use, just act as mindful as you would wearing a Armani suit. If you want nice things to last, act accordingly. If Jabra physically re-designed this headset, but used materials like titanium to make it indestructible, it would cost $400+, but give you the same audio results. I'm glad they didn't, but rather made a nice set which is affordable (my first pair cost $73 [on Amazon], now the lowest price is $85 [on Amazon]) to the masses.

I have owned this Jabra HALO2 headset for 3 and 1/6th years, and they have served me well under the restrained conditions followed above. I can imagine if treated in an exemplary fashion, they should last 5 years, or even more. If you fully understand the conditions above and can follow them, you will LOVE this product also, and I urge you to buy it. If you have money to burn, and don't care that they will come apart in a year because you treated them roughly (read like a 'sports' set), then buy them also. If you are the latter person, just don't complain when it happens.

I'm even contemplating buying a second set to be used exclusively with a top-end Yaesu VX-8DR amatuer radio HT that is fully complimented with BT capabilities.
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on March 21, 2012
I always wanted a good (Bluetooth or not) cordless headset, but always had issues with in-ear headset and over-the-ear headset. Specially with longer conversations they prove to add some additional torture to lengthy conversations, not to mention actual PAIN when wearing them.

I've tried numerous headsets ("ear" models) from good brands like Jabra, Plantronics, Ericsson, etc. None of them seem to work for me. I've also tried numerous "over-the-head" or "behind-the-head" models from cheap brands to reputable brands like Sony and Logitech. They all proved to be a pain to use. Typical issues include battery live to short, bulky, and still poor sound quality.

This model however truly surprised me.
It's lightweight, it feels very comfortable, great sound quality (both phone calls and music), great microphone (the other party didn't even hear that I was using a headset), love that it can be charged with a standard micro-USB charger (easy to get your hands on a second charger, or a car adapter), no flimsy and confusing buttons, paired right away (tried: MacBook Pro, iPad, and a HTC Android phone), gentle sound feedback with functions (volume control, next/prev song, start/end call), easy to switch on (unfold it) and off (fold it), compatible with non-Bluetooth devices (ie. Airplane), etc.

The only two cons I could come up with:

1) Every time I have to fold it, it feels like I'm going to break it. Others have mentioned this as well, so it wasn't a surprise. I wonder who will be the first one to report that they actual broke it.

2) A case/glove for travel would have been nice. The soft padding might need some attention if I would not put it in some kind of protective glove or case.

Right now I can highly recommend this headset for listening to music, and for making phone/Skype calls.
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on November 26, 2011
I'm a college student, and I was looking for compact headphones that weren't earbuds. I wanted something that could possibly fold and wasn't too expensive in case it gets stolen. I looked at the sennheiser px 100s first, then somehow stumbled across the Jabra Halo2. My home headphones are sennheiser hd 650s so I'll be using the halo2 mostly when I'm out and about. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do like my music to sound good.

A hard case would have been nice because accidentally sitting on these will definitely break them, but Jabra doesn't include any case or pouch. You may be able to fit the headphones in a sunglass case when they're folded. Jabra does save you the trouble of spending money on cables, though. Included cables are: an outlet charger with a micro usb tip, a usb to micro usb cable, and a micro usb to 1/8 in audio cable. There is also a short start up guide in the box, but no full manual; it can be found in a pdf file on Jabra's site.

The headphones are the supra aural type, and their low weight helps a little with comfort. I wear glasses, and the pressure from the headband squeezed my ears on the arms of my glasses. This got uncomfortable after listening for a while, but after readjusting how I wear the headphones, I got used to the halo2 and even forgot they were on at times. The headband pressure is enough that the headphones won't fall off unless you shake your head like a dog does. There is no on/off switch and the headphones can be turned on by unfolding them and off by folding them back up. I think if they are left unfolded without any connection, they will shut off after some time.

The headphones are built with plastic and have a felt layer lining the inside of the headband. The earpads are made of a thin foam that has very little padding. Other reviewers were saying the hinges don't seem too durable, and I kind of agree with them. The hinges seem ok, and the locking mechanism that keeps the headphones open may crack or wear down over time. If users are careless and use the headphones heavily, the headphones may not last more than a year.

