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on September 18, 2012
Two lawyers are representing opposing sides in a divorce case. The thing that has the bickering couple to a stand still are two things, custody of the dog and later on some conditions on the house. Page isn't even a divorce lawyer as her specialty is tax law, but Jasmine is her cousin so she's taken on the case for her. Ross is a divorce lawyer who has some conditions on the cases which he takes, he refuses to represent anyone who is a cheater or has been cheated on. I think this would make it harder to find clients, but it does make him a little charming. They are in fact arguing over the case outside the courthouse when an explosion rocks the place. They then later end up waking up in the hospital room which is curiously on a very dark hall for a hospital, not to mention that they are sharing a room and neither has injuries that should have necessarily caused for hospitalization.

When finally a doctor shows up in the hospital room, it turns out the ambulance that picked them up may have contanimated them with TVS, some exotic disease that among other things can make you horny. There is no way to know whether they contracted the virus so in the meantime they are to be quarantined together for the next two weeks. They set up a few ground rules and try to get along all the while fight the attraction that's blossoming between them. It's not that many days into the quarantine that they give in to their attraction to each other with lots and lots of foreplay. But when the quarantine comes to an end was it really genuine or were the doctors wrong when they say they never contracted the virus after all.

There is also a bit of a side story of Nick who years ago slept with Rachel once and didn't contact her the next day. And then shortly after she didn't return to school. I'm glad the back story was revealed because it both made him look less bad and also the reason she didn't return to school ended up having nothing to do with him. Do he and Rachel get a second chance and do Ross and Page see each other after the quarantine or do they brush it off as nothing, either they really had the virus or an attraction as a result of being alone together for so long in such close quarters. This was a really cute romance and I'll consider the author again in the future.
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on March 15, 2016
I was hoping this would be a funny, light read. It was light, just not all that funny and the characters were a bit too cutesy for me. I didn't understand the need for antiquated terms and analogies, and am a little floored that an attorney could ever be so clueless as the heroine comes across at times. The writing itself was okay, but I never really fell for the characters. I think I'm simply not the target audience for this romance.
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This is one of those books I really wish we had half star ways to rate; As this book is not the one of the worst I have read but it isn't close to making my "I will read again list" either.

I was bored with the two main characters most of the time. What kept me reading was the two main supporting characters, as I found them more interesting for awhile.

The whole book started out promising and ended with a whimper. It definitely didn't inspire me to read any more of Trish
Jensen' s books.
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on May 16, 2012
A fun witty romantic comedy. I love Trish Jensen's romantic and humorous approach with the two couples in this book. She has such a great sense of humor and creates very lovable characters (oh and the men are HOT!) that it brings you that much more into the story.

Paige is a tax attorney that loves her family. All infinite amount of them. She loves them so much she's taken it upon herself to give them her services in other fields of law. It's not a pleasant situation in any case for her. But she does it because she loves and respects them. One day she is in court helping a cousin with a divorce. She's walking through the courts speaking with the opposing attorney and is suddenly knocked out by debris from an explosion. She wakes up to find herself in quarantine with no one other than her least favorite divorce lawyer on the planet Ross the shark.

Ross is shocked to see the bare bottom of Paige through her hospital gown as she is trying to make her way to the bathroom of their shared hospital room. He cannot help but to look. He always did find her attractive. Just unapproachable. He cannot believe the opinion she has of him without knowing him, but keeps his lips zipped to avoid any more conflict than necessary. That is until he finds it's quite fun to be outspoken with her and get her cheeks a flame with embarrassment.

Nick Is Paige's brother and a well known architect. He gets notified about the courthouse explosion and immediately heads to find his little sister. He finds her in quarantine with a male room mate and a very beautiful doctor attending to them.

Rachael is the attending physician to Paige and Ross. She is unaware of the fact that Paige's brother is.. Paige's brother, until he shows up to visit Paige. Rachael recognizes him instantly and cannot believe that he does not recognize her. She's livid! They attended college together many years ago and have a past. She is far from ready to confront him on why he's never contacted her and just disappeared. She also is not going to volunteer information.. Like who she is.

Both pairs try to repair the relationships they have once had or desire to have. It's mainly the males that have their work cut out for them. I love the spunk both females have and the fact they are both fearless (with the males). It's a fun, romantic and satisfying experience as all unfolds and the truth comes out for all.
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on February 18, 2013
I found myself grinning from ear-to-ear while reading this book.

Although I firmly believe that this story is highly unlikely to happen, I still braced myself for the unexpected. And boy, was I blown away!

There is sexual tension alright, and like magnets, extreme opposites Paige & Ross are actually attracted to each other as they emit sensuality to the highest level. The fact that these two lawyers practically hate each one's guts then end up on a home run makes me feel giddy and delighted at the same time. They wont admit that they are sexually drawn during and after being trapped in a quarantined room for 2 weeks. So not cool. But after they got a clean bill of health, they still found themselves longing to see one another.

Stuck With You promises a story that would make you smile, think and chuckle at the same time. The intimacy between the two main characters, including the doctor and architect, was palpable and mind-blowing. I love how the author Trish Jensen developed Ross's character, making him one delectable sought-after guy with a heart.

I recommend this quick read for those who may have second thoughts about their special someone and are afraid to commit. Go on, enjoy life and enjoy being in love. You know you want to. ^.^

P. S.
I definitely love their scrabble game because they kept on forming words that are sexually stimulating to the senses.
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on April 5, 2012
Paige Hart is supposedly a tax attorney, but with her large family and their many miniscule legal problems, she has become an all-encompassing attorney who is currently working on her cousin's divorce case.

