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on November 5, 2012
Cover fits phone perfectly. Case has a clear plastic front (rather than just a frame and back) so there's no need for an additional screen-protecting film. This is both good and bad; it's built-in, so there's no additional expense, but it also leaves a tiny gap of air between the cover and the screen, so the phone doesn't always recognize a light touch. Case goes on in two parts: a rigid yellow piece, then a stretchy grey piece (which reminds me of my old Otterbox).

The biggest problem, though, is with the docking. Now that I have this thick case on my phone, it won't fit on any docking station in the house (HD radios and other another docking station). So now I'm in the market for a cable extension so I can listen to my music and Pandora through the docking radios. The case is too complicated to take off and put back on every time I want to listen to music. Had I known about this issue with docking, I wouldn't have bought this case. I chose it primarily on price, but extension cables and shipping will cost more than I saved. If you never dock your phone, and only use it with a cable, then it's a great case.
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on November 2, 2012
This is a knock-off Otterbox. It is obviously a fraud. The box had no hologram and the packing inside was flimsy cardboard. More importantly, the case itself was made of cheap, brittle plastic and the rubber was micro-thin and would not stay shut. There was no Otterbox logo inside the case where it is on real boxes. This seller should not be allowed to sell these counterfeit Otterboxes any more. What junk!
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on August 20, 2015
Excellent protection for my iphone4. (Yes, I still carry a 4) My first case for this phone was an Otterbox, but I upgraded after a while because I wanted a waterproof case. So I had the Lifeproof case for some time and it worked for what I needed. My grandson teethed with it, then as he grew he started pulling on the rubber tabs until it was no longer waterproof. Then I cracked the screen because I got careless with some machinery in my shop. I decided I needed screen protection more than water protection so I came back to Otterbox and I am so glad I did. The phone/case snaps into the holster on my belt to protect the screen from any damage just like I want. The holster fits tightly around the belt and there is no way it could possibly come off by accident. Some days it is a chore to get it off when I want to, so I know it's secure. I would much rather pay $25 for a phone case than $75 for another screen replacement. I wish I could have found the waterproof Otterbox case and holster, but that doesn't seem to be available anymore.
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on March 12, 2013
I USED A $50 OTTER BOX ONCE UPON A TIME..and after various camping trips and lots and lots of physical abuse the poor case fell apart. I was proud of how long it lasted.
I was skeptical buying a case online as opposed to paying the $50 and buying it IN person.

I really don't get why people go crazy for colors! I paid $19 for this lovely yellow and gray case. The exact same case is almost $40 in other colors!! Why? Who knows?

I was pleasantly surprised. It's exactly the same one that I destroyed and paid twice as much for. It fits perfectly. Just be patient when taking the covers off...and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

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on August 19, 2013
So I got this and the packaging is different from the other Otterbox cases that I've purchased in the past. Regardless, it works, my phone has been dropped, and this case hasn't failed me yet. Also, buying from Amazon was way cheaper than the $50 that I've usually spent before. I'd have to say that the quality is the same. I like to mix and match, so I'm happy to have different colored cases.

I'm not a fan of counterfeit products, and I try not to buy them. I'm just not sure whether this is or isn't. I haven't found a way to authenticate it, so it's undecided at this point.
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on September 20, 2014
I bought several Otterbox Defender cases before my family got our iPhone 4s. The phones seemed very fragile to me, and slippery to hold onto. Two years later, the cases have protected the phones very well. I am not sure that there is better protection available from drop or impact. Yes, thee are some cases which claim to allow underwater photography, but no way I would ever do that. I have tried Lifeproof cases, and they are good also. Unfortunately, the nature of the case means that ringtones and other sounds are very muffled. I prefer Otterbox, and I will buy an underwater camera if I need one.
I will say that one should expect that this case, or any other, will show signs of wear over time. The screen protector will eventually show some minor scratching, and the outer rubber portion will stretch and wear about 2 years. I have no problem with that. At these prices, I am happy to replace the case after 2 years, and a change of color is nice anyway.
The outer rubberized portion helps me hold on to the phone, but it makes it a little difficult for the teens to slip it into the back pocket, like they prefer to do. I have dropped my phone in the Otterbox many times, even dropped it off my mountain bike and ran over it with both wheels. Phone and case are still fine.
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on October 18, 2012
This would be a 5-star review except for one glaring design problem...
I spend a lot of time hiking on Mt. Shasta, year round, and my iPhone needs protection from snow in the Winter, and from trail-dust the rest of the year. In addition, I wanted a case that offered some protection for the screen, should I drop it on something hard. This is the only case I've found that offers serious screen protection. Overall I'm happy with it - the hard case with the screen protection is surrounded by a rubbery cushion that's easy to grip securely. It does bulk up the dimensions of the phone a bit, but I don't see any way around that. It's a trade-off I'm willing to make to get the extra screen protection.

