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on July 27, 2012
Note: if you live in a large city where bike theft is a major problem, keep looking, this isn't for you.

I've used this lock now for about 60 days/250 miles in the city, these are my "post purchase eurphoria" experiences with it. Overall it's a good device, if you can overlook it's minor faults. Considering the form factor and it's restraints, I think they're worth it.

Edit(1): One year/1500 miles later, this is still my every day lock, and it works exactly as well as it did the first day I got it. I regularly recommend this to friends who are looking for something more convenient than a U-Lock.

Edit(2): Two years/3000 miles later (Feb 2014), this is STILL my every day lock. I ride about 60 miles a week round trip total to the office and tie up in the fancy parking garage right next to my office for free! No issues with the lock, build quality etc. It has some minor scuff marks but no cracks, dents or scratches. It still lives in the canvas "cozy" because it rattles in my metal bottle cage. I have a kryptonite U lock but 99/100 times I bring the Kuat bottle lock instead because it's lighter and lives on my bike. I'm buying a second one for my other bike. I've replaced every other accessory (lights, computer, rack, pedals, under-seat bag) but the Kuat is the one item I never needed to replace/upgrade.

Edit(3): FOUR years/5,800 miles later (Mar 2016) even NOW this is STILL my every day lock. The SAME one. I ride about 40 miles a week round trip total these days. I've moved from Dallas to San Francisco, and while I wouldn't leave the bike for more than two hours in the same spot, and certainly not all day every day outside my office, but for going to the local burrito shop, local coffee shop, post office, whatever, I still trust this thing to keep the less fortunate from walking off with my bike, front wheel, etc.I'm a little alarmed that they only sell these in two colors now, makes me think they might be discontinued. I will probably buy another one as a backup, just in case this one ever breaks. I had to hit the external plastic coating with some silicone spray lube to loosen things up a bit, and the (asthetic only) black cap popped off one day when it bounced out of the bottle cage doing 35mph down a hill. Some gorilla glue fixed it right up. Otherwise flawless.

Edit(4): FIVE years/6,500 miles later (April 2017) Bike was stolen, and with it the bottle lock. Bottle lock was great all the way to the last! You will be missed, bottle lock. Would buy another one but they only have them in Pink now. Will have to look around for another white or black one. This is the best lock if you can find one.

If you live in a medium size city or the suburbs and you are looking for a lock to keep kids or homeless people from riding off with your bike while you go in the store for groceries or for lunch, this is a good choice, especially since it doesn't need a special mount. The cable isn't terribly thick - the plastic coating on the outside makes it look thicker than it really is. You couldn't snip it with a pair of wire cutters, but a determined thief could gnaw away at it in 5-10 minutes. Proper cable cutters will make short work of it.

But if all you want is to keep someone from riding off on your bike while you go inside for some Starbucks, this is a great choice. I use this to tie my bike up outside the entrance to the grocery store, the coffee shop by my house, at the park, restaurants, bars and pretty much anywhere else.

Pros: Cable is long enough to run through BOTH wheels + the frame, unusual key design (hard to pick), comes with a spare key. Looks convincing, cable unwinds and winds back up very easily. If it were a spring retract it would likely cost 3x as much and break.

Cons: The pretty shiny white finish of my kuat bottle lock was marred by my water bottle holder in about 10 miles. I've since but another 250 miles on my bike (and lock) since then, and while the actual plastic/lock is in great, like new shape, it no longer looks anything like in the pictures. This is only a "con" if you care what your lock looks like. You might be able to buff out some of these smudges and smears caused by the water bottle holder (mine is metal).

Also, it's rather noisy. What? A lock is noisy? Yes. It's made of hard ABS plastic, like the outer lining of a football helmet. It's also slightly smaller than a real water bottle (it's rigid, so I suppose it needs to be smaller to fit in a wider variety of rigid bottle holders). This rattles like crazy against my metal wire water bottle holder when going over any terrain rougher than smooth blacktop. I ended up making a canvas boot to go around it and nullify most of the noise. If you have a plastic water bottle holder, or it holds bottles particularly tightly, it shouldn't be a problem, but be aware if you have a metal bottle holder.

