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on September 5, 2015
I purchased this product for the track point feature. This keyboard was selected over the other options because it was the lowest price point, and wireless. When first pairing this keyboard with my tablet (Wacom Companion 2), the track point worked perfectly. However, this keyboard goes into sleep mode when not in use, and once you wake it up the track point becomes unusable. The pointer jumps wildly across the screen, and eventually disappears to a far corner. I was unable to find a way to fix this error. I tried disconnecting and re-connecting, rebooting, and other various combinations of the above, but was unable to resolve the issue.

The keyboard itself is lovely! The size is perfect, and it feels very comfortable to hold. There were also no issues with the keyboard itself when it resumed from sleep mode, only the track point had issues. It arrived with a stand I wasn't expecting, and a really cool case, that if my tablet had fit into it, would have been the perfect solution to transform my tablet into a mini laptop. If I owned the tablet this keyboard was intended for (My tablet is 13", more of a mini laptop than a tablet) I would 100% buy again, with or without the track point function working correctly.

I also want to note, this came to me missing the cable required to charge the keyboard. Luckily it's a common cable, and I was able to find another one in the house easily, but it was supposed to be included with the purchase.
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on April 17, 2013
I give the Motorola Wireless Keyboard with Device Stand, which I'm using right now to type this review, five stars for its performance, design, convenience, and overall quality/impression. I should note two additional factors:

(1) I'm using it together with the Google Nexus 10 tablet, and the android-optimized features as well as mouse-stick are excellent additions.
(2) I did not pay full price, but purchased a "like-new" keyboard with fulfillment by Amazon.

USE: This keyboard is extremely easy to use--you'll be typing less than a minute after taking it out of the box, and you'll never have to worry or waste time dealing with connectivity issues. I thought the small keys would be a hassle and that I'd constantly have to correct typos, but the spacing and tactile response of the keys completely compensate. Some of the sizes for certain keys are counter-intuitive (esp. the backspace and enter keys, which are smaller than expected), but I haven't run into any trouble when using it, so in practice there's no problem. The Android keys make for easy navigation, and the mouse-stick/cursor/whatever they're calling it is surprisingly responsive and easy to navigate. Having the additional navigation option is nice when using the keyboard at a distance from the tablet and, if you don't have a stylus, keeps your screen clean from fingerprints.

DESIGN: It's light but doesn't feel cheap--the slim profile is paired with a sturdy build that feels like it will last. The cover (you could use it as a stand, esp. for a phone, but if you have a tablet, there are much better options) keeps the keyboard protected from debris and various potential damages and makes it easy to toss into a bag for travel without adding anything to the dimensions. It's a little bit of an effort to pry off, but at the same time it doesn't feel like it would ever come off during transport, so the trade-off is for the better. The entire product has the feel of a thin, sturdy surface.

CONCLUSION: If you want an ultra-portable, reliable, sleek keyboard with Android-optimized features and a built-in mouse for use with a tablet, this is probably the best keyboard available, especially if you can avoid paying the list-price. If the price seems steep for the added features, or you're looking for a keyboard/case combo, you might want to consider something that isn't as focused on minimizing dimensions. I haven't seen a better combination of portability and build-quality together with a mouse option, and the more I use it the more the list-price seems justified.
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on May 29, 2013
Ack! Ack! I thought at the cost of this keyboard, but let me leap ahead to my conclusion:
For a Very Small keyboard which you can Always pack and use Everywhere wirelessly via Bluetooth ,
this is one great keyboard. I also make the point below that your interface may be more important than the device you use this with.

I have used a lot of keyboards, cussed at a lot of keyboards. Many hinder me to make a lot of errors, which I have tediously fixed. On the road with laptops, notebooks, or using a co-worker's machine, or trying an internet place in a foreign country -- I have pounded out many keystrokes on some strange keyboards. It's okay when the work gets out, but most other keyboards really slow me down. The worst keyboards have layouts that suddenly send you skiterring all over your work to some place you never expected to be. Mumph.