The headphones are very thin and compact. There was no noticeable difference between a hardwire and bluetooth connection for me. I play music from an iphone 3gs, and pairing was quick and simple. The halo2 supports a2dp and avrcp so you can listen to music and control the music from the headphones if your phone supports avrcp. The interface on the headphones could be improved, though. The controls are only on the right side - one physical button and a touch sensitive slider that doubles as the skip/previous song button. You slide your finger up and down for volume control and double tap the upper section to skip to the next song or double tap the lower section to skip backward. The slider is a good idea, but the problem is that there is no physical indicator on the headphones to show where the slider is so changing volume and skipping may take getting used to. It may be a little tricky to find the button or slider when the headphones are on your head. I put some of my sister's tiny nail stickers at the top and bottom of the slider so I have small bumps to show me where the top and bottom are.

The sound quality of the headphones is good for the price and size. A bit more in the higher range would make the headphones balanced better. There is an emphasis on bass and it sounds a like the higher notes are very slightly muffled. I'm still satisfied with the audio quality. There is audio processing built into the headphones that tries to simulate a surround sound effect. I was able to hear the simulated surround sound in some songs, but it isn't too important. The higher notes aren't as prevalent as the bass in the headphone because jabra may have assumed that people who buy the headphones would be younger and more interested in bass heavy songs. I like to hear the bass in my music, and I think the halo2 does a pretty good job of giving listeners adequate bass. The halo2 comes with a microphone built in for use with calling. The call quality is good and people I called said they could hear me fine. It's surprising and convenient that a bluetooth headphone has a mic built in for this price.

4 stars for build, comfort and price; 4 stars for audio quality.

I couldn't find much about the halo2 before I bought it so I hope this helps those who are considering it. Good portable bluetooth headphones with a mic built in. They are compact and light enough for people on the go, all for under $100.

Update - 11/27/11

I found a lowepro case that fits the folded headphones perfectly. The case is called the santiago 30 and is a camera case. I got the case at best buy for around $20. It's a hard compact case that will definitely protect the headphones if they are stored in a backpack.
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on July 14, 2012
I purchased these because I needed a bluetooth headset that could pair to two devices simultaneously; my Blackberry for conference calls and my laptop for dictation. When I first paired these with my BB, the phone/voice quality was quite good. However, once I paired it with my PC, the voice quality began to drop for both the phone and the dictation software. The Dragon accuracy dropped appreciably, even after re-calibrating Dragon 11.5 for the new device. In four different phone calls, people said I could hardly be heard (low sound, static, tunnel-like). Had to turn them off and finish the call with just the BB.
I will say, the audio quality when listening to music was quite good for a BT device. I get the feeling that once the device is dual paired, it over extends the devices capabilities, I tried resetting it, which is not detailed in the user manual, to clear all pairings, but to no avail. So, I'm back to finding a device to fit my needs.
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on May 15, 2012
Was very excited to get a new set of bluetooth stereo headphones. I've pushed an old pair of Sony bluetooth phones 8-10 hours a day for about 4 years and I finally blew the drivers. When these arrived, I couldn't get them to pair with my Android HTC Evo. Not even the wired connection worked; it crackled and hissed at me. My friend's phone didn't work either. So, thinking I had a lemon, I returned them and got a replacement. Same thing. Snap, crackle, pop. No pair. Wrong passkey. Bluetooth light wouldn't come one. Frustrated, I almost returned them again, but how could two sets have the exact same problem? The constant was me.

I went to Jabra's website and clicked through the tutorial only to find that you don't just unfold these to turn them on (as the instructions say), you have to unfold them and then "click" the joints together so that they are flush. Bam. Lights come on and phone picks them up. They sound great, or as great as bluetooth headphones can sound. Don't expect studio sound. Bass leaves much to be desired and bluetooth is always a bit "muddy", but I knew that going in. It's a technology problem that all bluetooth stereo phones suffer. Also, I'm comparing them to audiophile grade phones that I use at home. For bluetooth, you can't beat these. They certainly put my old Sony set to shame, even before I thoroughly wore them out.
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on May 20, 2012
Then after a week the novelty wears off.
I was looking for a wireless stereo headset that I could use while listening to podcasts and audio books while taking and receiving phone calls from my iphone 4. This seemed to be aimed at all my needs but preformed like I was betatesting a prototype.

Easy enough to pair up, volume is easily touch enabled but call quality was sub par. Sound was only okay if you're listening to spoken words only, music....don't even bother.

I've used this in my apartment, coffee shop, inside car, out in park just to test the range, convenience and interference, but the results often offered the same disappointments. Even if I was just using this just to review audio, the comfort wears off after an hour, just to the point that I wished my ears were on the side of my lower jaws. If the ear pieces could rotate behind the neck or if they were individually hinged to offer flexibility on head shapes or maybe if you were an elf they'd be more comfortable.

