Customer Reviews: OtterBox Defender Series Case and Holster for iPhone 4/4S - Retail Packaging - Realtree Camo - Max 4HD Orange
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on February 16, 2012
So I have wanted one of these for a while now and went on and read a LOT of the reviews here on Amazon. To be honest some of the poor reviews had me a little worried! But I am leaving this review to ASSURE you that nearly ALL of the negative reviews were definitely coming from operator errors (if you get my drift) and people who didnt have ANY idea what they were buying...

Clearly the Defender series is going to be a little beefy. Which I would HOPE is why your looking at this sort of case! For a big-bad iphone defending case! and that is JUST what you get! So the reviews on size I feel are unfair, based on the fact that you should have known its a sturdier case. (I find this NO problem for the protection it provides. Being a girl, I couldnt fit an iphone in my pants pocket to begin with, so its not an issue...And I would like to stress its not THAT big.

Some people (a good number) have complained about a hole on the top being for the headphones being on the wrong side...This is NOT the case people! You must open the flap to use your headphones...The hole is for the MICROPHONE! So do not fret. There is NO issue there...just people simply misunderstanding the product.

I read multiple reviews where people complained about being able to charge or undo the bottom flap, etc. Ok. It is silicone people. soft, flexible silicone...So NO you DONT need to completely take apart the cover to charge your phone. You simply lift that flap and plug in your phone. There is NO issue with it closing, because its not supposed to be closed OR completely open while charging...Again, silicone does not hinge... In fact, I am charging my right now with zero issue. All the flaps are really easy to open and close and I see no issue with them being flimsy, or too firm either.

I saw one or two people say they thought it decreased the sensitivity of the screen. I have not had that problem. As long as you get the right model and it fits well there is no reason for it to have any effect, it is just a regular old screen guard just like any other you'd buy on the market and shouldnt (and wont) effect the use of your screen. The people who complained that it messed up the lightness of the screen may have had it set to auto, and I know mine sometimes in certain light decides to stick with a darker back light setting than I would prefer. So once again, I am sure this is something that one could adjust in the settings of your phone, and not be a problem with the case.

So in conclusion, this is an AWESOME product. If you are looking for a really tough case, that looks great and you UNDERSTAND that a thin, one sided, snap on case will not be very tough...then this is for you! Please note that a LOT of the negative reviews come from people's misuse or misunderstanding of the product. NOT the product itself. I cant say how happy I am with this product and I am SO glad I went ahead regardless of those negative reviews.
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on October 12, 2011
Seems that some AT&T stores have stocked these on their shelves a little earlier than most stores, so I grabbed one and put it on my iphone 4 right away. (Verizon iPhone 4, not 4S)

As far as form and fit goes, it's really similar to the current iphone 4 defender series, the major differences are the cut outs for the front and the back. Also to make note, these cases work on ALL models of the iPhone, whether you have a sprint, verizon, or AT&T model, they'll all work.

Otterbox's old defender series didnt properly work with the white iphone 4 due to the location change of the proximity sensor. People would be dialing with their cheek, ear, face, etc because the screen wouldnt shut off. Now with the larger cut out, otterbox has fixed this issue and made the case truly work with all models of the iphone 4/4S, both white and black.

Otterbox has also changed the rear camera opening to be one huge opening. This is because of some complaints of the flash reflecting off the old case and washing out photos. It's also because the camera is slightly different on the 4S, which requires the huge opening we're starting to see on every case available.

The colors are a lot better, they match, they're catchier. They've still left the back cut out which shows the apple logo. I find this cut out really useless and unnecessary, but it's nice they also add the same clear protective film that's used on the screen protector.

The built in screen protector feels the same, still gets finger prints and dust on it, but a quick and easy wipe with a cloth or shirt cleans it off.

If you have a white iphone, or are getting the new 4S on october 14th, this is the case for you! It'll protect your phone from everyday drops, accidents, and bumps. This case is a tank and definitely worth the money. Though it is a steep fifty dollars compared to the price of the "old" defender series currently, it's still worth the extra money.

EDIT: I just got my 4S in the mail a few hours ago and let it fully charge up before using. After it was done, I put the old otterbox defender on the 4S and it works fine with the black model, but not my sister's white model. The proximity sensor on the black does turn on and off just fine. The issue is though, the camera looks blurry and washed out with the case on. This truly is why otterbox made the huge opening on the new 4S cases. So get one of the new defenders ASAP, otherwise your pictures will look like crap.

UPDATE 10/25/2011:

I've been using this new case on the 4S for a while now, enough to have a solid review based off real world use. It's a great case, and I still stand by my original first hand review. One thing I noticed on the old defender was that dust would get in from somewhere, and then sneak under screen protector and look horrible when the screen was off. I haven't noticed any dust on the new 4S case underneath the screen. I dropped my phone when handing it to a friend, and it held up. It fell about 3-4 feet in the air, and it looks unharmed, so I'm glad I really have the 4S defender on my iphone, otherwise who knows, I might be stuck with broken glass on my screen.