At home I still use an IBM keyboard. At work we enjoy the best of the MS full-size keyboards. I love my expensive Think-Pad but for today it is too heavy and too valuable to go on the road. It is 2013. We use 64GB SD cards; we live in Tablet-Land (Nexus 7s with OTG) We are in a world of very cheap devices, very small light machines, solid state storage -- but we also want to work...

So here's my first point:
What if you had a very decent keyboard which you always took with you? Which you got reeally used to? So you were productive again? One of such quality it would last a very long time? That is what I found in this Motorola keyboard. The touch feed-back is very good. The pointer stick replaces a mouse quite well. The layout is very good. I never make mistakes anymore moving around material. It has Android function keys (which I appreciate more because they stay put on this keyboard while my other smarty devices moves them around :) This keyboard has Windows function keys (which I am used to) It has Blue tooth. This KB connects to all my computers. It has a Li-Po battery that seems to last about a month. The cover keeps stuff out of the keys when travelling. A $0.99 BT dongle I can plug into hotel computers that have attached printers. I enjoy working through my familiar I do not have to figure out where is the foreign language "@" symbol...

So here's my second point:
The Interface is very important.
You can have the coolest smart-phone, neat tablet, clever notebook or foreign computer and when you want to work -- just get stuff done -- between you, your mind, the web, your world -- then your personal interface makes a huge difference. In a world of hieroglyphics, cute ever-changing tiny icons, endlessly "updated" GUIs, the one Constant is my Keyboard. So I bring along my own: this keyboard.

In that context, the price is fine.
Is it as "good" as your full-sized keyboard? No, but what is better is the big one you don't have with you. This is the one you do, a very good & comfortable keyboard to work with According to MS Word, I have written over 1,000,000 characters with this keyboard. It may well last longer than my several dropped smart-phones, broken computers, tablets or newer tools.

This keyboard? Grab one of the last few. It is a keeper for more years than I'll own any notebook or tablet.

My last point:
We should encourage manufacturers and Amazon shoppers to consider for road-warriors some serious "industrial" quality keyboards that merit a higher price by (1) reliably (2) delivering (3) productivity -- and that important intangible -- (4) a superior experience.
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on January 13, 2014
Since Amazon has not yet implemented a scoring system that can handle .5's, Motorola gets a bit of a bump: my actual grade for this product would most likely be a 3.5 out of 5.

Starting off with the positive aspects; its weight/size. It's a tiny little guy that is proportionate in weight. Its diminutive size makes portability a key feature, which is good! But, it takes a tiny bit of adjusting when beginning to type. The "Enter" key is a fraction of its original size, and the "Backspace" button is further into the right-hand corner than I am used to. I'm still getting the hang of it.

Another great aspect the Motorola Wireless Keyboard (MWK hereon) is how it feels. We already know it's compact, but I'm here to tell you that it is pretty sleek too. The keys make a satisfying clicking sound when tapped, and (most importantly to me) they are not convex in shape. Flat, clicky, smooth keys with low profiles make me happy.

Another pro would be all of the Android-specific shortcut keys that the MWK provides us. I shall list them for all to see:
1.) TWO menu keys,
2.) A home key,
3.) A back key,
4.) TWO search keys, and
5.) A phone shortcut key
6.) *Also provided are three volume control buttons (vol. up, vol. down, and mute) and media playback controls (skip/rewind, play/pause, and skip/fast forward.
I have sampled all of the above, and they all work well.

This next part is a bit tricky. Although some of the upcoming features I will discuss provide value, they are not without their flaws. So, instead of trashing these parts I will endeavor to be diplomatic with my criticisms....But I will list them now, because lists are good times.
1.) The typing process on the MWK requires a bit of learning, as mentioned above,
2.) The MWK actually restricts how quickly a person can type. As a pretty fast typist (70-75 wpm), I press keys so quickly that often the next key is hit while my finger is lifting off of the previous one (if that makes any sense). Anyway, with MWK your typing strokes need to be more deliberate. I took a typing speed test using MWK and scored in the 40's, so yeah, there's that..

