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on November 15, 2013
I just read an interview on tvguide with executive producer/director Kevin S. Bright about the blu ray sets. He did address the lack of extended episodes and he never once said that it would have been difficult or impossible to do. He merely stated that with the DVD sets, they were trying to give you more bang for the buck, but that this set is more about seeing the episodes again in a new way. That being said, I do wish they had included the extended shows, or provided an option where you could watch either the network version or the longer version. Some of the new scenes were very good and helped with the story telling.

The episodes I've watched do look great, and there doesn't seem to be any cropping issues with the transfer to a wide screen format. The packaging is very cool, with a 3D-style image on the box and a very nice episode guide booklet inside. The box unfolds and has a nifty magnetic lock. It will look awesome in your home media collection, even though it's an odd size.

I'm hoping that Seinfeld gets the same treatment someday soon.
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on June 5, 2015
I waffled on whether to buy this since the reviews were hit and miss, but I watched every disc and had no problems. I’d never have known it was a UK export. I had concerns about some of the other customer reviews, so for anyone who wants to know:

1. I have a US Blu-ray player, and every disc ran fine. I suspect that some people had problems because their firmware is not up to date. (If your blu-ray player has wi-fi, you’ll probably be fine.)

2. The discs run at 1080p. The pilot episode is a bit grainy, but all the rest have a great picture. It’s a softer HD than most movies use (probably because it was shot for TV) but it’s MUCH cleaner than DVD or even HDTV quality.

3. The menu always gave me the chance to resume and picked up right where it left off.

4. The menu of Season 1 is hard to navigate because they picked a bad highlight color, but the other 6 seasons’ menus are fine.

I honestly thought this deal had to be too good to be true, but I’ve got no complaints.
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on February 27, 2017
A couple of Disc were lose and had a few scratches but played OK. The DVD set all episodes played Great no issues. Only issues with set is the assembly of disc inserts and a couple of lose disc with light scratches. The misalignment of DVD inserts holding disc caused the first season DVD set inside case to shatter. The insert was not secured at the top but was at the bottom which caused it to twist and break during shipping or storage. None of the disc in season one were lose nor damaged. The other seasons inserts were lose as well at the top but none of the remaining cases were damaged but a couple of disc were lose resulting in a few light scratches. 4 star for poor manufacture/assembly of DVD cases resulting in lose disc and damage to the set.
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on July 15, 2014
I was disappointed that it did not have the extended scenes as the "regular" DVDs had. Should I have realized that sooner, I probably would've kept the DVDs instead.

The only discernible quality between the DVD and Blu-Ray versions were noticeable in the first and second seasons. Other than a slight increase in sharpness on the later seasons, there's not much advantage in picture quality. This show was recorded for Standard Definition television and the Blu-Ray version doesn't increase it's quality to "upgrade" from the DVD.
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on July 23, 2017
Love the show, hate the interface of the design of the DVD. It's difficult to navigate and unless you figure out how to chapter skip or play all you'll only see the fist few episodes. Should have included more BANG for your BUCk as they say. Focus on better navigation and add in commentary from directors, actors, other guest stars and hidden facts and info. We all love friends and it's okay to explain shots, budgets, cuts,and extras. Mostly focus on design and navigation. 3 stars for DVD quality and box cover design is good. Might focus on a new blue ray set with better features and smaller package design with more episodes per disc. DVD works fine.
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on September 11, 2015
I love Friends. It is truly a classic sitcom. I am extremely happy with this purchase, as it contains ALL 10 seasons in their original DVD cases, including all features and extras. I got it during a time when the price dropped so I saved much more money than expected. A lot of reviews said the complete series came in a "book" which separated the seasons into "chapters"... That is NOT the same version. That one comes in a red box, and the DVDs were cut and reformatted to fit in the set. If you want to keep all the features and original DVDs, get the newer, WHITE box, the "40-disc" version.
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on October 10, 2010
If you are expecting this Starz original series to be similar to the
1960 Academy Award-winning version with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis
then you've got another thing coming! (-: That was general audiences
material there!---Made in more gentile and conservative times.
This version is probably closer to actually how things might have been
back in ancient times....brutal savage fight scenes with lots of
blood and gore, the wildness, heathen decadence, and bloodlust of the ancient
Roman fans gathered at the colosseum to witness the battle of the fittest and
the drama of life & death played out right in front of their eyes!
If that wasn't enough, then what goes on behind the scenes in the household of
the very pragmatic and manipulative "domino" and "domina", who rule over a large
menagerie of slaves of all types, but mainly those trained as gladiators for profit
is something to rival the most tawdry of modern antics!
There's plenty of drama, lies, backstabbing, lustfulness, full-on nudity
and sexuality which spans the whole spectrum of human interaction!
Oh yeah, and more blood, guts and gore added in to round it out! (-:

