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on May 8, 2014
How I Use This Bag
I recently purchased this bag to accommodate an older style Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop that I had been lugging around in a large backpack. This Attaché is considerably lighter than my previous bag. For reference purposes, my laptop has the following dimensions and weight:

Width = 13.1 in
Depth = 10.8 in
Height = 1.8 in
Weight = 7.9 lbs

The deciding factor in my selection of this bag was that it fit my older laptop and all of the required accessories perfectly. I tested this case at a local store before purchasing it here (for much cheaper.) Thinner laptops would also fit well within this bag, but simply give more room for extras. Alongside my laptop I have room for the power brick, a wireless mouse, a mouse pad, and a few memory sticks; all of this fits without making the bag appear bulky or overstuffed. Everything goes in easily and comes out easily. There is also very little empty space, thus eliminating movement of items within the bag. Just for reference, the size of my power brick is:

Width = 2.5 in
Depth = 6.5 in
Height = 1.5 in

In order to fit the power brick next to the laptop, I must place it so that it forms sort of a T shape with the laptop. While this does mean that the brick is a little wider than the laptop inside the bag, the brick does NOT make a noticeable bulge in the bag or detract from the functionality of the bag at all.

Form & Function: Interior
The interior of the bag is black and gray fabric that is smooth and creates very little friction when removing items from inside. On the inside of the bag there are two open-top pockets. One of the pockets is about half the length of the bag and is centered in the middle of one side. This pocket is fleece lined and is large enough to fit a standard sized paperback book or a mouse-pad.

The second inside pocket is made from a thinner non-lined sheet of fabric, and covers the entire opposite side of the bag's interior. This larger pocket might be able to hold smaller sized power bricks (for thinner systems), or even some paperwork or similarly sized items.

Form & Function: Exterior
The exterior of the bag also has pockets on either side. On one side of the exterior there is an open-top pocket that is the length of the bag, and is where I store my mouse-pad. On the other side of the bag's exterior there is a zippered pocket that has a Velcro flap, which closes over and hides the zipper. The only purposes I can think of for this Velcro flap would be for looks and to provide some splash protection to the zipper.

This zippered pouch is also is the length of the bag. Inside the zippered pouch there are three smaller open-top pockets sewn into the shared interior case side of the bag. These pouches could hold office supplies, cords, or even an external hard drive. There is also a stretch fabric three slot pen holder sewn on the outside of one pocket to hold some pens.

There is also a small fleece lined zippered pocket on the exterior near the top handles; it would accommodate a pair of sunglasses or a wireless mouse nicely, though I use it for a handful of memory sticks.

Laptop Protection
The protection provided by this case is quite adequate. The sides, corners, and edges all have ¼ foam padding sewn inside, thus protecting against all but the harshest of impacts The foam also provides support so that even with a thinner laptop inside (or no laptop at all), the bag will retain its shape.

As for protection from the elements, I think this bag is about as good as most other similar type bags. I said “splash” earlier rather than waterproof because I seriously doubt that the bag’s fabric would resist high amounts of water for long. I would however feel perfectly comfortable carrying it to and from work several blocks in pouring rain; I’m guessing that it would provide at least 15 minutes of moderate rain protection.

Carry Options
There are two carrying options built in. One carry option is the double handles at the top of the bag, using these results in the bag being carried like a briefcase. The other option is a detachable shoulder-strap that allows the bag to be carried like a messenger bag. The shoulder strap attaches with two plastic rotating clips to either side of the bag, and is easily removable. These clips appear thicker and stronger than most of this style clips that I come across, I have no fear that they will fail while carrying this bag.

Build Quality
The zippers on the bag are of high quality, as is the fabric that the bag is constructed from. The quality of the fabric, zippers, and stitching are all consistent with other similarly priced (and higher priced) bags. This case feels like quality when handled, and I think the design looks quite nice.

The only build quality issue I have is the material used in the shoulder strap shoulder pad piece. This piece uses a “fake” leather panel on the side that sits against your shoulder to help prevent strap slippage. I personally would have preferred a real piece of leather for durability, but I’ll keep an eye on that part to see how it holds up over time. I do realize that real leather would increase the bag’s price, so the material they used is probably a good tradeoff if it holds up.

Value & Conclusion
While others have complained about the price, I believe this bag is solidly worth around thirty-five dollars. Hopefully my review answered a few questions you may have had, and if you haven’t guessed already, I highly recommend this bag. I will be sure to update my review if my opinion changes.
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on July 14, 2016
I've had this bag for almost a month. I've been carrying it on a daily basis for work.
It houses a 15.6" Asus laptop, a slew of various cables, charger, writing utensils, binder, and paper tablet.
The laptop fits. It doesn't have much room on either side, but it ultimately does fit. I use the ipad pocket to store Ethernet cables, the other pocket stores a small writing tablet. The covered pocket is where I have stored my various cables and charger. While this pocket does hold things well, I'm a bit confused as to why beneath the cover there's a zipper. It's as if the zipper was there first, then someone said "hey let's add a Velcro cover" but then forgot to get rid of the zipper. That said, 99% of the time, I leave the zipper open as the flap does an adequate job covering the pocket and prevents things from falling out.
The other open pocket stores my writing tablet and binder. And it's loose enough to fit quite a few things in there, but at the same time tight enough so nothing falls out.
The mini zipper pocket I store pencils/pens in simply because it's there. But it's actual use I assume is for cell phones and things of that nature.
Branding is also kept to a minimum, which I like. A small logo on the bottom corner of the Velcro flap as well as the shoulder strap, and a stitched on fabric tag on the bottom corner of the bag

All that being said, this bag isn't really for traveling through security checkpoints. It's made to simply carry a laptop around a normal day to day situation. I will say the straps are quite comfy. I find myself going between the handles and the straps, and both are quite comfortable for long term carrying. I also like how the zippers are covered with some sort of rubber/plastic. They help grip easier and minimize the clanking sound when they make contact with each other. I have also gotten my sweater caught in them a few times and they're still holding strong. They haven't miss-zipped or gone off track.
The shoulder strap is also connected to a piece of fabric, and I was wary of this at first, expected the stitching to fail. It appears to be well stitched, but that fear is still there. Only time will tell. Of course like all my reviews, I'll check back in with updates as thing happen, if in fact something does happen.

