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on June 17, 2012
I am very satisfied with PRW2500T-7CR after looking at a multitude of other watches. First of all, I was looking for a watch that could be used for sailing (both cruising and racing)on my 27' x 19' trimaran. I needed a watch that was stylish enough for everyday use that had the following features:

Required Features
- Compass for checking heading when away from the cockpit
- Barometer with history function for weather monitoring
- Tide prediction for navigation
- Race sequence countdown timer
- Must be waterproof

Bonus Features
- Solar powered
- Atomic clock synchronization
- Moon phase prediction
- Altimeter for when I go hiking on the AT

At night, it has a function that automatically turns the back light when you look at the watch without having to push anything. The PRW2500T-7CR met all of my needs at a reasonable price.

You will need to get the watch sized as it ships with all the titanium segments installed on the band. Went to a local jewelry store where they re-sized while I waited using a special tool and didn't charge me anything.

Here's the caveat with the tides function. The display is designed for semi-diurnal tides, which is when there are two high tides and two low tides per day. If you use the watch in an area that has diurnal tides, which is when there is only one high and one low tide per day, you have to understand that low tide occurs when the display shows the second high tide for the day. The following is a link to where diurnal occur in the US.


No one has commented on the race countdown, so here's some more detail. You can set the sequence to 10 minute, 5 minute, 4 minute, etc... The watch beeps each minute until the last ten seconds. During the last 10 seconds it beeps each second with the tone of the beeps changing between 10,9,8,7,6 and 5,4,3,2,1. 0 is a single tone that stops without having to push anything. It is also nice that it displays the local time during the sequence as well.
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on December 10, 2011
Over the years I have owned a number of Casio watches, and all did everything they were advertised to do. This one disappointed me at first, and I almost returned it. Then I read the instruction manual, and discovered that the atomic signal reception works best at night! I had always taken this feature of atomic watches for granted. I assumed that one could do a manual time calibration anytime. Not so. After making this discovery, I tried to do daytime syncs with a number of atomic watches, and they all struggle to connect with Fort Collins until after dark. Once I understood how this technology works, I found that this Casio too does exactly what it is supposed to do.

This is a large but sturdy watch. It isn't for a small person, but it isn't so bulky that it is unsuitable for most men. I own an older PAW 1500 7T, which is very similar in features and size. I honestly don't see a host of improvements over the older PAW 1500, other than the dual display--which adds a little functionality, but not enough to make this a revolutionary upgrade; both are great watches
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on March 12, 2017
This watch has a great combination of many functions plus good looks. For travelers and outdoor people there are abilities to measure temperature, barometric pressure and altitude for example [note: the watch would have to adjust to only ambient air and not your body heat, before you got a decent temperature reading, and you have to calibrate its sea-level before altitude is going to work right-plus I think that assumes barometric pressure isn't rapidly changing due to weather. Oh how could I forget: also a compass, plus you can check the time in any of the 24 time zones around the world, it automatically does your leap-days and daylight savings etc and perhaps the most fun: it's powered by a little photo-voltaic cell. In other words a tiny solar panel. It just needs to be exposed to enough light periodically to function properly. There's a little indicator that tells you the battery status.
I owned a prior version of this watch and wore it until I wore it right out. I think eventually the "solar panel" gave up the ghost. That was 5 years or longer when I never had to worry about changing batteries, winding it, making sure it was getting enough motion, things like that. Another bonus: due to the strengthening of the dollar and weakening of the yen since I bought my first model, this one cost me about half as much. I think it looks even better, too.
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on November 11, 2012
The Pathfinder PRW2500T-7CR was my personal upgrade to the Casio Men's PAW1300T-7V Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Silver Watch I purchased about 3 years ago, and I'm very impressed with its performance, though I'll honestly say it's far from perfect - especially for nearly $300 (after taxes).

There's a lot to cover, so let's start with the features and upgrades Casio has made to the PRW2500T to previous watches. This is Casio's latest (2001) edition of their Pathfinder Tough Triple-Sensor Atomic Solar watches - which is a real mouthful. Basically this series of Pathfinder watches really are the Crem della crem of those offered, as they include a tough design to resist damage & wear, includes some form of significant water resistance (20BAR, 200 meters), has a triple sensor (temperature barometer, altimeter, and digital compass), has an atomic timekeeping feature, and is solar powered. In short, this watch is extremely feature rich - but this is nothing new for Casio. The PAW1300T I mentioned earlier came out about four years previously and has the exact same features - save for a weaker water resistance (10BAR / 100 Meters), so Casio is certainly staying the course in offering what its most outgoing and resourceful customers want. What this watch DOES offer as an upgrade significantly is new moon and tide data, which the aforementioned watch did not have - so this is something to consider if this is what you're looking for.

