Customer Reviews: Stuck With You
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on October 31, 2001
Paige detests Ross, the opposing attorney in her cousin's bizarre divorce battle, where the only disputed property seems to be a poodle. In the middle of an arguement, the courthouse explodes. In a transportation mishap, an ambulence on the way to the CDC picks Ross up, and he and Paige could end up with "horny monk disease."
As things heat up in the very small quarantine room, the question on everyone's mind is: is it true love, or is it TCV? Some original sports lessons fail to enlighten these randy barristers, and when they get out, and Ross's divorce business starts going down the tubes, things get even more confusing. Are they, by chance, spreading TCV to the troubled couples of Atlanta? If so, is what the are beginning to feel for each other a viral illusion?
This is a funny, madcap book. It's plot is intersting, and the characters are endearing. The secondary romance between the doctor, Rachel, and Paige's brother is almost better than Paige and Ross. All together, this is a must-read.
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on November 14, 2001
Paige Hart is a Southerner after my own heart! She is a lawyer in Macon, Georgia with a large family who love her a lot, but they make all kinds of crazy demands on her. So she's always in a fix, because she always helps them out. Even though she studied tax law, her family doesn't care, they ask her to help them with everything from divorce to shoplifting.
Ross Bennett is a decent guy, too. He doesn't have a big family, but he does a lot of charity work in the community, and he's a very good attorney who never takes sleazebags for clients.
When these two meet, they are working for opposite clients in a divorce case, and they argue a lot, in funny ways. Then one day they're around when an explosion goes off at the courthouse, they're sent to the hospital in an ambulance infected with a "love bug," and end up locked up together for weeks! Talk about a sexy, funny idea!
I thought Paige and Ross were both very likeable people, and the way they fought was funny. I liked the way they had such a sexy relationship, and how all Paige's relatives butted in. I also liked the way they came to realize that their feelings weren't from the virus, it was true love.
I laughed a lot at this book. The situations were really oddball, and I like that a lot.
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on November 6, 2001
I really like this heroine. She is sharp, hard-working, and generous to her big family. The hero is a good guy, too. He's as smart as the heroine, and does a lot of good work in the community. It's important to me to like and respect romance heroes and heroines--it makes it more enjoyable when they fall in love, because I'm rooting for them.
I also love really clever and funny books, and this one is that. The idea behind the comedy--that the hero and heroine are quarantined together--is really cute, and very sexy.
I think the very best part of the book is the beginning, when the hero and heroine are sniping at each other in funny ways, while we the readers know how very much they are attracted to each other. The only other funny writer I know who does witty back-and-forth this well is Jayne Ann Krentz.
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on February 17, 2012
This was one of those romances that was pretty much exactly what I expected. There was nothing really original to it. Although I think it's pretty hard to write a completely original romance. The two characters, Paige and Ross, were okay, but nothing special. In addition to the forced closeness they are thrust into with their contagious disease, there is also the classic misjudgement. Paige hates all divorce attorneys, which Ross is. And there are multiple instances of her being rude to him, and judging him based on stereotypes of his profession. After the first time she was wrong it was pretty obvious where Jensen was going with Ross's character.

I actually wish more time had been spent developing the relationship between Paige's brother Nick and their doctor, Rachel. I really felt like their relationship would have been more interesting, especially when a situation with Nick develops near the end. But Jensen does absolutely no development into it on Nick's side and because of that it comes off as just an attempt to maneuver Ross and Paige back together again.