The colors are a bit different in real life, than what Otterbox shows on their website, and here on amazon, but they're still beautiful and good looking.

Again, I recommend this case!
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on August 2, 2012
Love this cover! Thankfully I ordered it before reading the reviews. I think the color is true to the picture, and the design is super cute. I just got it yesterday and have already received lots of compliments. Yes, the color on the back and the color on the sides is slightly off in certain lights. In indoor lighting, they look exactly the same. In natural light, they look different, but I don't think I would have even noticed if it weren't for the previous reviews. It definitely doesn't look cheap. I have a black iPhone, so I can't comment on the white of the phone and white on the case not matching.

Another big plus for me - the opening for the camera and flash is bigger than the opening on my old Incipio case. This was important because my old cover messed up my flash. The camera opening wasn't big enough, so the flash would bounce off the case and make my pictures appear cloudy. This Otterbox case solves that problem and allows me to take pictures with the flash on without removing the case. Also, regular headphones work with this case. Apparently some cases need a straight bar on the end of their headphones because the jack is so deep inside the cover. This cover has flap covering the headphone jack, so it goes straight into the phone and doesn't need to be extra deep.

The only drawback to the defender case is the cover over the plug, which pulls back like a flap for access to the port. The flap works well when charging the phone, but gets in the way when I set my phone on the iPhone stand that is build in to my radio. Looks like I will have to remove the outer cover to allow it to sit down on the stand. Other than that, it is awesome and I love it! I am super hard on my phone, so Otterbox is the choice for me.
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on November 17, 2011
First of all, if you want to protect your iPhone, this is a terrific case. If you want sleek and flashy, keep looking. Don't get me wrong, I like the way the phone looks with the Otterbox on it but there just are not any sequins or monograms.

This is really two cases in one, or, a case with a rubberized cover. When you open the package, you will notice a plastic "clam shell" case that you snap over the phone. The second part of the case is the rubberized cover which wraps around the phone. The negative BUT NECESSARY results about this case is that it will double the thickness of the phone and make it heavier. This case includes a shield that protects the screen so no need to buy those expensive screen protectors. The only exposed area of the phone are the holes for the speakers, microphones, and camera lens.

When I first put the case together, I thought the same as the previous reviewer that the earphone jack hole was in the wrong place. That assumption is incorrect. The hole on the top of the phone is for the secondary, noise-cancelling, built in microphone. The earphone jack is intended to be covered when not in use in order to keep dirt from getting into the hole for the jack. Just like the power cord and mute switch, the flap has to be opened in order to plug the earphones in. Speaking of flaps, they are a necessary evil when it comes to total protection. Putting them back in place requires a bit of patience but it is not a big deal.

All of the functions of this case are protected. Each button, the volume, power, and control button are under the cover. The screen is also under a protective rubber shield. I was concerned that the interface would be hindered but everything works well even with the added layer between my hand and the screen/buttons. The buttons are quite responsive and the screen taps, scrolls, etc, seem to work just as well as they did before I installed the case.

A huge bonus about this case is how my telephone reception IMPROVED. Getting my first iPhone was becoming a very frustrating experience due to a very high amount of dropped calls. For some reason, getting that barrier between my hand and the phone itself has dramatically improved my reception resulting in virtually no dropped calls. I definitely like the feel of my phone much better with the case than I did with no protection at all.

Lastly, you may be surprised to find that this case may change the appearance of the color of your phone. My phone is black but the plastic case is white. From the front and side views, you would think my phone is white. It is not until you look at the back side of the phone that the black shows through the hole for the apple logo.

The only thing I do not use or particularly care for is the holster that comes with the phone. I am using a leather pouch and prefer it instead of the snappy, hard holster. (Just a preference, not a knock) I recommend you look at the Otterbox at a retail store like AT&T before you buy it sight unseen from Amazon. The store I viewed them at was selling them for $50 and I purchased mine on Amazon for $32.60.

Good luck!
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on September 28, 2012
In my original review, i bought an Otterbox for my iphone4s from here sold by a company called Universal Mania. The quality of both the packaging and product was really cheap and flimsy. --- here is an update.