Finally, it has a screw/unlockable bottom compartment. This thing is a nice thought, but in reality it's kind of a pain in the ass. a) it can't hold anything besides maybe a $20 bill folded + your house key b) anything metal inside this compartment is going to rattle like marbles in a tin can c) if you put your hand on the bottom of the bottle lock to twist the cable back in, the bottom comes unlocked and the whole thing falls out of your hand. I am probably just going to put $10 in here for an emergency and glue this thing shut. I have an under seat bag that does a much better job of holding things.
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on June 15, 2012
I use this as a secondary lock. Kryptonite U-Lock for my frame + rear tire on a pole, then I wrap this bottle lock around my front tire. It's also nice when I'm sitting on a bench outside and I just want to lock down a tire so no one can hop on and ride off while I tie my shoe. Yah, maybe slightly paranoid but 100,000 bikes get stolen in NYC annually.

There's no spring so it doesn't roll itself up. NO BIG DEAL. It's super easy to roll up by just spinning the cap a few times.

Learn to lock your bike correctly. Youtube "Hal Ruzal Grades Your Bike Locking"


2 year update (2014):

No one has stolen my bike/gear yet. I still stand by my initial review.

Also - I now have an nice brooks saddle which the bottle lock captures. Keep in mind I use the bottle lock for just the front tire & saddle, with the rear lock covering the rear wheel & frame. The bottle lock isn't long enough to cover both wheels AND seat without removing the seat (which I'm not going to deal with). Again, if you live in an urban area, you need to use 2 LOCKS anyway or simply don't leave your bike.
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on July 12, 2012
This is not a serious daily lock. Its steel cable, while substantial enough, is simply not as cut-resistant as a solid U-lock. But this isn't intended to lock up your commuting ride. This chain is intended for occasional use on a bike that normally you don't need to lock at all. I commute on a heavy bike with racks and whatnot, so it's easy to carry a big lock. When I'm on my fancy go-fast bike, I don't generally leave it around where it would even need locking. But there are always exceptions, like a bike trip to visit friends where I want the speed of the fast bike, but will be leaving it parked outside a diner or whatever for a bit. That's where this lock shines. It pops right into a bottle cage, and it is secure enough for general purposes.

As noted in other reviews, the cable retracts manually. In my book, that's a good thing: a spring-powered system might "go off" at the wrong time. Ever had a measuring tape retract suddenly? I can just imagine the steel cable doing that while wrapped around the spokes! With the manual system, just give the top a few quick twists twists and the cable is back tucked neatly inside.

There's a little storage compartment at the bottom, and I'm somewhat leery about it. It's closing mechanism is just not very secure-looking, just a couple of tiny plastic tabs. It surely can't come open while the whole mechanism is sitting in my bottle cage, but I could easily see that bottom falling off as soon as the Kuat is removed from the cage. That's not even enough of a ding to take off a star, as it hasn't happened yet; I'm just concerned that it might.

All in all, this is a clever bit of design that works well and is reasonably priced. What more can you ask?
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on March 18, 2014
These locks are a cool idea, and for a cheap 1-step up in security from leaving your bike free on the sidewalk, they are effective. I wouldn't park a bike with this lock in a public space overnight because neither the wire nor the plastic body are tough enough to withstand anybody who is in any way prepared to take your bike.

