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on August 29, 2013
I try to be an "informed" buyer so that's why I rely on reviews by others before I consider a purchase, even on small ticket items like this one. I am a 40 something yr. old empty nester who has more time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, like a r/c helicopter. I'm writing this to share my experience and maybe help you become a more informed shopper.

I, like others, was looking to take the next step up from those small, 3 channel indoor copters but didn't want to immediately jump to a 6-ch, high dollar heli that I could see myself crashing my first time out. After ready reviews from different sights and watching Yo_tube videos, I decided to purchase one of these v911s.

After two weeks of daily flying, I'm very pleased with the performance of this little helicopter. It claims to be for indoor/outdoor use but I would advise NOT to fly this thing outside unless there is ZERO wind. If you do, be prepared to climb on the neighbors roof or go in his backyard to retrieve your heli. Any slight breeze in the air rockets this thing in directions you cannot control.

Inside, also beware because of the agile flight and power of this helicopter. Going from a 3 ch to a 4 ch control takes some serious practice but once you get the hang of it, you'll appreciate the speed and control of this little helicopter. I have already modified my copter with cool updates like a red aluminum swashplate (Eb_y) and a cool paper body mod that makes my copter look like a mini bell helicopter (found a pdf link on Yo_tube).

I paid a little under $40 shipped for this item and for that price, it was well worth the investment. It is very simple in design yet durable and nearly indestructible. I would not recommend this item for anyone under 12 yrs. of age. The radio controls may be too complex for young children.
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on October 18, 2014
In summary This is the best of three RC helicopters I have purchased

Durable- I have crashed this at full speed (about as fast as I can sprint 12-15mph maybe more) outside onto concrete and still works perfectly. ** I did manage to dislodge the main motor but it slid back into place with no ill side effects** If flown over a large field It would be nearly indestructible. Also if the gyro senses a hard impact it cuts power to the motor helping to avoid damage

Agile- In mode 1 it is perfect for flying indoor. I taunt my children with this and chase them around the house with no difficulty. Outdoor in light wind this is a blast as well very manageable. 2-4 mph is ideal. With a very large field with a good amount of practice 6-8 mph wind may be flyable ( I have not tried...yet). Hovering, once I got the trim set I could probably leave it in one spot for 4 of the 6 minutes of flight without touching the controls.

Range- I can fly this farther then I can make out which direction it is facing. 30-40 ft high as well. RF over infrared any day! Also the controls despite being digital remember your trim adjustments so it does not need major corrections every time you fire this up.

Battery- sadly the batteries are a fault despite being the new style. I am not talking about length of flight. 6-7 minutes of pure joy. The connection of one of the batteries is not perfect and the slightest jolt breaks the connections (hence the full speed crash onto concrete mentioned earlier.) This may be a defect with the particular battery since the other provides a much more stable connection but the battery will still dislodge at times.

Overall the product is excellent and I would recommend it. I do plan on getting the extended batteries at some point and will update if anything changes.
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on November 17, 2014
First off let me say if your 3 channel coaxial flyer, this is gonna be a different learning curve for you. This little dude is swift and agile unlike the 3 channel beginners. The controls are also different, your turn control and throttle control is on the left stick and your forward control and roll control are on the right stick as oppose to a 3 channel coaxial which has throttle on the left and turn and forward control on the right. So its totally different, what I did with mine was use my WL v913 control instead which allows me to put the remote in mode 4 and have similar control as the 3 channel coaxial with the roll control on the throttle stick, that made it very easy for me to learn. Please note that even though i have the v913 I have never flown it before, the thing is very huge and scares me a bit so I decided to get the smaller version to practice on(v911). The v911 is very sensitive to control and you have greater control over it compared to 3 channel with gyro. So over all its a great little chopper that comes with two batteries, each battery gives you about 5 min. fly time, its very light so lttle to no wind is recommended and if you want to move from 3 channel to 4 channel, this is the guy to do so with. With that being said I didnt give it 5 stars because mine in flight leans to the right as in the right side is lower than the left side of the heli and causes the heli to have a constant right roll so I have to trim that. Will try to put some weight on the left side and see if i can balance it out. Video of my flight
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on February 5, 2014
The receiver and transmitter would not bind - tried everything - different batteries - different switch-on sequences - different distances - different locations in the house (in case it was radio interference) - nothing worked. So I was forced to return it. Based on reviews on this product it seems that a certain percentage have this problem - maybe 2% to 3%? - maybe less. So maybe I was just unlucky. But ... I have bought 4 of the Syma 107G helicopters in the last couple of months (I have 3 sons) and there has not been a single issue with any of them. So maybe this manufacturer does not have the same quality control as Syma - or maybe I was just unlucky. Very disappointing.

