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on April 14, 2012
I love my Kindle Fire and highly recommend but I was very disappointed with the fact I couldn't read outside because of the glare. I purchased this anti-glare screen from Amazon and voila! Problem fully solved. I previously had been to several stores and no one had anything like this to match what I needed. For those of you that love to be outside to read, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST to get. Suzanne B
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on December 12, 2011
I tried two other screen protectors. THey both were a bit too big and I was not able to get all the bubbles out. This item is perfect - good fit - the small "Card" to get the bubbles out was a great addition.
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on April 6, 2017
This screen protector is good initially. It helps tremendously with glare and outside reading. I was amazed at how much difference it made even at the office when reading on my lunch break. The reason I only gave it three stars is because they made up for quality, with quantity. These scratch very easily, and if using one of the wallet type cases that flap closed over the screen, it will inevitably get scratch very quickly with these screen protectors. As a comparison I had bought a high quality clear one and used it for a good month before switching to this matt finish. The clear one didnt have a single nick or scratch on it when I took it off. Ive had this mat finish about 2 weeks and its time to switch to the second one due to scratches. minus 2 stars

Also this cover DOES NOT cover the entire screen like the higher quality cover did. It leaves the corners, and top or bottom edge exposed depending on where you apply the cover. minus another star
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on December 27, 2011
Product works as designed. Managed to get one on our first kindle fire in about 3 minutes almost perfectly. Not true for the second... i forgot to wipe the screen first with the cloth and ended up with quite a few air pockets. Thankfully it came with 3 protectors.

Had a problem with shipping with the first packet lost in the mail. Contacted support and they sent another out and arrived on time.
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on June 16, 2014
If you are looking for a crystal clear protective cover for your kindle screen, look elsewhere.

However, if you are looking for a diffuser that will reduce glare from ambient lighting, and soften the somewhat harsh, crisp resolution of the display, while providing modicum of screen protection, this is the product for you.

My wife had discomfort with the crispness and glare from her kindle, even reading in doors for long periods was problematic. I have some experience applying screen covers of this sort (thee cell phones, over time) and found this product not especially difficult to apply. I got it close the first time and a little time with cellophane tape to grab a couple of errant dust particles and it covered the visible glass perfectly. Make sure to clean & dry your kindle screen first. I worked in as dust-free an area as reasonably possible and put in a little effort with the provided tool to remove immediate bubbles. Others dissipated over time.

After application, the reflected glare was reduced noticeably and the screen crispness was softened sightly. My wife's reading headaches seemed to abate, so I'd call it a success. The pack comes with three covers, so before I next go traveling, I'm likely to use a second on my own Kindle, though I prefer the crisper unshielded display for indoor use where glare is not an issue
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on May 17, 2012
I bought a pack of these screen guards for two of my Kindle Fire units.

Summary: ok but not great.

- Clouded compared to no screen guard
- I have used screen guards from other companies with much better visibility (SGP, Phantom Skinz, etc)

- They seem durable for scratch protection

- reduces glare
- cheap
- good scratch protection

- clouds screen (mutes colors and brightness)

- if you get these, here's a tip that's not in the instructions: make sure to place the corner that is cut out (different from the rest) on the upper left portion of the screen. That's where the Kindle Fire light sensor is.
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on March 29, 2012
I had no idea what I was missing until I added cover to my kindle. Visibility outdoors and constant fingerprints were an issue and I thought the extra layer would desensitize the screen but NOT AT ALL.
AND it made all the difference outside! I am sold and highly recommend.
Yes, as with any sheer, sticky layer, follow directions precisely, not allowing a speck under it. If applied properly, works like it should.
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on November 29, 2012
I really wanted to give this a five-star review, but I can't. I only just put it on my new Kindle Fire last night, so I can't speak about how it holds up to scratches yet, but I do want to point out some basic issues:

1. I wasted one protector trying to get it to firmly adhere to my Kindle. I had everything lined up and ready to go. I was following the directions exactly (which isn't hard). And as I was slowly placing the screen and removing the first layer of backing, I noticed that the protector, which was supposed to be sticking to the section of Kindle where I'd placed it, kept slipping. I had to keep pausing and trying to hold down the end with the exposed sticky bit while removing the rest of the first backing. Very frustrating. By the time I had gotten the backing off the first side and managed to keep the screen in place, I noticed that there were many air bubbles that couldn't be removed and were unsightly. So I removed the protector (something it says you can do), and I even did it carefully, but a finger smudge still resulted on the sticky side and it looked horrible. Into the trash went the first protector.

