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on March 13, 2012
If you've never used and IPS panel you will notice the difference between it and your old TN monitor instantly.


The picture looks excellent from all angles which is ideal for the purposes of photo or web design/editing for the hobbyists out there.

The blacks are present and distinguishable. Out of the box it's great, but if you change the gamma setting to gamma2 you can distinguish as low as the 2nd square on a black level test which is amazing for this price range. Other comprable monitors that I've seen only distinguish as low as the 4th or 5th square. Because of this, you will see far more shades of black and dark levels, and your blacks will be.. blacker with this monitor which is ideal for just about everything.

The contrast and lighting out of box are very nice and the colors are very nice as well. Although the default color setting is "warm" but if you switch it to "normal" you're golden.

Touch control on the base is unique and easy to use making it a breeze to change settings. The base itself also sports a feature I haven't seen before in that it can also be use for wall mounting.

Overall aesthetic of the monitor is very pleasing and it matches very well with apple products due to the brushes aluminum bezel and stand.


The only cons I can muster are very minor and don't warrant taking away a star, but they are present nonetheless.

The base has a blue light on the bottom which stays activated at all times. I have not found a way to turn this off and it is rather distracting in a very dark room.

Also, While the brushed aluminum is very aesthetically pleasing, it is a bit shinier than the aluminum apple uses and as a result the bezel can reflect a decent amount of light which can be slightly distracting depending on the rooms lighting.

Bottom Line:

All things considered this is a very solid monitor at an amazing price point. For picture quality as well as aesthetics you will not find a better alternative within $50.
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on July 21, 2012
I do not know where to begin to rave about this product from an underground brand. First to dispel that which does not translate via pictures. The brushed metal frame IS real metal, not plastic, though it is thin. The only marking or branding is the small AOC name on the bottom center portion of the bezel. The bezel itself is only 3/4" which allows for a full screen view while being simple in design. The viewing angle is unbelievable with a matte screen versus a mirror black glossy finish, a trend I'll never understand. The metal makes it look classy, expensive, not cheap plastic that attracts every blemish, scratch, and print. The color is phenomenal with barely there, simple, easy controls which are 'touch' controls on this unique circular, but mountable, base. The base is hard plastic with a clear plastic thin rim that makes the blue led power light look techy and sleek. This is also a dull silver however the stem, from the base to the monitor, is chrome, the only non-aesthetically pleasing feature; it should have been uniform with either the base or the bezel. After easily and quickly adjusting the color features manually from the monitor, I further customized my resolution and color setting with my NVIDA graphics card. I primarily use this monitor for movies while my other two are for work and school. The picture is out of this world for movie viewing and gaming. The ability and class of this monitor should be for high resolution graphics versus mundane web browsing and document editing; choose an activity worthy of this monitor! All ports worked and the only feature I haven't used, tried, or needed was the speakers. I never hooked them up because I am happy with my external sound system for all three monitors. This monitor has such a low profile it almost disappears when viewed from the side. This monitor can be wall or desk mounted but will need a customized or very short monitor mount for desk mounting. It is designed for wall mounting however I have opted to desk mount it with my other two but this required me to shorten or cut a desk mount bar to make this happen. The monitor is really designed for computer gaming or movie watching as a standalone on a desk or wall mounted. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
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on September 5, 2012
Bought this for 180 some have got it cheaper but that was a good deal to me. Bought mainly because I have had alot of AOC's they have never failed me. Also because it's silver it matches my new vizio ct15 along with everything else. (I'm picky like that) So pretty much if you find this at this price or cheaper and you know what ips and what that kind of display I would say go for it. I really don't know what else is better at this price trust me I looked. I have had this for about two months now so I think it's the best time to review it.

So first it's really light weight like maybe 4 pounds and really thin. It is a little flimsy but unless your desk vibrates not an issue. I do wish the height was adjustable but it's not, I have mine as a second monitor to my laptop. You can wall mount it so that might be kinda cool, the base folds back. It does tilt also forward to back.