So in summary, the novel things were:
It's light, quick to charge and lasts for about 6 hours of continuous audio.
Innovative on/off switch by just folding it.
Great range providing you are not around other wireless devices.
Amazon's return policy because you couldn't find a brick and mortar store to first test this device.

If any of those reasons are enough to plunge $75 toward this headset, then this is the accessory of your dreams. If not, hit the brick and mortar stores or just stick to wired cans.
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on April 20, 2012
I bought this primarily to make calls, with a lower priority on music. I wanted sound cancelling microphone in a stereo headset that is comfortable to wear. So this review is from that angle.

The Good:
-Very comfortable to wear, sound great. I'm no audiophile though. I can tell you that compared to low-end ear-buds, they sound fantastic. See other reviews if you are a stickler on sound. I've made several calls with these and asked others how I sounded. Got no complaints. So based on other experience with mid-range BT earpiece, it's at least as good as a noise-cancelling mid-ranger. It's very cool to just talk normal and the microphones do a good job. I really like calls in stereo... which leads me to a tangent... I'm no brain scientist, but have you ever considered how strange it is to talk on the phone with only one ear, yet have real life conversations with both? I'm a sales engineer, so am on the phone a lot and have a lot of conference calls where you just sit there and listen most the time.... I think that over 1000's of conversations, I'm better off listening with both ears than one for both perception reasons and long-term hearing reasons. I might be crazy, but couldn't hurt, right?

The Bad:
-Like all the other bads... the hinges. But it's not the durability that concerns me... they don't seem as flimsy as some other reviews indicated.... I THINK they'll hold up ok. However...they aren't easy to open. You have to grip them very firmly with both hands to click the hinges in or out of place. Both hinges. Every time you turn them on or off you have to do those two clicks or unclicks...and it takes enough force that you have to be VERY careful about it. Like when you open a door you can't pull too hard or the door will fly in your face once it 'un-sticks'. It's like that, you have to use a lot of force, but once it releases you need to stop pulling immediately! You have to focus, you have to strain a bit to make sure your grip is just right and the pulling is very controlled. That's sort of a pain. I don't understand why they need to be 'clicked' so the thing forms a hard U. If they were floppy wouldn't they still wear the same on your head?
-Opening or closing these things wouldn't be so bad if only done a few times a day. For those that wear the headset all day then this is a non-issue. Other BT earpieces I've used are very fast to take off or on. So if it's laying on your desk, in the car, or in your pocket when you get a call you can quickly put it on and answer the call. No way can these do that. No way you'd be able to go from closed to on your head and connected before a call goes to voicemail. So one might say just to leave them open in standby mode. Maybe, but that means the phone is 'connected'...all rings and sound effects will pipe through the headphones...and it's also draining it's battery faster if just sitting there in 'on' mode. So I like the simplistic design with few buttons...but I really wish there was an 'on/off' button because I'd like to be able to quickly put them on and answer a call.

-I didn't dock any stars for these, I'm pretty sure they are assumptions I shouldn't have made. But for the sake of others of like-mind, here are some quirks:
-Switching between devices.... Since these double as pretty good music headphones, I thought I'd be able to use them with my laptop through Bluetooth and if a call came to my cell it would stop streaming music from my PC and switch to the phone. It doesn't work like that. Or at least I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm guessing this is true for ALL bluetooth earpieces, not just this one. It does come with that cable that lets you plug it into the audio port, like regular headphones. Though when it is in 'plugged-in' mode, the bluetooth turns off. So.... if I'm listening to my laptop either by bluetooth or audio-cable I can't quickly switch to phone bluetooth. In all ways I've tried, I end up having to CLOSE and RE-OPEN the headset to get it to link up the phone again. See above for info on that fun process. I suppose I could unplug the jack from the laptop and put it into the phone to quickly switch... but don't assume this process is seemless wirelessly. Again, I'm guessing this is true for all bluetooth devices, but this thing being hard to open and close makes it a bit worse.
-Charging cable....Edit: I now have 3 different devices that use the same usb tip for charging and syncing. Phone, sony mp3, and now this. I had trouble getting this to work with my other cables. After some testing with all devices I'm pretty sure the usb's that came with the mp3 and the Halo2 are universal...they work on all 3. But my phone tip only works on my phone. Well, it sort of works with the others but either will only charge for a short time or not sync. I always assumed usb's with the same tip would deliver the exact same power and data connection for any device that it fit. Apparently there are differences. FYI.

So why 4 stars? It's really comfortable and the performance when listening to music or on a call is great. I just thought I could do quick-switching and quick on/off. Not a huge deal breaker; I can just stream music from my phone and I'm really looking forward to that in the car where audio-books and streamed music will sound much more pleasant than through the fm-transmitter. Also I like that they aren't cans, meaning you can still hear things around you. Overall it's a good balance of features for a decent price.

