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on June 21, 2012
I have been waiting for this unit since the CES show. Panasonic released some incredible Blu Ray players this year and this unit so far has exceeded my expectations. First off Amazon has the lowest price on this unit so far, yes it's sold by Beach Audio but going through Amazon makes it easier for a few dollars more. I wanted a smaller unit that was packed with features and this is it.

When I first saw it for sale I didn't hesitate to get it. I was hoping that Panasonic wouldn't delay the sale of the unit in the U.S. any longer. I believe it's almost 2 months overdue. Upon its arrival, unboxing was fast, I couldn't wait to peel back the packaging and let this unit breath....... Having this for only 4 hours I have been able to watch a movie and set up the unit the way I want it. Ah yes the remote, we have heard horror stories about there touch pad remote. This baby is cool, once you get use to the pad all the controls are on the screen. You can't get easier then that. I downloaded the Pansonic iPhone and iPad app and both work perfect with the unit. Follow the directions and it was up and running in seconds. I wanted to be the first to review this unit and to let potential buyers know its worth the investment. Yes it's small but it's capabilities are packed solid. I have not used everything as of yet but I will be updating this very quickly. Stay tuned!

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT: The dimensions listed on here are incorrect!! It is 7" X 7" X 1" with nothing plugged in. You determine what type of HDMI cable you will use, and that will assist you in how much room is needed behind it.......They do provide an HDMI cable with it if you need one....

Update: This unit is working perfect, I am connected via ethernet through a switch with the rest of my entertainment system. I have downloaded both Panasonic apps for this player for the iPhone and iPad. Both work flawlessly, make sure when checking the app store for them you pick the correct one, it will list this specific player in the directions. Also make sure in the settings of this unit, you turn ON the remote device settings so it can be found. I streamed video via Youtube and a movie from Netflix flawlessly. I will add that the streaming capability of this unit is awesome..... The supplied remote is super easy to use, the pad is on screen and easy to navigate. Since my iPhone is synced with my entire home entertainment center, I found using this is even easier. I also used a 16 gig thumb drive full of music and tested the USB port on the unit. It recognized my audio folder and played from it with no issues. Since I currently don't have 3D I can't provide any info about that as of yet. I am setting up my network drive system on it to access my computer. I will update additional info about this unit.. Stay tuned!!!

Update: Networking is simple, make sure its part of your home network and allow the necessary permissions. DVD's boot super fast, Blu Rays take about 18 seconds to load. You will notice that when you put a DVD in a small door will close after its inserted. When you eject the disk the door will remain in the open position. This is normal as the electronics are protected. So far this unit has been awesome. Panasonic needs to update the iPhone and iPad app allowing the user to utilize a full keyboard when searching online. After much time spent with this unit, I found that you still have to enter your searchs with one touch letter select and not a full keyboard. Come on Panasonic, update the app for this capability.... I will continue small updates as I come across features or any issues to help out others....

Update: 6 month review.... I have found this unit to still be working just as awesome as the day I bought it. I have read numerous reviews regarding the supplied remote. I will say I don't even use that remote at all. I have found the iPhone app works so much better so there is no need to use to use it. As for android users I am sure the app is the same. I did have a few issue with bluray disks not wanting to play but it appeared to be the disk and not the player.

Update: 1 year!!!!!....... As expected this unit has been working perfect! I have done the updates in it and still works as it should. Its simple, to the point, and gets the job done. I am currenly looking for a 3D LCD TV that will meet my similar expectations. Since the price of them have come down. Im thinking something in the 70" range should satisfy me........

Remote Update... I have had some people contact me and I have read other comments regarding the remote. Also there are some people that don't have smart phones so the app, wouldn't be at all useful. So with that, and like any other piece of equipment, take your time with the remote and it can be mastered with ease. I have tried it several times, and never run into an issue. What I will tell you is once you swipe your finger on the pad in the motion you want to go remove your finger. It works just like a touch pad for a notebook, just remove your finger so that it can complete the task.
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on March 28, 2013
My review is on a recent purchase of the Panasonic Blu-ray DMP-BBT01. This is an unbelievable Blu-ray player. The picture quality on my 3 year old Samsung 50" LCD
TV is fantastic. I have an older 6.1 surround sound system that does not has an HDMI outlet but does have the digital optical outlet. My new Panasonic Blu-ray had
the option of using HDMI for sound or digital optical. I had to use the digital optical and the sound was heard beautifully in all 6 speakers.

The wifi connection was easily connected to my Apple router wireless. I could hard wire also but didn't need to. I have great speed with the Apple "N" connection.

