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on November 18, 2014
Would give it no stars if I could.

One of the main reasons I bought the Kindle Fire was because this app gave me the ability to download the WSJ and read it anywhere. The app work just fine at first, then began having troubles then stopped working altogether. After a series of e-mails, here is what I got:

Thank you for contacting The Wall Street Journal Digital regarding the app issue. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you.

We apologize but Kindle Fire no longer supports the app. Please use the browser instead and enjoy the Journal by going to

If you have any questions or need any further personal assistance, please write again or call us at the Customer Service number below.

We appreciate your interest in our publication.

Best Regards,

Michael Andrei
Customer Service
The Wall Street Journal. Digital Network
Phone: 1-800-JOURNAL (800-568-7625)

will have to reconsider my support of both Kindle/Amazon and WSJ.
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on May 11, 2017
Content is five stars, app is three. The kindle app is too unstable.

Reading without an internet connection is a crap shoot. If you download a newspaper and board a plane later it is unreliable. Pictures and graphs are usually not loaded. Many times less than half the articles load.

Periodically, the app locks up. You have to go to settings and clear the cache. Then you have to log back in. Occasionally, it won't recognize your password and you can't get in. Waiting a day or so to log in fixes that. Nice huh?

Sometimes you can't load the U.S. version. When that happens I read the European version until I can get the U.S version loaded.

It used to be easy - put ink on paper. Apps are harder.
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on June 4, 2016
App stopped working. Can't download co tent for past 10 days. Tried uninstalling. Now just blank white screen.
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on June 26, 2015
When I first used the app it was bigger than a New Mexico hummingbird moth. I've had hundreds of times I was asked to sign in to My subscription over and over again. About 2 months ago, I found out that I couldn't email articles anymore. I spent month and a half playing email.tag. finally customer service had me do a hard shut down and re-boot. I was "rewarded" with a new WSJ look which s nice. However, Still can't e-mail articles to other people. Het, just tell me up front that the e-mail recipient also needs to be a WSJ subscriber n order to receive the articles send to them.
It's not 5 star, yet, but it's getting better. It doesn't crash as much as it used to, but I still need to 're-boot my Kindle. Most of the time this 're-boot occurs when a newer download for the time happens, which is about 4 times a day. I just dislike being used as a beta tester for the WSJ app. I went through this with Apple and that's why I don't use Apple products anymore. I PUT up with the WSJ app's clumsiness only because the WSJ s the most used daily publication for me.
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on January 23, 2014
It took weeks to get no help from Kindle Support on this. I wound up having to cancel the WSJ subscription through Amazon and subscribing directly from the Wall Street Journal. I spent hours on the phone and no resolution, although they acknowledged the software glitch. I almost returned my Kindle Fire HDX with 64GB (the most expensive one) and considered buying an iPad. Luckily and happily, the Wall Street Journal helped me figure it out and, FINALLY, as of today it works . . . for now. I am a loyal Amazon customer. Check your records. But when the frustration builds after spending $630 on a product, it's enough to lose a customer. Test your software before you release. Don't be like Microsoft. It's why I now own an iMac, an iPhone and almost an iPad, if I didn't have to resort to my own devices to fix Amazon's problem. The App needs a review and makeover.
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on November 25, 2013
Update November 3, 2014: WSJ has apparently rewritten this app. I found this out when my existing one would not work at all, so I de-installed it and reinstalled it. (This is what I have had to do in the past when the app stops working altogether.)

I didn't think it was possible for WSJ to make things worse, but they have succeeded spectacularly. This new app is really the pits.

1. It does not store the issue in a way that you can read it offline. Except for the first few articles, most of them require you to have an active internet connection at the time of reading in order to view them. No photos are downloaded -- you must always have an active wi-fi connection to see them.

2. Even though I am a WSJ subscriber and am logged in, every time I open the app my reading is interrupted by ads from Amazon inviting me to subscribe at an inflated per-month rate.

3. The old app, at least, allowed me to read in my preferred landscape orientation. The new app forces you to use portrait. I hate this because I can't prop my Kindle open on a tabletop in that orientation.

I am almost certainly going to cancel my WSJ subscription. I primarily rely on digital delivery to read the publication, and now that WSJ has so thoroughly ruined this platform there's no point in continuing the subscription.

Congratulations to the wizards at the Wall Street Journal for creating such an unusable app. Unless you want to read the paper edition, you might as well abandon the WSJ altogether.


Update Jan. 25, 2014: This app has gone from bad to worse. I completely reformatted my Kindle Fire HD (reset to factory default) in order to clear up some available memory, and reinstalled this app from scratch. It sort of worked for about one day, but now won't do anything. It will not download today's paper or any earlier papers. I tried the "clear data" suggestion appearing in one of the reviews, and that didn't seem to help either.