Other Notes:
-They don't fold flat, but get fairly compact. When folded, you won't want to put them in any sort of tight luggage or bag where a lot of pressing force might happen. It's fairly obvious that they will snap in two if squeezed the right way.
-One reason I like the design is the don't-talk-to-me-factor. Sometimes you can't control when people want to chat with you on an airplane. Having headphones on is a great way to prevent this since a ear piece is only seen from one side of your head. But I also like to hear things around me, so these will be really nice to wear during air travel.
-For this particular functionality, I'm not sure there is an alternative besides an older Motorola model or the Halo 1.
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on November 4, 2012
I primarily use these to listen to music at work, where I need to be able to also hear what's going on around me, and occasionally will use it for a conference call.

== SOUND ==
I upgraded to these from an old pair of Sony DR-BT22's. Compared to those, despite the relatively open design, the music is rich and there's no lack of bass. I haven't noticed deficiency in any tonal ranges. These headphones do a great job of cleaning up the loss of detail from the Bluetooth connection. When the volume is at low-to-mid levels, it's easy to still hear what's going on around me, and I feel I can even carry on a conversation without pausing the music.

Despite having no articulation, the headphones are comfortable both on the ears and on top of my head, something I've had issues with other headphones in the past. I can wear these for 2-3 hours at a time before the tips of my ears start to get a little sore. Usually 5 minutes with them off does the trick, then I can wear them for another hour or so.

The unit has a single button on the right side, located right next to a touch slider bar. The unit connects flawlessly to my phone every time, and a single push of the button is enough to get the music going or stop. The touch controls are, forgive the pun, touchy. You slide your finger up or down the front edge of the headphone to increase or decrease the volume. Double-tapping at the top or bottom will advance to the next track or retreat to the beginning of the song or, if you're already there, the previous song. Without any sort of Braille-like guides, even after several months I often miss the top or bottom of the slider, and double-tapping will either not work or inadvertently adjusts the volume.

I've had many conference calls with these headphones and have had no complaints on the other end about voice quality.

The battery meter report on my iPhone is inconsistent. It seems that these headphones will play for hours at full strength, but then the meter will dip down sharply. An hour or so later it may report almost full strength again, and and hour later almost empty. Either way, I can easily get a full day of music out of them before having to recharge.

== PC / Peripherals ==
The unit comes with both a USB cable and a 3.5 mm to USB adapter. I have not tested the 3.5 mm connection to an analog source. Connecting the USB cable to a PC, however, presented a surprise. The Jabra registered as an independent audio source in Windows 7, and I was able to use it as both a headset and to listen to music.

Though the controls are a little awkward, the music is clear and they are comfortable. They're a great value for the price, and if you're looking for an open-ear design that allows you to still hear what's going on around you, I highly recommend these.
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on September 6, 2013
These headphones are awful. I'm using them on a brand new macbook pro retina, and they barely work. For one there are no settings or controls. It's just "connect/use as audio device" or "disconnect". That's it.

When they do connect, every few minutes a error message pops up and says "an error has occurred and your bluetooth audio headset has been disconnected" And the audio reverts back to the laptop speakers. Then I have to spend a couple minutes clicking on "connect" over and over before they start functioning again. Nobody wants this hassle when watching a movie, or working on a project. Constant interruptions. JUNK.

The connection is so poor, that there is almost always a 'clicking/static" noise in the headphones. Like a radio station with bad reception. UNACCEPTABLE.

If you set the laptop or devise on the table and stand up, walk more then 5 or 6 feet away, and the connection is lost, then you have to go through the aggravating reconnection procedure, which always takes many tries of clicking on the "connect" button, waiting, having it disconnect, and repeating until a connection is established. Then the sound quality is TERRIBLE as I previously described.

As for the headset itself, it is uncomfortable to wear, and your ears feel pinched and sore after using it for more then 20 minutes, if you can even get a connection that long (you CAN NOT).

The stupid thing does not even have a power on/off button. You have to FOLD it up to turn it off. That means you lose the adjustment of how fat the ear pieces extend everytime you turn it on or off, so everytime you want to use it, you have to unfold it, place it on your head, and adjust the extension of the ear pieces by pulling them out to the desired legnth to fit your head/ears.


I'm getting a refund and buying something that WORKS.

STAY AWAY from these horribly designed and totally useless headphones.

If you do buy them, you will be right back here writing this exact same review.
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