Customer Reviews: Case Logic MLA-116 15.6-Inch Laptop and iPad Attaché (Black)
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The description here does not offer much info, so let me delve into that:

Both the front, back and sides are padded.

Under the front velcroed flap (the photo with the logo the right) is a zippered pocket. This pocket is 15.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep. Along the back of this pocket are 3 elastic loops for pens and three smaller pockets, one 4.5 inches by 4 inches and two 3.5 inches by 4 inches. These pockets are "flat" so whatever you put in them needs to be thin.

The large middle pocket is 15.5 inches wide and 12 inches tall. The bottom is 2 inches wide. Inside this large pocket is a full length and nearly full depth divider that is flat against the side. Along the other side is a 9 inch wide by 10.5 inch pocket with a lined (fuzzy) front. I guess that fuzzy fabric is called "nylex".

Along the back outside near the handles is a small zippered pocket that is 6 inches wide and 5 inches deep, lined with the fuzzy material (would be good place for a phone or Ipod). Also along the back side is an 8.5 inch tall non closing pocket that runs the whole width of the case.
The straps are attached with plastic clip hooks to nylon webbing loops and the handle is padded.

This is a well made case, although I have some concern about the nylon webbing durability over time. However, I have had other Case Logic bags that lasted for a long time, so I will give the developers the benefit of the doubt. The zippers work smoothly and have nice pulls. I think the front long pocket should have had some sort of closure in the middle, a piece of Velcro or a snap to keep the contents from falling out. The price/value point seems a bit high as well.
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VINE VOICEon February 29, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Trust the description when it says that this is an "understated attaché." It is nice and functional, but perhaps a little too utilitarian. There is a 1/2 inch of padding for the laptop so it remains thin and it is impossible to over stuff. The tablet pocket is a nice addition, probably better for bigger tablets like the iPad, a Kindle Touch gets lost in the pocket.

The construction is ok, but the materials seem a little rigid for my tastes. The strap is workable, but not luxurious. The handle like the other materials is a little rigid and I don't know how much it will improve with age.

Also, the price seems a little high for the bag. It is listing for $50 right now. I expect that to drop appreciably in the near future, but for now it is pretty pricey for what you get.

All this being said, it is not a bad laptop bag. It does serve the purpose that I was hoping for - to lug around my 13.3 macbook. It does that well enough, but it lacks elegance. So, if you are looking for function over form, this might be the bag for you.
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was looking for a laptop bag with a small footprint for air travel. This bag definitely fits the bill. I was a little concerned about padding and room for accessories though.

Once received the bag, I was immediately pleased with the thick padding on both side walls. It's by no means heavy armored or rigid, but this bag looks like it can take a bump or two without fear. I am using a Alienware Mx14 laptop and (as an artist) I also carry a Wacom Intous 4 Drawing Pad in my bag (PTK-640) and the Wacom while being a little tight fits perfectly without issue on the inside pocket next to my alienware. I also have 2x Western Digital Essential 2TB external hard drives (stacked up sideways on top of each other) that both fit on the deep inside pocket of the case next to the laptop on the opposite side. I also can fit my Razor mouse off the side of the drives inside the bag. All wires and extra power pack + accessories fit on the outer zipper pocket behind the flap.

As you can imagine, that is a lot of stuff and yes it all fits in there. I am not saying it's a lean fit, but there is still room to spare for more actually. The other side of case has a open non zipper pocket good for magazines, boarding pass or other lose documents.

In the end this is still way less bulky than my last big laptop bag. Granted the last bag was roomier and had rigid border frame to prevent heavy damage. However, if you plan on carrying your laptop with you on your person all the time... you likely will be babying your electronics anyway. I would only use that other bag again if I planned on checking my laptop bag through baggage claim (and I would never do that anyway).

This slimmer bag seems like a perfect fit for my needs. If you are in market for a slim, well padded bag with surprisingly flexible inner space, put this bag on your radar to compare with others.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've found this bag to be very useful! I did use it several times for what it's made for---carrying a laptop and iPad. We went away for a weekend and found it was great to be able to carry both items so easily. The ipad fits perfectly in the spot for it, snugly but not too snugly. There is lots of room left for a laptop, and a nice amount of other places to store things like pens or styluses, and an outside pocket for easy access.