The Internet connection for video streaming was fast. I am a Amazon Prime member and Panasonic (unlike Samsung), has a app to Amazon Prime movies, which is free for Prime members.
It has Netflix, Skype and a few others as well but I don't subscribe to either. Just want to make the commit that the video stream feature works great also.

Now for the most dreaded item that most people complain about......the remote. Yes it is different. It is a touch pad remote with very few button. It's not that
bad as everyone complains about. I took a few hours familiarizing myself with the unit and setting up. I am a 60 year old man that is computer savoy and I don't
like to use my touch pad on my Mac Book Pro but this touch pad remote is fantastic. It is fast and simple once you learn the motion and where to touch. The TV screen
displays the menu and all you do is scroll though the menu on screen. I read a review that said the screen was hard to see. My eyes are terrible and can't read
without glasses but my 50" screen menu was the clearest I have ever seen on a TV screen menu.

In Summary, I just bought and set this up and have seen no problems what so ever. It has a great, fast Blu-ray player, way faster than my year old Samsung Blu-ray
(model BD-D5700), which by the way, quite working after one year. The video stream feature is fast and very clear and sounds great on my system as well. There is no
negative with the initial purchase, setup or use so far. I will follow up with future feeds on any problems or issues that come up.
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on July 25, 2012
Small, just 7"x7" square. Some have called the design a conversation piece (in the way that all 7"x7" squares are conversation pieces?) but if people notice your small stylish blu-ray player and do 10 minutes conversing about it ("it's so square!") then you can probably use all the strange looking blu-ray players you can get. It's a slot load player with a cheap looking plastic bottom. Since you're paying more for less (size), you get slot loading plus an HDMI cable in the box - and the controversial touch pad remote too. Critics have said that Panasonic messed with a good thing by replacing the remote included on their other models (the 220, for instance) with the touch pad remote. Some have opined that Panasonic was jumping on the tablet trend here, and indeed they probably were. In use, the remote isn't that bad. Just stay in the center of the pad with your finger or thumb and you'll be fine. But the remote isn't intuitive. There's a pop up on screen keypad, but no eject button (the thinking here was probably that you have to walk over and remove the disc anyway, but if so, why include it on their button remotes?) You're advised to download the free Panasonic app for your phone, it's better, and generally speaking, you know where your phone is, and finding the remote isn't always as easy. You're paying for size and style here, but beyond that, it's a Panasonic blu-ray player with the same menu's found on their other players, and a few extra features to justify the higher price point.
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on August 7, 2012
We have multiple Panasonic tvs and love them all, so we didn't hesitate to buy this blu ray player which seemed so packed with features. We have not been disappointed. The ease of use is just that, very easy. The touch pad on the remote is like a touch pad mouse on a laptop. Sliding your finger around the pad is like using a mouse to select and enter information. One of my favorite features: if I'm watching cable on my Panasonic tv, but want to switch to Netflix or a blu ray disc, simply turning on this Blu ray player also AUTOMATICALLY turns my tv from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 so that I can instantly press the Netflix button and start watching. Other reviews offer the technical details of this great piece, I can only rave about the features packed in a compact box that I can simply slide under the fron of the tv. Sooooo convenient. Also, I called customer service because I thought I had a problem (which was actually a problem with my router) and the customer service was very nice, patient, helpful, and got me up and running quickly. I really do love this.
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on August 8, 2012
Just installed and tried out the player. Good performance, blu-ray movie loaded up fast, I would say within 30 seconds. I put in the new Aliens and did get a little pixaltion at different parts in the movie but this appears to be something with the Aliens blu ray.

One note, the player was in the box provided by the manufacturer. I was expecting an Amazon box but instead it was in the box you would see sitting on the shelf in a store. Packaging was a little beat up by the carrier but internally the device was packed well and I have not noticed any problem.

Connected the player with HDMI, wired network then power. The player joined the network with no problem and tested internet connectivity quickly. First thing I did was browse to any update option I could find and the player updated its firmware which took about 10 minutes from start to finish. I like the touch screen interface on the remote but will eventually program my universal remote for this player. The Home menu is good and provides a quick response when selecting something to do like play music, browse movies or netflix so on. When I put in the Aliens blu ray a popup appeared telling me the movie needed at least 1MB of storage space but I could continue without this if needed. So I exited the movie and dug through the menus but could not find anything on the device to format any pre installed memory. It appears I will need to buy an SD card to add into the player for things like this. Thought I did a lot of research believing this device had internal storage of at least something but if there is not even 1MB then that's a no for any internal storage.

