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To begin this review, I want to say that until just a few months ago, I had a white Down Comforter and decided to purchase this one to replace my much loved Down Comforter (it wore out after 8 years)!

Also, before I purchased this Comforter, I read MANY of the positive and negative reviews to be as sure as possible that this would be the RIGHT Down Alternative Comforter for me. That said, before are what I found to be the PROS and the CONS of this Comforter:


+ Weight/Appearance/Fluffiness/Softness of the Comforter - Just right in my opinion. It is about the same weight as my now retired White Down Comforter. Even looks like my old Down one on my Queen bed! *Also, this Comforter is SUPER FLUFFY, it is like sleeping under a soft and fluffy CLOUD! The material looks like cotton, but it is 100 polyester on the outer covering and on the fill. SOFTNESS of the material - I have found it to be SOFTER than say 100 percent cotton or even 50 percent cotton and I am picky about softness.

+ All Year Round Usage - YES!!! Personally, I am a cold natured person and so I need to have a comforter on my YEAR ROUND and detest having to change out the comforter for Summer/Winter etc. This one works well for me even in the WINTERTIME. Here in Central Arkansas where I live (mountains are all around where I live), we have our share of snow (a few times a year) and also some icy nights etc. At those times, I place a soft and fluffy, soft white blanket under the Comforter for added warmth and to save on fuel bills (I keep the heating furnace at night at 68 degrees to save energy)!

+ Washing and Drying Ease - Washing - I washed this in an OLDER Magtag Washer that is 18 years old and has just a LARGE CAPACITY (not a EXTRA LARGE ONE). The Comforter was a tight fit in this older washer, and so I placed it very carefully into my older washer! I washed it in COLD wash and rinse with Wool-lite detergent for washers. Result? The Comforter came out of the washer very clean, and DID NOT cause the SPIN to go out of control like say a couple of pillows sometimes do! The washer and Comforter did fine.
Drying - For exactly 45 minutes, I placed this into my OLDER Magtag Dryer on regular temperature with three lavender scent fabric softener sheets. Result? The Comforter came out of my dryer very FLUFFY and smelling wonderful.

+ What to expect after washing/drying - Just after I had washed and dried, I placed the Comforter back onto my bed and it was pretty much FLUFFY, however, LIKE DOWN, some of the squares did have some lumpy/bumpy effect just like my old Down one had. This is natural and normal with this type of stuffing and also because the squares on this Comforter are so large and the fill is thicker than say a cheap regular style of Comforter so expect this!
What I did to fix the lumpy/bumpy (mostly it was in the center): I smoothed it with my hands and most of the lumpy bumpy effects just smoothed out.

+ Savings over Dry Cleaning my OLD DOWN COMFORTER - Like clockwork, I brought my Down Comforter to my local Dry Cleaner once a month and the cost of dry cleaning it was never cheap! This went on for several years--no more with this new one!

+ Price/Quality - For the price I paid for this Comforter, I am very pleased with it as for Quality, I find the quality Excellent in ratio to the price I paid! It it NOT of 5 star hotel quality, however, I still give it a true 4.5 stars because I really am enjoying this comforter!

CONS (Just one that I found):

- Lumpy/Bumpy (somewhat) after washing/drying - I knew this would happen because I had a real Down Comforter so it was expected. If you cannot tolerate this, then I suggest that you purchase a regular non Down like Comforter or even a Quilt.

Suggestions on How to measure for your bed:

1) This is 88x88 size which should EASILY fit a FULL bed or a QUEEN BED if you do NOT have a PILLOWTOP or THICK Mattress of say 9 inches or more. For me, I do NOT have a PILLOWTOP Queen mattress, just a thick mattress pad, so this Queen hangs down to just below where my bedskirt is on my bed.

2) If you do have a PILLOWTOP Queen mattress, then I suggest that you purchase the KING size because it will go down longer onto the bedskirt and not look skimpy!

