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on March 23, 2011
I'm a 47-year-old kid who has always loved aviation and RC models. Cars, planes, everything. I currently have two other small scale rc helicopters that I have enjoyed, but they are NOTHING like the Syma S107. Not even close. The thing is, they cost A LOT more.

I see a lot of comments here about how easy this model is to break. The two channel models I have are much more likely to break because you have very little control. With the Syma S107, you have ABSOLUTE control. Have you ever seen a dragonfly in flight - stopping and turning on a dime? That's what this helicopter reminds me of.

Right out of the box it is impressive. The quality of construction is beautiful to look at. If you've ever seen one of the huge rc helicopters that the pros fly, this looks like a scaled down version, with a metal frame and boom tubes just like the big ones. Two separate motors operate the main rotors independently. When you initiate a turn, one rotor spins faster than the other to generate torque, which turns the aircraft. It's the same principle that is used to turn real twin main rotor helicopters like the CH-46 Sea Knight and the CH-47 Chinook.

The really cool part is the tail rotor. It's mounted at 90 degrees to what you're used to seeing on a helicopter. It blows air up and down, not left and right. The tail rotor is what generates forward and backward movement by raising or lowering the tail, and it is very precise and responsive.

A couple of tips if you're new to this type of toy:

1. After charging, put the helicopter on a good, clear section of floor and turn on the helicopter and remote.
2. Don't touch the right control yoke yet - you don't need it.
3. Hold the throttle yoke in your left hand and the small trim adjuster knob in the right.
4. GRADUALLY move the left yoke forward to increase throttle until the helicopter barely leaves the ground. Watch for left or right rotation and turn the trim knob to make the helicopter hover without rotating. Once it hovers without turning by using only the throttle, you're ready to fly.
5. Get used to the throttle by GRADUALLY increasing and decreasing. The biggest problem is using too much throttle and hitting the ceiling, then the helicopter falls all the way to the floor. That's how they break. If you're careful, you'll be OK.
6. ENJOY. This is the coolest toy I've had in years, and my kids like it so much, I bought another for each of them today.
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on May 29, 2012
I have both the S107 and S107G. After reading about the similarities, I thought I would outline the differences.

The primary difference seems to be a change of software. The S107 had an issue where when turning and moving the throttle far up and down, the helicopter would spin very rapidly. This would cause it to be a bit out of control, but was kind of fun if you learned to work with it. the S107G has fixed this issue. While turning, the turn speed is almost completely unaffected by throttling up/down.

The USB charging cable has been slightly improved in the S107G. With the S107, it would glow dim red while charging, and bright red when done. On the S107G, it is completely off while charging, and glows when done.

Finally, you've got more color choices on the S107G.

I hope this clears up some confusion.
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on August 1, 2014
I'm a 20 year old nerd, I've had my share of Christmas RC helicopters that break the day after Christmas. This guy is FUNDAMENTALLY different from those. (Note when I talk about other helicopters I will use [brackets])

1. Dual rotors - on [regular RC helicopters, you have one rotor that provides lift, while the other provides anti-torque to keep the helicopter pointing (generally) in the same direction.] This heli has two main rotors which turn in opposite directions to cancel out the torque, this leaves the back rotor able to adjust pitch ([something you don't get with the other kind])

2. Pitch control - The back rotor is able to adjust pitch (forward and backwards) [something that crappy heli's NEVER have]. [I remember adding little metal stickers to the nose of my RC heli on Christmas morning because it would fly backwards.]

3. Construction - I was amazed to find that this is an almost completely metal construction. Yes, the rotors and gears are plastic, however, the entire frame is aluminum this makes an incredibly durable product. I am very careful with it but it's had a good deal of wince-worthy crashes.

4. Price - Amazing, especially for the quality do yourself a favor and get one for yourself and one for a friend. This is better than Brookstone quality (and a million times better price)

5. Battery - Average, you'll get about a 7-10 minute flight per charge. About average in the indoor RC helicopter world. It comes with a USB charger and one from the remote for on the go, charges in about 20 minutes.

6. Appearance - Great, has a red and a blue LED that flash when the thing is on. The body looks great; metal and hi-gloss plastic "cockpit".

7. Control - Fighting the laws of gravity generally take a bit of skill. That being said this thing is pretty darn easy. You can control throttle (up and down), pitch (forward and back), and yaw (point left and right), NO roll (standard). Nice smooth throttle stays where you put it allowing great hovering. The pitch control will affect your altitude slightly. You have no control of roll which can get a bit frustrating if you want to do VERY complex things but shouldn't affect your experience if you're new to flying things. The top rotor is a stabilizer which will try to to pull your heli into a stationary hover, this leads to a little sideways drift here and there after tight turning but again, only a pilot would notice. The yaw controls are nice and tight, the dual rotor allows for immediate turning with nice sharp beginnings and and ends. The trim also can help if you're slightly turning while hovering.

7b. Outdoors - No, because this is a simple helicopter without a swashplate, you're left at the mercy of the wind. This thing is small so it will easily be swept up by a breeze and deposited somewhere other than you wanted to go. (I have a moderately sized apartment and it provides me with enough room to do some fun maneuvers.