The screen is nice and big and 1080p. On a bigger screen I don't think this would look nice and I kinda do wish this was a little bit smaller. If they make a 21 inch it would look better I think. Colors are great for the most part, on my vizio ct15 it has a better ips display so getting them both to match is not really going to happen without messing up the other. It's hard to describe but it's really only minor. The point is white is white and red is red it's just there is a slight variation between the two. Bottomline this is a good display not the best so don't think it's going to be like perfect color retina display. I use it for design so if I can so can you just gotta adjust it. And also there is not a ton of adjust that can be done with these, your better off just picking a template because manual doesn't really even do much.

The only bad part is the buttons on the bottom base kinda suck, you shouldn't really need to adjust them much but one they have no lights so in the dark good luck. Second even though I'm used to the AOC menu it's not really user friendly, it's fine for me but average user might even know how to use it.

Speakers are joke, never use them period. Maybe if you blew every other speaker and you have none maybe and only if it was voice anything with any kind of bass will just sound stupid. On a scale from 1 to 10 the speakers are a negative 5.

Brushed metal is only the look, feels nothing like brushed metal it's not even metal just some cheap plastic shaved something. I don't know how they did it but it really looks like metal. Anyway not like your really going to be rubbing your monitor unless your in to that kinda thing.

Also some hdmi cables don't work with it. Like I bought this new really cheap hdmi cables and they are the latest spec. They work with everything else but this for some reason. Had to use some of my older thicker cables.

Overall I say get it if you have an ips laptop or this is your main display or you have ips displays I would not mix this with crap TN panels. Viewing angles are amazing almost 180 if that's even possible. Get it
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on August 1, 2012
The dot pitch is quite good, as is the viewing angle. It's definitely an improvement over my laptop's (HP dv7-6c20us) normal screen, which has moderate issues when it comes to viewing angles. I haven't compared them side by side, but it's roughly as good as my old 20.1" ViewSonic VX2025WM in regards to the viewing angle, and I absolutely loved that thing, so that's quite a compliment! This one is obviously bigger, though, and has better resolution as well, so the picture quality is maintained.

The viewing angle on this is only slightly superior to that of the Acer S271HL, so it seems like the IPS vs. TN diagrams are exaggerations, as the Acer's viewing angle is very reasonable despite being a TN monitor. The diagrams would be pretty accurate if you were to compare an IPS monitor to the screen that comes with my laptop, though, so I guess it depends on which two monitors are being compared.

It allegedly has 5 ms response time and extremely high contrast ratio (50,000,000:1) for an IPS monitor. To be honest, it almost seems too good to be true and I wonder if some of the features are an exaggeration. According to the specs, there is simply no competition for this monitor in its price range. It's also extremely thin for an IPS monitor. I can't really complain about the picture -- it looks really good -- I just wonder if it's THAT much better than its competition.

The construction of the monitor has its high and low points. It has a really sleek look and the buttons on the stand are well hidden, but the plastic on the top of the base is a bit flimsy and the stem that connects the screen to the base could be more sturdy.

This item comes with a VGA/D-Sub cable, AC->DC adapter, and a 3.5mm TRS audio connector. It does not come with an HDMI cable.

The speakers are terribly quiet, so if you're relying on this monitor to provide you with sound, expect to be greatly disappointed.

Overall, it's a very nice monitor. It has a few minor flaws, but it definitely has more than enough highlights to make up for them. I'd like to give it 4.5 stars, but I'll go with 5 because it's relatively easy on the pocketbook and has a sleek look.
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on June 24, 2012
I held off on writing this review for months to get a good idea of how it would hold up over time and I must say that for the $160 I paid out the door I am extremely pleased with how it has performed. Everything worked out of the box with no issues and even now I have only had one minor problem thus far. I upgraded from an old 21" HP monitor(which I now use as a 2nd monitor) and the difference in quality and color is mind blowing. I did a lot of research and used a specific review on this monitor to manually "calibrate" it the best I could and I am very pleased with the outcome.

