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on April 13, 2015
I grew up on an old IBM mechanical keyboard. The clicky-clack of the keys was something really fun that I missed with new membrane keyboards. When I read about the resurgence in these mechanical devices using Cherry switches, I had to jump at it.

- I have the MX Browns, and they feel great. Soft, but slightly tactile, and pleasant to listen to.
- Fit and finish of the Rosewill keyboard is excellent.
- Great ergonomics.
- Simple, understated design that is appropriate for a work environment.

- The numerals on the keys is wearing off after only a few months of daily use at work. This is disappointing. A new decent quality key set will cost more than $20, and time to replace. For a keyboard this expensive, this isn't acceptable.
- The mini-USB connector from keyboard to cord is wobbly. It hasn't given me trouble yet, but my keyboard never moves or gets unplugged. It is a loose connection waiting to happen.

Overall, if you are looking for a "try it before you buy it" mechanical keyboard, this is a great option. It feels nice and works well, but isn't the best quality. I may upgrade to a nicer unit next time, since this is my everyday work keyboard and having nice things to use is worth a few bucks in the end.
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on June 25, 2014
This is my first transition from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical one, so keep that in mind when reading my review.

I ordered the white version with Cherry MX Blue Switches, and I'm not entirely sure if that has any affect on it or not. When I first took it out of the box my first impression was that it was quite heavy, way heavier than any keyboard I've ever used so I'm under the assumption all mechanical keyboard are like this. I decided to hook it up via the PS/2 connection and it did not work off the bat, I had to restart the computer but I've had to do that for my old PS/2 keyboard.Using it for a day have been pleasant and it seems perfect for me. Even the loud keys, I know some would not like it but I personally love it. There isn't anything that makes this special like shortcuts or even media keys, but some other reviews have stated, its a good entry to mechanical keys and apparently the price is good. Others have complained about the back mini USB detaching when in use but I have not experienced this yet.

-Loud (Cons to some, but not me)
-Responsive, definitely notice a difference from my old non-mechanical keyboard
-Simplistic design which always win me over
-Choice between a PS/2 or USB connection

-A bit heavy but this won't effect my rating on it at all

I would definitely recommend this to any person who has never owned a mechanical keyboard. Only because I assume this is very basic and a good introduction to it. I personally have had no problem yet.
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on August 20, 2014
I'm using this keyboard to type this review. I've been researching mechanical keyboards for about a month now, and I finally grabbed this bad boy for $60 on sale. I chose this keyboard because it was cheap and had good reviews. The bad reviews such as the faulty USB port don't really scare me, as I consider myself decent with a soldering iron. Typing on this keyboard definitely feels 1000x better than my old mushy/stuck membrane keyboard that I've been using for about 3 years.

Getting used to this keyboard is going to take some time, I would say maybe a week for me to get use to it. But it does feel really good. I probably will pick up another mechanical keyboard with MX Brown switches because that's what I originally wanted, but I couldn't pass up this deal.

For those who don't know, from my research I've concluded that:
- MX Blue - loud, clicky and clacky. You don't need to bottom out completely to activate the switch (this takes practice)
- MX Brown - A more subtle version of the Blues. Quieter and deeper sound, but doesn't give as good of a solid response as blue does.
- MX Reds - For gamers, who needs to double tap keys and such. These are almost silent compared to Browns and Blues, and keypresses are linear. (There's no bump that feel like in Blues/Browns)


- MX Blue switches give a really nice feedback letting you know that the switch has been activated.

- Heavy duty. This keyboard could probably knock someone out if they got hit with it, and wake them up shortly after just by typing on it. The overall construction feels solid and well built.

- Simple packaging. Comes with a keyboard nicely wrapped, two braided cables (PS/2 & USB), and a sheet of paper talking about the blue switches. I'm not sure why they gave us two separate cables when just the USB cable and a USB->PS/2 adapter would've been easier to manufacture and cheaper.

- I believe most of the keycaps on this board are standard size, which means you can remove them and customize them with your own keycaps. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this)

- Good rubbery grips so it doesn't slide around, and risers if you like the elevated angle.

Some cons that I noticed right away:

- Plugging your keyboard into the PS/2 port is supposed to be "better". This gives you N key rollover, which means you can mash all of the keys at once, at the same time, and they'll all register. PS/2 also supposedly has the advantage of being faster than USB (good for gamers). However, as of this review, PS/2 didn't work for me. I could have a bad cable, but who knows. I'm currently connecting through USB, and that should be more than enough to make the average user happy.

- The LED lights are bright blue. I'm really not a fan of obnoxious lights, but these are subtle enough as long as you don't look at them directly (at an angle is fine)

- I'm not sure why this is, but the sound of the space bar and backspace key sounds different than the rest of the keys. Almost all of the keys have a "click" sound. The spacebar key has a "clack", and the backspace has a "cluck". Not really noticeable unless you're trying to listen for it.

- Removing the sticker on the back voids the warranty. That sucks, I wanted to paint the plate that the keys are sitting on. (it's red and noticeable in the light) I will probably void the warranty later down the road and paint it black.

Some things/features that I wish it had:

- Even 1 USB port would be nice. This keyboard comes with none.

- LED backlit keys would also be nice, but I hardly need to look at the keyboard when I type anyways.

- I wish it came with a keycap puller. It's almost impossible to remove keys by hand without one on this keyboard.You would have to remove the top part of the case to pull out the keys if you don't have a keycap puller.

This is my longest review that I've written on Amazon..and I enjoyed it. Mechanical keyboards are so much fun. I highly recommend this one for those of you who are starting out and don't want to spend 100+ (yet).
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on July 7, 2014
Great keyboard at a great price.