All in all, I give the MWK my stamp of approval. It does its job fairly well for use with mobile devices, syncs quickly, doesn't use much energy, and is a good-looking product that caters specifically to your Motorola device. The issues with smaller keys and slower typing do detract from its overall score, but I get the feeling that with some more time and practice, it shouldn't slow me down too much.
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on November 23, 2013
I already had a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse to pair with my samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet. Issue was that mouse and keyboard would interfeare with each other and casue frequent disconnections. Mouse will dosconnect if i pressed a key. Keyboard would disconnect if i used the mouse... oh well....

So i started looking for a keyboard with mouse integrated.

Decided to go for a trackpoint over trackpad, due to personal preference to trackpoint.
Shortlisted a few keyboards, and i picked up this motorola keyboard with trackpoint.

I have used this for more than a week now, and here are my observations

- Exteremely good quality / solid feel keyboard with chicklet style keys.
- Keys are well spaced for a 10inch keyboard.
- keyboard also supports windows function keys
- mouse is nice and cool. solid feel and precise movement.
- no disconnections.
- very good battery life.. i have charged this keyboard only once, and have used it already for 2 full days at office... runs like a champ.
- some bluetooth keyboards disconnect too fast in an attempt to preserve battery life... not this one! thankfully so.
- when this bluetooth keyboard is connected, somehow the usual android on-screen keyboard does not appear... so i uninstalled null keyboard. no switching of keyboard on android now. I don't know why this keyboard works like this, but god bless the programmer who thought of removing onscreen keyboard when this keyboard is connected.

What can be made better
- there are 2 home keys on the keyboard. maybe one can be used for windows "home" style behavior. i.e. go to the begining of the line you are typing rather than to android home screen.
- there are 2 keys for options menu. i wish one of them could be used for simulating long press on android to give right click behavior. (This is mostly an android deficiency of not supporting right click mouse)

Regarding shipping...
I received the keyboard on time and in very good shape. so thanks to the seller for it.

A excellent solid feel keyboard that provides a good user-experience. Integrated mouse is the reason why i picked this keyboard, and i am loving it so far.
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on November 26, 2014
I bought this keyboard because it offers a multifunction cover that can be used as a device stand as shown in the picture. Unfortunately what I have received is a totally different device stand.
review image
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on November 11, 2013
Super keyboard and mouse stick (as in lenovo laptops). Works as expected. Minor issues when using with android (nexus 10):
- no hotkey for change input language (install additional keyboard with switcher by alt+shift from google play)
- fn+home instead of go to start of line/file move me to desktop
- fn+end/page up/page down not work in text editor
- two menu buttons (top left and bottom rigth) does same action - opens context menu - would be better if one of the buttons opens Applications

think that last two issues are connected with installed additional keyboard

Work great in team viewer and allow do all my work things in win7 (program development).
Alt-tab show new application switch menu - surprise for me, not see this below.
Pairing was super simple and fast - no problem.
Charging from usb2 - about 3 hours (no information in included documentation about battery capacity on charging time).
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on December 18, 2013
I may have expected more ease of use. The built in mouse is taking time to adjust to, not blaming the manufacturer on this one, just probably need to use it more. The right and left click and hold are somewhat harder for me to do, but then again the keyboard for me is more for traveling when I don't want to drag a laptop with me. So my experience is that it is convenient for traveling but control of cursor somewhat annoying.
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on March 13, 2015
using it on a TW801.. wow... wow. a-freaking-mazing !!
to think i almost bought a regular bluetooth KB without the built track stick/ mouse to save a few bucks.

will never use a regular bluetooth keyboard without a built in mouse pointer with a tablet again.. great buy!

very happy
review image
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on July 14, 2014
The product shown on the wed site is different from the one delivered by the vendor, Moonshine. I wanted the keyboard with clip on case that converts to a stand, but instead got the keyboard in a large folio case with a separate heavy steel stand. The keyboard works fine but lacks the compact cover.
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