I bought another Otterbox Defender straight from Otterbox company. This one for an iPhone 5 but still should be similar in quality w/ the 4s. The difference between the 2 products (the fake one above and this one) is night and day. Here are what to look for to tell a fake from real one.
1. There is a round holographic sticker on the top cover of the box of the real one. The fake one doesn't have it. This alone should have you return the product straight away without even opening the box. But if you insist on checking what's inside --- read on.
2. The packaging itself on the real one is sturdy. The plastic used (clear one to display the product through the box) is harder then the fake. Like the ones used to package goggles or earphones etc.
3. The box on the real one says "Assembled in Mexico" the fake one "Assembled in China" plus there is a sticker covering the UPC code in the box.
4. If you didn't buy the black one, peel off that sticker w/ typewritten code and check the UPC code in the box and google it. It is the UPC code for a black Otterbox. If you bought a different color and the UPC code is for a black one - then it's a fake.
5. The Silicone on the real one is sturdy. I couldn't believe the difference. The fake one is flabby and softer. If you pick up the Silicone case alone in one of the corners with your thumb and forefinger and hold it horizontally - on the real one it retains its shape, the fake one sags. The real one, even in the punched out holes or squares, the silicone retains the shape of the hole - the fake one sags.
Also IT WAS REALLY DIFFICULT FOR ME TO SEPARATE THE SILICONE FROM THE POLYCARBONATE in the real one. The fake one just peeled away like snot.
6. The holes on the silicone should be cleanly cut. If there are residues sticking out - kind of like in those plastic toy soldiers, it's fake.
7. The built in screen protector is sturdier in the real one. The fake one looks plasticy and seems a bit warped already.
8. The plastic (well it is plastic) cover on the fake one seems brittle. Like it would easily break. It feels like the cheap plastic on a 99 cent toy. The real one IS POLYCARBONATE! It should feel just like the belt clip itself in sturdiness. Just compare the plastic on the fake one to its own belt clip - it should be similar in feel. If it doesn't, it's fake.
9. The back inside of the polycarbonate shell has an Otterbox logo. The fake one doesn't
10. The Otterbox logos should be neatly embossed and readable. Each letter including the small word "box" is distinguishable and doesn't look fuzzy.
11. Lastly - THE PRICE!!!! If it is selling for less than $37 at the most - it is a fake. C'MON GUYS! An $18 Otterbox Defender - really? Yes I fell for it too, but now I know better.
I can't believe the reviews here complaining about how bad this product is - well YOU GOT A FAKE ONE, SORRY. That's why.

Hope this helps.
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on January 27, 2012
Purchased the Otterbox case just a few days ago, and got it today. I have to admit, I was not a fan of any of the Otterbox cases because of the bulkiness, but now that I actually know how it actually looks and feels, I love my case! And it helps alot that the color is so cute. I would definitely recommend this case if you are female and love nice cute colors. And I would definitely recommend Otterbox if you want to keep your new iPhone 4/4s in good condition.

And for those of you who think it looks difficult to put on, it really isn't. When I started doing research on the cases, I was wondering how they went on the phone. Then I came across a video on how to put it on and it's really easy. There's two layers of the casing. A hard plastic case and then a rubberized bumper material that goes on top of the hard plastic. And there is no need for a screen protector anymore for your phone because the case already has a clear plastic within the case to protect your screen.
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on November 29, 2011
Honestly I was a little apprehensive about getting an Otterbox, due to the size/bulkiness of the case compares to a case-less phone but after breaking 3 iPhones due to dropping them I figures it was time. After a day or two, I was completely used to the case. I love the silicone portion as it helps me have a better grip so that I am less likely to drop the phone. It still fits in my back pocket as well (another thing I thought the size of the case wouldn't allow). Excellent case and quality. Snug fit but still allows full functionality while protecting your phone 100%!
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on December 9, 2011
Dropped my phone on concrete the same day that I put this case on! Phone is still in perfect condition and so is the case. Not a scratch on either one!!!
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on July 31, 2012
I was going to buy the typical pink or green Otterbox until I saw this one. How could you pass up the American flag? Unless of course you don't live here. :-). I kept denying myself purchasing one in the past because they just weren't pretty to me and so bulky. I finally broke down and bought one. I think this one is gorgeous! A little bulky but still fits in my back pocket where I mostly carry my phone. And it has already paid for itself 3 times over. I never drop my phone but since putting this Otterbox on, I've dropped it 3 times. This morning I dropped it in a parking lot and it rolled end over end three times. Whew! Thank goodness for the Otterbox! Can you tell I love my new American flag Otterbox? Get yourself one. Oh, and it comes with a belt clip if you like carrying yours on your waist.

Also, the back part is hard plastic so if you have shoulder length or long hair, it won't pull your hair like the yucky rubber on other cases. Plus, the hard plastic back helps with sliding into your back pocket.
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on October 4, 2012
I have had several of the otter box defender cases line and this one has been the best by far. I have a 5year old and a 2 year old who love to play games on my phone, needless to say it has been dropped more than once. The otter box defender line has alway protected my iPhones perfectly. What makes this one stand out is the feel of it. I had the regular black and pink one for the the iPhone 4 prior to this one. It fit my 4s perfect but after about 8 months the rubber cover stretched out and became a bit useless as it no longer truly protected the phone. I went on the otter box site looking for an alternative but felt none of the other models would protect my phone as well. I then saw the eternity series and figured if I was buying another one that could wear out, I should at least get a pretty one (my husband calls that women logic). Of course Amazon had the better price so I ordered it here. When it came in I got the surprise I was looking for. Not only was it cute (which is important to a girl) but the rubber was thicker and more sturdy. The feel was different too. It had a better non-slip feel too it.

I have had it about 2-3 months now and still love it as much as I did the day I opened it. This is a must have for any lady who loves cute fashionable things, has kids, and needs flawless protection for their expensive iPhone (cause lets face it, a good case is much cheaper then a new iPhone).
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