My main problem with this lock is that, after a winter season of commuting, road grime and salt, or whatever, completely took the locking mechanism out of commission. Even after a couple of thorough cleanings, it is difficult to wind and unwind the wire, and the locking mechanism simply won't "bite" on to the end anymore and the "locked" head can be yanked out with no effort. I'll be buying a less gimmicky lock to replace it shortly, which honestly makes me a little sad.
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on May 26, 2015
This product is unique and I haven't seen another manufacturer build something similar before deciding to purchase this. It comes with an adequate length of cable to reach around and through your bike wheels and frame and back to the lock mechanism. The only gripe is the bottom of the bottle is a screw "type" cap for objects. It doesn't screw on very tight and hold. A small rattle of any sort would loosen it. But since it actually sits in the bottle cage on the frame of your bike it's not a huge deal. Definitely not a deal breaker and has nothing to do with the ability to use the lock itself. But worth noting.
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on October 9, 2013
My bike, nor any of its parts, have been stolen, so it must work, eh? For pure ease of use I doubt if there is anything else that comes close. Pulls out, wraps around the frame, tires, etc, wrap it back around, push the cable end into the locking hole on the bottle housing and it clicks (locked). Takes all of 30 seconds . . if you are having trouble. Almost as easy to put back, key into the top keyhole, turn key, the locking end falls out and you twist the top of the faux bottle as it rewinds into the bottle shaped container. No muss, no fuss, no cable tangles, no stress from the rewind spring. Takes a minute . . if you are having problems. Couldn't say enough good about it. Not sure it's the ultimate lock for downtown Manhattan, but for stops at the market, pharmacy and sometimes the nearest Men's room, I'm a cheerleader. The good things people have said in these reviews, all true.
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on April 13, 2012
When I'm riding my road bike, I never lock it because I never leave it, which is why I still have my 1980 Peugeot PXN10LE. Around town on my single speed, I needed a painless way to be able to lock it while I dash into the library or store for a few minutes. This bottle lock is perfect for that. It's more secure than a big zip tie to prevent casual theft, and that's all I need. The bottom compartment gives me a handy place to carry odds and ends and I don't care that it only twists shut because it's held in place by the bottle cage. I don't care that I must manually rewind the cable because that means I'm not carrying around a heavy spring-loaded mechanism. I also don't care that it doesn't actually hold water because I'm not riding that far (I've read this complaint on a forum somewhere!).

The cable is long enough to reach through the rear triangle, around an immovable object AND the front wheel, all without removing the bottle from the cage. I will note that an old-school Blackburn mountain cage holds the lock quite securely, the lighter road version cage, less so (with the lighter cage I might use a velcro strap to make sure it doesn't bounce out).

This is a well-executed design that will undoubtedly spawn knock-offs; some may even offer refinements. If you need long term security, I suggest good U-locks, heavy chains and armed guards that you know personally. For me, this is the right lock for my purposes. It cost me pennies over $25 here on Amazon, which is cheaper than anywhere else I found. Good riding.
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on February 6, 2014
I'm on my second one, First one got stolen while locking up my bike. This lock wont save your bike from a thief who really wants your bike, But it is a great deterrent from passer by to snag your bike and ride away while you are communting around town.
With this lock I can ride to the library and jump off my bike, park, and lock up; fast! I dont worry about my bike. Fits nicely in my water bottle holder. I have a black one now because the white one scuffed up some. Cable is coated and doesn't scratch your bike.

A good buy at any price, very functional. A great gift to a cycler.
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on March 23, 2015
I kept losing bike locks when commuting, so i bought this since i figured it would be harder to lose. It has been the most convenient lock that i have used.

Pretty good product so far, but I see some room for improvement: it would be nice if the cable was easier to retract back into the bottle, somehow with less friction or of it was spring-loaded. Also, a slightly rubberized outer surface of the bottle would be awesome so it would not rattle in the bottle cage.
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on February 28, 2013
This is a great option to use as a bike lock if you have a bike with 2 water bottle holders or simply don't need to take a bottle with you when you ride, or like me use a Camelbak. This lock does a great job of keeping your bike secure all the while remaining inconspicuous. My only real complaint about the lock is that the wire could be longer. In some areas thieves are after not just the bike but the wheels as well. I have had trouble trying to wrap the lock through the frame, both wheels and then whatever I am locking it to. In most cases I would imagine that this lock would work just fine. The whole thing is self contained to the cord wraps up very nicely and looks like an ordinary water bottle.
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