8. Age - if you're buying for a small child I would encourage you to do it, you can't go wrong, if they can't handle the controls you can always take over. Either way it's a fascinating toy for a kid.
This does require fine motor skills, if your child can use a mouse dexterously, they can probably handle the throttle. It also requires a bit of spacial awareness; If they can understand how to drive an RC car, they can probably handle the steering. And finally, it requires some responsibility; if your child likes breaking things, maybe avoid this. If you raised your child well (which let's face it, you probably did considering you're looking to buy them a smart toy) go for it, I hope you spark their imagination and creativity.

9. Payload - fully charged, you can string a very light payload underneath. We're talking probably less than an ounce (think a small green army guy) BALANCE IS EVERYTHING. Try to get the center of mass of the payload directly below the rotor shaft. (alternatively you can slip a small straw onto the bottom rails of the heli which you can use as a lance to push army guys over) Any altering of the balance could lead to an unstable heli and a crash.

10. Saftey - It's a flying bundle of plastic blades, not a plush toy. Treat it correctly and you should be fine. Small children generally want to touch things (it's how they learn) try to give them a brief lesson in saftey before giving them the controls or flying it around them. Avoid the face but otherwise the worst injury incurred will be a simple boo-boo (nothing some kisses can't fix)

11. Overall - I was really impressed by this I would recommend it to anyone. I would value it at more like $40-$70 so the price it's at now is a STEAL.
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on November 30, 2015
I got this helicopter after the ones before it had their untimely demises. I've lost many helicopters in my time, but this one has held up nicely. After numerous crashes, the helicopter performs like new. The box includes the helicopter in the color you choose, remote control, manual, charging cable, and extra real blade.

The body is a sturdy metal and the body cover, blades, and rear fin are all plastics, perfect for smashing into walls, ceiling, and floors.

Remote Control:
Keep in mind this helicopter isn't meant for nor has the capability of being used outdoors. The range of the remote is comfortable yet limited. My remote had two extra, uninstalled "strafe" buttons, presumably meant to be used with other models. The rear has a slide out door that houses a built-in charging cable for when you're on the go or can't use the separate one. The remote is powered with 6 "AA" size batteries. You can fly two helicopters at a time with the "A" and "B" channels.

Charging Cable:
A separate USB charging cable is included for those who prefer not to suck up the batteries in the remote. It is opaque yellow and had a red LED that lights either when nothing is plugged in or the helicopter is fully charged. Keep in mind that it does not include an adapter, so you'll either have to use one from a phone charger or you can plug it into a laptop or console with a USB port. The claimed charging time is 40-50 minutes of charging for 6-7 minutes of plight, but really you'll get 10 minutes of play from a little over 30 minutes of charging.

- Other than the extra tail blade, no replacement parts or tools are included. The manual includes a list of parts that you can buy from them in you need them.
- This is a great helicopter for someone who has never flown one before. The controls are simple and easy to understand.
- If you're worried about damaging your property (i.e. plants, TV, lights) the best thing to do it just cut the throttle to the helicopter completely and let it fall to the ground. It can take some pretty big hits so don't worry about damaging it.
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on January 2, 2015
These little helicopters are a lot of fun to play with and seem to be able to withstand quite a beating. We purchased several of these to give as "stocking stuffers" at Christmas as well as a couple for ourselves just for fun.

The instructions that come with this helicopter are a little lacking, but this is not a complex toy. Helpful hints missing from the instructions:
* Leave the unit level when you turn it on for a few seconds. There will be a very small blinking green light visible from the back of the unit that will stop flashing after a few moments. This is the gyro level-setting.
* To change channels of the helicopter (A vs B), make sure both the helicopter and remote are powered off. Set the channel you wish to use on the remote and power the remote on first with the throttle lever at idle. Power on the helicopter and move the throttle to the "open" position. After a brief moment, the helicopter will change channels and is available for use.

These are durable but not indestructible. Take care when flying in a room with a lot of obstacles. Even slight changes in airflow in a room will change the flight dynamics of these small, lightweight helicopters. Due to their small size and relatively low powered motors, attaching anything to the helicopter could very easily prevent it from flying and at the very least will make it more difficult to control.

The helicopters can be charged from the included USB cable or from the included power-port on the remote. I would advise charging with the USB cable because charging from the remote will quickly drain the remote's batteries.

Regarding the USB charger, there is a little light in the USB side of the cable provided that will light up when charging is finished. The LED is not externally visible on the charger cable.

The way you fly your helicopter will influence how long the battery lasts, but we are averaging roughly 5 to 7 minutes. Charging takes roughly 45 minutes for my helicopters.

To maximize the life of the rechargeable battery, allow your helicopter to "rest" for 5 to 10 minutes after a flight before plugging it in for a charge.

Take care when plugging the cable into the helicopter to charge as the pins are very very small and I could see where it could be easy to damage them if you're too rough with it. On the charging cable (both on the remote and the USB cable) there is a small arrow/triangle on the top of the plug. Plug into the helicopter with this arrow/triangle facing up.

