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on May 11, 2013
So, I love this. I wore a Presto one out-after 1.5 years of 3-5 times a week use. With the Presto one-the lid cracked after about 6 months-I just sort of rigged it to make it okay. The Presto plastic got so hot and almost felt a little melted after every use.

Anyway- I almost didn't buy this because of all the "OMG!! It the hot air makes the popcorn fly everywhere!!!"-thank goodness I ignored those reviews (no offense to the popcorn coming out disliking people. ) Anyway-yes popcorn does come out of the shoot-becaue it is corn that "pops" when the hot air makes it hot enough-go figure. :)

Good Buy (for me at least) because-

Feels more sturdy than Presto.

Has an on/off switch (Presto is auto on when plugged in-kinda feel like its a race against time when-plugging and unplugging.

Looks better (it's out so much-it needs too-for my decorator want-to-be self)

Bad for some reviewers, I wouldn't have even noticed without the complaints, no matter its a solvable (and predictable "issue")
When popping popcorn with a hot air popper-put a bowl the size of a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl-sort of in front of it-the first few times just watch it to see where the popcorn comes out. That will catch it all-I use that-but the bowl back under the mixer-and put popcorn in a bowl for flavoring/storing. I hardly ever loose any-if you're really worried about it-but a bowl in the sink and put the popper on the edge of the sink.

I love it-glad I ignored "flying popcorn!" reviews and spent the extra $$$. If it ends up with any issues like I had with the others-I'll update because I'll feel ripped of for paying so much more.

-I have no time to write any (mother of 3 who are 4 y/o and under-plus I work) I do it because I read reviews for 100% of the many (and by many-I mean many-UPS guy knows my family-and we had him over to watch the Super Bowl!) Sooooo if you find this helpful, please say so-otherwise I'll probably use this time to do laundry. Or sleep.
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on February 16, 2017
I was about to return this product because kernels would fly out and I was having to do all sorts of things like tilting it backwards to keep it in. However, on a whim, I decided to fill up the butter cup with the kernels and poured it in. Now there were enough kernels to weigh things down so that the blower would not be able to push out the kernels everywhere. Apparently, I was not putting in enough kernels. So now I put in at least however much the butter cup is and more and popping have been fine. Sure there are some un-popped kernels still, but it's acceptable to me. I did have to now use a much larger bowl to catch all the popcorn. The On/Off switch was also a key consideration for me. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of unplugging it each time since it's plugged in behind my toaster oven.
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on January 11, 2015
It works fine. It has its pros and cons just like the Presto brand. It's too hot to touch and unpopped kernels fly out.

The first thing I should mention is, the Cuisinart video on this product skips all the crucial frames! Ha ha! This is not hands-free to use or else the popcorn will push the popping chute and cup open, you also have to tilt it back to control flying arsenals, and then you'll burn your hands!

As you've seen in the Cuisinart video, often the unpopped kernels get dragged out with popped kernels. I just collect them from the bowl and throw them back in the popper. My biggest complaint is it takes a good 10 minutes to finish my popping of 1/2 cup. Maybe 5 minutes until the kernels start to pop and then I have to turn off the popper, collect all the unpopped kernels in my bowl, throw them back in the popper, turn it on, and wait for another 5 minutes to pop. It takes longer than microwave popcorn, but it taste much softer and unburnt.

Also like some suggested, you have to tilt it back and modulate the tilt pretty much most of the time, except during the brief window the kernels rapidly pop and fill up the popping chute, but then after that you have to tilt it back again to make sure the remaining kernels don't fly out and give them a chance to pop. Of course it's too hot to touch and tilt, so you need gloves or a towel.

The other thing is you have to hold the bowl next to the popper so that things don't fly beyond the bowl. It's not hands-free, but it's worth the work over microwave popcorn.

I don't use butter, so I can't comment on it, but again, the cup and cover is so hot that it gets soft. You would think the cup and cover would melt like butter. Well...good to know any plastic in contact with the corns are BPA free since hot plastic will release it.

Given every air popper is designed like this, they all suffer from the same flaws with corn flying around and unpopped kernels escaping, and the heat. You could do just as well with the cheaper brands, but you're paying for the On/Off button and the Cuisinart name and design.