Bottom line: If you have owned a Down Comforter, then this one is a great alternative in my opinion. If you are used to a very thick Comforter, this one is of medium thickness, but it is not thin either.
Since I am so so picky about Comforters, I can truly say that I love this one and highly recommend it!
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on February 12, 2015
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on June 30, 2017
So I've had this comforter for 6 months now and i feel I've had it long enough to give it an objective review. HANDS DOWN THE BEST COMFORTER I'VE EVER OWNED! I specifically didn't want goose down because i didn't like how it bunched up and shed feathers. If you've had the same experience, then this alternative is the way to go! It is soft to the touch, very plush and has a medium weight to it. I believe it is a 3-season comforter. I would recommend a heavier weight for cold winter nights if you live in the mid to northern parts of the country. But since I live in Southern CA, I can use it year round. I don't use a duvet for it so I was afraid of washing it for the first time thinking it might tear or shred inside the machine. But over a dozen washes later in delicate mode, I was proven wrong! I'm very surprised how it's holding up, even through the dryer! I justify my 5-star rating for its softness, durability, reliability and longevity! If this one wears out, I have no problem buying another one. Invest in your sleep! Best $40 I've spent. Seriously.
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on December 14, 2016
It's like sleeping on a cloud! It's the perfect amount of fluff and it feels like real down. True to king size. Here's a picture inside the Beckham duvet cover also bought on Amazon.
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on August 7, 2016
While it's not quite as "fluffy" as it is in the picture, I didn't really expect it to be. It is SO soft. It's like sleeping on clouds, I swear. The white is WHITE white and I love it. It makes it look so clean and crisp. Unfortunately, it also makes my off white pillows look old and dirty so I decided to buy new pillows to match the elegance of the comforter. It looks really flat at first, but if you wait a while and fluff it out, it looks so much better.
I was worried it might be too hot to use, especially in the summer months, but it is literally perfect. It's thin, but still fluffy and puffy so you get that expensive down look without the bulky, hot heaviness. It's August in California (no air conditioners) and I'm able to use it every single night. I don't think I'll ever be able to use another blanket again. I have been spoiled by this one.
One added bonus for those that hate making their beds: You can literally throw this on your bed, straighten a few corners and you're done. It's the easiest blanket I've ever worked with. I have made my bed maybe a total of 50 times before I got this blanket. Now I make it every single morning because it really only takes a second.
You should seriously, seriously consider investing in one of these. It's cheap and feels like a million bucks. This blanket may contain the following: cotton candy, cloud fluff, dolphin skin, baby butts, and/or marshmallows.
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on January 14, 2018
I have had this for two winters now, and I can only stand it HALF a night in the coldest nights. It sleeps WAY too hot for me, and I am a cold-natured person. If you tend to do well with the 100% cotton quilts (which keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer), this may be too hot for you as well. I am now going to try a 100% down (not alternative) comforter because I can't get a good night's sleep with this one--I love quilts, but hubby, not so much. I'm only giving it 3 stars because it IS good quality, and if you have NO heat or you live in the Arctic Circle, this would be the perfect choice for you. However, if you are even the slightest bit menopausal, run, Forrest, run! :)
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on August 29, 2017
I have been using it for 3 years nonstop, it was great. It's warm, comfortable, exactly what I wanted.

Absolutely love it, also the price is good. Definitely recommend this piece, I can say it worth $43.00 I paid in 2013.

P.S. i got rid of it,ONLY because my washing machine broke one day, and it just did not spin. It was all soaked in water, and it was impossible to recover. And YES I was washing it in the washing machine hundreds of times...and it did not get damaged for years I was doing so!

So I do recommend this product.
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on January 16, 2018
I am so happy we bought this comforter.

First, I got the king size for my queen size bed because I tend to steal the covers at night. With the extra amount of bedding that we now get it's almost impossible for me to take them all. It also looks really nice on a Queen. Normally if I get a queen size comforter for my bed it'll show the sheets below it.

Second, it's really warm. The first comforter we had gotten for $150 from Macy's (which we returned after we purchased THIS comforter) was really comforter and stiff.

Third, it's REALLY comfortable. I fall asleep so much quicker now and I'm the morning I don't want to get out of bed because it's just so warm and comfy.

Fourth, it's not AS puffy as the picture shows but honestly, are you buying it for show or are you buying it for your own comfort? It still looks really nice on the mattress.

The only thing that I didn't like was what I saw when I opened the Amazon box when it got here. The zipper to the package that the comforter was in was broken and because of this the seal was open. Because of this the comforter had been running again the inside of the Amazon box (which was dirty) and left a dirt stain on the comforter. It wasn't a huge stain so I didn't find it to be a huge deal especially since it's so comfortable.
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on November 28, 2017
It isn't down, but it's pretty darn good. In the past I've always had real down, but I wanted something hypoallergenic and easier to clean. I bought this one because of its heavier weight in pounds than comparably-priced down alt. This one is actually a bit too much unless it's really cold... my real down I used to use year-round, but there's just no way you could use this down alternative comforter in the warmer months unless you live in Antarctica. Still, it's easy to clean and it's very warm if you need something insulating. It's also incredibly pillowy and soft, and has held up the past handful of months I've owned it. I don't regret buying it, I just wish I had gotten one maybe a tiny bit thinner than this one for the climate in Oregon.
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on May 24, 2017
Good comforter, good fabric and quality
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