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on May 19, 2012
Being a trivia buff, and a Christian, I was looking forward to getting into this product. At first, I was pleased with the Ultimate Bible Quiz, but as I got into the questions, I realized that some of the answers were wrong. In one case, it asks which of three names was one of the twelve disciples. Two of the names were right, but only one got you credit for a correct answer. Other times there was an interpretation of
Biblical text involved in the question, and the "correct" answer was not always the only way to read the text. The most glaring error, however, was on a question about the new/old wineskins passage, in which they clearly read the Biblical text exactly wrong. At last, I was forced to delete this from my Kindle, as the glaring factual errors became too much.
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on October 30, 2012
I bought this product under the assumption that the people who created it had sufficient knowledge of the Bible to provide accurate answers to the questions they selected. After 3 questions whose provided answer was correct I was shocked to come across a question whose incorrect answer clearly indicated profound Biblical ignorance on the part of this application's creators, and worst of all the question deals with the most important subject the Bible addresses. The question was as follows:

Which of the following is NOT necessary for salvation?

There are an innumerable number of possible answers to this question since it is phrased negatively. For those who are unfamiliar with what the Bible teaches on this subject I will briefly explain what salvation DOES involve so you can judge for yourself whether the answer provided in this application is correct or incorrect.

Jesus came to earth as a human being in order to live a sinless and perfectly righteous substitutionary human life in the place of sinners who trust in Him as their Savior. He died a substitutionary death on the cross to suffer the full penalty for every sin that those who trust in Him have ever and will ever commit so the penalty for all their sins would be paid in full and all their sins could be forgiven. When God intervenes in the life of a sinner to bring them to life spiritually (referred to as regeneration or being born again) they immediately repent from their sins (turn away from them in revulsion, recognizing them to be evil and wicked, and desire never to commit any of them again) and trust in Jesus to save them from the penalty their sins deserve because they realize that He is God the Son incarnate and that He came to live and die in the place of sinners like them, meaning that they recognize and confess that He is Lord and that He is the only hope sinners have for salvation. At that moment God treats them as if they had never committed a single sin or will ever commit a single sin in the future (since Jesus paid the full penalty for all of their sins so they could all be forgiven) and as if they were perfectly righteous (since Jesus lived a perfectly righteous life in their place). Jesus was willing to be treated the way sinners who trust in Him deserve to be treated, in order that they could be treated the way He deserves to be treated. Trusting in Him for salvation means that you are resting upon Him and His righteousness alone as the basis upon which God judges you in terms of where you will spend eternity, instead of the way in which you lived your own life. This is what the Bible teaches about salvation and how a sinner who deserves to go to hell can be saved to spend eternity with God in heaven.

With that in mind here is the answer provided by this application:

Relinquishing material wealth

Clearly relinquishing material wealth is not necessary for salvation since salvation involves trusting in what Jesus did rather than what you have done or will do. For the same reason baptism is not necessary for salvation but rather is a symbolic act in which you publicly proclaim that God has saved you by picturing the death and burial of the way you used to be and the new spiritual life God has given you. The act itself, like everything else you will ever do, is irrelevant to your salvation other than to publicly proclaim that it has happened. Your salvation is based entirely and exclusively on what Jesus has done for you as your Savior, not what you do, have done, or will do. As your Savior His perfect sinless life substitutes for your imperfect sinful life, so none of your "good works" or even things which God commands us to do (like baptism, the Lord's supper, proclaiming the gospel, etc.) are in any way considered in terms of your salvation. The third answer is ambiguous because it is not clear what the creators of the application had in mind by the term "confession". Are they referring to the act of telling a priest or minister your sins? Are they referring to confessing that your sins are evil which is involved in repenting from them (you will not repent from them, or even think you need to, unless you agree with God that they are evil). Are they referring to confessing that Jesus is Lord, which is involved in trusting Him because if He is not who He claimed to be then He is unable to save anyone, so perhaps that's what they mean. Since it is unclear what they mean I will ignore this part of the answer since 2 of the 3 answers they provided are clearly NOT necessary for salvation. Since you have to select only 1 answer their answer is clearly incorrect.

