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on February 18, 2012
Basically a 'jewel' is shown and you choose which of several columns to drop it in, trying to get (at least) three of the same shape touching either vertically or horizontally. I started to play without reading the directions (!) and it took a couple levels for me to notice that it wasn't just a horizontal match. Each level is progressively harder with locks and walls setting up barriers, as well as bombs/keys to break them.

The controls work reasonably well with the Touch (the model I tested it on). There were a few times the touch screen lagged the play and I ended up dropping the jewel in the wrong column. WIth a little practice this became a minimal distraction. I would suspect on the keyboard version the 5 way would make the control a little easier, but a little slower if you are trying to play the timed variation of the game.

Overall this is quite a bit of fun. The biggest problem I had with it was stopping! Mostly I like to have games that are easy to find a breaking point in and finish is a shorter amount of time--something like Yahtzee or a Sudoku that have a fairly finite existence. The first time I played Gem Falls was about a 1.5 hour event. Stopping between levels is an option of course, but trying to stop mid-game is a challenge (at least for me). I want to FINISH. Consequently I wasted good reading time as I don't want a Kindle for games. It felt a little wasted--my own issue but if you have the same concerns this information may help you.

On the plus side the 1.5 hours was at the gym--20 minutes in the locker room because I planted my tush down and forgot to move, 45 minutes on the exercise bike and then the rest in the locker room again. On the plus side I have to say I hardly noticed my biking and was surprised when the time was up. I can't say I focused on my workout, but today was an 'easy' one where I wasn't trying to shift resistance/rpms frequently or otherwise pay too much attention, so this game was actually quite nice for passing the time. If I'm reading a book I usually lose the ability to concentrate on the words after 20-30 minutes, so this was a vast improvement in terms of workout time. On the other hand, when I really just need a reading break or a break before bed, it's just too much of a time sucker.

I'm wavering between a 4 and a 5--my issues with the controls are likely just the learning curve, and my issues with the difficulty I had in stopping is probably not universal, so I'll go with the 5. It was entertaining, was great for giving a strong distraction...but I just found it difficult to put on pause and too easy to waste time I guess I just need to learn to not Have To Finish a little better...but the OC in me makes it hard.

Bottom line though, it's fun and works well. Recommended!

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VINE VOICEon January 31, 2012
This game is a LOT of fun to play. It's a match 3 puzzler where you control where the gem falls. You can see several of the gems yet to come at the top of the screen and strategically plan where to put them when they come down. This might sound easy - and it is at first, but it gets progressively harder as you go up in levels. To start with you have about 5 unique gems to work with. You can match them in horizontal or vertical rows of 3 or more, and also in L shapes (any direction) as long as 3 like gems are touching. As the levels increase, you get a variety of subtle changes, such as gems that are locked (you cannot clear them without a key which randomly appears for you to drop where you need it), and you get plain blocks that have to be cleared with bombs only, and of course you get random bombs that you can drop where needed to clear the plain blocks or unwanted gems, and you get special gems that clear all gems of the same type where you drop the special one, and I'm sure there are other ones I have yet to encounter. The game is a LOT of fun and very hard to put down. I have been playing the "relaxed" mode where I can take my time and think through my moves and not feel rushed. But it has a timed mode too for those who like more of a challenge. The game is played entirely with the 5 way button, and you can navigate gems left to right with that and also drop them with the 5 way by pushing the button in for a slow drop or pressing down for a fast drop. If you are a fan of casual or match 3 games, I strongly recommend this one. Of the 47 games I own on my Kindle, this is absolutely one of my favorites! :)
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VINE VOICEon April 13, 2012
I've tried to play this game a couple of times. Gems come from the left side of the upper screen. You need to get them to the column you want them to drop into, with the goal being getting three in a row.

I find it very difficult to maneuver the gems to the right column. I think that may be that this game is just not so easy to work on a Touch Kindle. One with buttons would surely be easier. Or so I think anyway.

It may be me, it may be my Kindle, but this game just isn't fun for me. I gave it three stars due to me not being sure why it doesn't work for me. Would not recommend for anyone with a Touch Kindle.
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on February 25, 2013
I must learn to put my Kindle away at a decent hour!!! I think I'm addicted to this game. I've only had it for two evenings and each night I seem to get so involved that two or more hours pass before I realize it's way past bedtime! Last night, my cat won't stop reaching for my hand (to pet her) and finally I realized it was 2:15AM and I wasn't even sleepy. The greater the challenge, the more intriguing this game becomes. It is really difficult to stop playing. I'll take it to my doctors appointment next time, so the wait doesn't seem so long.
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on October 6, 2012
This is a good game. I would have rated it a five. But, sometimes the gems will fall on their own. That destroys the play I'm creating. When it does that, I cancel the entire game and start over. It's very frusrtating. I love games. If it didn't have that error fault, it would be a lot more fun and challenging. I love to read. But, sometimes, there's nothing like a good game!!
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on January 17, 2013
First time playing Gem Fall. I bought because I thought it was similar to Jewels/Bejeweled which I have been playing on line for about a year now. Similar but not quit, I found it to be a little more challenging. I'm still trying to get the hang of it.Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a bit of a challenge.
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on January 31, 2017
not a lot of fun
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on March 5, 2012
I enjoyed this game because the action is on my knowledge ofthe gem falls.
It is mathematically accurate and I know I only play the slow one the relaxed one but is is still fun and anyone wanting play a game they need to start in the relaxed state and learn the fundamentals
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on March 25, 2012
I love this game on my kindle. I always have my kindle in my purse and anytime I get stuck (waiting on a friend or for a service to be completed) I pull it out and can play this game for a couple of minutes. I prefer a game in these situations as I don't like to be interrupted after just a couple minutes reading.
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on March 27, 2012
I have been playing Gem Falls for about a month. It is somewhat interesting. What it lacks is color and sound for this type of game. The black and white gem images makes it a bit difficult to identify differences, therby creating hesitation. Gem Falls is an okay game.
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