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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 5, 2015
I waffled on whether to buy this since the reviews were hit and miss, but I watched every disc and had no problems. I’d never have known it was a UK export. I had concerns about some of the other customer reviews, so for anyone who wants to know:

1. I have a US Blu-ray player, and every disc ran fine. I suspect that some people had problems because their firmware is not up to date. (If your blu-ray player has wi-fi, you’ll probably be fine.)

2. The discs run at 1080p. The pilot episode is a bit grainy, but all the rest have a great picture. It’s a softer HD than most movies use (probably because it was shot for TV) but it’s MUCH cleaner than DVD or even HDTV quality.

3. The menu always gave me the chance to resume and picked up right where it left off.

4. The menu of Season 1 is hard to navigate because they picked a bad highlight color, but the other 6 seasons’ menus are fine.

I honestly thought this deal had to be too good to be true, but I’ve got no complaints.
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on December 10, 2015
UPDATE: Jan 2016

Cracked the code on the issue about some episodes being "2 min long clips." In the episode menu of every disk, there is a coffee mug bullet point be each episode listed. If you accidentally click on the mug ((instead of the title)) to select the episode you wish to watch, you will instead be shown a brief clip from the episode. To be clear, click coffee mug bullet point icon thingy for clips. Click title of the episode to view the episode. Problem solved!!!!!

Just received the DVD set in the mail this week! I cannot yet confirm that all disks play well. I can, however say that all 40 disks arrived intact. I've flipped through and checked each one to insure none were missing or duplicated.

Initial Impression:
The box arrived in perfect condition (it's the blue and white box edition). I had no damage to the cardboard box that holds all of the DVD cases what-so-ever. Each Season is in its own respective DVD case within the box. That's a total of 10 cases.

Features of note:

I believe each season (not episode necessarily) has an optional voice over feature with commentary from the 3 writers of the show offering insight and tid-bits about the show. Upon opening the box set, my husband and I (both big fans) noticed this feature and decided to listen to the commentary offered on disc one. It was actually very interesting!

The last disk of each season has a friend's trivia feature built into the menu. We haven't gotten to experience this but I think it's a cool idea and I like that it is built into the disk content rather than a book (which could get damaged) that is separate from the disks. I think the red box set was like that. Just more stuff to have around.

Overall, it's a very clean looking set! We're working on becoming more minimalistic and had planned to scan the disks into hard drive storage eliminating the need for the physical set BUT the set is such a nice package! It's a show piece. I want this baby out in the open! It makes me smile and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that makes me think I'm going to hold onto it in its entirety. Ah, the joy of friends! Once this arrives at your home, you will instantly know what I mean!

If you know a superfan that doesn't own the series or maybe they could just use a new, consolidated set, this makes an terrific gift! I wish we new someone that's as big of fans as we are yet doesn't already own the full series that we could buy this for. We purchased this as a Christmas gift to each other because it's always nice to have a this bubbly, sunny show. Rainy day? Bad day? Break out Friends and bring on the laughs! This is a quality set. Nothing bootleg about it. I can't get over the qualify for the price. I bet this was around $250 when the show initially ended.

One last point I want to make....yes, you can watch Friends on Netflix now. We watched 4 or 5 seasons through Netflix. The series as offered on Netflix is not complete. It is the edited for TV version which is shortened for commercial time frames (which is how the show was originally aired.) A lot of very funny content and great lines are extracted throughout each episode in these shortened versions. THIS SET, however, offers the uncut version of the show which is also what was offered on on the original DVDs of the seasons which were available for individual purchase. As mentioned by others, the "blue-ray" isn't true blue-ray but perhaps a higher contrast "enhanced" version. The blue-ray is also the cut version of the show. It wasn't worth it to me and I chose to go with the DVD version.

I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm impressed with the presentation of the set and it exceeds my expectations. If I experience issues with the playing quality of the disks that others have described, I will update this review. So far, everything is perfect! I don't have any criticisms at all!
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on July 29, 2016
Despite the obvious 300 influence, Spartacus has heaps of political intrigue, sex and the ultra-violence of ancient Rome defining its visual themes. The series is undeniably pulp but this is part of the aesthetic and completely succeeds in what it sets out to do. Pure escapist entertainment.