The most disturbing aspect of this is that the issue of what is necessary for salvation is at the heart of the Biblical message so to provide an incorrect answer for this question is inexcusable. If they are confused as to what the Bible teaches on this critical topic, they clearly have no business creating an application which asks questions about it.

The creators of this application should IMMEDIATELY remove it until they can consult with a Biblical scholar to review all their answers and to correct this one and any other ones which are incorrect. Since I stopped at this one (question 4) I have no idea what percentage of their answers are incorrect, but since they provide an incorrect answer on this critically important topic, even if it was the only incorrect answer this would justify the immediate removal until it could be corrected.

I call upon the creators of this application to do that. If you have any integrity whatsoever you will do so. Misleading people on the critical topic of their salvation is terribly evil. I assume you did it in ignorance and had no malicious intent, but regardless of your intent you should remove the application until it can be corrected to provide Biblically accurate answers. I sincerely hope you do.
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on April 7, 2012
This is an awesome game. It is a good one for individual play or family - even for a youth group. I have been born and raised in the church and I find myself getting caught - sometimes just because I read the first 2 or 3 words and think I know what the rest of the sentence said and didn't finish reading it -- I find it extremely fun, though there are a lot of repitious questions from grouping to group, which I guess could be taken various ways......but well worth the price of the game.
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on October 30, 2012
I downloaded this game yesterday for my son(age 10). He loves trivia from the Bible. He was reading some of the questions to me this morning while I fixed breakfast and for the most part I thought the questions were great. Please verify answers in the Bible if you think an answer sounds off. There was a question about what event happened right as Jesus died. The answer given was something to the effect of 100's of soul's were taken to heaven. Sorry, I don't have it word for word, but the first three gospels clearly say ... Jesus breathed his last breath and then the veil in the temple was torn. This made me wonder if we should even use the game. I think we will, but we will practice seeking the truth for ourselves in the Bible, which is a great lesson in and of it self. :) I agree with previous reviews that there are definitely errors in the game, as there was another question that raised my eyebrow as well and he only went through about 12-15 questions. I also would like to see a Bible reference with each question, to help in verifying the answer.
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on May 25, 2013
I was hoping to like this game so much more than I do. There are 1,000 questions and I choose to answer them in a row. I am up to #400 and have seen several of the questions repeated numerous times. If you are not very familiar with the bible, you'll miss a lot because there are a lot of questions about specific Bible chapters that unless you had a Bible right in front of you, you won't get and I doubt even a scholar would get them, however I'm answering them without a Bible in front of me (as it should be), I have read the Bible through 15 times or so and have missed several for this reason. I guess it's an ok way to pass the time and my "score" is pretty high but the questions themselves are either too vague at times or you will need another reference to answer the questions and the designer of this game should have thought of this.
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on February 2, 2012
I find the Bible questions in this quiz to be fun and educational in the study of the Bible. I love these kinds of studies. Thank you, Amazon, for making this available for our Kindles.
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on February 19, 2012
Love this product for the entire family, it doesn't become boring and I have to try to put it down....just one more, like a lays potato chip but less fattening and definitely uplifting ;o)
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on November 7, 2012
I liked the product in general but wished for more information. As previously reviewed, some questions were incorrect. Some questions to me seemed irrelevant, what chapter/verse, etc. I like more substance. What would be great is to have the scripture where the correct answer is found (after you get the results of your choice). Would love an Old Testament quiz too!
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on February 5, 2013
This game is really good to get your brain engaged and to remember the New Testament. The only problem I have with this game is that there aren't any references for any of the questions. There are questions though that do give references in the question themselves but none for any of the other questions. It is a good game to sit down with the family and do together but I recommend that it is played with older children. The way the questions are asked (not that there is anything graphic) are asked harder and more smaller details than those bigger details that little ones remember.
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on December 16, 2012
This game/quiz is written in a multiple choice format. Questions are repeated quite a bit. It shows denominational bias, for example, in a question involving salvation: I think the question says "What is not required for salvation?" One choice is baptism, which in my denomination is not required for salvation; however, in this quiz baptism IS required for salvation. Having said all that, the product is well worth the $1.99 it cost me, and if I go through the quiz enough, I just may retain some of the information that I didn't know before taking the quiz.
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