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on December 28, 2014
I'm using this 3TB WD Green as an external drive with a USB 3.0 SATA docking station and I could not be happier.

My main selling point is that this drive is a great price, and at the time I bought it 3TB was the cheapest price per terabyte. My main concern was heat because my dock doesn't have a fan but I haven't had any issues.

Passively checking Windows Explorer file transfer rates I've seen speeds as high as 400 Mb/s to and from an internal SSD (given this has a lot of limiting components and isn't necessarily a great assessment of the drive itself).

Overall, I would highly recommend this drive to anyone needing some extra storage for a reasonable price.

I still know that I saw the file transfer speeds I specified in my review but here's an actual benchmark. Remember this drive is in a USB 3.0 external SATA dock.
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on September 6, 2014
I ordered this to replace the 2nd hard drive in my Dell 7010 which I purchased new in 2013. This is a moderately strong desktop: Windows 7 Ultimate, 16GB RAM with Intel i7 processor. This Dell came with 2 - 1 TB hard drives. I was storing my data externally with Seagate 3TB and 4TB external drives, but this doesn't seem to be as smooth and predictable as with a solid 2nd internal drive that the Dell was designed for.

This is my 2nd attempt with a WD (Western Digital) 6 TB hard drive. The first one I ordered a installed several weeks ago erred as I was initializing the hard drive with Windows 7 Disk Management. The error message was: "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." I called WD technical support. The tech said it was defective.

Then I ordered this replacement hard drive and had the same identical error! I was puzzled. I didn't think I could get two hard drives in a row that were defective, regardless if WD or Seagate. I concluded it had to be an installation type problem.

I called WD Technical Support again. This time the Tech (a different person) suggested I try to install this on a different computer, so I used a USB 3.0 external adapter to connect this to my HP Pavilion Laptop. It did not error! I was able to initialize the hard drive. However, it did error during the formatting, which I thought was a smaller problem.

I then installed this again in my Dell 7010. This 6TB hard drive as already initialized by my HP Laptop. All I had to do was to attempt the format again, using the GTP (GUID Partition Table). It worked! I am a happy camper.

I am now transferring files to this hard drive. I will update this review in several months.
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on November 9, 2015
Purchased two of these in March of 2013. By April of 2015, both of them were showing a large number of SMART errors. Fortunately I migrated my data off of them because one just completely failed today (November 2015). They were put in a large case containing only one other drive (an SSD) with plenty of ventilation (Antec 900v3). The computer is cleaned twice a year to ensure no major dust buildup and I left an air gap between each drive. They were NOT in RAID and were simply used to hold and stream media (music/movies/pictures). The computer lives in a climate controlled condo where the ambient temperature never exceeds 75 degrees.

SMART data shows the failed drive as powered on for 2 years, 5 months and 21 days (see included screenshot)

I went to see if I had any recourse on the WD website, but I can't even register them because they're OEM'd and over 2 years old I guess.

I swore of Seagate many years ago and now it looks like I will be swearing off WD now. Are there any decent drive makers out there anymore, or have they all conceded the reliability quest to SSDs and just assume everyone is running raid 5+ arrays at home these days? I feel like 3+ years isn't too much to ask for home storage when I'm not doing insane IOPS. It's not like I'm running an oracle database on these things...
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on August 13, 2013
I recently built a computer that was capable of gaming as well as plenty of media storage and streaming, which of course required that I buy a pretty decent hard drive to permanently store all the data my computer would save. After doing plenty of research and shopping around, I found that this drive, the WD Green 2TB 3.5" drive would suit my needs best.

First, I chose a WD drive because I have worked with other WD hard drives (both internal and external) in the past and have never encountered any issues. I suppose it is because of my past experiences that I wanted another WD drive over another brand.

Second, I had to figure out whether I should shop by color or by memory size first. WD makes a number of hard drives of varying color classifications that can at first be confusing, so I'll try to explain briefly...

BLUE drives are your very basic drive. It does just what is needed - storing data - with nothing fancy, no extra bells and whistles. These are often cheaper because of their pretty basic, utilitarian nature. Blue drives come in sizes ranging from 80GB to 1TB. RED drives are meant for small network data storage, such as in a small business environment. They have extra features that make it easier to link multiple hard drives - a great feature if that's your intention, but an unnecessary expense if terms like RAID and NAS are beyond your expertise. Red drives have sizes from 1TB to 3TB. GREEN drives are built to be more quiet and energy efficient, and run at cooler temperatures. These drives are meant to cut down on the environmental impact of storage and computing, even being constructed of some more eco-friendly materials than the typical drive. Green drives range from 320GB to 3TB. Finally, BLACK drives are designed more for enthusiasts who require the fastest hardware. They offer better performance, but of course this comes at a higher price. Unless you know that you need this extra performance boost or need to have top-of-the-line components, the significantly higher price just isn't worth it.

I chose the Green drive for a few reasons. First, as this is meant for a home theater/gaming setup, I wanted to get hardware that was as quiet as possible so as not to disrupt the audio of my movies, shows, and games. Not only is the Green drive designed to run quieter, but it also runs cooler. Cooler equipment means the PC's fans don't have to run at high speeds, which in turn means less noise. Second, the Green drive was available at 2TB (I'll come to this next), which was pretty important to me and a good reason not to choose the Blue drive that maxes out at 1TB. Third, while it wasn't my key motivator - though it may be yours - the environmentally friendly aspects of this product are a really great feel-good bonus.