As others have noted, there's no way you can insert the phone in a dock when the case is on. And while I've removed the case every so often, mostly to clean the rubber part that can get grimy after many days on dusty trails, it takes enough time that you won't want to do if daily. And even if it didn't take so much time, it does stretch the rubber each time I do that so that it doesn't fit quite as tightly after several such stretching. So I wouldn't advise removing the phone from the case daily just to insert it into a dock. I did get one the (way more expensive than it should be!) dock extenders, but it raises the phone high enough in the dock to make me worried about torquing the connector in the dock enough to break it. So I just connect the phone through the device's mini-plug input...

The flaps that protect the headphone jack and the 'silence' switch at the upper left side of the phone still close securely after many openings to access those functions. BUT - this is my biggest complaint - the flap at the bottom of the case that's supposed to protect the charging connector has NEVER worked well. I think I got it to actually close tightly maybe 4 times total - and it took several minutes of fussing with it each time, so I never bothered after that. Eventually the flap developed a tear from repeated flexing in my pocket, so I cut it off, and ordered some of those (REALLY ridiculously overpriced!) silicone plugs for the dock connector. Of course since they're so small, it's easy to lose them. It would be much better if Otterbox could fix the currently-useless dock protector problem - then it would deserve the extra star!
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on November 17, 2011
When I bought my iPhone a while back, I got the iPhone 4 Otterbox Defender Series for it. It was a really good cover, but some of my biggest complaints about it was that it picked up pocket lint, the silicone wasn't very tight, and the phone sensor would sometimes not respond.... I just got this updated Otterbox for the 4s and put it on my regular iPhone 4 (White; Verizon) and it fits perfectly! The sensor/ear piece has been fixed so there are no more sensor issues and much easier to clean, the silicone/rubber is updated and much less sticky (it's like a whole different compound/feel)! The rubber is much tighter as well! I haven't used it very much yet, but so far it's a very good upgrade from the already great Defender Otterbox. I can verify that it works perfectly with the White iPhone 4 (not just the 4s) from Verizon. I would recommend this to everyone looking for really good protection for your phone and anyone looking to upgrade from the original otterbox series for iPhone 4.
The Yellow/Grey is actually really good looking too. I was nervous about the yellow being too dark (ugly), but it looks like a bright yellow as pictured, with a grey rubber/silicone covering. It's obviously still a little bulky, but I will take the bulk over paying for a replacement for $700.
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on August 4, 2013
I have had this case for about a week or more now and I love the durability but makes the Iphone 4s feel like a brick because of all the extra weight now. I have gone through several cases for my phone including an otter box commuter that ended up breaking through normal use so I needed a tougher case and this is it.

I like the color combination and the front face protection which they never used to make (had the defender for an old blackberry and it only used to come in black). The defender case for the iPhone 5 comes in even more color combinations and variations.

There are ways to close off all the ports for keeping the phone clean but they are also easy to access which is a plus over other cases I have owned for this phone. I don't like how the protection flat opens towards the phone face on the charging port making it a bit hard to access. It doesn't do that on the Iphone 5 case.

The belt clip portion of the case is okay if you need to use one (I don't). It boasts being a phone stand and it can work that way but putting it in that position isn't always easy or undo. The clip on this version is better for turning into the stand than the one for the iphone 5.

Color variations

Protection flap on charging port

I would still recommend this case for anyone who doesn't need to carry this in their pocket all day (I wouldn't because of how heavy it is) and still needs the added protection.
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on August 7, 2013
This is the third otterbox defender I have purchased. I've bought two for my iphone 4s and most recently purchased another one to protect my son's new iphone. I have had my iphone for close to two years. It has been enclosed the entire time in an otterbox defender. I replaced my first case because I was tired of the color, not for any defect in the case itself. The second case I've had for close to a year and it is starting to need to be replaced. The rubber is tearing at charger flap and also near the headphone flap. I'm delaying replacing it because I'm hoping to purchase the new iphone soon and will also be purchasing an otterbox to protect that one. In the two years I've had my phone it is in near perfect condition. I have two children, the youngest of which is 2, almost 3. He has tossed my phone on the concrete pavement a number of times. It has been thrown around the house, I have dropped it myself a number of times and the phone is still in immaculate condition. The case is a bit bulky and the belt clip is ridiculously large. The plastic casing over the face does tend to get dirty and dusty and does affect visibility somewhat. I can still see the face fine, and it doesn't bother me, but I notice a definite difference in the crispness of the picture when I remove the case. To me, its a small price to pay to have my expensive phone so well protected. I know there are some complaints about the size of the case. To me the size difference is not an issue. I generally throw my phone in my purse and on the occasion where I do want to stick my phone in my pocket I have not found the size of the case to pose a problem. All in all, for the price of the otterbox its well worth the investment to protect my expensive phone.
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