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on February 23, 2017
Agree or disagree, my personal opinion is that this WAS the only AHS worth watching. The others had so much potential with their settings and characters--and blew it. This season was one that actually had me in withdrawal for next week's installment, and though it seemed convoluted, this season actually told a whole story with a beginning, middle and end. The others were marketed as "clues to the big finale, where all will be revealed"--yeah, not so much. The final season was one of the worst. I recommend this season as a great horror binge night selection, or as a look at something that really hadn't been done before. It was brilliant. Let's just pretend that there were no other seasons....
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on August 9, 2015
A fascinating series--scary, grotesque, riveting, you cannot turn away. Acting is first-rate all around, but I was especially impressed with the young principals. In addition, Jessica Lange was simply terrific. Hell, they were all great; the series was marvelously cast. The writing was also top-notch, ferociously smart in the best sense, with the many story lines marvelously woven together across the entirety of the season. What I found particularly striking was the highly conservative nature of the chief themes: the wages of infidelity, the need for personal accountability, and the existence of real evil beyond the reach of therapy or good intentions. I stumbled upon this series without having heard anything about it (I live under a rock in popular culture terms) and could not have been more pleased with my entertainment experience. I hope the people involved with it are as justifiably proud and pleased with their handiwork as they deserve to be.
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on October 23, 2015
so gross and could not deal with the series. It was to nasty
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on May 5, 2017
Originally, I saw this on Netflix during high school, but I only watched the first episode; I enjoyed it, but there were some... heated moments that made me uncomfortable.

Now, several years later, got obsessed with the AHS franchise (the sexy scenes still creep me out), and had to get them on dvd ASAP!!!
This first installment of American Horror Story is absolutely remarkable! A Haunted house filled with a variety of ghosts, tensions in the family, and plenty of violence~!!

I also love how most the actors and actresses involved in Murder House and later seasons pop up again in a different role each time! This tv series is like a long, horror film... in television format!!
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on July 6, 2016
It started out slow and you thought it would just be some boring housewife saga, wrong. By the time I got to episode 6 I was fully emerged into this messed up show, and loved every minute. I absolutely love Jessica langes performance as Constance and the acting is fantastic. The writing for this is unbelievable and I found myself binge watching and onto season two in a few days. Spoiler alert - season 2 is just a good so far maybe better
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on November 30, 2015
I've watched this many, many times. It is by far the least creepy compared to the others, especially the following season. I never thought I would follow anything creepy. The thing that has me watching it every year is, in part, it's simplicity as good and evil are examined along with interesting family and community dynamics. There were funny parts, sweet parts, teary parts alongside anger, madness and unimaginable cruelty. Courage, love and happiness were not lost to revenge and way too much death. It explored so many ideas about what a spirit (ghost?) and it's continuation (or not) on some plane of being. It wasn't religious, yet all ideas were quietly expressed. I averted my eyes instinctively and knowingly with the help of a building tension in the script, filming and soundtrack. (Thank you for that!) I skipped through the Piggy, Piggy episode to avoid the results of that tale and avoided looking at dead bodies. Overall I found myself having such empathy and compassion for characters that had no ability to feel emotion themselves (but are great mimics)...just like real life. The finale of this first season was very satisfying while still provoking thought. I'm trying really hard not to think about how all the seasons might relate to each other and through who!
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on May 17, 2015
Dark, deranged, twisted and sick and I loved every freaking moment of it. These people are the strangest on earth they do things to each other you would never believe. It begins with an attractive couple a psychiatrist his wife and teenage daughter moving into a beautiful old house with a dark history. Their first day there they meet their next door neighbor played byJessica Lange who comes looking for her autistic daughter who has a creepy uncanny knack for getting into the house

After settling in slowly bizzar things begin to happen and as the story goes on the history of the houses previous owners through the years is discovered shocking things a murder among other things. The first owner was a doctor who built the house for his wife and the path he chose to follow is indeed horrific and beyond imagining ,

The new owners are trying to start over after the loss of their unborn child, he has a strange assortment of psychiatric patients one is a charming kind hearted teenage boy with a creepy connection to the old house. Later on the wife finds out she is pregnant and the couple is ecstatic about it and happily start preparing for the new arrival

As hidden secrets are brought to light the young doctors dark secret comes out. Then there is a guy dressed in one of those black rubber S&M outfits with a ski mask like hood on it sneaking around their home scaring others and later on does that lead to a mind blowing surprise. Jessica Lange's character also has a connection to house and was involved in something tragic that took place in the past. I don't want to give anything away and spoil it for others but this is an amazing series, I thought after season 1 this could not possibly get any scarier but season 2 and 3 are proved me wrong and even darker than season 1. Season 4 is really creepy I rented episode 1 of it and it is really good, American Horror story just keeps getting better and better. Angela Bassett fans will be glad to know she stars in Seasons 3 and 4 as Marie Levaue the famous voodoo queen
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on August 25, 2014
Just when you thought you had seen it all; you haven't seen anything yet. The dark evil aura of Hollywood which has been fodder for Raymond Chancellor and other authors gets one upped in a tale of a Haunted House where death dwells. Beyond anything Stephen King could ever dream is a fresh twist on the old tried and true conventions of horror and ghost stories that turns the genre upside down. There are so many layers to AHS; the Battle between the Sexes, Good and Evil. Life and Death, Reality and the Superreality. Solid perfromances all around especially Jessica Lange who gives Oscar Calibre Performance in a TV Series. I sat riveted for hours. Believe the hype and watch this show.
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on February 9, 2017
Fabulous acting! I started by watching Season 5- which was off the charts, and went back to Season 1. I usually
don't watch horror, but the acting is so good and the episodes so well done, I am totally drawn in. I am on Season 4 now!
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on December 16, 2016
I did not start watching the show until Season 4 aired, "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and have been a fan ever since.
So naturally I had to watch the other seasons and began with binging S1 "American Horror Story: Murder House" (this product).
While S1 was milder than the other seasons I felt it was important for me as a fan to see the every season and MH is certainly a great way to start the franchise...especially since there are people, pieces and things that connect one season to sort of a bizarre anthology.

Hard of me to compare it to other works in the genre simply because Horror has never been a preference in my entertainment choices and even now it is the only Horror show that I watch. So if you are an occasional or reluctant Horror fan this would make a good series for you to get in to.
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