Now, as promised, let's talk about memory. If you're shopping for hard drives, you've probably done some research and some Googling, and you may have seen some warnings about using hard drives over 2TB. If not, Google it and you'll see what I mean. It mostly has to do with the math behind data storage, which I won't get into here. While there are definitely advantages to larger drives, you have to be careful that you know the rest of your computer will work with larger drives, and know which settings to tweak if it won't. I went with the 2TB drive because I knew it would work without having to go to the trouble of checking compatibilities and changing settings, and also because I know my computer case has plenty of extra hard drive slots available if I need more storage in the future. For this reason I would recommend a maximum size of 2TB, unless you have the know-how to make sure larger sizes will work for you.

In the end, I think I've made a good choice in this drive. After about a month of use, it has been doing just fine. It runs well, is very quiet, and stays nice and cool. There are a lot of hard drives to pick from, but I'd pick this one every time. If I need to expand into a second or third hard drive in the future, I would definitely choose the WD Green 2TB drive again.
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on October 15, 2015
Already corrupted! This is about the 4TB Western Digital "Green" internal hard drive. I purchased it in April for my home media server. It's running Windows Home Server 2011 which is a hacked down version of Server 2008. Anyway, I have about 2.42 GB of files on it and it started giving me troubles over a month ago.

Accessing files produced a longer and longer delay for the drive to respond. A couple of weeks after I noticed the start of the slow file access, it was taking almost a minute before a video file would open from another PC on my network. At first, I was thinking that my server's NIC was going bad. Then I checked the drive from the server console and the problems persisted. I knew the drive was going bad, so I made sure all my backups were good. I tested a few more files before I pulled the drive out and some of the latest files I added were now unreadable.

I've replaced this drive and the new drive is running perfectly without changing anything else in the system. Files now load within a second from any PC on my LAN.

The server case has a 120mm fan that keeps cool room air flowing over the entire drive bay - there's even a filter screen to keep excess dust out of the case. The server sits on a solid shelf in my basement - it doesn't get kicked like a PC on the floor.

I will see if they honor the warranty.
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on December 6, 2016
Bought 3 of these drives in Oct and had one starting to fail with bad sectors. Went to check out the warranty status on one of the drives and low and behold it's an out of warranty drive that was taken from My Book external casing and resold as "new". Manufacturing date on the drive is 08 May 2011, well outside of the warranty period. Pretty damn low. The other two drives are also out of warranty as well according to Western Digital's support site. Won't be buying these again from Amazon.
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on October 14, 2015
Great little backup drive. You want Green for storage since you won't be accessing it that often. It's designed to turn off when not in use.
It's features are made to be cheaper so more of your money goes to actual storage space. Because you won't be using this as your main drive where you install your operating system (like Windows).

If you need an operating system drive, go with Blue, or better yet, Black if you can afford it. Those are designed for high access rates and prolonged daily use.
Do NOT use this as a second drive to install programs on either. That is no different than using it for an operating system and requires daily access.

So often I hear about people that use WD Green drives for their operating system (because they're cheaper) and they think their computer is slow because it goes into standby mode and doesn't have a lot of instant access speed. Or they destroy their Green drive within a year because it's not made to last with repeated daily use.
So again, it is for BACKUP ONLY. Or other long term storage uses.
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on March 23, 2014 of yesterday this thing died. I bought it about Jan 26th 2014...and it died as of 3/22/14. It only had 2% use on it, that being pictures and some demos I had from recording. I use a SD and another HD and wanted a bigger one. We tried to partion it, find it in bios....The computer just doesn't hear it. We decided to try if we could hear it spinning which we couldn't. I'm so dissapointed. I can't even return/replace; that ended on march 3rd.... Come on wd...


2nd update 3/24/14. Found out there going to stop carrying green in stores.
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on December 11, 2016
This drive had only 349 GB capacity despite being advertised as 3TB drive. It was sold by Finity India. I returned the product for a refund. i did not have any problems with 1 or 2 TB SATA III drives, but because I had a poor experience with this one, I will now avoid buying these from Amazon or maybe will be using flash drives only for backup.
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on August 6, 2016
I bought this and then I read a review on Amazon about how this drive would not work in a TiVo Roamio . . . boy was that guy wrong!

I was apprehensive at first when this drive first arrived, since when I first bought in on Amazon, I was going only on a single vague answer I read in the questions about this model drive, which suggested the drive should work, but it could not be said officially that it could due to company policy.

I installed it and found it did work and I had no trouble booting it up with my TiVo Roamio OTA DVR without doing any preparation on the drive – the TiVo did it all by itself. My Roamio DVR recognized the full 3 TB capacity of this hard drive displaying 450 Hrs of HD recording capacity. Sweet!

I would recommend this drive to anyone seeking to upgrade their Roamio with a larger capacity drive, since it's fast and offers a big 3 TB for storage capacity, but I probably would have bought the WD30EURS AV-GP 3TB instead if I could have found it with Free Shipping or Prime Shipping on Amazon, but I could not.

So, I got the Caviar Green WD30EZRX instead of the AV-GP model, which might actually have been somewhat better since it is built more for 24/7 usage. So although this drive works excellent in my TiVo Roamio OTA, I would suggest to use the WD30EURS since it is better for 24/7 use.
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