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on February 4, 2012
I am using this drive (SV200S3 SSDNow V200) on an HP/Compaq nx7400 notebook as a replacement for the original HDD.

The drive is really fast, performance is great, it's like having a better notebook! I did not run any benchmark tests, but Windows XP boots up and runs really fast, compared to an HDD.

Unfortunately, I'm having massive problems with the drive.

Every few hours, I get a blue screen (BSOD) under Windows XP. After the blue screen, the notebook reports "NO BOOT DISK" (or something like that) and
there is no drive displayed in the BIOS setup any more. Only after a power-cycle of the notebook (switch off, switch on), the drive is found again and Windows XP boots as usual.
The next crash will follow a few hours later.

A way to provoke the problem is to run CHKDSK at boot (by typing chkdisk /r c: in the command prompt and then rebooting) - CHKDSK will get stuck at about 40%,
then crash, and the drive is not found again as described.

This behaviour shows me that it is quite likely that the drive is to blame. Even if I had a problem with my Windows XP setup, a reboot should never make the drive disappear!

There is no firmware update available from Kingston. I am very disappointed by the lack of customer service. I'll try to get a return and switch to a different brand.
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on October 17, 2012
I ordered the 256GB version of the drive. The smaller versions had previously been identified with a firmware bug which caused rapid degradation of performance, the 256GB version was supposedly not impacted. I set up this drive by cloning my previous drive and the improvement in performance was below my expectations. ( I have previously used Kingston SSD drives in my other computer). However after setting up the drive testing by ASSD reported very slow write performance and read performance was not very impressive. I contacted Kingston and they reviewed my results and replaced the drive with a different model with much better performance. I suspect the 256GB drive is also impacted by the firmware issue and until a firmware update is available I would avoid this drive. However Kingston stood behind the drive well, and I have no problem recommending other Kingston products.
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on November 24, 2012
I bought this to replace the dying HDD in my 2007 Sony Vaio laptop. It literally brought the machine back to life. She runs quiet and smooth and way faster than she did when new. The install was fairly easy - about 20-30 mins all said and done. Nothing to do with the drive though - that was sturdy and and fit nicely into the drive bay once I got the machine apart.

The price was good ($75 when I bought it). I think SSD's are a little overpriced - all to do with squeezing money out of people, but if you can find this one for less than a $100, go for it. It's keeping the old Sony alive as an internet/video computer for my students. The Kingston is getting used a lot and holding up quite nicely. I recommend a SSD to everyone who complains of slow, aging computers, but aren't ready to make the financial leap to a new machine. I imagine throwing this thing in a housing and using it an external would yield excellent results too.
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on November 12, 2012
This is the first Kingston SSD purchased, after trying to work with two other drives manufactured by an inexpensive brand- named company. My son purchased that other brand SSD and it took him over two months to work the tweaks out but it still gives him occasional "issues", and he is a techie. This Kingston does not. It is a bit more expensive, thought all prices are dropping, and it is more than I will need for my modest uses, but it loaded up and runs like a charm. It's loaded Windows 7 and now W8 without a hitch. I was surprised that it did not come with a mount, but I did not need it in my new case. The boot time to full screen is under 15 seconds, something which I did not believe when I read it. Note that was with a clean install, but after a month of use, it is still that, however I am sure it will slow down, yet I've not seen it even with all my programs installed. I recommend it, in spades!
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on December 19, 2012
la marca y el modelo son muy buenos.
y el precio excelente, tiempo aceptable de envio.
Ningun problema en el pago, todo bien. .
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on January 2, 2012
Forget the 1,000,000 hours MTTF. Mine bricked in under a month. Waiting to see how the warranty is handled. If I get a refund, I'll certainly be applying it to either an Intel or Crucial drive.
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Size: 128 GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It was with high expectations that I took a WinXP mirror image from my Seagate drive Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 TB SATA 6 GB/s NCQ 64 MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive and placed it on the Kingston SSD. First clue that something was not as expected was that it took about twice as long to install it on the SSD as it normally takes to the HD. Once I got the image installed on the SSD it booted up just fine. Not significantly faster so, but fine, and I would have to take exact timing measurements for comparisons. I defragged the SSD, since sometimes restoring a drive image resulted in non optimum file placement if the destination drive was a different size. Re boot still seemed sluggish, so I then deleted about 50GB worth of data, as I heard that once a NTFS drive gets to be more than 50% full it tends to slow down. At this time I was ready to do some comparisons between a good HD and the SSD. Here they are:

HDTUNE---SSD----HD ---- % ----- AHCI
Min MB/s--109----8.3 ---- +1313 --- 166
Max MB/s--259----203----+27 ----- 322
Avg MB/s--136----153---- -11 ----- 301
Access s-- 0.2----12.6---- 63X ----- 0.1
Burst MBs--142.7--282---- -50 ----- 143
Cpu %-----5.8 --- 6.5-----+11 ----- 1
Itunes s---4.76 -- 7.84--- +39
ShtDwn s--13.37--15.1--- +11 ----- 6
ToDsktp s--41---- 47----- +13 ----- 43
PSElm s ---8.5 --- 10.7--- +21

So actually using the HdTune benchmark program the SSD was slower in average data transfer rate than my 64MB cache Sata 6 HD. Nut much, but slower. However the SSD access times were over 60 times better than that of the HD. Hence in running applications such as Itunes and loading Photoshop Elements I got 20-40% faster load times. For booting up the operating system I got a 13% improvement, and the shutdown time was 11% faster. Surprisingly as well Hdtune reports that the SSD is running significantly hotter at 47degC versus the Seagate at 39degC.

So in summary the SSD has turned out to be faster than a HD. However if you already have a fast SATA6 HD with a large buffer, do not expect miraculous improvements. On a cost effectiveness basis, the 128 GB SSD is about the same price as the 2TB HD. Three stars, for meeting expectations (faster but just barely) and trouble free installation. I did not experience any Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) that have been reported by other users even running it 6plus hours at a time.

7/3/12 Update Following an extensive and excellent set of comment to this review below by Durango (thanks again), I retested. A version of his instructions should be included with all SSD drives. The Kingston instructions spent more space on how to fit the slim drive in a thicker slot by gluing the included spacer. The retest was no easy task as I had to change the computer hardware setting from IDE to AHCI interface in the Bios, and to do a clean install of in this case of Windows 7. This allowed for optimum data transfer and sector alignment. I added a column for the results so far. And they are MUCH better. While I have not re installed any software yet (main reason why my initial test was based on a mirror backup) the data transfer rates are more than DOUBLE of what they were before and DOUBLE of what my HD is. Way to go. I am changing my rating to 4 stars. By the way I dont know if this was a SSD quirk or not, by my WIndows 7 clean install paused several times at the expanding windows step, once at 55% and once at 95%. And by paused I mean for 20 minutes of doing apparently nothing. Fortunately others experienced the same lengthy pause which was not a lock up so I had the patience to let it finish without rebooting.
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on February 11, 2012
I never wrote an review on amazon even though I have bought many many stuff from it. Kingston is a good brand and I trusted it with many of my usb drives. But this time I feel so compelled to write an reiew of my dissatisfaction toward this particular kingston ssd harddisk.

It did speed up the boot process of windows, but the write speed of this drive is ridiculously slow. It will freeze your computer when you try to do multiple things at once such as copy file while trying to install something, or installing something while opening a program.

And sometimes, for no particular reason, it will just freeze windows after a fresh boot.

I feel the urgent need to let other people know about this problem of the drive. Don't buy this because it is not ready for primetime yet. And there is no firmware update to correct this problem.

My return period is over, so, I am stuck with this. I don't want you to go thru what I go thru. so, don't buy this. you will regret.

It speeds up booting while slow down or even freeze after the boot. This totally offset the benefit and sometimes render your machine useless.
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Size: 128 GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A while back, the only thing someone could really tell you on how to boost your computer would be to: "Put some RAM in it". While that was sort of the case, you never really saw a marginal boost in speed rather you would see less 'resource hogging', or freezing. What everyone really wanted was programs to open when we click on them, the moment we executed it, and for things to operate as close to our 'speed of thought'. Now we can ditch the 'RAM upgrade' and get to real advice. Get an SSD.