It would be innovative to have a tilt feature. Heck, the On/Off button was innovative. But, there's definitely room for a better design.
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on August 23, 2016
This is my first air popper. After reading all the reviews about popcorn flying everywhere the first thing I did was put a large diameter bowl under it. That almost worked, it just wasn't tall enough! A few kernels would fly around the kitchen, and they're HOT! So I put another bowl under the first to lift it just under the popper spout. This did the trick! I only use a quarter cup of kernels at a time and get very few un-popped kernels at the end, about the same as a microwave bag. I don't use the butter cup for melting butter. I just melt butter in the microwave as the popcorn pops, mainly because I don't want clean it every time I use it!! Yes I'm lazy! The best part is that you can put the exact amount of butter and salt that you like without wondering what all those other ingredients are in microwave popcorn!
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on May 24, 2016
First of all, I was never crazy about this popper as it would spit out too many kernels at the beginning, resulting in a waste of popcorn and a mess to clean up. Not what I'd expect from a brand like Cuisinart, but we kept it despite this flaw. Well after owning it for a few months, I get a call from my 13 year-old that the popcorn maker caught on fire. She sprayed it down with water from the kitchen faucet across the room and fortunately put it out, but it damaged my kitchen cabinets and food dehydrator in the process. She said it was shooting out flames, and it obviously got hot enough that it melted the inner metal (see pictures) Not happy!
After reading other reviews, this is a recurring issue with this model and I will be contacting Cuisinart.
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on November 21, 2017
On the one hand, if I put 1/4 cup of popcorn into the popper, about a tablespoon will be spat out unpopped, at least twice as much as when I use the same amount on the stove top. On the other hand, the Cuisinart's popcorn is *significantly* fluffier, and tastes better.

Toward the end of the process, 10-20 kernels won't pop until they land in the bowl, whereupon they pop out of the bowl onto the counter or the floor, often taking other kernels with them. I use a sheet of newspaper as an improvised screen, so the rogue kernels carom off the newspaper and back into the bowl.
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This is a nice popper. Works well, has a power switch (which is nice), very efficient.

CAUTION: There are two red versions of this product - "RED" and "METALLIC RED". The photos of the plain red one that I ordered (CPM-100) make it look like a matte finish. IT IS NOT MATTE. It is a gloss plastic similar to what you'd find on a raisin box lid...standard cheap plastic (see photo). The box photos are the same photos Amazon is using so it's not Amazon's fault - someone at Cuisinart got a bit carried away with photo retouch. I bought this model specifically because of the matte finish and was pretty disappointed...probably should have bought the metallic red. But hey it's a popcorn popper which ain't exactly high style anyway so I'm not going to send it back. But that's why it's not five stars - misleading product photos.

Update: After a couple of days of use...a few tips:
1. Don't bother with a bowl under this popper. You will get popcorn everywhere (but I had this problem with the other popper as well). A good trick is to use a paper bag with handles - if it's big enough you can loop the handle over the cup at the top and it becomes a hands-free operation.
2. The popper pops REALLY fast. So fast that butter placed in the little cup at the top doesn't have time to melt all the way. You'll need to melt your butter another way.
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on May 29, 2014
We have used the crap out of this thing since we got it. We never used to eat popcorn (son has allergies, so we can't eat any of the typical microwave popcorn), but now we eat it every Sunday for family movie time.

We bought one of the 8" plastic popcorn containers (dp/B002L0COVK) and it is the perfect size to catch the popcorn as it comes out of this popper. We pop plain popcorn then drizzle each batch with olive oil and sea salt and toss to distribute. Three or four batches fills our container and is plenty for our small family to sit and watch a movie.

Follow the directions (heat it up before putting the popcorn in, put in the right amount) and have a suitable container to catch the popcorn and you will love this popper.
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on January 21, 2017
I've been using this product for about 3 years now, almost daily. It continues to function very well. Pops most of the popcorn, launches most of it into the bowl, and takes only a few minutes. The only flaw is that when it initially starts to pop, some unpopped, but hot kernels, get ejected when other kernels pop. These unpopped kernels fly onto the counter, or into the bowl, sometimes popping in the bowl and flinging some of the popped kernels out of the bowl. I've learned that if I tilt the unit at about 30 degrees upward, 99% of these wayward kernels stay in the unit. However, when tilted up in this manner it is important that you watch the level of popped kernels accumulate in the upper clear plastic unit. When this plastic unit is about 25% full (the popped kernels form a single layer over the popping chamber, which prevents kernels flying out) you must tilt the unit back to level so that the popped kernels will fall out, otherwise the popping chamber becomes packed and the popped kernels will start to burn, then the pressure of the popped kernels will push the plastic unit off, and you will get popcorn flying in all directions. Then, after most of the popped kernels have been ejected, tilt the unit back up about 45 degrees for a few minutes to keep the remaining unpopped kernels in the popping chamber, or turn it off and forget about popping the last few kernels.
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on March 7, 2016
I read the instructions twice and then we put a half-cup of popcorn into the popper, exactly as instructed. We turned it on and it immediately started to smoke. A few seconds later there were flames shooting out through the opening. We unplugged the popper and the flames stopped. I have several Cuisinart appliances; they have been reliable and long-lasting. This was the most bizarre kitchen experience I can remember. Kudos to Amazon for making it so easy to return the popcorn popper.
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