What makes this watch such an effective upgrade is the great display redesign that it has given compared to previous pathfinders. the PRW2500T, from the home screen, allows you to view the moon phase, day of week, barometer graph, tide chart, date, and time without pressing a button! That's a big upgrade, as previous watches required you to trade the day of the week for a barometer graph or other exchanges of information, making it more inconvenient for the quick glance. Of course, as a cost the time display is much smaller, so you'll have to look harder for this view. The watch's physical design has also gotten a serious upgrade, with resin supports around the stainless steel casing to ensure less denting and help maintain a water-resistant seal when possible. The band also connects to the watch face much more securely compared to the PAW1300T, meaning your band won't break as easily (which is why I ended up buying this watch in the first place!) and you're not going to have to replace the band as likely. Long story short, the watch has been built much better compared to the PAW1300T and is a step in the right direction for Casio

The sensors and general timekeeping are solid. Atomic timekeeping is a pain in the butt, and i have to say I've yet to get a solid update unfortunately, but bear in mind this was done in a metropolitan environment on the 4th floor, not a rural one away from buildings where it's mostly expected. Then again this is nothing different from past pathfinder watches, which

The watch has everything you need, and only a few shortfalls. The titanium band - while strong and lightweight - is not very scratch resistant. The paint on the surface (such as on the direction dial) is also very prone to scratches, which really kill the clean and finished look I just loved when I got it. I'm a week in and it's already chipping paint and scratching up, and I've yet to take it on my first hike. Despite this, it's extremely resistant to wear and will last you years - so long as you give it the maintenance it needs every so often and keep it away from harm. It's no G-Shock, but a very good watch, and light on the hand!

The titanium band is a great option that's very classy and resistant to damage - but where the watch face and band meet is connected by metal and plastic/rubber resin - which has in the past broke on my other pathfinders. The new design is much more beefy and resistant to damage, but I still feel Casio has a conspiracy to sell you titanium bands that break and get scratched up, especially when they only offer a 1 year warranty.

Speaking of warranties, this thing - for what you pay - deserves a 3 or 5 year warranty. Casio's 1-year warranty is an insult, and they should really back their watches more long-term. The watch face will probably outlive you - but the watchbands are very likely to break every few years. The titanium band is an easy $70 to replace, so keep that in mind!

In the end there's a lot to be said about this watch - most importantly it will suit your needs no matter your interests, whether they be personal, business, or military. I also feel I've barely scratched the surface with this watch, so please feel free to individually ask questions if you feel this review isn't sufficient of how much this watch covers. This is a watch that will go with and last just about anything you throw at it. I love it, even despite its shortfalls, and think the pathfinder is the most feature-rich watch money can buy.

UPDATE - May 15 2013

Nothing has changed for this watch except some wearing on the compass dial. Apparently the paint can't survive, though everything else is in fair order. I don't get why this feature is even on the watch but nonetheless it does hurt the aesthetics. Bear this in mind as you use it! Regardless it's still a fine product and everything else seems to be working great.

UPDATE - July 2014

Just a short update. I ended up shelving this watch for a bit as I use my smartwatch more often. My only disappointment is that the device doesn't store its charge for as long as my previous Casio (in fact this one is dead while the other Casio is sitting on Low after over a year!) which was a little surprising, but not a deal breaker.

Nonetheless the unit is holding up fantastically even before I switched to a smart watch. I definitely will keep it around for the more outdoor days.
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on March 4, 2017
Awesome watch just like the previous model. Had to purchase a new one as there were missing areas which no longer illuminated.
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on October 8, 2012
Firstly, my main reason for buying this 2500T is to replace my PAW1200T that I have owned and used everyday for the past 4 years. I broke the sensor cover on that and also ended up cracking the case. So, I wanted to replace it with similar/better featured casio. I try to be direct with review/feed back here and if it seems like a bit "meh" then sorry.
Anyway, FWIW, I will not try to restate all the features which have be listed. This is something to expect from a top of the line casio watch. Having said that, some important notes/improvements.
1) Display is much nicer/crisper, with lots more information including full date on almost all the menus and sub menus
2) Crystal is nicely set so as to not accidentally damage it due to impact.
3) The plastic "winglets" at the bottom make the watch very comfortable to wear. Although this can be a con after these are worn out and can't find replacements.
4) The link between the band is solid titanium, unlike my old one which was stamped steel.
5) The back light is much brighter.
6) Much lighter feel to the watch which is def a plus in spite of a metal band.
7) Buttons are much more easier to find in the dark and operate.
8) Consistent layout from one model to another makes changes / upgrades easier.
9) Continuous solar charging.

In correct amazon listing by casio:

Product Features
Material: (case) titanium, (band) titanium

1) My main gripe about this watch is that the case is not made of metal, just resin(it doesn't have to be titanium). It does seem to have a metal ring. I chose this model be cause amazon listed the case material as titanium so I am ranking it down a couple for bad info by casio. I found this out on other sites/forums where people mentioned it but it was too late for me to cancel the order, I had already re-sized the band. I am afraid I will end up breaking this as well like my old watch. Had I known this I would bought 5100YT-1JF.
2) The clasp buttons (used to release the clasp pin) feels cheap. My old watch was made of titanium which felt more durable. I don't know why Casio would compromise on a piece that takes regular wear.
3) The thermometer seems off out of the box by almost 10F(high) between my old and new watch even without wearing/touching any part of the watch. This needs re-calibration.
4) The dial piece moves too easily, a more of click would have been better to retain the position.

I wish casio made the PRX models for US market instead of import at your own risk not to mention a little cheaper, but I would gladly pay for quality.
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on July 1, 2015
Everything I wanted in an outdoor watch. Great to get tides, moon, compass, barometer. The titanium band is great as I don't like the rubber ones. I wish it lit up for a bit longer either in auto mode or button mode. I take if one a boat fishing and so far no problems. I highly recommend for an outdoor geek like me that likes are the information this watch has.
review image
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on February 27, 2017
Good product
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on March 17, 2017
very nice watch. It has three holes on band for adjustment but had to go to u tube to find out how to remove links on band to make smaller. Everything else easy to use and very glad I bought this watch.
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on January 11, 2014
Love it and wear it everyday since last Christmas. It's nice when you can pick your own Christmas present.
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