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on January 20, 2014
This app is an embarrassment for the Wall Street Journal. It is completely unreliable. Where should I begin?

Auto-download does not work.
The download can take 2-3 hours. The internet connection makes no difference.
The news briefs never load.
It is impossible to navigate beyond page one in the sections.
The technical support from the Wall Street Journal is the worst I have ever seen for a $300+ app.
You cannot get an answer to any question. They accomplish nothing; they tell you they are "researching" the problem but they NEVER EVER followup.
They told me the only way to solve my problem was to purchase a new Kindle HDX which I did. Unfortunately app performance went from terrible to completely unusable as content does not load at all. The app sticks at 1%.

This is truly a worthless and useless app from a publisher that shoulder know better.
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on April 18, 2013
I love the WSJ, Then it find this version of their app very frustrating. The app does not allow you to see any part of an edition until it has fully downloaded and processed it, and this app is extremely slow at downloading the content. Furthermore, once downloaded, opening the app while connected to the Internet causes the app to try to start the download process all over again, wiping out any opportunity to read what was previously downloaded.

I travel extensively and count on downloading the most recent editions while at hotels, airport, and coffee shops, where download speeds are only average. Because of this app's quirks, I often have to give up and get my news from another app or from my iPhone version of the WSJ.

I had an iPad prior to my current Kindle Fire HD, and never had these problems. As a test, I brought both my iPad and my Kindle Fire HD to a coffee shop and compared download times for the WSJ 'now' edition. The app on the iPad downloaded the current edition in about a minute. My Kindle Fire HD version took over 10 minutes and had to restart the download twice.

There are many other things missing on this app as well. For example, where is the CIO section that is on the IOS version?

I love my Kindle, but not the WSJ app for it. If they could fix the download problems I could live with it, but there is much improvement that needs to occur to bring it up to par with what they put out for the other platform.
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An official commented on the review below
on December 12, 2011
3rd update - March 29 2015

So here I am again, updating this review. The WSJ app has gone through lots of changes in the past three years, and I have changed my rating several times since this review gets read a lot.

For a long-time in 2014, I stopped using the WSJ app on my Kindle entirely because it would either crash repeatedly or refused to keep me logged in (every time I accessed the app, I would have to re-enter my credentials). The lackadaisical WSJ customer service people would answer my queries by saying, "Yeah, we know," but never commit to doing anything. But -- I checked in again recently and it now seems to be fixed. There are a couple of other nice features to the app, it's the best version of their app (yet).

Not yet a five-star rating because, given my mixed history with the app, who knows what their next version will bring...

2nd update - March 31 2012

Uggh. This app keeps getting updated, so I keep having to update my review. First it was terrible. Then it got better. Then today when I tried to use the app I got a pop-up message saying I had to update the app. OK, just a couple of taps and it's updated, right?

Wrong. App wouldn't update; I had to delete the previous installation and re-install. Now the new app won't let me log in, and after many attempts (and re-verifying all of my account information online), I'm blocked from using it. I do get an error message inviting me to call a phone number for help...but it's after hours and there is nobody answering the phone.

Yuck. No quality control, bad design, poor execution. Amateur hour.

Review update - late Jan., 2012

I gave this product a one-star review about two weeks after I installed it on my Kindle Fire, mainly because it was buggy and crashed all the time; since this review has gotten a lot of votes and a number of comments, I'm leaving the original text, below. However, the publisher left a comment here saying they had updated the software so I downloaded the updated version and, for me, it is *much* better. Now it behaves like a news app should -- it grabs all the content from the latest edition, and then allows you to access it relatively smoothly. I've made it through most of an entire edition of the newspaper, and it didn't crash at all.

Still have I some quibbles:
- At the sign on screen, it tells subscribers that their "screen name" is their email address. For me it's still the screen name that I've had on my WSJ account for many years.
- This app doesn't seem to sync with my WSJ account to reflect any of my existing account settings. For example, as soon as I log on, why can't it populate the app with the portfolios of stock that I am watching already on the online account? The WSJ has started to personalize my online experience based on my reading habits; I wish some of that carried through to the app as well.
- While it doesn't freeze and crash like the first release, it can still be a little slow - it hesitates a bit when you swipe the screen to turn a page or hit a headline to call up a story. It isn't terrible - just not best in class yet.

