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on September 22, 2013
I subscribed to this in MY early 20's way back in the magazines infancy. Back when the cover photo's were black and white and most of the cover "models" were female athletes. It's changed since then, catering a little more to the "Cosmo" crowd. Which is fine, just not for me. It just doesn't feel like it applies as much to someone in their thirties married with kids as someone in their twenties who apparently has the money and lack of self-control to spend $90 on a designer t-shirt (really).

"Fitness" is a good one for my age/demographic I think. I recommend that one.
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on February 13, 2014
I subscribed to this magazine thinking it would be about health, fitness, and above all, working out. The headlines on the cover seemed to suggest that was true, with the biggest fonts advertising things like "flat abs now" and "maximize your workout". In reality, the content of the magazine is mostly beauty (how that counts as "health" is beyond me) and weight-loss. Oh, the endless, endless articles about "burn more fat!" "three new foods that will help you burn fat!" "drop pounds with this easy exercise!" I don't need to lose weight and I found that these articles just played into my growing impression, as issue after issue dropped on my doormat, that the magazine views women as vapid, stereotypical beings whose only desire is to look good, whether through exercise (almost inevitably restricted to cardio and yoga), the "right" work-out clothes (really?) or knowing what dress is in fashion or what color make-up to buy. If you enjoy that sort of thing, that's fine- it is essentially one step above Cosmopolitan on the seriousness scale. If you're looking for actual information about working out and building muscle, know that Women's Health magazine is barely aware that these things exist, and when it does, it will come wrapped in the form of "ten minutes a day to tone your bum like a super-model!" or something equally cringe-inducing.

Frankly, looking around, it seems your choice is either a magazine that barely addresses fitness, or going straight to the hardcore muscle-building mags. I was hoping for something reasonably in-between with Women's Health, but failed to find it. If someone knows of such a magazine, I'd be interested to hear it (I tried Women's Fitness, which suffers from the same problems as Women's Health). The good news is that my subscription to Women's Health seemed to get me a good price on Men's Health, which I am switching over to because some reviewers recommended it for those disappointed with the content of WH. I'll see how that works out.
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on December 2, 2015
I use to really love this magazine but unfortunately it has become a magazine full of advertisements and mostly concentrates on sex talk, fashion, or again advertisements. Before it concentrated more on Health, weightloss tips, and what happened to the "average woman" at the end of the magazine??? Also before they use to put a healthy model on the cover, yes above average physically attractive model, but now they mostly put actresses. That's one big down side for me.... Before this magazine was for the typical women of the world and now it has become like many of the nonesense magazines out there won't be renewing.... :0( very disappointed.
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on July 8, 2012
I purchased this 1-year subscription when it was a lightning deal and boy am I glad more money was not spent. Every other page seems to be a full page advertisement. In the most recent issue I received, you actually have to go all the way to page 42 before you do not run into a full page ad.

The pages that do have actual magazine articles are odd font sizes and very difficult to read by writing style. The stories seem to be recycled every month, and usually have little to do with health. They seem to focus on the word "Women's" more than they do "Health". A 3-page Botox ad just doesn't seem very fitting to me in terms of health.

Despite how much I tried to like them, after two months of going through the entire magazine "because I paid for it", it now heads pretty much straight to the trash.

Not recommended even at a deal price.
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on July 31, 2014
More for younger women I believe. While I found a few articles good it seemed more focused on the younger women among us. Such as how to have great buns, great sex, etc. Good articles for 20-30 year olds but I would prefer all around general health articles and not based mainly on the younger age group.
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on October 8, 2013
I am a bit of a fitness buff and health nut, so I subscribe to most fitness and health magazines for motivation and new ideas. Unfortunately, most of them are falling short these days as they have become a bit repetitive and somewhat predictable. Women's Health is no exception here. If you are new to working out, then this magazine is probably great for you. However, if you've been working out and exercising for years, it might seem a bit dull.
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on November 5, 2014
Good for those who want to learn more about health, exercises, and beauty.
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on August 11, 2015
If you are over the age of 50 (heck - even 40 and possibly 30) then this is not the magazine for you. Show me real female athletes of all ages and include more serious articles on women's issues. The final straw was seeing a Kardashian on the cover. No thanks. I felt like this was Cosmopolitan magazine and Entertainment Tonight wrapped in spandex. Going back to Runner's World and Prevention.
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on August 1, 2015
I had a subscription years ago but only kept it for a year. It seemed that the old magazine focused too much on pregnancy which doesn't interest me at this stage in my life. I recently got back into health and this magazine helps keep me motivated. There are a lot of good health and some beauty tips in it and fascinating things I never knew about the human body. They often feature interesting women, not just fashion models which I like. Hopefully they keep up this caliber for years to come.
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on July 8, 2013
Let me state first that this was one of the fastest magazines I've ever recieved after ordering on Amazon. Normally it'll take a few weeks and the issues will be wonky for a while (you'll get a previous month and be behind before catching up) but I could've gone to the store and gotten it in the same time frame. I think it took less than a week and a half to get my first issue, and it was the current month's issue.

The magazine itself is one I love. I'm not someone who is too into fashion, but I enjoy some makeup tips and love to read about health-related items, so this is a perfect magazine for me. Even if you're not an exercise fantatic (heck, even if you don't exercise at all) you'll likely enjoy this magazine as there's something for everyone in it.
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