2. I had more luck placing the second protector because I was now aware of the flaws and aware of what may result if I wasn't completely watchful. Now, the protector was clean with no smudges and my Kindle was ready for its case. This brings me to issue No. 2: The screen protector does not fit the Kindle Fire screen from edge to edge like my screen for my iPhone. This was pretty annoying because that made it difficult to line up in the first place, and it left a small gap between protector and edge of device all the way around. I don't have a thick, framed Kindle case; I opted for the book-cover portfolio for my device. So the edge of exposed glass around the perimeter of my Kindle is irksome. Also, being somewhat of a perfectionist, when placing the film I had to make sure the perimeter was exposed uniformly -- in other words, I made sure one side of the Kindle wasn't more protected than the other.

3. Issue No. 3, for me, is that this protector screen is too glossy, it shows fingerprints faster and easier than the glass! I have a similar shield for my iPhone and I don't have this problem. It's very strange to me. I wish I'd researched more and looked to see if my iPhone screen protector company sold protectors for the Fire. When it's time to replace these protectors, that's what I'll hope to find. As it is, with me being a perfectionist, my portfolio pocket contains my lint cloth so I can keep the Fire clean. Constantly wiping the screen down is bound to get old, though, and I may simply request better screen protectors for Christmas.

All of this said, the protector should do what it's meant to do, for the part of my Fire that it covers. No matter what, you shouldn't operate a device like this without a protector.
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on March 2, 2014
You don't really need a vacuum of course. My REAL point is that the work area needs to be as clean as possible before installing the screen protector. My first install was a failure but it taught me the value of using tape to pull off debris that gets on the surface during installation (a credit card or similar piece of plastic is also a must have for bubble removal).

My second attempt would have been MUCH better but I had a speck of dust at the bottom edge of the screen that I needed to remove. All the squeegee action against the screen to get the bubbles out must have generated a LOT of static electricity though. I lifted the bottom third of the protector to get out the speck of dust and, although I DID get THAT speck of dust, when I lowered the screen protector back in place, there was a cloud of particles covering the entire bottom quarter of the screen. Strike two.

For my third, and hopefully last attempt, I will be installing it in a room that I will THOROUGHLY clean prior to the installation AFTER running a HEPA air purifier in the room for several hours. I will, of course, have a lucky rabbits foot and a four leaf clover (both in a sealed baggie) on the table during the attempt.

Aside from the issue with static electricity sucking tiny articles in under the screen protector, the protector itself is smooth and slippery, and the screen is still bright and responsive. (If you want glare reduction, however, this is not the screen protector to purchase. GreatShield also sells a screen protector with a matted finish that reduces glare but, unavoidably, sacrifices some of the screen brilliance.)
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on July 27, 2016
Great frustration applying these; couldn't remove every bubble. Even used the "tape trick." I've used other brands that had a much easier application. Further, it seems they were a tiny bit too wide for my Fire 7 (5th gen). Had to trim one side with scissors (very difficult - I destroyed the first one) to get it to lie flat. I still have bubbles on the frame, though I was able to eliminate the appearance of imperfections on the screen itself... I am afraid I'll cause more harm than good trying to remove the bubbles from the frame. After all, they don't affect screen image -- they just make for an amateurish-looking install. Still, if you are like me, and don't appreciate the glossy reflective screen, the matte look is a welcome improvement. Of course, they protect the screen from scratches, too.
UPDATED: After a few days, the residual bubbles seem to gradually disappear.
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