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on March 4, 2016
Pros & Cons:


4 different widgets, including a gorgeous ICS Clock/Weather widget!
4 day forecasts!
Simple, elegant and easy to use!
Battery friendly!

Lacks skins.
Limited to 4 day forecasts.
Nice images but no animations…

Weatherlove is a peaceful and handy little weather app that doesn’t offer the world, but does offer simplicity and ease-of-use. Beautiful Widgets is a fine and highly customisable service. Our recent showdown article between the awesome 1Weather and BeWeather demonstrated highly functional and popular apps that wow users with their design and features. Right now, Weatherlove isn’t even at the same party. However, that is perhaps why I quite like it.

Weatherlove is incredibly simple but looks really good. It offers detailed still images indicating the weather, some truly awesome widgets and just enough of a forecast to arm you for bad weather without the need to know the chance of precipitation or wind-speed expected in 10 days time. It does exactly what most users need it to do; look good and tell you the weather.

There are 4 different widgets to choose from: 2×1 weather, 4×1 forecast, 4×2 clock and weather and 4×4 large weather and forecast. I especially liked the clock as it’s designed with Ice Cream Sandwich in mind and looks both elegant and futuristic. These widgets can compliment any homescreen page and won’t drain your battery (in my experience anyway).

You get some basic settings, but don’t expect the universe just yet, it is only beta. You can obviously set location and update interval, time format and temperature unit used. These are essentially the main and fundamental things required in a weather/clock app but they are easy to configure. Compared to Beautiful Widgets- which gives you more options than you might need- this is breeze to set up.

And that’s why I like it so much and think you might too. It’s not ‘the best‘ but for people who want something that looks good and provides the functionality they need- no more and no less- this is just perfect. It’s only in beta stage at the moment so the app is free. There will be a Pro version released at some point according to the app’s blurb so I would expect more features when it’s fully released. Until then, enjoy this pretty but perfectly functional app for free.
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This is a pretty good app. The size states 46 MB on Amazon but in reality it is really only 472 KB (About 97 times smaller than the stated size?) on the Kindle Fire. The graphics are nice and it displays a lot of information. I was surprised it did not know your location automatically. My Kindle Fire app "The Weather Channel" finds the right city.

In addition we live in tornado country. It is not uncommon to get very bad thunderstorms and tornados often. It is nice to go to the basement with a tablet and use the radar on the map to plot the location and timing of an oncoming major storm. You don't want anything like a TV running as the lightning can be very bad, a tablet or smart phone is ideal. This app could have been 5 stars if the location and map were included.
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on April 15, 2012
This is a pretty cool app on the surface. It has great graphics and very detailed weather info. Unfortunately it has so many flaws that it is rendered unusable.

The biggest flaw is that the times of day are all wrong. It is supposed to show weather info for every third hour starting at 2am but instead it populates the data seemingly at random so the data shown for 2am could really be for 11am or 2pm or 8pm.

Another major flaw is the purely designed home screen widgets. The widgets are way to large and contain more information than you could possibly need from a widget. The excess of information isn't a problem in itself but because there's so much info the text is necessarily minuscule. This makes it nearly impossible to check the weather quickly, which is the entire point of using widgets in the first place.

The settings are also a problem as the app appears to ignore whatever the user sets. For example, you can set it to use either 12- or 24-hr time formats but regardless of the user's setting it shows the clock in 12-hr format and the weather details in 24-hr format.

The app allows you to add multiple locations but only allows you to view the weather for the first location unless you add a home screen widget for each additional location. Plus it doesn't have the ability to check weather by the phone's current location.

And finally there is no option to refresh weather data so if you set it to refresh once a day you can never get an update in the middle of the day. You also can't turn off the automatic refresh so it's always sucking life out of your battery.

These are just the app's biggest flaws. There are also many other smaller ones not worth mentioning. Bottom line: don't waste your money on this. There are numerous other apps available that are much better, most of which are free.
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on December 12, 2012
This app.looked like a great 1 then when I downloaded it it wouldn't let you change the city or state for the correct weather.Horrible app.then when I emailed customer service about this app I got no response!!I wouldn't reccomend it
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on March 31, 2012
The app is too large, it dominates the screen. Not sure why Amazon recommended it when I started their tablet application. It would not take input to shrink. Was unable to change its display, The image behind the data display was corrupted, could not make out what is was, expect is was blocking my backdrop.
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on April 7, 2012
Sure there are smaller, lightweight apps and widgets that give the same information, or more, but I think this app is more suitable if you are going to have your phone / tablet displayed on your desk, car, bed side, ect in a dock. It IS eye candy, with a bit of functionality, something I don't mind at all. I also own this App for my iPad. It may have a few issues here and there that have been reported by other users, but that doesn't kill the experience for me.

The app plays a beautiful video in the background of it's main screen. The video will change depending on the weather and time of day (missing from the android version, is the ability to cycle through a few appropriate videos for the current condition to one that may suit your mood/taste better). The videos are high quality, hence the bigger file size of the app.

If you are looking for a nice app to display on the screen of your device while docked, this is worth a look.
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on April 5, 2015
I am very picky about the quality of weather apps. I fly frequently and have taught myself how to read aviation METAR data. Cutesy weather apps turn me off. After scouring the weather/time app market and looking at probably a good hundred different apps, this one came out on top. Its graphics are superior, the clock is easy to read-even without my glasses-the widget is excellent, and the meteorological data is close to comprehensive. It is very well designed for my Android tablet. My thanks to the developers.
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on March 22, 2013
I love the look of this app. But I can't read the text! The font is terribly tiny an you can't change it. Gets an immediate uninstall since I can't even read it, no matter how useful it may be. Good thing I tried this on a free app day.
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on March 23, 2013
The bottom line is below the edge of the screen. In theory that shouldn't be possible since the app should adjust to the default screen size. There is no way to get to the data. I like all the other data provided by the app but since I can't see it all, this app is disappointing.
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on March 23, 2013
I must agree with many other users regarding the size of this app. It is much larger than it really needs to be, especially when memory is a premium on these devices. I too found no widgets, but I don't think the description even mentioned this app having widgets. The app found my location on it's own, which is what it is advertised to do. If anyone is having a problem with that, their gps and/or wifi might not be on. I am also getting weather conditions AND forecasts. I'll have a better idea of the accuracy of this weather source over the next day or so, but right now it's looking right. I will update my review as I know more on the accuracy issue.
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