Blu Ray Review - 4/5
(4 discs)
Excellent package design. A collection of nine brief featurettes. The best are: "Spartacus: Blood and Sand' -- Behind the Scenes" a general overview of the series and its construction, cast and crew sharing their thoughts on themes, the evolution of the series, visual effects, costumes and props, historical accuracy and the gladiator boot-camp."Grime & Punishment: The Hole" Explores shooting in one of the show's most disgusting set pieces. "Shooting Green: The Shadow of Death" looks at the green screen process and some of the techniques used. "Andy Gets Plastered" features Andy Whitfield being molded for a full-body casting. "Legend Re-Imagined" looks at rewriting history for entertainment purposes.
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on April 5, 2014
I have to say that when I first heard of the Bechdel test, I scoffed a bit. Now I don't because after considering it briefly, I realized that indeed I am drawn to those movies and TV shows that have more than 2 female characters, with a name, who talk to each other about something other than a man. And there is no better show than the Good Wife on that score, imo. Really, every scene offers round, fascinating, well-written characters of both genders. But think about it: how many shows do you know where *all* the female characters have an interest or focus on something else beside a man--while still remaining fully female, fully sensual? Where those same female characters explore their own sensual power alongside genuine societal interests? The only reason I'm bummed about Season 5 is that as the number of seasons start racking up on this show, I grow saddened by the thought that it can't go on. Yet, the end of this season shows the entire plot sailing to a new cardinal direction, almost like it's starting anew. Such fabulous writing. I hope it continues for many more seasons with this great crew of writers.
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on February 26, 2013
Having watched HBO's "Rome" a few months back, I had to get "Spartucus", & its follow-up "Vengeance", the production values on this one is awesome, you really feel like you are back there in 70 B.C. watching the action unfold, this one is more action packed & quite different from the first one, although many feel Liam McIntyre struggled to replace Andy Whitfield, I felt he did the best he could do filling Whitfield's shoes & made the character his own, I didn't have a problem with his performance, as many have pointed out, the arena destruction is awesome & well done, this one revolves around the freed Gladiators fighting & trying to overthrow the Romans, with many action battle sequences, & yes, we get more nudity & sex in various scenes, one thing this one does quite well is show us how brutal the Romans were, whereas in "HBO's Rome" we only got a touch of it, where two Roman soldiers were unlikely heroes, here the Romans are anyyhing but, Graig Parker's portrayal of the Roman general Gladus is parallel to Jason Isaacs' brutal British general in Mel Gibson's "The Patriot", I don't know which is more brutal, like that one he kills anyone who gets in his way or challenges him, Viva Bianca returns as his scheming wife as does Lucy Lawless who parallel Joan Collins & Linda Evans on "Dynasty" as they constantly try to out manuever one another, I was disappointed that Mira (Katrina Law) & Spartucus' relationship didn't go anywhere, & Dustin Clare returns from the prequel "Gods of War", & is this show's anti-hero who is a loner that plays both sides to his own advantage, all in all this one delivers the goods, however there are some things that really bugged me about this one, the blood & gore scenes are a little overdone as if the filmakers got a little bit carried away with the CGI blood shots, & did we really need to see a innocent slave girl crusified, an orgy massacre, one by Spartucus & then one by the Romans, or a captured gladiator tortured & skinned alive by some aritocrats at a party function, another pretty girl crusified off camera & the big whopper....a new character (won't spoil it here) gets her throat cut & spills a waterfall of blood( come on, man) , I realize that the filmakers were trying to show us the brutality of the time, but these scenes were overkill in my view, HBO's Rome" carefully avoided going overboard with scenes like this, why couldn't "Spartucus"? even the previous season "Blood & Sand" kept it simple, other than these rants, it is a great conclusion & every one of the villians get what they deserve in the end which is quite satisfying, don't know if I will care for the next one "Village of the Damned" which features a young Julius Ceaser who looks nothing like Ceaser in "HBO's Rome", I know the filmakers don't have honor "Rome", but this is the same audience that has watched "Rome", it couldn't have hurt, instead "Spartucus" Ceaser is a rip off of Brad Pitt's character from "Troy"..(watch the trailer)....don't know if I will even care about the next one, but "Blood & Sand" & Vengeance" are worth owning & highly recommened & a good companion to HBO's Rome".
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on February 27, 2017
A couple of Disc were lose and had a few scratches but played OK. The DVD set all episodes played Great no issues. Only issues with set is the assembly of disc inserts and a couple of lose disc with light scratches. The misalignment of DVD inserts holding disc caused the first season DVD set inside case to shatter. The insert was not secured at the top but was at the bottom which caused it to twist and break during shipping or storage. None of the disc in season one were lose nor damaged. The other seasons inserts were lose as well at the top but none of the remaining cases were damaged but a couple of disc were lose resulting in a few light scratches. 4 star for poor manufacture/assembly of DVD cases resulting in lose disc and damage to the set.
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on August 13, 2014
I would give a 5 star if I was just rating the show Friends but this is on the set. the quality on these BD is excellent. the only thing that I really am upset about is that this set doesn't have the extended versions of the episodes. For example, the regular friends dvd box sets have the option of clicking on the coffee cup and you were able to watch the whole episode. this bluray set only shows you what was seen while they aired on tv. we miss little things, like for example, in the where Ross, Rachel, and Chandler are moving the couch up the stairs and eventually they get the couch jammed and the fire alarm went off you see people from the building started jumping over the couch to get down the stairs. this whole seen is no where on this box set.
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on September 30, 2012
SPARTACUS:VENGEANCE is a production of epic and monumental proportions. There is nothing even remotely like it on TV. The lavish sets and visual effects are beyond description.
Although it is billed as the SECOND SEASON of SPARTACUS, fans will know it is technically the third season. When Spartacus star Andy Whitfied took ill, STARZ kept the series alive by doing a prequel showing the House of Batiatus before the arrival of Spartacus. Everyone hoped Whitfield would recover and return to the sadly. Sadly, he lost his battle on September 11, 2011.

