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on April 6, 2012
This telephone is identified as a "Landline Telephone" in the Amazon description. Fortunately, the phone does NOT require the landline connection to work as a cell-phone router, in fact there is a "Cellular Line Only" mode to customize system functionality to cell-phones, otherwise the display will remind you to "Check Tel Line" while the land line port is unused.

The phone accepts Bluetooth connection from most cell phones. Panasonic details the compatible phones (most all) in a table at their site titled (search Panasonic web for...) "Cellular Connection List for Panasonic Products". Once registered via Bluetooth, all of the Panasonic handsets call-out and receive calls wirelessly through the base unit, as though it was a landline phone. It is however a SINGLE line phone - i.e. in or out from any one of its three ports: a) cellphone #1 or, b) cellphone #2 or, c) landline, but ONE call at a time. The phone's 1.9GHz frequency will not interfere with the 2.4GHz frequency typical of routers, home security systems, and other computer wireless devices.

As for performance - very impressive! The handsets are a bit larger than our replaced 12-year old Panasonic phone system, but better designed with a very readable black on bright-white display and larger buttons to reduce dialing mistakes. The newer technology NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries no longer have the old-style proprietary shape, instead they are conventional AAA size, and so could be easily replaced if they ever wear out. The sound quality is excellent, virtually noise free - incoming calls via the cellphones are perfectly clear. The Intercom feature - while nothing new - is still a great help in a multi-story house or office and also delivers excellent sound. The handsets can be "named" (up to 10 characters) allowing room names to appear on the intercom menus. Each handset has a volume amplification control - a useful feature in a noisy room. To review the features and capabilities of this phone, use the following search string to download the Panasonic user manual in .pdf: "KX-TG7745S Owner's Manual (Multi Language)"

-----7 mo update-----

13 November 2012: No complaints, rock-solid performance and excellent audio quality over dozens of incoming and outgoing calls on two cell phones (LG and Motorola). The intercom has been a handy feature in a multi-level home. The Panasonic has allowed me to jettison a $41/mo landline bill. Highly recommended and still worth 5-stars!

-----19 mo later, Nov 2013-----

Just upgraded mobile phones to Motorola Moto Xs. Both connected to the Panasonic Bluetooth with out issue. The Moto X Bluetooth radio seems stronger: conversations through the Pasnasonic can be had at even greater range (distance between mobile phone & Panasonic) with very high voice quality. There is an issue with OUTGOING calls with the Moto X. See comments of 1 Dec 2013. (Moto X - NICE phone BTW)
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on April 22, 2012
The range with 6.0 is double the old 2.4mhz cordless phone system. And the ability to buy $30 range extenders (up to two) makes range issues a thing of the past. The new features like Bluetooth pairing with up to two cell phones (only one can be used at a time) is VERY COOL and works well. The only reason this is a 4 star review and not a 5 star review is the instruction manual on this Bluetooth pairing feature is TERRIBLE!! I had to read old Amazon customer reviews to figure it out (its done via the handset's menu while standing near the base unit and the cell phone you want to pair). Once I knew that it was simple and easy. Phone books can be downloaded from cell phones. Enter a new phonebook entry on one handset and all the handsets get the entry updated (Love that long overdue feature!) Too bad it doesn't come with a two-line option and too bad you can only have 6 handsets, 10 would be ideal for my home.
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on April 14, 2012
Pros: Easy to set up because most of the defaults were appropriate. I have the five handsets scattered around the house with room names in their memory. They will always end up back in the original room and not collect on a coffee table.

The voice caller ID will be very handy. With the old cordless phones (about 5 years old) we had to get up and look at a hand set to see who was calling. Might as well answer. Many features to tailor ring to source. I like the call blocking. We get repeated calls for donations. I can shut this down now.

The Panasonic connected to our LG Ally (verizon LG VS740) and did the automatic transfer of phone book. One Ally is set about 30 ft from the base unit with 3 walls in between and we still get a blue tooth connection. The Panasonic compatibility list ([...]) did not list this model, but seems to work flawlessly. This will be a real convenience because we had to run to our cell in whatever room we had left it. Now putting it on the charger with Bluetooth on and it rings on all the Panasonic hand sets.