Overall, it was an okay read. I just wish there had been more depth to it.
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on November 4, 2001
This book is very sexy! But as exciting as that is in a romance, I really liked even more that what attracts the hero to the heroine, and vice versa, isn't just how good looking they are (though they are both, of course, gorgeous), but that they are sharp, witty, fast-talkers, both of them. I also like that they are also both really decent, caring, generous people.
Above all that, what I really loved is that Trish Jensen is a fantastically funny writer! This book really moves along at a great clip. I couldn't put it down. I kept picking it up on my breaks at work and read it straight through until late last night. I'm going to try and see if she has any other books out. She's super!
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on September 27, 2002
Funny and sharp dialog, this one is a unique twist on that nasty virus called 'The Love Bug'.
Most people dream of getting it, or passing it on to someone they admire, but in this case, Paige Hart and Ross Bennett, both lawyers on opposite sides of a bitter divorce battle are accidentally infected with it!
The culprit? The Very Rare Tibetan Concupiscence Virus, known as TCV was transmitted when the courthouse they were battling in practically blew up from a bomb and they were exposed to the virus when the ambulance coming to the rescue just happened to be carrying the weird virus on its way....well, you get the idea, lol...
Anyway, fun soon ensues when they are quarentined together in a hospital room for 2 weeks and the virus begins to show its symptoms...all raging hormones... symptomatic to the disease that isn't harmful, unless you consider what two people that hate one another with a passion can manage to do with these unbearable conditions.
Trapped with nowhere to go and not much to do except ignore one another or at least try and get along...Paige is forced to admit she is attracted to the 'Snake Lawyer' as he is known.
But as time wears on, she knows it HAS to be the virus. She hated his guts when she arrived here, now she...well...she has this little crush so to speak, on him and its getting worse by the day.
Ross on the other hand is coming to appreciate this time to get to know his enemy better. He never realized how pretty she was or how witty she was...or how stubborn and petty she could be. God he wanted out! This virus is wreaking havok on his mind and his body! Talk about permanent...nevermind.
But as time goes on, they start to wonder if its really the virus taking its nasty hold, or something far greater altogether...the love bug perhaps?
Funny with lots of hilarious dialog. The only complaint I had was the fact that most of the book took place in the hospital room and after 250 pages, I longed for them to move on to soemthing else. Worth the read though, a fun pick-me-up!
Tracy Talley~@
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on March 14, 2012
I expected this to be a fun and quick read. And I just adore the simplicity of the cover...the two heart shaped cherries with their stems making another cute! Sadly I was just not able to connect with the story. It was just a bit too cheesy for my taste-a bit too unbelievable. I couldn't find much substance here. For an adult book it just seemed a bit juvenile for my taste. The characters did not act the way I would expect intelligent adults (as lawyers -they were supposed to be quite bright) even considering the fact that they were "infected" with this ridiculous disease. And the way the legal jargon was tossed into the dialogue. I know that the author was going for crazy and humorous here...but it just fell way short for me...too unrealistic.

Note: I recieved a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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on September 25, 2001
This story will make you chuckle the whole way through! I just picked this up yesterday and finished it today. Very easy and quick read. This is the first story I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised. Her writing is witty and engaging, you will enjoy the secondary characters as much as the main ones. The humor is similar to Jennifer Crusie, Patti Berg, and Rachel Gibson. Enjoy!!!!
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on September 24, 2001
Anyone, who regularly goes to the Fulton County, Georgia courthouse will believe that attorneys Paige Hart and Ross Bennett disrespect each other. She feels he is low down snake while he deems her to be shrew. Anyone, especially the two lawyers preferring not to be certified as nuts, would ever suggest that below the surface of disdain Paige and Ross are attracted to one another.

However, a disaster strikes when a blast shakes the courthouse. Overtaxed emergency crews rush victims to nearby Atlanta vicinity hospitals, but Paige and Ross were delivered by individuals carrying a special vial for CDC. The duo may have been exposed to Tibetan Concupiscence Virus. Better known as Horny Monk Disease, Ross and Paige are quarantined together in the already overcrowded facility, but begin to find the other oh so alluring. However, both wonder if they suffer from external or internal chemistry as they threaten to combust.

STUCK WITH YOU is a delightful romantic romp that refuses to apologize for its humorous look as to whether the lead couple suffers from TLC or TCV. The secondary characters provide even more amusement as Trish Jensen takes a 1930s screwball romantic comedy and turns it into a modern day madcap adventure. The Atlanta area will never look the same for those readers familiar with the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse.

Harriet Klausner
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on January 4, 2012
Review: Stuck With You by Trish Jensen
Stuck with you is part romance, comedy, corny and legal jargan all mixed up together. A lot of sexual flirting, language and sex scenes thrown in too.
Paige is a tax-lawyer and is handling her cousin's divorce. Ross is the divorce lawyer who is handling the other side. As they are leaving the court and arguing a bomb goes off. Throwing Paige into Ross knocking her out. They are taken by ambulance that gets in a wreck where they are infected or at high risk to a dease that causes lust. They are quarantine in thea same room together.
Paige and Ross are thinking they must be infected because they are having lots of sexual thoughts about each other.
Paige has a big extended family who all come to her with their legal troubles of anykind. Even though she is just a tax lawyer.
Paige's big brother in collage had a one night stand with her now Dr. who he did not reconized at the hospital.
Its all over the top and hard to believe any of it and get lost in the story. But if you want to just be entertained by romantic comedy it works.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
01/01/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books
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