Customer Reviews: Kensington K39512US KeyFolio Pro 2 Case for iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen with Wireless Keyboard and Stand - Black
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on December 12, 2011
With only one previous review on the item, I was skeptical, of course. It arrived today and I love it, for all the reasons the previous reviewer stated. Love the stand-up feature. Love the removable keyboard, as I have movable or external keyboards for all my devices, including laptops and HP Jornada (anyone remember those?). Keyboard is small but has nice feel and functionality for my medium size fingers; might not suit big fingers. Once the IPad is in the case, the Apple screen Smart Cover can still be attached (albeit from the bottom edge). I'm obsessive compulsive about protecting my screens because they're the things you can't replace. And I'm obsessive about having my accessories, especially the protective ones, available: for example, should I need to remove the IPad from the case. Best of all in my estimation is its multi-functionality: case, keyboard, and stand. Attractive looking black case, too. A very nice Kensington product!
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on March 22, 2012
I bought this case to use with my New iPad, and I'm very glad I did. First I'll address some criticisms I read in some of the other reviews. Some people have complained about the smell. While I do notice it if I put it up close enough to my nose, its hardly a deal breaker and I'm sure it will fade away over time. I didn't find it to be nearly as strong or offensive as some people have indicated.

Next, the case itself. I noticed a few people complained that it didn't hold the ipad in securely. All I can say is that those people must not have secured it properly. There is a flap that wraps around the ipad and secures it in place when it is in the case. I held it upside down and shook it (over the bed, I'm not a moron lol), and I wasn't able to come close to shaking the ipad loose. There is absolutely no danger of your iPad slipping out of the case while simply walking around with it, so long as you secure it properly with the flap.

A couple of people mentioned problems with the keyboard, mine connected easily the first time, and thus far stays connected for as long as I have my iPad on. The keyboard is a little smaller than a standard kb, but if you have medium to small sized hands you should be able to touch type on it nearly as fast as you can on a full sized kb. The keys are crisp and well spaced, and being detachable it can easily be used with other devices as well. Honestly, the keyboard alone is almost worth the price of admission for this case, its really well made. And the keys will NOT scratch the iPad screen when closed. This review is being written using the Kinsington case/kb, and I don't find myself hitting backspace any more than I normally do on my laptop kb.

Thanks to Eliot Kim for pointing out that the elastic band wraps around the case to secure it shut when out and about. I hadn't noticed that (I suppose that will teach me to RTFM), but it works great and removes any danger of the case flipping open if you drop your ipad.

As for the case itself, its very well made and I will feel confident my iPad is protected. The only thing I would have added is a couple of magnets to hold it closed for walking about.

Now all that being said, this is a pretty big and bulky case. If your primay use for the ipad is lying around on the couch reading or watching movies while holding the device, you will probably be better off getting something smaller and lighter. Probably the best use for this case will be if you will be using it a lot sitting on a desk in stand mode and using the keyboard a lot, such as for work or school. I actually bought a smaller lighter case for use around the house, and since the keyboard is detachable I can still easily grab the keyboard if I find I need to do some typing even if the iPad is in the lightweight case.

Overall I highly recommend this case if you think you will be using your iPad sitting at a desk or table for any amount of time. If you're iPad is primarily for reading or watching video, you might be better off skipping the keyboard and getting something smaller and ligher. Or just do what I did and get both!
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on March 20, 2012
I really think some companies just threw new iPad support on their old products. This case does not work with the iPad 3 wake on cover functionality. When the iPad 3 is in the case, the screen off button is hard to get to. I really wish this case worked as it was supposed to. I am returning it.
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on July 18, 2012
I was afraid this might be a little cheesy and/or cheaply made. However it it has the look and feel of a top end product. The case is substantial and offers excellent support at various angles. The fit (new iPad) is perfect, all the controls and ports are accessible, and the BT Keyboard paired up immediately. The keyboard is small, but it has good touch and is very functional. I particularly like the use of velcro which provides excellent non-slip support without being intrusive. The keyboard is slim and gracefully attached with magnets.