Edit Feb. 11 - I ordered another v911 - a blue one from another supplier (Tech Era) and it arrived yesterday. It works fine - transmitter and receiver bind with no problems - copter flys well. I have not yet taken this first one (from Red Rock USA) to the UPS drop so I decided to test the new transmitter with this copter - and it worked. So the problem is the transmitter. I noticed that the bad transmitter had solder spatters on the back. This would indicate that it had probably been on a repair bench. If they were going to sell a repaired unit as a new one - at least they could be sure it worked.
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on December 28, 2013
Having had Air Hogs several years ago I decided it was time to see if RCHs have improved. I was impressed with how much easier it was to control a small indoors chopper I perchance at Target so I thought I'd give one of these a try because it can be used outdoors. It arrived today and the two batteries (1 spare) charged quickly with the USB charger. I had it flying out front in a slight wind within 20 minutes. I am very impressed with how much better this 911 is than those smaller indoor models. Relatively easy to control but I have some past experience. This 911 is at lease 3 times better than any Air Hog, Protocol, or other indoor model for basically the same price. I am tempted to go for the larger one of these on Amazon. By the way, I'm 67 years old and got back into these because several of my grandchildren love their choppers and got more for Christmas. Thanks kids, for getting Papa off of his butt..
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on October 5, 2014
I am not the best at flying this thing, I broke it the first night I got it. I've spent a couple hours on simple 3ch copters before but this 4ch is FAST. I was crashing into quite a few walls and tables, broke a wing and the balance bar! ended up buying replacement parts the same night, If you're a beginner I would suggest you do the same, and you might want to fly outside for the first few times. Besides breaking it so quick which is sorta my fault (I crash hard) it is a great little helicopter! its really fast and precise. I didn't know it was a micro helicopter when I bought it, dimensions in description said 14.6" x 10" it is just 10"... I will most likely be upgrading to the v912 or v913 (bigger versions) one day.

The replacement parts I bought:
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on June 20, 2013
I've noticed some people give the education rating one or two stars, and if you bought this to fly outside, I can see your point. But come on, think about it. You HAVE to learn hand/eye coordination, being a four channel it's not easy to learn. You could easily teach a child about lift, a gyro, and even hand/eye as well. As for durability, this thing is insane. I have literally beaten the crap out of it, ran it into a door at full speed, crashed it into a tree only to have it fall out on the concrete from forty feet, and I have a two year old who loves it. If that doesn't speak to its' durability, I'm not sure what will. It's great outside, and if you're thinking about upgrading to the V911, do it, and buy the extended batteries as well. You won't regret this purchase.
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on December 31, 2012
Christmas day, 2 nephews got 3ch heli for Xmas... watched them playing with them and though I'd get me one. Theirs was Infrared Controlled with built in battery (3-5 mins fly time and then wait 50 min to charge).

This is big step up for little money... 4ch with 2.4GHz radio control, removable clip in batteries which a charger that will charge 2 at a time. Very very lightweight and surprising very sturdy for the size and materials..

Never few a Heli before, this is actually pretty easy to fly out of the box. While I am not really great at it, I can fly it. I've crashed the heck out of the thing and the worse it has taken so far was the tail rotor blade fell off. Put it back on and started flying again. Key is to drop the throttle if you know you are going to crash.

Transmitter is actually quite nice, has electronic trim if needed, not too big or heavy.

Knocked 1 star off for the battery. Came with two, but one has an apparently connection issue internally and while you can use it, when you land/crash you have to fiddle with it to get it to work again. I did get a credit to replace it though (Via Amazon not Halley R Us).

I'd recommend it for anyone that wants to have some fun. I've not tried it outside yet, but works pretty good in a 20x14 room.

Oh.. my 27yo son took the control and mastered it almost immediately.... said it was like playing a game... will have to get him his own...

The product description does not indicate what size of battery it comes with. The assumption is it was a 120mah battery which is common for V911 units. This is not true... in fact is comes with the Updated 200mah batteries which are slightly longer than the older batteries. The batteries are just over 2" in length where the original 120mah batteries are closer to 1.5". I will add an image to the product images to show the differences in size.
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on January 25, 2014
We wanted an upgrade from the S107 (Which we had tons of fun with) and this seemed the next logical step. We received the chopper and it was well packaged. The instructions were garbage for the most part but it's one saving grace is it listed the names of the trim buttons. Not what adjusts what but that's beside the point. We charged up the batteries and the lights blinked off. We were so ready to see an awesome maneuverable chopper compared to the lazy flying of the S107. Popped a battery in the slot and it synced up perfect. Tested the servos an made sure they all worked. Spun it up fast not knowing the power it had and watched it spiral to its doom against a wall (walls fine btw). Anyway I though it was just I gave it too much off the bat and tried to ease on the throttle. It just started spinning in place like a bad 80's action flick. The tail rotor was shot before it even started.

So I get ready for the replacement process, but sadly this chopper is just fulfilled by Amazon and not really sold by them so they will only issue a refund. That's fine and dandy but I wanted a chopper to fly not a long wait before I can justify ordering another one (which won't be this brand for certain). Had high hopes but this one fell short and they couldn't make good on replacing it with one that works. Oh well, on to the next company to see if it works.
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on December 4, 2013
I would have given this heli 1 star, however it comes with everything you need... Extra blades, 2 batteries, decent charger, an all around impressive package compared to similarly priced rc helicopters. With that said, I put approximately 20-25 minutes of flight time with the heli, it flew great until my last flight when it suddenly lost control and landed on the floor. The electrical smell was overpowering, then I noticed smoke coming from the canopy. The wire that powers the tail rotor burned off the board. Not something you expect with only 25 minutes of flight time on it.
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