All in all, a great improvement over the initial release. I'd definitely recommend that existing subscribers give this a try.


Below - Original review - early Dec. 2011

This is a great app when it's working, but I uninstalled this after 10 days of use because it was too buggy. This app locks, freezes, and crashes (even when my other apps or general web browsing on my Kindle fire is working fine.) For awhile, I ignored the crashing, because I liked the app when it was working, but I finally realized I was wasting 5 or 10 minutes every time I looked at the paper just starting and re-starting the app when it crashed.

Some other cautions:

- This is a "dumbed down" version of the Journal; there is lots of content available in the online version not available on this app.

- The "watchlist" for stocks on the welcome screen is a little odd -- it shows stock prices, but no link for news. Practically any other app or other portfolio watcher I can think of allows one to quickly go from getting a stock price to recent news on the stock in question.

- It seems to update much later than the actual Journal website. You can see most of tomorrow's paper online late at night...but the app itself seems to update much later than the website.

Also, I found it difficult to log on at first. The welcome screen kept asking for my email to log on; I couldn't get it to work until I entered my "screen name," which is different (I had to log onto a computer to figure this out).

This app has potential. But first and foremost a newsreader app should download the content and then be stable so you can easily and simply browse through the content.

I feel as if I gave this app a very fair trial, and it failed.
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on January 13, 2014
The WSJ content is, of course, incredible. This app is unreliable, horrendous. Content does not reliably load. Countless times I've waited longer than 20 minutes to download today's paper. I'd like to see the publisher bring the app up to the quality of the content.
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on July 20, 2016
Won't update; no explanation for why. I've reinstalled three times. Get it together--your subscription rates are way too high for this kind of non functionality.
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on January 12, 2014
When I read the other reviews I thought the app really couldn't be THAT bad. Well, it is THAT bad. Long to load, won't load some content, and won't load full papers at times. It is THAT bad. Less than one star is an appropriate rating.
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on January 29, 2012
The first build was unstable and irritating. The new one is about as good as the iPad one: fast smooth and stable. Excellent job... the second time around Dow Jones. This has gone from an app that I instantly deleted to one of my favorites.
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on January 12, 2012
started out loving it.....but its way too buggy to use. I will check it again after an update. would be great if fixed.
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on January 12, 2012
Useful app - Looks good and easy to use. However it freezes and crashes all the time -Wait for an update
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on January 9, 2012
Too buggy, Too sluggish

I reviewed this app on January 9, 2012 (see below) and gave it one star. After they updated the app I downloaded it again to give it another try.

Once again, I am forced to give the app a one star review rating, for the same reasons I gave it a one star last time. The app is buggy. Except this time I did a little more "formal review" to be fair.

The WSJ app is designed to "download" print editions as complete files. Then, once they are downloaded, you can open the file and begin perusing its content. They have put in a "Now" edition, and a "daily" edition. Therefore, every day the WSJ will download your "daily" edition and allow you to open it at any time, with or without wifi. It does so as soon as the version is released (I'm assuming the print version). Then, if you want to look at the news this afternoon, you simply open the "now" version and BOOM! There it is. However, you'll need wifi to view the "now" edition.

This seems like a good idea, but here are the problems:

When booting and running the app, it often crashes.

The files that are downloaded are too large. Between 40 to 70 MB. I timed about 1 minute and 35 seconds to view the "now" edition and much longer (over 2 minutes) for the "daily" edition. (I'm on a 10 MBPS download speed)

On top of that, when you open the app, it takes another second or three to compile and populate the articles. Open an article to read... You'll have to wait a second. Then, once you are done with the article, going back to the previous page isn't easy because there's no obvious button to do so.

The transitions between virtual pages aren't overly smooth, and the articles themselves take another second to open and flip through.

In short, this app is a RESOURCE HOG. It does not fit the "light and fast" feel of the Kindle Fire. It uses needlessly large files, and is sluggish. The daily edition way of presenting the papers is counter intuitive because the server has a "save article feature".

However these flaws ruin the app, it has a bright future. It uses ingenious ways to bring news to the reader in a very easy to read format.

In the end, I'll still be getting my news through other outlets (USA TODAY, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG all have apps for Kindle Fire) until these issues are solved.


too many bugs,
January 9, 2012

I like the idea and the interface, but version 1 has too many bugs. I'll wait for version 2 and then revisit the app.
review image review image review image review image review image
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