But beneath all of this sensuality and sensationalism is a very well-filmed,
well-acted, well-written, well-produced, well-casted, and well-marketed
original series for the Starz network which rivals anything you might see
on HBO or Showtime. I repeat, this isn't for everyone...
so if you have objections to anything I named above, then you probably
won't like this series. After screening this, THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON,
over the past weekend, I must say that I enjoyed it immensely, even though
I don't subscribe to STARZ.
If it reminds you a bit stylistically of the blockbuster film "300",
then it's because their producers are one in the same.
It's too bad that the star of the show who plays Spartacus,
british actor Andy Whitfield, a beautiful male specimen among many in
the series, fell victim to non-hodgkins lymphoma while on hiatus after
the first season was completed. He was treated with a series of chemo and
radiation over a few months and was cleared to return to work for season two,
but sadly the cancer has returned and he is unable to resume the role
as of the present time. Now the powers that be at Starz are trying to
figure out what their next move will be. I hope Mr. Whitfield will make a full
recovery and this series can at least go for another two seasons before
closing itself out. I mean, we all know the story of Spartacus and how it ends.
But I'd love to see how this crew would play it all out.

**In Memoriam** I was so sad to hear that Andy Whitfield, the original Spartacus in this series,
passed away last week after battling Non-Hodgkins lymphoma for 18 months. He was just beginning to be known
as an actor when Spartacus came along and catapulted his career...then the cancer reared it's ugly head.
He was only 39 yrs sad and such a waste, but who are we to question the divine order of the universe?
R.I.P. To the late Andy Whitfield (1972-2011)
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on September 7, 2014
This is a wonderful set, it has extra footage in each episode that helps fully explain everything that goes on in the episode, which most channels cut out of the episodes. The discs are nicely packaged in sturdy cases and aren't on flimsy clips that can break anytime you take out a disc. The discs are not stacked on top of each other, but are packaged on flip insets that has a disc on each side, keeping them safe and easily removable. The box itself is a strong box and won't bend that easily, it also is easy to access each season and remove them easily.

I would recommend this box set to any fan of Friends, it has tons of extra features and it shows the entire episodes. My only complaint is that the music can be loud and the talking is kind of quiet but it is still a great set and really showcases this great show well.
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on June 13, 2016
This charming comedy about six friends in New York will warm your heart and strike your funny bone at the same time. Ten seasons just isn't enough, and unlike many shows it doesn't get mundane or redundant. Each episode is a new adventure. With every season you fall more and more in love with each quirky character-- Monica and her obsessiveness, Joey and his charm (and dim wittedness), Rachel and her prissiness, Ross and his nerdiness, Phoebe and her peculiarities, and Chandler and his cheesy humor. You grow to love each in their own way and think of them as your own friends. They'll be there for you.
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on February 26, 2013
Having watched HBO's "Rome" a few months back, I had to get "Spartucus", & its follow-up "Vengeance", the production values on this one is awesome, you really feel like you are back there in 70 B.C. watching the action unfold, this one is more action packed & quite different from the first one, although many feel Liam McIntyre struggled to replace Andy Whitfield, I felt he did the best he could do filling Whitfield's shoes & made the character his own, I didn't have a problem with his performance, as many have pointed out, the arena destruction is awesome & well done, this one revolves around the freed Gladiators fighting & trying to overthrow the Romans, with many action battle sequences, & yes, we get more nudity & sex in various scenes, one thing this one does quite well is show us how brutal the Romans were, whereas in "HBO's Rome" we only got a touch of it, where two Roman soldiers were unlikely heroes, here the Romans are anyyhing but, Graig Parker's portrayal of the Roman general Gladus is parallel to Jason Isaacs' brutal British general in Mel Gibson's "The Patriot", I don't know which is more brutal, like that one he kills anyone who gets in his way or challenges him, Viva Bianca returns as his scheming wife as does Lucy Lawless who parallel Joan Collins & Linda Evans on "Dynasty" as they constantly try to out manuever one another, I was disappointed that Mira (Katrina Law) & Spartucus' relationship didn't go anywhere, & Dustin Clare returns from the prequel "Gods of War", & is this show's anti-hero who is a loner that plays both sides to his own advantage, all in all this one delivers the goods, however there are some things that really bugged me about this one, the blood & gore scenes are a little overdone as if the filmakers got a little bit carried away with the CGI blood shots, & did we really need to see a innocent slave girl crusified, an orgy massacre, one by Spartucus & then one by the Romans, or a captured gladiator tortured & skinned alive by some aritocrats at a party function, another pretty girl crusified off camera & the big whopper....a new character (won't spoil it here) gets her throat cut & spills a waterfall of blood( come on, man) , I realize that the filmakers were trying to show us the brutality of the time, but these scenes were overkill in my view, HBO's Rome" carefully avoided going overboard with scenes like this, why couldn't "Spartucus"? even the previous season "Blood & Sand" kept it simple, other than these rants, it is a great conclusion & every one of the villians get what they deserve in the end which is quite satisfying, don't know if I will care for the next one "Village of the Damned" which features a young Julius Ceaser who looks nothing like Ceaser in "HBO's Rome", I know the filmakers don't have honor "Rome", but this is the same audience that has watched "Rome", it couldn't have hurt, instead "Spartucus" Ceaser is a rip off of Brad Pitt's character from "Troy"..(watch the trailer)....don't know if I will even care about the next one, but "Blood & Sand" & Vengeance" are worth owning & highly recommened & a good companion to HBO's Rome".
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