The story begins with her and the opposing divorce attorney Ross Bennett lashing out at each other with their comical name calling of each other -- Ross the "Snake" and Paige the "Shrew". Of course, from the beginning of the book you can feel that intense attraction they have for each other; and thereby, attracting the reader that much more.

As both are walking out of the courthouse still badgering each other, an explosion erupts that flings Paige into Ross. And before you know it, they are in the hospital quarantined together in the same room. Come to find out, both were transported to the hospital in an ambulance that was carrying bio-hazardous virus material. Now both of them are stuck together for 14 days under confinement until their virus, known as the "love bug", can be monitored and remedied.

After days together, their attraction begins to heat up and intensify that much more. During this time, the flirtatious, good-humored harassing, as well as getting-to-know each other, begins to unite them together even more. In fact, all either one can think about is the sexual desires they have for one another, and their fantasies are very vivid. The electrifying current that streams between the two is so forceful that eventually neither one will be able to control themselves. But there is a reasonable explanation for the dreaded erogenous feelings they find so uncontrollable towards each other, which they both believe is the side effects of the "love bug" virus. So they go along with it and eventually release each other's nagging needs and throw themselves into each other's arms with some heavy-duty passionate kissing and some of the most erogenous touching.

But when they are finally cleared and released from the hospital, the anxiety they both feel is justified by the aftereffects of the virus. Until two days after their release, they both realize how miserable they really are without each other. And so the reader will have to read on to find out the outcome of Ross and Paige's developing connection and those once compelling, passionate feelings they possessed. And the journey will take you through what they must endure before both realize the truth.

With an adorable premise and two of the most fun-loving characters, this story makes for one sizzling light-hearted, extremely enjoyable read...being locked up with the most hated, and yet, the most attractively hot male attorney makes for one intensely satisfying journey. Highly Recommend!
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on March 3, 2012
What happens when the Snake meets the Shrew? An explosion for starters. This is an extremely cute story perfect for a lazy day afternoon or a beach read. Paige Hart and Ross Bennett have intense sexual tension between each other from the beginning which only gets stronger due to a combination of being quarantined together and the possibility of contracting the Tibetan Concupiscence Virus.

This book contains many clichés and it's characters conform to stereotypes but that doesn't detract from the story. I admit at times I did get a little frustrated with all the legal terms and lawyer speak that Paige and Ross inserted into conversation whilst they were flirting but I still enjoyed their banter. Paige was a little too shrill and I could picture her stomping her foot when things didn't go her way. As for Mr Bennett? He was a little too perfect in my eyes. Too handsome, too caring, too everything. I just wanted him to have some flaws. Him being as perfect as he was started to get on my nerves. He needed something to be less than perfect so that he would appeal to me a little more. However, as a match for Paige, I really liked them together.

This book also contained a love story between Paige's brother, Nick, and her doctor, Rachel. I enjoy reading about characters who have a complicated history together and these two definitely had that. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the two of them. For me they were the more interesting relationship and they had a lot more to sort out together however they were given a lot less face time with the audience. I felt like their story was wrapped up a little too quickly and a little too neatly all things considered.

This book was first published ten years ago and with it's re-release you can tell that some things have been updated - like Nick's use of an iPad. There were other things that I felt should have been changed too (like Nick calling the restaurant from Rachel's home phone instead of a cell/mobile phone). The TV shows that were referenced in the story were all rather old but I found myself liking that. I knew the exact episode of Friends they were watching!

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and learning new sports euphemisms. It's a book that was fairly predictable but one where it's not the destination but rather the journey that's important.
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on April 18, 2012
Blogger Purchase in February 2012 as a Kindle Freebie

I really enjoyed reading Stuck With You-- a funny, insouciant tale of two lawyers, a brother, a doctor and a disease. Now while normally I would try to say his is about love and there is nothing more magical. But here is is really about the power of belief. And, if that doesn't relate to the paranormal I don't know what does. Having something like a disease on which you can base behaviors is the basis for a lot of "magic." And, a lot of medicine. The mind is the most powerful source of magic.

It's interesting that a person who is a lawyer could be so prejudiced against an other kind of lawyer based on assumptions such as all divorce lawyers are snakes. And, that the snake in question has the patience to help her come around.
The plot is surprisingly complex for a lighthearted romp through the hospital bed sheets. The voice is snarky but not obnoxious. The characters fall out of type. The writing is good, with a few typos, but the sex is well written. I liked the many small details Jensen uses to make the characters and situations human or somewhat believable, like using sports as metaphors for sex, and watching to Three Stooges between visits from members of Paige's family.

This is a a fun and unusual story and I would even buy it if I hadn't downloaded the promo.

A solid recommend!
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on September 14, 2014
This was a fun way to spend a few hours but it will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea! The plot demands total suspension of disbelief and more, but as it seems to have been written intentionally with tongue stuck very firmly in cheek, I made a decision to just go with it. It was a cute story (cheesy, but I'm guessing that was on purpose) and had it's humorous moments and you could practically feel how much fun the author had writing it. The main reason for the two star rating is that without the "lust" there wasn't enough to the story and I ended up a bit bored and hoping I was getting closer to the last page. That said, it was a fun idea and I will definitely try other books by this author because I like the light heartedness of it all.
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on September 21, 2012
I read this book in 2 days because I'm a sucker for contemporary, humorous romance novels like this! It was extremely sexy without being overly explicit, and I found myself trying to envision actors who would play these roles in a movie. While it wasn't entirely original, it still kept my interest and I ended up really liking the two main characters, especially Ross. I mean, does a guy like him really exist? He's the whole package! Anyway, it's a great summer read. Keep them coming, Trish!
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