VENGEANCE takes us to 6 weeks after the massacre that ended Season One. Liam McIntyre has replaced Whitfield as Spartacus. McIntyre looks a lot like Whitfield although a bit younger. The transition works and the series is kept alive. The fantastic Lucy Lawless is back as Lucretia in her her conniving evilness. It's a violent and volatile time in the Roman Empire and the slaves and gladiators of the House of Batiatus are out for revenge and justice.

Despite the murder of his beloved wife and his enslavement, the Spartacus of Vengeance takes the high ground morally. His desire for revenge is directed to Gaius Claudius Glaber but there is no desire to seek revenge from innocent people. This ease to constant disagreement among Spartacus and the men and women in his group. The ranks of the freed slaves grow and the band becomes a very real threat to the Roman Empire.

This is an amazing show but be warned. It is not for the squeamish or those who are easily offended. It's definitely not a show for the whole family. The bloodbath and novel ways of killing people never ends. The sex can be rather explicit but this was ancient Rome afterall. The show reaches new levels of bloodspurting wounds. The killings and blood move in poetic slow motion. Visual Effects are advancing at an almost daily rate and the show takes advantage of being able to show more blood and gore.

The effects are stunning and the destruction of the arena is the most incredible visual effects I have ever seen on TV. It cannot be missed.
It was an amazing and violent time in the world and the producer strive for authenticity along with their fantasy.

History tells us that a man named Spartacus did lead a slave revolt around 70 BC. Records tell little about him, but it is interesting to know that this series is based on a real person and real events that obviously have been fictionalized because of the lack of historical documentation.

The cast is absolutely amazing. I enjoy the fact that shows set in ancient Rome add an authenticity by having actors speak British English. The ruling class and wealthy speak a more posh English while lower classes speak a working class British English. Somehow it all works. A "new" language and manner of speaking is created to represent the latin-speaking Romans.

Liam McIntyre does a fine job in his role as Spartacus. It must have been difficult to fill Andy Whitfield's shoes. The end of episode one's credits leaves us with a picture of Whitfield as a memorial. He is never mentioned again even in the bonus features. Maybe the tragedy of his death was too dark to even mention on this show.

VENGEANCE is loaded with special features that are a must see to fans of the show. It is amazing to see how the visual effects were created and how the sets were built. The explanation of how the arena was destroyed cannot be missed. Again, this is something I have never seen before and it was remarkable.

I love this show but it definitely is not for everyone. It's the kind of show some people will love and others will turn away in disgust from the blood and violence. Whatever your opinion is of the story, VENGEANCE is a remarkable example of how a talented cast and crew and visual effects can recreate a remarkable time in history.
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on March 10, 2013
Spartacus good.
Spartacus Strong.
Spartacus on steroids?

That's pretty much it. If you're new to the saga, you might have a problem getting used to the way they speak (no one on earth really talk this way). The best way to describe it is someone thought Shakespearian speech was too difficult (and too boring) but Australian English accent wouldn't cut it either!

So they found something in between.

Despite a few laughs, the show grows on you. There's a lot of gory images and frontal nudity, but hey, it is not TV, it is PORN. If you're a buff guy, proud of your macho-man status, this may not be the show for you, even though the commercials may appear so, with their misleading decapitation, spilled guts and bloody mess images. Most of the guys are naked--all the time. ON YOUR FACE NAKED. So girls, (and some guys) saddle-up!

If you're expecting History, watch HBO's ROME. If you want to be entertained, watch spartacus. The worst that could happen to you could be a overwhelming feeling that you SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD THAT BURRITO for dinner, and you must, immediately, join a gym.

Pointing out once again AMAZON'S FAILURE TO PROVIDE CLOSED CAPTIONS AND VIEWING REWINDING may reduce you ability to fully appreciate this gory, eye-candy, thunder-muscle, series.

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on January 27, 2014
Such a GREAT, MUST SEE Show...I didn't even know why they had delayed making another season after Spartacus: Blood and Sand had come out but, it turned out sadly, that production for another season was delayed because the great, and total hottie, lead actor Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with (and sadly passed away from) early-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
My heart was truly sad when I heard about his passing and I honestly don't like Liam McIntyre quite as much as I did Andy Whitfield as Spartacus but, the show has a truly great ensemble cast that it doesn't really matter. Plus, Mr. McIntyre is still good, don't get me wrong, just not as good as Andy Whitfield was if you ask me.
Anyhow, this is a show that shouldn't be missed (except by those that it is inappropriate for) because it really is that good and worth getting STARZ for on your cable, sat, or dish just so you can watch it! If I hadn't gotten STARZ to watch this particular show, I would have never been turned on to other shows they make now like Camelot, The White Queen, Da Vinci's Demons, and Black Sails now. Bottomline, great freaking show!
JR in VA
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