In short, this bag doesn't look fancy, but it's robust enough to take on normal day to day tasks without much hassle
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on December 9, 2016
Perfect case for my new Acer Swift 3, just enough room for the ultra book with a little to spare, well-lined pocket for tablet and plenty of storage for a case this size, including a separate compartment with pockets for a mouse, external USB SSD drive, several pens and a notebook or 8.5 x 11 pad. The material is a decent grade of ballistic nylon that should offer years of use. While the hooks for the shoulder strap are plastic, they attach to rather thick ballistic nylon loops that are sewn in and I don't see any issues unless the case is over loaded in terms of weight or handled in an especially-rough manner. The nylon handles seem solid enough...again, with the previously mentioned caveats. The color is a dark grey which reminds me of the old Case Logic Cassette Holders we used to have in our cars back in the day. At this price point ($17), I highly recommend this case.
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on July 28, 2016
This case is great for carrying a modern laptop, iPad/tablet, and some files for work. It's lightweight but sturdy in material and stitching. The handle attachment is well-made and doesn't feel like it will pull off the way many cases do. Though not fully smooth, the material is smooth enough that it doesn't abrade on clothes when the case is worn over the shoulder. I like using this case because it carries what I need for a day or two of work without tempting me to over-stuff it. The outer pocket lets you hold accessories if your laptop doesn't leave room for them inside. This case is exactly what I was looking for to cover business meetings, one-or-two day work-remote situations, and general carrying of my laptop to-and-from work. The separate iPad/tablet sleeve inside is a nice feature.
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on October 27, 2015
I'm enjoying using this laptop bag every day at work. I use it with a 15in Macbook Pro. Theres lots of different storage areas and it makes it easy to keep all of my accessories organized in the bag. It seems to be able to fit everything. I keep two large spiral bound notebooks in the case with my laptop and it still has more space. I like the way it looks and it seems very durable. I agree with another review that it does not need the loud velco, however you can easilly fix this by putting some tape over the two small velcro areas. I love the little pocket at the top it is where I keep my keys and key badge safe. I docked a star because when I'm walking through the office the latches on the strap are squeaky, so I am squeaking past people in the office in the morning. Its not THAT obnoxious, but could be a little better. I'm still glad I bought this bag.
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on May 14, 2016
This bag is really nice! I like that the gray is a darker tone and the front "flap" adds some style to the bag. The only thing I don't like is the flap does not go all the way up. The stitching goes down from the top to about where the shoulder strap hooks, and the flap only goes up that far, so when you unzip the pocket under the flap, it is a little difficult to keep the flap open while messing around in the pocket. The inside of the bag is very cool! There is a separator to keep your laptop from any portfolios or packets you have, and also a slip for an iPad that has a nice material pocket surrounding it.

Overall I am happy with this purchase!
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on January 7, 2015
Case Logic cases are almost always reasonably priced, lightweight, and reliable - this one is no exception. It readily carries my Mac 15" laptop, and can at the same time accommodate my iPad as well as my sizable digital mouse and even the bulky Apple power cord if I need it. I can also slip in a magazine or a paperback or a few papers and still have no trouble keeping it contained. I don't worry about damaging the devices because I'm pretty careful, but I believe the case is good protection for the cost. I consider this a bargain, and it replaced a heavier, far more expensive leather bag that weighed me down for ages. I don't use the shoulder strap, and find the handle more than adequate and sturdy. I like the feel of the material, and it seems like it would protect my laptop from anything I would normally encounter during the day, as long as I don't drive my Honda Odyssey over it.
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on December 28, 2014
This is a great little case. Though it does not have thick padding, the padding is sufficient for most uses; after all, your computer is a delicate and expensive device, which hopefully will not be tossed around.

It is important to keep in mind that the fit might be somewhat tight. My computer's dimensions are 14.75" x 10" x 1.5". In the case I could just fit the computer, a Kindle Fire HDX 7, and a thin folder (each in its own pocket). An outside, covered pocket allowed for snuggly carrying the power cord. Another outside, uncovered pocket is also available for documents that you want quick access to, such as airline tickets.

I have used this case to transport my computer on several flights. It comfortably fits in the tight space allowed under the seat, by many aircraft.

I recommend this case with no hesitation.
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on March 25, 2017
It fits my laptop but barely anything else. There are pockets but the case isn't flexible enough to use them with ease. I kept it but you can find better.
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on June 28, 2016
First of all,it is a good product. Looks really good,and fit. But there is a problem. I'm having difficulties with my mouse and my laptop charger. When I put them in the bag, they stuck in there,and the bag doesnt look good. I have ASUS n56VZ and it fits perfectly,there is no problem.
Like I said the only problem is on the front side. its too small for putting a mouse, and a charger
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