Other than the device shipping in the original box and no internal memory the device is great. Small foot print, a worthy weight to such a small device making you feel like you get your moneys worth, options for mounting different ways and slot insert for disks, I really like this player. Highly recommend!
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on August 10, 2012
This will undoughtedly come down in price, but I wanted it when I assembled my home theater system. I bot a Visio 55" 3D/internet/streaming HDTV. Then a Bose "Accustamass 6" surround sound w/an Onkyo 3D, 5.1 reciever. This DVD player is the frosting on the proverbial cake. The only thing it DOESN'T do, is make the popcorn. Blu-Ray, internet, streams, upconverts 2D to 3D, plays every imaginable format, and man it is small. I wasn't ready for how small it actually is ! The only drawback, and this is because I like to watch TV in the dark, is the touch screen remote. My jury is still out on this one. It's a personnal thing, but if you buy this unit, and believe me YOU WANT to buy this player, it's kind of a long learning curve and w/no back lite buttons, it's even harder to reconnoiter. One other trivial thing, it has no eject function on the remote. Gotta get yer lazy a$$ off of the couch, to pop it out of the player. This was so new when I got it, that I went solely on the 1st review, from a guy who had seen it at the CES show, and he was right.. Oh, one other thing, as I'm watching "Mesrine", I put it on pause to write this (I needed a break from the french subtitles) after 30 minutes it shuts down. You have to then hit the "on" button, on the remote to resume watching the movie. They said it is to save the drive motor, I believe. Try it, you'll like it !!

Update: 10/29/12
I still luv this player, but I will tell ya, THIS IS BY FAR THE WORSE REMOTE I HAVE EVER USED !!!!!!! Touch screen that works when it feels like it. The only way I can really explain it is, I hope the guy who designed it has worms crawing thru his eys sockets right now!! Bad piece to an other wise fine product.

Update #2: 5/27/13
I found a way to get around the crappy remote. I programmed the Visio (my 55" 3d tv) remote to operate the Panasonic Blu ray player. I've managed to get it to do everything but be a power on/off switch. This is waaaaayyyy better. It is now so much easier to use this wonderful Blu ray player. Try it, if it works for you, you'll be much happier w/the player.
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on May 23, 2013
I've been browsing traditionally-sized 3D Blu-Ray players for several months, looking to replace an older, non-Wi-Fi Panasonic player. I own two other Panasonic players, a BDT210 and a BDT220, both of which I'm quite happy with. I bought this player on a recent Lightning Deal, partly because the deal seemed too good to ignore, partly because I thought a smaller player might have some advantages. Here are my observations based on just over a week of use (will try to update later).

--Roughly the size of a 90s-era CD Walkman (remember those?). If you have limited space, it's a great choice.
--Picture quality is excellent. Note that I'm watching it on a 32-inch 720P LCD, so I suppose that's not a high bar.
--Setup was easy. The user interface is nearly identical to those on my other Panasonic players.
--Startup is faster than on my other players, including the BDT220, which is less than a year old.
--Comes with ah HDMI cable. Not a big deal, especially at this price point, but it's still a plus.

--Not many I/O options: one HDMI out, one optical digital audio out, one network in. I need only the HDMI out, so it's fine with me.
--Because of the small size of the player, the power transformer is external, similar to most laptops. Again, it's not an issue for me.

--I realized after I pulled the unit out of the box that it was small enough to travel with. Now I can watch Blu-Rays when I visit my mother, who still has a VCR hooked up to the TV in her bedroom (flashing 12:00) but fortunately has a 42-inch plasma in the family room.
--I read at least one review that noted a bit more mechanical noise than regular players because the small form factor doesn't have room for sound insulation. I don't hear it; maybe I would if I used a stethoscope.
--The only controls on the player are for power and eject.
--The player comes with a plastic stand that allows you to position the unit in any of several positions The product photo shows it tilted up at an angle.

The most common complaint I've read in other reviews is about the touchpad remote; I'm not complaining. It's essentially the same as the touchpad mouse on a laptop. I hate my laptop's touchpad mouse, so the fact that I like this remote is saying something. I'll grant that it can be a bit oversensitive at times, but it's a lot easier to deal with than trying to press the right button on a regular remote in a dark room.
--There's one hard key that brings up the touchpad (with at least one exception), which pops up an onscreen display.
--The display's default position when a disk is playing is the pause control, which is generally what you'd want during play.
--Tap the remote and the disk pauses, slide your thumb in any direction to choose different options (fast forward, reverse, stop, even an option to back up ten seconds) or move to another panel with additional controls. A second hard key on the opposite side of the touchpad turns it off. Both hard keys are large and well-positioned.
--When the player powers up with a disk you stopped in mid-play, the touchpad display pops up with the cursor on the play control.
I found the exception I mentioned above when I slid my thumb across the touchpad while streaming a video from Amazon. The video continues to play while the display shows the time fast-forwarding (or reversing) until you tap the touchpad, causing playback to jump to the time you've (hopefully) chosen.

