Customer Reviews: IRIS 24'' Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen Roof, White
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on March 5, 2013
I love how easy this playpen is to put together and it looks nice, HOWEVER, my little 1lb yorkie puppy climbs out of this thing like a monkey. She can easily use the little squares to climb up it like a ladder putting each paw in each square, she then falls out once she's on top. I can no longer keep her in there unattended and ordered the mesh roof. Hopefully this will help.
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on January 22, 2015
Our Maltese weighs in at about 12 pounds - he's something of a bruiser. We occasionally need to leave him at home for short periods of time and Sam has separation anxiety - he scratches doors and door mouldings if we leave him loose. We got one of these 4 panel pens instead of locking him up in a crate and thought we'd found the perfect solution, but after a few times left in the pen Sam learned how to push on the corner causing the pen to change from a square to a slim diamond shape. Twice he got pinned in the diamond and once he succeeded in tipping it over and crawling out from underneath. We then had to block the pen in with some fairly heavy items so he couldn't move it and form the diamond shape. I've read other reviews here complaining of the same issue. To me, the pen's convenience is lost when one has to place heavy items around it so that a rambunctious pup can't foil it. The manufacturer should make corner brackets of some kind to prevent the folding of the pen by the pup but it appears they don't and I couldn't find brackets that would fit easily.
I have, however, found a solution that I'll pass along here. The items used are inexpensive, OK looking and easily produced by anyone with a little DIY experience. I decided to try adding two flat bars criss-crossed at the top of the pen and held in place by the "Pins" used to join the walls. I used some flat vinyl screen moulding from Home Depot that is 3/4" wide and 8' long. Description is "1/4 x 3/4 x8 PVC 6578 White". With the pen squared up using a measuring tape the pins are approximately 48 3/4" apart diagonally. You'll need two 8' pieces of this moulding as the overall length of each one will be about 50" long. With the 50" pieces cut and 1/2" holes drilled 48 3/4" apart at each end, you're ready to remove the corner "pins" from the pen one at a time and mount the crossmember pieces at the top. The photos attached will show this simple operation.
The pen is now rigid and Sam can't fold it into the diamond shape. He can still push the pen around on a smooth floor but I'm ok with that - we have no stairs or anything. If I want to keep him in one spot, I can just put the pen on a carpet and he's unable to move it much.
If you have the "diamond" problem, try this quick fix. It'll do until the manufacturer addresses the problem with some proper removable corner brackets. The pen is wonderful otherwise.
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on February 20, 2008
This product is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I have a chihuahua who's almost 11 years old, and has occasional accidents. Since having the carpeting replaced, and not wanting to put her into a claustrophobic kennel (just seemed wrong), I went for this product. It's so roomy! and the design is feminine, sturdy, lightweight and open. The gate is so well made and very cute and useful.

For those of us who work and need to keep our pets in a controlled area when we can't watch for accidents, this pet pen is a lifesaver and my dog absolutely loves it. There's enough room for a oil-filled heater, her large burrow bed and blankets, water bowl, bone-chewing/play area. Also, I sectioned off a small area for her potty pads. This way she doesn't have to "hold it" when I'm gone for longer periods of time. The pen is so roomy, that there's plenty of distance between the potty pads, her bed, and water dish. You can also customizing the shape of the pen. It's the greatest!

In terms of waterproofing, I lined the bottom with a shower curtain from the dollar store and topped with a queen-sized quilt. It's soft and comfy and accident-proof! Even my cat sneaks in there to catch a few winks.

This is so much better than a kennel or keeping your pet in the bathroom while you're away.

Good luck, and hope you enjoy this attractive and functional pet pen.

PRODUCT UPDATE: October 3, 2009

The Iris pen has stood the test of time, and has saved my dog from having to be in a confined, oppressive area while I'm away at work during the day. Today, I am purchasing another of these pens, which will serve as fencing around the patio of my small cottage. Can't think of a more perfect weather resistant, durable, SAFE fence for my dog (and cat who can't jump high distances) to play within outdoors. Two of these pens linked together will provide a rather large fenced area (over 12 feet).

From a distance, the fencing appears as a picket fence and really enhances the look of my patio. This will not only serve to keep the pets safe, but will wash up with a hose, never dry rot or warp. Will cover a portion of the fencing with some type of tarp for when it rains.

Still say this is the best purchase I've ever made on Amazon, and I buy lots of stuff.

Hope this review was useful.
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on March 23, 2015
This is one of the best things I ever bought!! I have it with the e-z Whelp pads which is another very good purchase and the Puppy Go Here Dog Litter Pan. My daughter says that Onyx has his own little condo set up in the house. He goes and comes when ever he feels like it except for night when i have the gate secured. He sleeps till the 6 or 7 in the morning when its time to put the food and water down back in and he is happy as a clam. Onyx is a 3lb maltipoo he may gain another lb or 2 before its all over but for my dog this is just perfect!!!!.

Got it on Friday March 21 (3days ago) and so far no issues yet. No knocking over or trying to climb out. At first I had the puppy pad holder in the pen which I didn't like because after folding the pad to fit the holder, there was hardly any room for him to use on the pad. Then I just put the pad down with the top and left side blue edges of the pad secured by the iris pen. The pen is heavy enough to hold the pad down and keep him form pulling it out. If i had a girl dog I might have just stayed with that but since males are prone to raise their leg at a certain age I got the litter pan. Now everything is right in puppy land!!!
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on February 20, 2009
I originally got the smaller (shorter) version, but my 7 weeks chocolate lab jumped over it in 3 days. So I purchased this one and it's amazing! It's 8 panels, but I am using only 6 panels for her pen, and the other two I am using as a divider on the porch, etc. My pup is now 11 months, 67 lbs, and she loves her little "kennel". It's her dining room, and her bedroom. She sleeps in it overnight, and during the day when I am not home for 2-4 hours. I still don't trust her to leave her running outside my place, because she would wrestle with my other dog, and it could get too wild without my supervision. The pen is a blessing sent to puppy/dog owners!!!

EDIT/ADDITION: July 20, 2016

My Labrador Zuzi is 8.5 years old now and still sleeps in the pen. I have now used all the panels, so the pen is really big. She has her huge bed in it, and that's were she goes each time on her own. At night, I close the door, and she sleeps peacefully through the night, doesn't need to "watch the house" and bark when there is noise outside. During the day, I keep the door open, but she stays inside when she rests… It was the best purchase ever. The pen hold solid and hasn't broken or anything. A few years ago I lost/broke one of the hooks on the door, I emailed the company and they sent me a replacement. Excellent service.
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on March 2, 2015
I love this thing i got the 8 panel but currently am only using six to make it smaller. Im using it for our german shepherd puppy in the mist of potty training. Alot of people including me was wondering the actual size. So im attaching a picture next to my full grown german shepherd to guide you. Please remember i dont have all the sides up that it came with
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on December 20, 2014
We bought 2 and combined it into one to give our puppy extra room to walk. Although one would be fine for a small Pomeranian, but since we leave him in his crib most of the day so we wanted him to move around. Easy to assemble and transport!
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on January 18, 2007
I purchased this for my little yorkshire terrier to stay in when we all leave the house to go to work. Its wonderful. It is the perfect size and doesnt take up alot of room. My little dog likes to jump up and stand against the walls of this product and they dont fall or shake so it is very sturdy yet very light. It took me a minute to assemble the product and the little door makes it so great we leave it open and my little dog goes in and comes out when he wants. This is a great buy and cheap too.
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on January 17, 2015
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on November 2, 2014
So far good fit our situation and the quality is great.
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