Another great feature is that our old system had to have the phone book copied to each hand set. And I didn't always do it, so each hand set had a different list of names. The Panasonic has one phone book (three groups) accessed by any handset.

Old set was not very good sound quality. This is better. We will try it with conference call to one of our children on Sunday.

Cons: I am in the process of setting up the "Home" phone book. I downloaded our Cell phone book, but it is of limited use. Contacts with multiple phones are shown on the cell with identifying destinations ("Call Mobile", "Call Work"). Each of those downloads to the Panasonic as the same name 2 or 3 times, but with different phone numbers. Caller ID would work fine, but outgoing, I have to remember which phone number is which location. In addition, the cell doesn't need the "1" before the area code. So I can't use these numbers to call out on the land line. I am in the process of editing each entry and saving it in the "Home" group. Better than entering the whole entry, but a bother.
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on July 12, 2015
I've got to say that this phone has held up quite well. I purchased this item on December 8, 2013. I am hoping I do not jinx myself by stating that the AAA rechargeable batteries have held up exceptionally well. What is great about this unit is that only the base unit has to be plugged into your home phone wall jack, whereas the remaining 4 hand set units only require an outlet. When you misplace a hand set unit (and you will especially if you have teenage children) all you need to do is go to your base unit and press a button and each individual handset will begin to chirp. Initially I purchased this phone with the hope of utilizing the intercom system (reduce some of the yelling), unfortunately that didn't quite work out. What I wanted to happen was, after activating the intercom system, my voice would emanate from each individual hand set at once. Unfortunately the process is a bit more complicated, in order to utilize the intercom system, one must pick up a handset, hit the intercom button, identify the individual handset (location), select that phone (1-5) and then that hand set will begin chirping... I am not sure I would call that an intercom. I love the call blocking option, I wish I could block more numbers, eventually the bank does get fall. Now the base unit has an answering machine and around every 3rd blue moon, I’ll be on the phone and need to retrieve information from the answering machine; for some strange reason, the answering machine cannot be accessed while the handset is in use. I personally have never found the need to link (Bluetooth) my cell phone to my house phone (despite the fact that I have dead zones in my home), but it is nice to know it is an option. With all forms of communication, the only thing you want is dependability & I would say the Panasonic (KX-TG7745S) has been quite dependable.
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on February 28, 2014
I bought the KX-TG7743S in December from Amazon. I hooked the phones up in January and one of the phones has already died completely … there is not even a dial tone. Another one of the headsets sounds like you are in a tunnel. I hae used Panasonic phones for years and they usually hold up great. The other set I had even worked after it was dropped in mud. I think I must have received a defective set of phones, since these are barely two months old, and of course Panasonic will not replace them.
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on July 8, 2015
Have been very happy with this phone system for the first 16 months of use, but recently one of the handsets stopped charging. Apparently this is a common problem with this model: there's a part that comes loose or dies inside the handset charging cradle. The handset says "charging", but beeps and flashes its yellow light at random times, and eventually dies completely. If you then put the dead handset into another charging base, it'll go into a seven-hour charge cycle and work just fine after that. (So it's not that the batteries are bad -- though I also tried replacing those.)

Do a web search for "PNLC1029" -- the part number of the handset charging cradles -- and check out the top "repair" links to read more about the problem. Unfortunately, these phones are out of warranty, and the cheapest way to get a new charging base is to get a whole new handset. [Edit: turns out you can order a replacement PNLC1029 cradle directly from "Panasonic accessory purchases" for ~$18 (including shipping).]