I've also taken to using the bag for trips out of the house with the kids. Sometimes I bring the iPad and fill the rest with snacks, extra clothes, etc, and sometimes I don't bring the iPad at all---just use the whole thing for necessities of a city trip with 3 kids! I've found the attache is just the right size for this, and the shoulder strap has rubberized parts so it's far easier to keep on my shoulder than other such bags. It just feels easy and right to carry. It looks good too---professional and classy---not always my look, but I like it!

I would not hesitate at all to recommend this great product.
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VINE VOICEon March 6, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
MLA-116 is a very lightweight bag. I would not trust the bag to protect a laptop from a drop of more than a foot or two. The padding is insufficient. There is nothing to secure the laptop from moving around or in the tablet pocket. With no padding on the top where the zipper is and nothing to secure it, there is no protection from that angle. Using this bag is better than nothing and does provide some storage space, but this would not be my first choice. If you just want something to hold your tablet, then this would do the trick.

Other negatives
-Back pocket has no way to keep anything inside. Items could easily fall out if bag is put down.
-Storage in front pocket is very limited. With the light padding, you could even damage a tablet on the inside with heavy items in the front pocket
-Shoulder strap is attached with plastic fasteners. The fasteners look flimsy, not sufficient to withstand heavy loads and regular use.
-You can get much better quality items for the fifty dollar price point

-It does have a nice zipper pocket that would fit a cell phone well.
-It is not heavy
-It looks easy to clean
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VINE VOICEon March 13, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With the MLA-116 by Case Logic, they have created a well built, and quite useful case for tablet and laptop users. The construction is typical of Case Logic quality, meaning its not going to have any durability issues. The case is well thought out in the placement of pockets and pouches. This case sports a very handsome look to it, and a nice size carrying strap and handle that support a fully loaded case well without being too bulky or too fragile feeling. There really isn't much else to say about it, except that its a well designed case that suits a variety of purposes.
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on April 19, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Does a great job protecting an iPad and a few accessories, while remaining light. No excess bulk to speak of, sleek and stylish. Also will fit a laptop of up to 15.6 inch screen size. Too many tablet cases lack straps and/or handles, but this understated black number does both right without being overkill. Very nice.
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on May 8, 2014
How I Use This Bag
I recently purchased this bag to accommodate an older style Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop that I had been lugging around in a large backpack. This Attaché is considerably lighter than my previous bag. For reference purposes, my laptop has the following dimensions and weight:

Width = 13.1 in
Depth = 10.8 in
Height = 1.8 in
Weight = 7.9 lbs

The deciding factor in my selection of this bag was that it fit my older laptop and all of the required accessories perfectly. I tested this case at a local store before purchasing it here (for much cheaper.) Thinner laptops would also fit well within this bag, but simply give more room for extras. Alongside my laptop I have room for the power brick, a wireless mouse, a mouse pad, and a few memory sticks; all of this fits without making the bag appear bulky or overstuffed. Everything goes in easily and comes out easily. There is also very little empty space, thus eliminating movement of items within the bag. Just for reference, the size of my power brick is:

Width = 2.5 in
Depth = 6.5 in
Height = 1.5 in

In order to fit the power brick next to the laptop, I must place it so that it forms sort of a T shape with the laptop. While this does mean that the brick is a little wider than the laptop inside the bag, the brick does NOT make a noticeable bulge in the bag or detract from the functionality of the bag at all.

Form & Function: Interior
The interior of the bag is black and gray fabric that is smooth and creates very little friction when removing items from inside. On the inside of the bag there are two open-top pockets. One of the pockets is about half the length of the bag and is centered in the middle of one side. This pocket is fleece lined and is large enough to fit a standard sized paperback book or a mouse-pad.

The second inside pocket is made from a thinner non-lined sheet of fabric, and covers the entire opposite side of the bag's interior. This larger pocket might be able to hold smaller sized power bricks (for thinner systems), or even some paperwork or similarly sized items.

Form & Function: Exterior
The exterior of the bag also has pockets on either side. On one side of the exterior there is an open-top pocket that is the length of the bag, and is where I store my mouse-pad. On the other side of the bag's exterior there is a zippered pocket that has a Velcro flap, which closes over and hides the zipper. The only purposes I can think of for this Velcro flap would be for looks and to provide some splash protection to the zipper.