This app is completely useless. It is not horrible when it works, but it never works. Yes, the app is free, but the subscription to digital content is not. The WSJ people should be completely ashamed of themselves. This thing is a lemon, and gets worse with time rather than better.


Update Jan. 4, 2014: I have demoted my rating from two stars to one because this application simply cannot be kept working. Believe me, I would very much like to have it work, because I would prefer to get away from having paper copies of the WSJ delivered. But this app is too unstable and too unreliable to take a place as my sole source of reading the WSJ.

The problems with it, as noted before, involve its refusal to update itself as new editions of the paper come out. As I write this update, on January 4, 2014, the newest edition showing on my Kindle Fire HD is the December 31, 2013 issue. I cannot get it to download and display any of the issues from 2014.

Historically, I have been able to "wake up" this app by removing it from the device and reinstalling it. This becomes a major inconvenience after a while, and in my opinion there's no excuse for this level of inconvenience.

Another significant problem with this add is that even when the home page indicates that a full issue has been downloaded, there will still be a significant number of articles where a headline is displayed but there is no content. This is particularly true on the "Now" edition, which is supposed to have the latest updates. For the most part, these "updates" deliver only blank screens.

Evidently the WSJ folks do not put any priority on making this app work. I don't know whether it's this bad on a pure Android device, but on the Kindle Fire HD it is a waste of space. The Wall Street Journal folks need to lift a finger and correct the coding on this app so that it will work for more than a few days after installation. It is pretty much a complete failure in its current form.

I have some other nits to pick about the organization and presentation of the digital content -- primarily the fact that when you get to a new section, you have to click through to an article on the front page before you can see the index of all articles in that section -- but those concerns are irrelevant when I can't see any content at all.

I want to stress that this is a vanilla Kindle Fire HD with no great number of apps on it and no other tinkering. The WSJ should work, without having to delete and reinstall it every week. It doesn't. Hence the one-star rating.


I'm not sure whether the problem is with this app, or with the WSJ's servers. Whatever the cause, this app fails to update its "Now" edition most of the time. You cannot reload it most of the time. it presents you a blank screen most of the time.

I have removed and reinstalled this app twice now. This sometimes helps, for a brief time, but it doesn't solve the problem in a meaningful way.

I have tried both WSJ and Amazon customer service, and no one seems to know what's going on.

If all you want is the "frozen" daily edition, the app works OK. I'm not crazy about the navigation, but it's livable. For those who want to stay more up-to-date, however, this app is a failure.
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on September 19, 2014
Over the last two updates of the app (thru mid Sep 2014), this app has demonstrated a repeatable fatal bug. You can subscribe and read some articles but typically on the opinion section the app will stop working and crash completely. And for about $23 a month this is unacceptable. This bug had been reported multiple times to but has not been fixed. At least one major update has been issued with no resolution on this fatal flaw. If you want to read the wsj on your kindle fire, beware.

Updated review: March 2015 DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVE A KINDLE.
Has never been able to open the opinion section. You can read most of the other articles without the app crashing, but if you try to open the opinion section, the app crashes totally. (This is apparently very common for this app.) Latest issue is that even if you are logged in, the WSJ will overlay an article with an ad saying "Subscribe!" Well duh, I am subscribed and I am logged in. However, the only way you can read the news article is to log out, and log in again. Very poor app -- and nearly malicious to paid subscribers on a Kindle.
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on October 11, 2014
I am a paid WSJ digital subscriber. The app has always been buggy but still worth the expense. However, the WSJ app stopped updating three weeks ago. After numerous contacts with WSJ customer service, they finally advised me that WSJ no longer supports the WSJ for Kindle Fire app.
Amazon customer service confirmed this but the app is still available in the App store. I guess it was too much to expect prior notice or good customer service from either provider.
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on October 9, 2014
After many conversations with tech support they finally admitted today that their digital app no longer works with Kindle Fire. Their response for the last few months has been that "the issue is being investigated." Today they said their app currently does not work with Kindle Fire. In fact the first question I was asked was "Do I use a Kindle Fire?"

In short - Do not subscribe if you have a Kindle. Very poor support. App not ready for release.
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on May 30, 2014
The WSJ is the only newspaper that I read, and having this app means I can get it anywhere I have a connection. But the recent "upgrade" to the Apollo it's disappointing. Instead of retaining the look and feel of the paper version with the articles listed in a column on the right and organized by section, the new version displays a house podge of articles that seem to be randomly selected from through out the paper. Instead of having icons rep presenting each days paper, you now have a boring pull down menu, which also has categories of articles only haphazardly relayed to some of the paper's sections. Another serious drawback is that each time you update the app, you lose all of the articles too may have saved from past issues.

That being said, the new app loads faster and more reliably than did the previous version.
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