The overall build quality of the monitor isn't the greatest but it works. The stand and panel structure is pretty flimsy. There is a little warning sheet when you unbox it on what NOT to do and I highly advise looking it over before tinkering with the monitor. Do not and I repeat DO NOT adjust the tilt of the monitor by the panel. Move it by the chrome neck or you risk the chance of damaging the monitor. It is very flimsy, however it has not caused any issues for me at all.

The base is a little on the cheap side but for $160 I am not complaining. When the monitor is on the base emits a blue LED and orange when in sleep mode. It may bother some people who watch movies at night but it has not distracted me thus far.
The touch buttons on the base are easy to use. Finger placement can be tricky sometimes but you'll figure it out after a couple uses.

Movies and games look incredible on this monitor. Especially HD movies. You can see every little detail, nook and cranny in the face of an actor. I tested out BSG on Netflix and was floored. It almost tempted me to re-watch the series just for HD.

The only real drawback I've noticed for this monitor are the black levels. Which I knew from doing research before I bought it. They are not the deepest blacks, but they are sufficient for me. I do have brightness tweaked just a bit higher than what a calibration review recommended, so I may just be smacking myself in the face in that respect.

The only issues I've had is while waking the PC from sleep a few times in the past the monitor wouldn't wake up. However a simple tap off/on fixed that. It only did it a few times and it has been a while since then actually.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this purchase given it is an IPS display and how expensive these usually are for the quality. Would definitely buy again.
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on July 4, 2012
I've used this about a week and these are my observations:

It's very thin. Maybe that's standard for LED-backlit displays, but I was surprised how thin and light it is. It seems pretty sturdy, though, I don't have to worry about knocking it over.
Backlight bleed seems comparable to my CCFL TN monitor, with one additional yellow patch near the bottom that doesn't bother me much.

I'm unsure if it's configuration related, but colors seem very vibrant and usually more natural/accurate than with my other monitor. Response time seems to be on par with the average LCD display.

I found the OSD and its associated touch controls responsive and easy to figure out.
The two HDMI ports worked fine for me, they don't cut off overscan so are suitable for video cards with HDMI out. I wanted an IPS monitor with HDMI ports to connect my games consoles to, and I'm not disappointed. Even in 720p games look great on this monitor.

When unpacked, the base needs to be rotated into place, which (even after unlocking it) took more force than I expected and I was afraid I would break it.

The built-in speaker is functional but very tinny, even by built-in speaker standards, which loses it a star. It also uses an external power brick which has a short cord between it and the monitor, so it may be difficult to position if the monitor is high up.

The matte finish has a grainy appearance that looks like the whole screen is smudged, which I find distracting whenever I look at the surface. When actually doing something and focusing on the picture, it doesn't bother me though. There is a status light which comes out of the base that's blue while on/active, but it turns off when the screen is off, in case you're worried about light pollution bothering you in the dark.

Overall I like this monitor for my admittedly non-artistic purposes, can't vouch for color gamut or accuracy but it seems pleasing and functional.
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on September 20, 2012
I gave it four stars because it does not have much in directions and I had to figure out most of it. The speakers sound fine but not loud enough, I would like just a bit more. The side angle is close to 45 degree before there is a noticeable change in picture and about the same up and down but it is quite good from anywhere in that range and ok a bit further out.
I bought it as it was the first nice looking IPS at near the price and it is for my laptop. My regular computer is Win98 so I use my Win.7 on the laptop when I want quick browsing and 8X the RAM. I did not do a close inspection for missing pixels but I have notice no problems and there are no bright pixels. The 4 star is based on the under $250 monitors I have been looking at in the stores. I have no idea what a high end would look like. Additional, I have had it 10 months now and I am still happy with it.
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on July 25, 2012
I don't wanna get too much into this,
all I wanna say is before purchasing this product there were days upon days of researching which models did what, what's the best for what, etc.

Ask me anything technical about this thing and I couldn't tell you, sorry.
My aim was to help people make a decision on purchasing a new monitor.
Weather you're in graphic design, like myself, or just want something for gaming..this monitor will suit you well.