These helicopters quite stable and easy to fly. It does take a little finesse to learn just how much throttle you should give these, but the learning curve is minimal and you'll have it figured out during your first flight.

As you fly (and crash... because yes, you will crash these repeatedly) you should expect little tiny nicks in the plastic blades and plastic body pieces. These will impact flight characteristics over time but very minimally. You can pick up a set of replacement pieces for very little money here on Amazon. I think the last time I looked it was maybe $3 or less.

IF YOU HAVE PETS WITH LONG HAIR -- keep an eye on the rotor shaft and pull any tangled animal hairs or fibers out from around the shaft regularly.

With very little maintenance and care, I see no reason why these shouldn't last for quite a long time. The availability of very inexpensive replacement parts here on Amazon means you should be able to enjoy a great many flights with these units.
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on December 9, 2015
I have purchased several of these little helicopters over the years. Syma is my favorite brand, and S107G is my favorite model. I have purchased the Apache, Coast Guard, and Mini Chinook models by Syma, but the S107G is the best performing of them all.

I consider it to be very easy to learn and control, but I am quite good with my hands. The average user may not have the same experience as I did. Once you learn how to fly it, you will want to go around or through obstacles and maybe even land it on a ceiling fan blade.

Toddlers and pets love it. They will chase it around the house until it crashes on them. At that point, they will stay away.

Don't try to fly it outdoors except at night when there is no breeze. First, the controller is infrared. The sun's rays will interfere, and you will not be able to control it. Second, it cannot move fast enough to fly against a light breeze.

Fly this baby indoors, and you will have lots of fun. Don't crash it on your wife. The blades really sting.
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on January 18, 2017
Hard to have more RC fun for less dollars than an S107G

Looks cool, and pretty easy to fly

You will break parts...

Replacement parts are cheap - sometimes you are best off ordering from overseas if you aren't in a rush and want the best deals.

Keep your mods simple, and you can really build a sweet rig, extra battery mods are most popular and require minimal soldering skills.

As far as I can tell, all new stock S107G have the throttle spring 'mod' right out of the box.
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on December 17, 2015
Don't even think about looking at another helicopter. Just worry about what color you want and buy it. In fact buy one for each member of your family. We have owned many of these. They are an awesome helicopter, easy to fly, and way more durable than you would think. I do NOT recommend them for outdoor use at all. The reason we have owned so many (at least 10) is because my husband battles with them. Yes, I said battles. He and our 5 yr old son and anyone else who comes over to the house battle their helicopters in our living room. Now needless to say, these poor helicopters are put through a lot of rough and tumble play and are purposely crashed into each other. Because of this, our helicopters don't last as long as they would if you did not try to purposely destroy them. That being said, they do actually survive way longer than I would have ever guessed they could. Under continuous battle play, they will last roughly 40 battles, possibly more, and even then, they might just need a quick fix and they are back at it.
Only negative thing we have found with these is that they do not hold up well outside. If you fly them too high and a breeze catches them, they are doomed. If you have a back yard that is very protected by any slight breeze then you "MIGHT" be able to fly them outside low to the ground. If they get too far away from you then they will just shut off and drop out of the sky.

If you want an indoor toy then buy it, buy it now and let the fun begin.
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on May 5, 2017
Perfect gift for my 13-year-old nephew! He'd asked for one of these for quite some time but I've heard that they don't hold up well so I was waiting until he was at least 13. I read all the reviews and with the negative reviews, I set my expectations low. I thought that we would be lucky to get 2 weeks of life from it and wow have we all been Blown away and very pleasantly surprised! He still has it and enjoys it very much! He only uses it inside and he has very high ceilings to get full use from it. The battery does have a short life but he knows that with a full charge he will get about 5-7 minutes of flying but that works for him. It's been a HUGE hit! My nephew did just that and he's had it since January of this year. He also said that he notices that with any wind inside from their air conditioner that it causes it to become unstable, another thing to be aware of. I would highly recommend it, even if you read some negative reviews, I would just make sure that you set the expectation with whoever is using it that they are very delicate and to treat it with lots of care.
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on May 10, 2017
Got this for my 7 year old nephew, and he absolutely loves it. The learning curve is pretty steep, but not super long. Day 1 was lots of crashes, so it's a good thing this is so sturdy. The body of it is metal, and aside from a few scratches from the numerous crashes, it's still in great shape.

One thing that it took us a while to figure out. When we first unboxed it, we took it outside, and it would fly up sometimes, and then just stop responding and crash to the ground. We assumed batteries at first, but then right after, it'd take off and fly just fine. Turns out, the control works on infrared, so the fact that we were in direct sunlight was killing the signal. When it was in shadows/inside it worked fine.

The other benefit to this helicopter, over say the Air Hogs version, is that you can buy replacement parts for it here on Amazon. So instead of breaking a propeller and having to buy a whole new helicopter, you can replace just the part.

Overall, this is a pretty great toy for all ages. My brother (nephew's dad) wants to get one for himself now. :)
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