Pros: Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Blue Switches, Solid construction, Braided USB and PS2 cables

Cons: No backlighting (don't expect that at this price point), Keycap printing will wear off over time (Easy to replace)

Overall fantastic keyboard. If you are looking to pick up your first Mech Keyboard, then I would highly recommend this one.
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on March 29, 2014
Well, I'm typing from it right now, and it works great! I've had it for over a year now, with no problems.

The lettering has held up well over time (not getting worn out) The entire keyboard feels like a quality product. It is surprisingly heavy and doesn't slide around on a smooth surface. Little touches like a fabric covered detachable USB cable let you know that you've bought something substantial.

Yeah, it makes noise. If the noise will bother you or your colleagues, then look for some different switches. Yeah, it is very clicky. Every key press involves a relatively firm press with one tactile click and two audible ones. It's precisely this mechanism that speeds up your typing, and typing on it just feels great. Using common rubber dome keyboards will now make you feel dirty. Even the excellent scissor-switch keyboard on my ThinkPad feels rather mushy in comparison. If you have used those older IBM spring based keyboards, it's like that with less noise and less force needed to actuate a key press.

A side note: I use this only for typing. It works great for that (programming and the like). I don't think you will be happy with this for gaming. I can imagine that repeated fast key presses would take too long since the key has to be fully depressed for a stroke to register. You don't necessarily have to bottom out the keys, but that usually will happen unless you type out words that contain same letter twice.
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on May 14, 2013
This would be my first mechanical keyboard so I don't know how it compares to other brands or other types of switches, and the first time I've ever used one for extensive amounts of time. I would like to say first, I'm not much faster with this thing than my previous scissor apple keyboard, in fact I may be a tad slower (100 wpm vs 120 wpm - I play a lot of typeracer), that may be due to the adjustment from one type of keyboard to another, but I do like the tactile feel of this keyboard and that clicking sound I do like.

I'm happy with the MX Blue's because I do like hearing myself type, and boy can I hear myself type with these things. I don't bottom out the keys much so it's not that heavy hit on the keyboard, but rather the clicking. I want to try MX Browns next and see how they feel, guess what they say is right, once you buy one set of switches you'll want to keep on going back to get more switches.

I understand many users have had troubles with the USB port thing, and from what I can tell, it is a bit flimsy, but that's probably easily remedied with a directly soldering the USB cable onto the main board, if you are not scared to do that kind of thing.

Keyboard is basic, no frills, no media keys, no macro keys, but that's all easily remedied with a couple of software options, which I am happy to go with. Good keyboard, decent price, everything you want in a basic keyboard without added anything extra.

However, I am a bit peeved about this keyboard dropping by $10.00 in price when I ordered it, but overall this was a good experience.
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on February 11, 2015
Click click click click Click click click click Click click click click Click click click click Click click click click Click click click click!!!!

These keyboards are magical! If you're looking for someone to convince you to buy a mechanical keyboard over some other normal keyboard, I can only say that I've been gaming for years. I type 130+ WPM on a normal Macbook keyboard (that I'm using currently to type this), but on typical desktop keyboards, my WPM speed drops pretty drastically... however, this keyboard kept it relatively similar. I can't complain, and you shouldn't either!

Edit: As of 3/16/2015 (when I first noticed it flickering), the numlock light has stopped functioning. Everything else works just fine, just that light on the top right. Not a game changer, but I deducted 1 star. (Edit made on 3/23 when it completely went black)
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on June 22, 2016
So, I've had this keyboard for 5 or 6 years now and it's still going strong. I killed one of my switches about a year ago, I think it was the F5 key, and I ordered an handful of Cherry MX blues and desoldered the dead switch and dropped in a new one. All good. I've also played around with different switches. I've included a pic with OEM white caps and the TaiHao black/red double shot caps. I've also removed the top part of the case and changed out the screws to some M4 or M5 (can't remember which) to make it look better. I love the red steel plate under the black plastic top part of the case and with the top part of the case removed, you get a floating keycap appearance which I like a whole lot better. Not to mention it makes it much easier to clean. Check it out.....
review image review image
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on July 18, 2014
This is a great mechanical keyboard for the price. It has everything you need and nothing that you don't which provides a nice platform for customization. At first I was put off by the red base plate and the Rosewill logo in the corner but now that I have the board in front of me, it's something that I hardly notice. The keyboard has a standard layout and a slim, compact case, nearly identical to that of the much more expensive Filco majestouch keyboards. The finish on the case is very nice. It's smooth and almost feels as if the case wasn't made of plastic at all. The build quality is good as well. None of the keys on my keyboard ping and the stabilizers don't squeak because they come lubricated. If I had any criticisms for this keyboard it's that it doesn't come with a key puller and that the key caps are made out of light and flimsy ABS, but you can't really expect a keyboard to come with PBT key caps at this price point.
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on October 12, 2014
This keyboard is amazing. A friend of mine bought the same exact one and said that he loved it. Both of use are gaming on a daily basis which means quite a bit of use on the keys. That, and when you hit a key you want a nice clean, crisp response. You don't want over sensitivity nor do you want to have to send the key down a solid inch before it reacts. With that being said, this keyboard offers the perfect in between. You get a nice clean click and the key is back up in no time.

The fact that it's mechanical is just amazing. You get a nice solid feel with it. This keyboard weighs probably as much as three regular plastic keyboards combined. Which, is awesome. It feels very solid as do the keys.

The noise. In all honesty I love the clicking noise that I get from pushing a key. If you are the kind of person that likes a nice soft, quiet keyboard then this is NOT the keyboard for you. The keys are pretty audible but personally I like that a lot. It's a good noise to me. If you want a quieter keystroke then you will want a different switch color.

Overall, if you want a bit of noise, a really solid keyboard, great feelings keys and an awesome push distance for each key then this is the one for you.
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