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on December 11, 2016
I have more than 10 OtterBox Defender cases and this one looks great in the ad pictures. 'Others are the all black types, bought at brick n morters'

I do not think this is an authentic OtterBox OR this is a second 'defective'.

The orange plastic case fits and snaps great.


* The rubber covering is the worst I have ever owned. The top front left does not fit correctly and the rubber around the button area doesn't fit right.
* Also the rubber around the edges "sides' is mis-colored and mis-textured in "large" areas.
* Areas of the side rubber has small holes and doesn't looked formed well.
* The camera area and the round Apple logo holes in the rubber do not line up and is cut incorrectly for fit over the orange plastic.
* Ringer/Vibe, Headphone Jack and Power Jack rubber covers aren't formed well, I had to get and razor blade and cut the excess plastic fringes off so they would close correctly.

The rubber on this Defender is JUNK.

I Got Scammed On This One!!!!
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VINE VOICEon September 11, 2016
Just purchased a new OtterBox Defender for my iPhone. I always have an OtterBox case on my iPhone because I like the protection it gives me phone and I like the nonslip grip. I have a company phone and we are provided with basic black OtterBox Defender cases but I wanted something different. So I purchased my own pink OtterBox Defender. The price cant be beat anywhere else.An exceptional product ! This is my second DEFENDER which I immediately purchased after an I Phone upgrade because the Defender protected my previous phone so well. Living on a farm I am working outdoors much of the time giving opportunity for many types of accidents with my IPhone. Despite many drops of the phone wet conditions and on occasion an item knocked over and onto the phone it performed like new because of the protection offered by the Defender Case. NOTE Despite a claim that the ALPHA Tempered Glass Protector is not compatible with the Defender Case IT IS COMPATIBLE so use it too for optimum protection.The case will fit a bit tighter but works just fine !!!
I love my new Otter Defender Realtree case. I had an Otter Defender before but it started getting "warped" and didn't stayed closed on the bottom when I wasn't charging it. Because I have grandchildren, I need a sturdy phone cover to prevent breakage of my iphone. I can't tell you how many times they've grabbed it even though I try to keep it out of their reach. This Realtree Otter Defender case is sturdier than the one I had before.
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on May 15, 2014
I love my otter box. I have purchased 4 of these so far... this would be #4. They protect the phones well and do their job. So now... let me share a story about the poor iPhone that was given to a teenage boy. First of all, this phone must live in your pocket at all times. When you sleep, its under your pillow, it is never far from your fingertips but if your parents call... don't worry it won't be answered. The phone must be able to survive all of that AND a backpack AND a few little brothers who think its fun to play keep away with your phone while you are in the shower. Oh wait... you can just take your phone with you in the shower until Mama finds out and she will be mad as phones don't go in showers.

Anywho... this poor iPhone looks brand new. Not a scratch on it. The case however had a very sad death after 9 months. Its rubber had been worn off or picked off or there was something about scissors or a pocket knife. I never could get a straight story on that one. The plastic covering the glass was scratched horribly. It has been in a pool and in a glass of soda and ummm... I am not sure I want to know where else. It has been dropped a million bajillion times and oh yes... did I mention the phone looks like new? The "plastic-y" part under the rubber held up perfectly well too.

Some Mama (who shall be protected and remain nameless) said the old case was too grubby and had to go... so I bought this one. So far so good and I think this one looks cooler/sweeter/hot/what's the latest slang word? than the last one. So if you are as destructive as a teenage boy and would still like to answer your phone when your girlfriend calls (remember... don't answer it if its a parent!)... then you should get one of these.

I gave it 4 stars as it is destructable.
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on September 24, 2015
I take it back. This case does NOT hold up well at all! It isn't "nearly indestructible" as claimed by Otterbox. Sure it survived a drop to a carpeted floor, but it couldn't survive the stress of repeatedly removing the case from the holster. The crack that developed is obviously a stress crack, which appeared several months after the non-forceful toss to a carpeted floor. When I take the holster off, the crack widens. Maybe I can get someone to take a video of this, but for now, all I have is a picture.

When the screen is hidden, I put the holster on the same way so I can access the volume buttons, so it put one side of the plastic case under constant stress. Even so, it should have held up if Otterbox's claims were true. The stress crack developed before the one-year-warranty was up. When I tried to get Otterbox to stand behind their warranty, they couldn't offer an exact replacement. All my accessories match the original Otterbox because I stupidly believed their claim that the case was nearly indestructible. The cases they offered me were obviously the cases that were left after people had bought all the nice-looking cases. They gave me a choice of a 10% discount (seriously?) or these colors:



Or you can choose from these Combinations:






I didn't want any of these. Notice that the only two base colors I could choose were black or pink. Black is hard to see at the bottom of a purse and I simply don't like pink. It isn't a true warranty if you can't offer the original colors, a halfway decent replacement or a refund larger than 10%. EPIC FAIL.

My opinion of Otterbox has plummeted and I will certainly be more careful when I deal with them in the future.