This zippered pouch is also is the length of the bag. Inside the zippered pouch there are three smaller open-top pockets sewn into the shared interior case side of the bag. These pouches could hold office supplies, cords, or even an external hard drive. There is also a stretch fabric three slot pen holder sewn on the outside of one pocket to hold some pens.

There is also a small fleece lined zippered pocket on the exterior near the top handles; it would accommodate a pair of sunglasses or a wireless mouse nicely, though I use it for a handful of memory sticks.

Laptop Protection
The protection provided by this case is quite adequate. The sides, corners, and edges all have ¼ foam padding sewn inside, thus protecting against all but the harshest of impacts The foam also provides support so that even with a thinner laptop inside (or no laptop at all), the bag will retain its shape.

As for protection from the elements, I think this bag is about as good as most other similar type bags. I said “splash” earlier rather than waterproof because I seriously doubt that the bag’s fabric would resist high amounts of water for long. I would however feel perfectly comfortable carrying it to and from work several blocks in pouring rain; I’m guessing that it would provide at least 15 minutes of moderate rain protection.

Carry Options
There are two carrying options built in. One carry option is the double handles at the top of the bag, using these results in the bag being carried like a briefcase. The other option is a detachable shoulder-strap that allows the bag to be carried like a messenger bag. The shoulder strap attaches with two plastic rotating clips to either side of the bag, and is easily removable. These clips appear thicker and stronger than most of this style clips that I come across, I have no fear that they will fail while carrying this bag.

Build Quality
The zippers on the bag are of high quality, as is the fabric that the bag is constructed from. The quality of the fabric, zippers, and stitching are all consistent with other similarly priced (and higher priced) bags. This case feels like quality when handled, and I think the design looks quite nice.

The only build quality issue I have is the material used in the shoulder strap shoulder pad piece. This piece uses a “fake” leather panel on the side that sits against your shoulder to help prevent strap slippage. I personally would have preferred a real piece of leather for durability, but I’ll keep an eye on that part to see how it holds up over time. I do realize that real leather would increase the bag’s price, so the material they used is probably a good tradeoff if it holds up.

Value & Conclusion
While others have complained about the price, I believe this bag is solidly worth around thirty-five dollars. Hopefully my review answered a few questions you may have had, and if you haven’t guessed already, I highly recommend this bag. I will be sure to update my review if my opinion changes.
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My old laptop bag took a bad beating, being dragged through various parts of the world, and it looks it. I saw the Case Logic attache and thought, "nothing fancy here - it's your basic hard-working nylon (or equivalent) laptop bag," and ordered it.

It is what it is. It is nylon or similar synthetic material, and it comes sturdy, reasonably padded, with the usual compartments to store your laptop, iWhatever, and/or Kindle. Yes it does have pockets for business cards, pens, etc.

That said, it's nothing to write home about. But then, that's what I expected. The material looks like it will bear up under life's scrapes and scratches, and you can wipe off grime with a damp cloth.

It's what I wanted, and will suit me, I'm sure, for another few years of rough travel.

It earned 3 stars because, like I say, what you see is what you get, and that's a good thing.

I held back 1 star because - well - it's just not exciting. No "wow!" factor.

The other dropped star is over price. I think $50 is a lot for what it is. I've seen the equivalent at Ross's, Walmart, and other stores, for significantly less money. In fact, you can buy a 16" wide Case Logic bag, right here on Amazon, for $19 (at the time of this writing) Case Logic VNA-216 16-Inch Laptop Attache (Black). And in a smaller size - just over 14", in black, gray or even purple, for $25: Case Logic Attaché for 14.1-Inch Laptop and iPad (MLA-114)

By the way - I wouldn't try any laptop wider than the 15.5 inches the manufacturer promises. My wife has a 16.5 inch Toshiba, and there's no way it's going in.
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on July 7, 2015
It's a nice color and looks great. However, the front flap is Velcro and it does not have a crease which makes opening the flap a pain. MOST IMPORTANTLY: IT IS VERY SQUEAKY!!! I cannot take a couple of steps without the squeak squeak squeak noice.
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