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on January 24, 2013
We were initially very surprised by the results. They were not at all what we thought or what we told the company when we submitted the samples. We sent the samples in with a note stating that our rescue dog was half poodle but asking to know what the other half was. I even bought the designer dog kit because we were so sure she was a poodle mix. I would have bet $100 that the oher half was going to be cocker spaniel. However the results showed no poodle at all, but rather 50% bichon plus 25% Weimaraner. Whoa! After processing the total shock for a day or two, it did sink in. We watched our dog with the idea of a pointer/hunter/tracker in mind and suddenly some of the strange little behaviors of our dog made sense (digging out and tracking small rodents, pointing at birds, easily directed to run in different directions with hand gestures and voice), as well as her occasional stubbornness and stamina and running ability. We looked at photos of bichons and her face is all bichon. Anyway we have concluded that it is accurate. I have to give Wisdom credit for figuring it out despite our having sent in the samples labeled as poodle. I did call the company to speak with a scientist and had a nice conversation with her. They were very open about their methods (they test SNP profiles compared to a databank generated from AKC bloodlines) and they stated that 25% is a strong level of expression and they do believe that this level of inheritance is the level that manifests in behaviors and appearance. I conclude that this was well spent money. I feel like I do understand my dog's tendencies better and it dispelled the misinformation we had been given (and still are given all the time) by well meaning commentators including people who inform me that they are "breeders" (i.e. experts) who insist that she is part poodle. Also when people ask me what kind of dog she is, I now have a specific answer which does seem to delight others. I feel it was a reasonable price for the learning and enjoyment we got out of this interesting test.
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on April 13, 2013
I did everything that they said I needed to. I never got an email, plus just contacting them was a hassle. Week two and I still haven't heard from them. Waste.... *editing for an update*: So finally after 30 days, I heard from them. They said that they barely received the sample. Im sure... But then they said it was going to be a couple more weeks for the results. After almost 2 months, I finally got my results. My advice, use another company!
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on October 25, 2013
The test more then lived upto what it promised we would learn. We had very cryptic information about the rescued 5 week old puppy and wanted to learn as much as we could about temperament, training and health matters. The Wisdom Panel was easy to administer, easy to ship to the lab, and the delivery of the final analysis was by email. I would give this 5 stars except the company advertises results in two weeks from the date of receipt. It took 14 days for them to receive it (it was sent in the 3 day priority mail envelope that was enclosed), and from the day it was logged as received it took another 17 days to get the analysis. So all in all the process was 14 days longer than advertised. A bit frustrating especially since we were so excited. But I would use this product again and just know it's double the advertised wait time.
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on November 22, 2012
Designer Dog DNA test was a great experience. There was a wealth of information included, and having my dog's picture in the middle of the breed's that are her relative's, was a plus
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on January 22, 2014
Extremely displeased with the doggy DNA results. Seems like they didnt even try
I'm no genius, but how can a 30-40 lb-ish Tibetan terrier & a 40-50 lb-ish chow chow make little 10 lb maltipoo-looking dog?
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on August 21, 2013
I chose this test for a 5 month old rescue pup with no history except that she was a field rescue that was a dachshund mix. Not a designer puppy, exactly but we wanted to know what the other half was so we could work with her behaviorally and know what to expect. When registering your sample with this test it goes into in depth analysis so it requests two different breeds? Why didn't I get the mixed breed test? This test was less expensive and gives you your data regardless of your correct guess or not. So I put dachshund and labrador, due to her long fluffy tail, shiny black coat and forward folding ears (although long and doxie like).

While I waited for this test results I would see different possibilities, one of them being a smooth fox terrier, due to her forward folding ears and black angled face, maybe some border collie due to her heel nipping and wiry chin hairs. But the more I looked at pics of smooth fox terriers the more sold I was. Turns out she is half rat terrier to great grandparents and a quarter standard dachshund with the possiblities of wired hair dachshund and welsh corgi mixed in on her dachshund side. Good to know- wire haired dachshunds are feisty and especially terriers so she will need extra training due to having a small child in the household. I'm well aware that many dachshund rescues don't adopt them to families with small children, however she was from a high kill shelter (which kills dogs with kennel cough and she had an upper respiratory infection when we adopted her) and I have twenty plus years of dachshund owning experience so I'm determined to make this work.

As for Wisdom Panel DNA, the customer service is pretty much non existent using their web based form. That is why I deducted a star. I emailed them asking when the sample was going to be run- USPS tracking said the sample was received yet they took a whole week to update that on Wisdom Panel's website that they actually received it. The whole 28 days or so that it takes for their countdown ticker to run the test and report the results was actually used save 2 days before the expected date. However, 8 days of that was wasted with my sample sitting in limbo and I did not receive an email to this day with a reply to my question.
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on January 14, 2014
This test will determine the breed or mixture of breeds which your dog has inherited. It is especially good for those of us who have adopted shelter dogs. I was astounded to learn I had a purebred Chinese Crested Powder Puff! People kept asking what he was and I didn't know. My other dog has a most unruly coat and is a hunter. The DNA test determined she is part Beagle and part Lhasa Apsa. Good to know!
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on December 29, 2012
I was not only told what my designer dog was but that he was an F1 cross... He doesn't look at all like his full brother from another litter but it was confirmed .
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on November 20, 2013
I do not believe they are as good an indicator as they believe they are to be. Our dog came with papers stating his mixed breed heritage and neither of the two were noted in the DNA test. NEITHER. Our Vet looked at the results and when he saw what Mars Veterinary thought he was he just laughed saying he couldn't believe how they missed both breeds. He said just looking at our dog gives a strong indication of at least one of the breeds and other markers as well. We looked for another company to try to get a second test done but it seems that Mars Veterinary has bought out all the competition and so they are the only ones who do this. Except for paying the Vet $300+ which we can't do. I guess if you eliminate all others who might contradict you, no one can say for sure that you got it wrong.
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on January 1, 2013
I bought this because I was suspicious about the breeding of my dog. I didn't want to pay a fortune to find out, and I heard about this product. Amazon offers this cheaper then the actual website of the maker so I would purchase it here. The product was easy to use, and the instructions were detailed. Mars Veterinary is also very good, they send you e-mail updates and their customer service is very friendly and responsive. I have a puggle (or so I thought). I did find out that he was breed with a Japanese Chin and a Puggle. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it did help out!
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