Other than the dying chargers, it's a very nice phone: the bluetooth Link2Cell works great with my Android phone, the displays are clear and easy to read, and the speakerphone in the handset works well. Another nice feature: the batteries are standard rechargeable NiMH AAA, so they're cheap and easy to replace if you need to (if, say, the charger stops working and destroys them).
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on December 19, 2013
We were reasonably satisfied with the phone itself, although it is less user friendly than we would have liked and "features" such as import of contact lists from a smart phone work poorly (local area codes come through and first and last name are reversed), but the real disaster is their customer service. One of the hand set cradles malfunctioned in the first month of use. No problem, right? Any reasonable company would simply replace the minor part and we would be happy. We should have gone through Amazon but Panasonic customer service assured us that going through them would be quick and easy. After at least a dozen phone calls to Panasonic with misinformation, lack of follow through and a lot of time on hold, we have been told that we needed to ship the parts to them (our cost for shipping and packaging) and that we didn't need to ship parts to them (just discard) and once again told that we needed to ship parts to them. They have told us that the outlet plug and the cradle need to work together so both would need to be replaced, followed by shipment to us first of a cradle alone (didn't work), then an outlet alone (didn't work). Today we acquired a packing box to return the part (supplies and shipping from HI will be about $15) and will go to the post office to mail the defective parts, trying once again to work with these idiots. Do they ever look at their notes or talk to each other? Why do they even bother to assign a case number? One of the reasons we bought this phone was their reputation for customer service, which seems to have disappeared. They have succeeded in turning what should have been a minor inconvenience into a certainty that we will not be purchasing their products in the future and we will actively discourage anyone we know from buying Panasonic. Update: a month later, we haven't heard from Panasonic or received the repaired parts. Another phone call today led to another 15 minutes of being transferred and explaining the situation repeatedly (even though the case number should tell them all of this) and eventually being cut off. Although they had our phone number, the customer service person again chose not to call back after the cut off, which is the third time this has happened. What is with these clowns? We can't recall ever in our lives having such pathetic customer service and the situation is so minor we can't imagine what would happen with a serious challenge.
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on March 6, 2016
My old system that used the same handsets as these was unfortunately starting to fail. I don't blame the set, since our household puts them through plenty of abuse (dropping them, leaving outside in the weather, etc). I purchased this set and got new batteries for the old remaining functional handsets. Now I have plenty of extra handsets to use as replacements as they will inevitably die off. One thing I noticed is some of the handsets have more of an echoey, crinkly sound - not sure why that would be. It is tolerable and far better than any if the new models that are being sold. It feels like the newer sets being sold have lots of bells and whistles but very poor quality. I hope I can keep this set going for a long time and was thankful Amazon had this older set still available.
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on December 2, 2015
Works great. I have multiple floors and I love the ability to easily program names to each phone and page individual phones from any other phone!!!

Easily set bluetooth to my cell as well. I would buy another one today in a heartbeat!

So it's been 18 months and still have every phone, all going strong. Had to replace 2 of the handset batteries (we used Philips MultiLife NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries 1000mAh 4PK ) and worked like a charm. This was indeed a great buy
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on July 10, 2015
This phone is an average system. Like most, the instructions are extensive yet somewhat hard to follow. The features and sound quality are all average. The big problem encountered is that I bought this phone system with six handsets to be placed throughout our entire house and garage. Of the six, three are no longer working (in a span of only several months). In trying to trouble-shoot, the problem seems to be the mechanical interface between the handset and the base. They all reached a point where there is a message is displayed to replace the battery. Of course I have done that multiple times only to learn that if I place the handset into another base it becomes charged and works fine, indicating that the batteries are not the problem. I am therefore left with the decision of continuing to buy replacement handsets or to replace the entire system.
2015Aug28 Follow-up to my last
I have been making calls to Panasonic for the past month to get the three cradles that no longer charge replaced. I believe I am on call number eight, and email number four. I received two cords rather than the three cradles that I requested. Now I have the problem of not only still getting the original cradles replaced, but returning the incorrectly sent cords. I am no closer to solving the problem after a all this time than I was five week ago. The only reason I gave it two stars rather than one is that the base station and a couple of the handsets are still working.
Two problems as I see it:
Panasonic as a problem in failing cradles.
Panasonic has a problem in customer service. All representatives are well trained in handing calls off. No one seems to be trained in actually solving a problem.

I would not recommend this to a friend (or to anyone). And would not buy another. I will be looking for something other than Panasonic, unfortunately most of this class of phones are all expensive throw-away(s). As the entire theme of the industry seems to currently focus on, "If you don't like the junk we just sent you, we will send you our latest".
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