I play FPS shooters on it, GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS & CODMW3, they have no ghosting and I couldn't be happier with the picture quality.
Like I said, I don't wanna get too much into it though as words can only take this so far.

Barely did anything out the box besides jus check what the options offered and bumped up contrast by a few...a few notches. That's it.
This screen is amazing. I plan on doing a video review later on just so y'all can see the picture quality.

* One more important thing I wanna say is THIS MONITOR DOES NOT HAVE AUDIO OUT, NO AUDIO OUT !!! Still I give it 5 stars because when everything works right and you finally have it all hooked up, like now, it don't get much better for the price. I'll explain what I did to get sound out of my PS3 later in the video.

take care - sorry for the rambles

*** UPDATE ***

Man, September 11... just saw the date. Anyway, this is just an extra add-on explanation for the video. There's TWO issues I have with the monitor,

1) there's no AUDIO OUT so the things you have to do in order to work around that kinda sucks if you don't already have the necessary plugs etc.
2) sometimes I see DEAD SPOTS on the screen after switching between the console and the computer. This kind of scared me at first but I noticed after
switching back the spots would disappear. This happened only a couple of times and other than that there are no CONSISTENT DEAD PIXELS anywhere. Don't let that
sway your decision, it's just some random thing idk, but we'll see because I've only had it for maybe 2 months.

I haven't given any type of review on anything before. Thanks for being understanding. The video is crap and I ramble a lot but all the info is pretty much there.
Thanks for your opinions - ask anything else and I'll try to get back to you asap. This monitor is really worth every penny. Take care.
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on October 3, 2012
This is my first IPS monitor purchase, and I am certainly not dissapointed. The 23" version is definitely a beauty to look at! After color calibration, I was able to get stunning picture quality out of the monitor. I experienced some issues at first with connecting to my Windows 7 Pro using HDMI (as I've seen with other reviews), but after a reboot and the driver installation as prescribed, everything works out great.

+The e-IPS really does do its job! Great image clarity from nearly the entire viewing hemisphere. The vertical color distortion is a bit more pronounced than the horizontal.
+Super thin and super light profile. Probably one of the lightest and thinnest displays I've ever seen around.
+Great brushed aluminum finish makes the design look very sturdy
+Touch controls at the base are very sensitive to the touch.
+Dual-HDMI connectivity, along with VGA+analogue audio.
+I like the subtle power-on light (blue) and sleep light (orange). It's not so bright as to become a distraction.

-The base is plastic "aluminum-like", but at least it is heavy-ish and sturdy.
-The screen doesn't have perfectly uniform back-lighting. In particular, the very corners of the screen seem to be slightly dimmer.
-The original packaging came only with a VGA cable (US version, I assume), so getting a separate HDMI cable is a bit of a hassle.

-(This is hardly a con, but) I wish the monitor would automatically wake up when I resume from sleep mode on my computer or connect a new device. Instead, you have to push the input selection button to wake it up.
-The monitor came with stereo speakers (which I didn't know about, and was mildly surprised to find out), but as with most monitors the speakers are crap. Frankly, I wouldn't expect any better speakers from this thin profile anyway.

Overall, I believe this is an excellent product for the price ($175, Prime) and AOC definitely delivers on its promises!

Update 10/4/12: My new HDMI cable from Amazon (the latest specs) came in, and the issue of the monitor auto-detecting an input from sleep mode seems to be resolved.
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on December 16, 2012
I don't know anything much about monitors but I was attracted to this one because of the brushed aluminum housing. Really nice looking monitor, and performs all the functions I need it for wonderfully (not a gamer so I have no idea on that capability). Very attractive price point for such a package. I had never heard of AOC either but the Dell Concierge service I use for my Alienware x51 assured me that it is a perfectly respectable operation. I don't use the speakers at all so again I can't comment there. In a nutshell the monitor provides a really crisp display and looks great on my desk. No problems at all.
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