I know, I know... the ipad isn't a laptop, it's an iPad. Having a nice little keyboard makes you want a nice little matching mouse, and that's not going to happen. That being said, having this case and keyboard open up lots of very practical additional uses for my iPad. A very pleasant surprise.
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on January 6, 2012
I read the other reviews and paid attention to the ratings of this as well as some of the other folios, and went with the Kensington. It is pretty much what I was looking for with two minor exceptions - the top exterior corners of the pad aren't quite as protected as I would like, and the side where you insert the pad into the sleeve is on the exposed top of the pad, meaning if the flap isn't completely secured, the pad could possibly slide out, be careful about the flap! The other thing is that the vinyl REALLY smells funny, you might want to let it vent a few days before you use it in a closed space with friends! When standing, the screen is a bit upright, but can easily be adjusted by placing the keyboard on a book or something to lift it a little, it will let the spine hinge down and tilt the screen back, and because the designers put a tiny strip of Velcro along the bottom, it will hold itself and allow for the tilt back without falling. I had an Incase, which I think is slightly more secure, and a wireless Mac keyboard, but it was a bit of a pain to haul the keyboard around separately, I'm glad I went this route. I like the layout of the keyboard, it's not entirely Mac, so being a PC guy, it's more familiar and a little easier to be comfortable with, but I don't understand why it has both a delete button and a back/delete arrow that do the same thing. Another reviewer on another case said he had gone through five or six different keyboard caes to find the one he had, and he still complained about it - after seeking professional counseling, maybe he should take a look at the Kensington! I tried fitting my wife's original iPad into it, but it is a bit too snug, so I wouldn't suggest it.

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on July 13, 2012
So I bought my wife a Kensington keyboard for her iPad in 2011. She loved it. When she gave me an iPad earlier this year I almost immediately bought the Kensington for mine. Interestingly they had changed the keyboard from her model to mine - hers has a keyboard that is one solid piece of plastic, mine had individual keys closer to what you'd see on an Apple keyboard. Well, after just a few weeks and *very* light usage two of the keys on mine broke (closed in the case mind you, not as I was typing) and a few weeks later, they are broken off completely. I cannot use the keyboard now in any professional setting and am frustrated. Why did they change? Not a good experience for a premium case / keyboard product. Just be careful if you are medium typer or drag your fingers across the keyboard as I will almost guarantee they will snap off.
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on January 1, 2012
Tried a different brand and got it for my mother for xmas. Unfortunately it was very difficult to pair and when we did finally get it working, it repeated characters uncontrollably, so typing looked like tttttthhhhhhiiiiiissss.

I returned it and found this one, which appears to be new to the market. Took a chance like the other reviewers and my mother couldn't be happier. Said it paired instantly and the typing it perfect and the keys are just like her Macbook. I wish they made this for the ipad 1, so I could get one myself.
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on January 21, 2012
The box that the KeyFolio Pro 2 came in shows featured functions on the back of the box; "Magnetic cover enables wake/sleep mode automatically", it says. I was told via phone by the Kensington support staff member (in India) that this model does not have this function available. I tried to explain to her that the box says it does, to nothing other than her silence. I then tried contacting the support through their available email option. I received a response that my issue had been received and I would be contacted within 24 hours...this was days ago. I would like to return this for one that works as stated but so far have found no one who can accommodate this action on my behalf. I would not recommend the purchase of any product by this supplier after this experience.
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on March 15, 2013
A month after purchase, a key (the T in the middle of the keyboard) fell off. There doesn't seem to be any way to snap it back on.

I attempted to get help by navigating Kensington's website, which is a total mess of FAQ pages and pages that never take you to a live chat or a way to submit a repair/RMA request.

Based on my experience with Kensington support, I would not buy another product made by them.

after emailing Kensington regarding the broken keyboard, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any way to initiate a warranty claim on their website, they replied with an email containing a link to their support. The link returns a "site cannot be found" error. When I emailed them and reported this, they replied and said they couldn't help me, I would have to contact their customer support at (you guessed it) the same link that is broken! This would be funny, if I wasn't stuck with a product that broke a month after purchase and no way to get it replaced. Bad Kensington.
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on January 5, 2012
Today is 1/5/2012, the case arrived in about 5 days for standard shipping (about a week earlier than the checkout pages said it would). I think the earlier reviews all pretty much mentioned why it's a very useful case. I'll just point out a few things that you might want to know, though none of them are deal-breakers by any means.

1. Unlike the other ipad case (KeyFolio Pro - K39357US), this one does not allow you to sit up the ipad in portrait mode. Not a big deal if you use landscape majority of the time.

2. The space to plug in the main cable into the ipad (below the home button) is a little tight. They could have cut a little notch into the case in that location to make it easier to plug/unplug.

3. I wish they provided a little space in the case for the keyboard/usb (recharging the keyboard) cable so I dont have to carry that cable separately.

4. One of my main usages of the ipad is to take notes (say in class) where I will want to both 1) type some comments, and 2) use a stylus or finger to draw/sketch/write. It's difficult to do both (type, hand-write) when both the ipad and keyboard are secured in the case. The easiest way around it is to remove the keyboard and fold the ipad flat. But of course that means I have to put the two pieces together later on. An alternative is to rotate the keyboard 180 degrees so then the ipad is on the 'bottom' instead. THat way, i can write with finger/stylus with the ipad closest to me and still be able to type if i reach outwards a little. I just need to be a little careful not to let my palms touch the screen when i am typing, hope that helps others with similar use-cases.


Overall though, a stellar product.
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