--Quick Thought--

Installed in 2009 Macbook and, after cloning the original Harddrive, operated much faster and had no freezing problems. Instantly took away past freezing and hang-ups all while keeping the same amount of RAM--2gb. Programs open up faster even with multiple ones running at the same time. This is a SATA III drive--which means that the data transfer rate (the communication of date from this to computer) is faster than the macbook is capable of handling. Since the Macbook is a SATA II port, it was 'dumb-downed' a bit and thus, I could not use it to its full potential. The latter is fine because the SSDNow V200 is one of the less expensive lines of Kingston SSDs, and has fit exactly what I had expected--turning an old macbook into a new one.

*Important step to do if you have OS X*
Since macs did not have native TRIM support, you will need to 'manually' adjust it when installing an SSD in an older system. To find the little program that does this, search on G-o-o-g-l-e: 'Enable TRIM on OS X'. Click the 'Enable Trim on MAC OS X 10.6.7' link. TRIM is needed for an SSD to keep it running smoothly for a longer period of time while resisting the dreaded degradation.


Did not expect much since the Macbook was from 2009, using an SATA II port, and this SSD being one of the slower ones. I was surprised that it felt as fast opening programs as does my Corsair Force GT on a SATA III port. The reason for this is because opening programs is almost universally the same on most SSDs. The difference you would notice in the different types of SSDs is when you were transferring data or reading/writing to the drive. For the latter, the SSDNow V200 will drastically underperform most of the top tier SSDs with comparable prices. I would say the performance decrease is greater than 50%.

Still much faster than any platter, traditional drive you could put in your computer.


Just plug and play. Did not have to adjust anything, and just cloned old hard drive to this one. Used a free-ware HD cloning program and encountered no problems with either step. I did have to format this drive to 'Mac OS Extended Journal' before actually installing anything on it. I was able to this because I first booted the MAC from an external HD before I cloned my old HD onto the new one.

I can report no freezing or any problems even after a few weeks of use.

The price of this SSD currently is pretty steep compared to what you can get with the same amount. Over the next few months and beyond you will see great fluctuation between SSD prices, so be careful to choose the best one for your money. Meaning, get the fastest, most reliable that fits the capabilities of your computer's port. The Kingston SSDNow has a SATA III port, but will not bottleneck the III '6 gbps' speed.

Kingston is a reputable memory manufacturer and this can be confirmed by my use of this product as it has had no errors since using it. However, when shopping for the SSD upgrade be sure to pick the best one that is in your price range.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2012
Size: 128 GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There's a story behind this SSD.

Kingston wouldn't be proud of it, but the truth is that almost every manufacturer of SSD has had the same problem. You'll notice that most makers of SSDs started in the RAM market. Technically that's an easy market - all you need to do is buy up a big manufacturer's surplus RAM chips, put them on a RAM PCB, and hope you'll make a profit.

But SSDs are a different proposition. Yes, you get memory chips, and yes, you sell the completed circuits, but in addition to the chips is a controller and this requires software. In the hurry to get newer and better SSDs on the market, sometimes the controller software isn't as good as it could be.

That's what happened at the initial release of this SSD. However, Kingston had another crack at the software, and managed to make an SSD that was faster and more reliable. The trouble was that people who'd bought the SSD when it first appeared submitted poor reviews. When you looked at the reviews, you could be excused for thinking that the current product performed the same.

So when the SSD came, I copied my C: drive to it and used it to start the system. I didn't time anything, but it seemed just as fast as my Corsair GT drive. I ran tests on it, and found that the performance was right up there with the SanDisk and Corsair SSDs. So, Kingston got it right, but of course you'd never know from the earlier reviews.

All my remarks about other SSDs apply to this one. If you don't have an SSD, get one as soon as possible. Scan sites like Dealnews for the best price, Google "optimize SSD" to get the most capacity, and you'll have a much faster computer experience. I now have Widows 8 64-bit, with the full Microsoft Office 2010, Photoshop 6, Reason, and Skyrim in 40GB. Also in that 40GB is Corel Draw X6.

I'd imagine that a 120GB SSD (like this one) would fit most people's lifestyle. If you exceed that, you put the lesser-used applications on your hard drive, and obviously files don't need to be on the SSD. My photos and MP3s are on the hard drive, because you may take an extra half-a-second to retrieve them, but then you spend many minutes editing the photos or listening to the MP3s.

So I'll say it again. A Solid State Disk will probably be the most apparent upgrade to your computer. And now that Kingston is in the top tier, this drive will be a good bet.
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