I really like the colors of the case I bought. All my accessories match, so despite of my new opinion of Otterbox, I bought another case at full price, which will probably develop stress cracks as well. :(

So I decided I would gouge Otterbox as much as possible for their false claims:

1) They claim their cases are almost indestructible. Bull. Mine developed a stress crack within a year of my purchase.


So, I paid about $3 shipping and got a solid black case. Guys might like it and maybe I can sell it on craigslist for half the asking price to defray the cost of a replacement.

Before the edit, I wrote this: "This is an awesome, stylish case. I was waiting at a doctor's appointment and a man inquired about it. I was so confident in this product, I put the holster over the face of the phone and tossed it onto the floor. It emerged unscathed. Of course. WARNING: I'm NOT endorsing this sort of treatment, but the case makes your phone very sturdy. I couldn't afford a new iPhone and yet I didn't feel I was taking a risk by tossing it onto the floor. Again: I'm not endorsing this, so if you try this experiment, don't blame me if something goes wrong. :)"
review image
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on February 2, 2015
I got one like this from Amazon previously. This one came from a different vendor and it was about $5 more expensive. This one seems as sturdy as the first one and I always like to keep a spare on hand. Good thing too. I had a black case from Amazon and got this blaze orange type. Easier to locate. The black case was pretty worn out so I dumped it. That left me with a spare holster. A few weeks ago, the original holster broke but I had the spare so I put that to use. That left me with no spare case, no spare holster. So, I reordered everything. All the reviews about fakes might be true but I won't know and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyhow. So, I'll give this a 5-star rating for now, and, as always, edit the review in the future if I have to. I've done that on several occasions, for the better or worse. But, I'll always leave the most honest reviews I can for fellow Amazon customers. We're the only ones who have to stick together to provide each other with support. Swivels to different angles. Don't drop the holster with the phone in it...that's how I broke my other holster. Case protects the phone fine but I have carpeting to cushion the drop.
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on May 31, 2015
I loved Otterbox Defender cases for a long time and purchased this particular case twice. I've tossed/dropped my phone numerous times on concrete/asphalt. No damage to phone/case. I've even closed my phone in the trunk of my car (twice) and and my phone survived. I had to get a new case, but hey, the point is my phone survived. The case did it's job. Great protection. Then one day at the gym my phone fell out of a cup holder while I was on a weight machine. It fell about three feet and hit the carpeted (albeit with no padding- typical gym flooring) floor and my phone never worked again. The guy at the Apple store said if you drop the phone and it hits at just the right angle, nothing can protect the "motherboard" or whatever they call it. Well that bites. Soooo...the case saved my phone from catastrophic falls/crushes, but a simple drop? Nope.
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on May 18, 2013
I love my Iphone, it's sleek, elegant and beautiful. But after a couple of near drops I decided to purchase the Otterbox for it. Lets just say that while it offers premier protection it turned my sleek machine into a giant clunky brick.

Pro's; the very best in protection, the camo design is very nice, and it came with a separate clip that holds it onto your belt (a really BIG clip)

Cons; Is that a brick in your pocket or are just happy to see me?
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on December 28, 2013
Ordered this to replace a well-used Otterbox Defender case, after having had to replace the belt clip on the original case due to breakage (getting into my truck with the clip ill-positioned on my belt). The so-called "OEM" replacement clip didn't do the job, but I liked the original otterbox enough to order the case/holster combination anew. Really appreciate how much better the rubber on the new case fits the phone more tightly than the old case. The color pattern (realtree camo / blaze) is perfect for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, and even garnered a compliment from my 13 y/o son - high praise indeed. The only negative I would point to is the portion of the case that covers the headphone jack - the hole in the cover is offset from the jack, so that you have to open it in order to use headphones while using the case. Other than the design quirk, a great case - my iPhone 4S has suffered a couple of falls from hip-height, and is still in mint conditions.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2013
Love, love, love the OTTERBOX IPONE 5 and 4s DEFENDER SERIES CASE. After spending a fortune on iPhones for the family, and hearing about this remarkable case, it was a no-brainer. Even the price didn't deter cheap old me from purchasing five of them for my family. With three young girls and a husband, I needed the added security that these expensive phones would not be broken with a slip of the hand.

A little trick at first to figure out how to put on the case, once on, it looks great. I love the two tone colors. Just from the feel of it you can tell it will do the job it's meant to do. I love that there's a screen protector, though I'm a little miffed at the rainbow effect some end up with under the screen. My daughters aren't too happy that it makes their phones bulkier, thus not fitting into their pockets as well. Other than that, well worth the money for the added security and peace of mind.
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on October 29, 2016
We have had this case for about 6 months for my sons phone. I loved otterbox when I first discovered them but this case sucks. The outer casing has stretched out and doesn't want to stay on. This is not the quality I expect from otterbox and it makes me wonder if what I got was a real otterbox or a cheap fake pretending to be a real otterbox. Not happy at all that I paid what I did and got a piece of crap in return.
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