Oh, one more thing: it's pretty to look at.

Bottom line: if you want a compact player and don't mind spending a little extra for it, I highly recommend this one. More to come. The reason I didn't give it five stars is that I haven't owned it long enough to confirm my early impressions.
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on December 23, 2012
OK, I got this because my old blu-ray died and my expensive TV is a Panasonic and I like how the blu-ray can communicate with the TV over the HDMI (they keep changing the name of that technology, and it's a little thing, but I like it!)

I have an Apple TV and wanted to get something with some more app support, and the Viera Cast looked handy. Well, here's the thing:

The remote sucks. But who cares, you can use your iphone. -0.5 points for that.
The blu-ray performance is UNBELIEVABLY fast. WOW. +3 for that!
The size is really compact and feels solid and well built. +1 point
The design is sharp! Totally digging it! If you're wondering about the color (the pictures on Amazon and Panasonic's website SUCK) it's because it's a COMPLETE mirror finish: it will reflect the colour of any surroundings (i.e. completely black from my receiver, which it's sitting on.) +1 point.
The Viera apps. Wow, there's a lot of choice there! And so many options! Nice! UStream app! Nice! Wait a minute, WTF? Why can't you use the keyboard on the iphone in the apps? What the hell do you mean I have to use the stupid touchpad to enter words? -0.5 points!

I love the player and it has great software and functions WONDERFULLY as a blu-ray player, but the interface.... I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that Panasonic puts out some updates soon, that let me use the bloody keyboard on the iphone, but if they don't, it'll be another -1 point.
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on September 5, 2012
I was a little up set with the remote, I am old and hard to understand new electronic devices, the remote has few buttons and very small, to work it I have to move my finger over a smooth plate. I was about to send it back because of this, it took me forever to get the cc that I have to have on. Forget pause or play. I had got so mad I was ready stomp on it. I was at home one weekend alone I picked it up and played with it for about two hours, now I am a pro. best remote there is. Now for the player looks like the case a dvd comes in 7"x7"x1" it will load in about five seconds, my old samsung would take one to two minutes to load. My IP is 3.5 all they have in my area the samsung would have to buff every five minutes with Netflix I could not rent a movie from Amazon because of the rebuffing the Panasonic DMP-BBT01 never has to buff I have not done it yet but may have to buff if I were to try and watch in HD with only 3.5 I did purchase it from Amazon it came two days later. I didn't want to review till I use it a lot. I am very happy with it now that I am a pro remote user. I am so good I may start giving class to my friends People come over to watch a movie and ask where is dvd player they can't believe how small it is. You do have to get up to open the drawer take that back, slot, no draw. there are no button on the remote for this but you have to get up to change it anyway. There are going to be lemons with anything you buy, I read the one stars but took a chance, glad I did. Update: 3/10/13 I have had mine for sometime now and still loving it. Update 7/13/13 I had went to my brother in GA we wanted to watch a movie on Amazon every five minutes his dvd had to buff he pulled out his play station 3 what ever that is it did the same thing I told him about my dvd he went on Az and had it shipped over night hooked it up, set and watched the movie never buff once if this one ever gives out I will get another.
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on April 11, 2013
I bought this from Amazon last week, and last night, I hooked this unit up and started using it.

It took about 15 minutes to unconnect the old player and reconnect this one. 10 minutes were spent in tracing my cables and squirming for access behind my system.

Then I turned everything on and started learning, including actually reading the manual, or at least some of it. But in-depth reading, I found, isn't all that necessary. Sure it helps.

I had read the reviews cussing out the remote, and took a little extra time. It was not necessary.

Basically, if you can use a smartphone, you can use the remote - and I don't mean using my smartphone as my remote. There are about two pages of pictures that show the basic remote swipes required, and you're on your way. So, within about 15 minutes, I was pausing, restarting, FF, Rewind, etc.

Oh yes, the unit. It is great. It took no time at all to get Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu+ enabled. I watched things off all three last night. And I've never used Hulu or Amazon Streaming before.

So I am happy as an antelope with night vision goggles.

Do not listen to the luddites who complain about the remote, and go ahead and buy this. You will not be sorry.
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