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on May 5, 2013
I have now read all three of these "Morgue" books. You have to read them in order... When I finished the last book in the series so far, I was sooo wanting more. I hope this author writes more and quickly. I am sooo hooked. I've read over 300 mysteries in just under a year and a half, and have to say that this series is one of the best I've read. Sooo sooo entertaining, you are amused, you are laughing...but always fascinated with these stories. This series is just even better than E.J. Cooperman's Dead Detective series... I became attached to the characters very fast. I could NOT put any of these books down. I carried my Kindle everywhere in case I had a minute I could read, I read them all one right after another. Normally, if I read more than two books by an author in a row, I need and want a change. This time I didn't... I couldn't wait to read the third one. The only bad thing.... there's no more of these yet. These three books are not going to be deleted out of my library. I plan on re-reading them in a couple of years....if I can wait that long. I know I will enjoy them again. I've never re-read any books... but I know I'm going to re-read these!
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on May 7, 2015
This series is wonderful!!! If you possess a sense of humor, and can deal with a corpse talking from the grave, this series is a hoot! Without giving too much away, a car thief is killed, and finds he can communicate with only one living person - the medical examiner/forensic pathologist. And ig takes off from there. Between the two of them, they solve mysteries and murders as they try not to drive each other crazy. If you like murder mysteries, and have a sense of humor, I think you'll like this series of books. Highly recommended!
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on December 20, 2012
I read the last part of this book in bed. My husband complained that my laughing out loud kept waking him up. I really hope to see many more books in this series. I have a huge crush on Pascha.
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on January 5, 2013
This series is one that I will follow as books become available. They have a unusual premise and interesting characters. HIghly entertaining!
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on December 2, 2013
Story holds your interest making it a quick read. Lots of drama. Read them all. Can not wait for more
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This third book in the series takes up right where Morgue Drawer Next Door left off. Cologne is in the midst of a horrible heat wave, asbestos is being removed from the Institute building, and the icing on this cake of complete havoc is the new head of the department, a bean counter referred to as "Piggy Bank" by all those under his lunatic thumb of iron. I am amazed at how the author has kept me intrigued with the idea of teaming an intellectual man of science with the deceased spirit of a hormone-fueled young car thief. This is a very odd couple indeed, and it works because these two do not remain static.

Martin is the only human Pascha can talk to, but Martin has a girlfriend he'd like to move in with-- and not share her with "the voice in his head." As Martin frantically tries to come up with a solution to his problem, he's putting his relationship with his girlfriend in jeopardy. Pascha never sleeps, and there's only so many movies he can watch in Cologne's theaters. He's taken to writing his memoirs and trying to get them published-- with extremely interesting results. Although Pascha's grammar has improved gradually in the series, his descriptions are often crudely hilarious, and I've come to look froward to them.

This series is succeeding with me because Profijt has her characters grow and change as various relationships develop-- and because it's obvious that she's having fun writing these books. However, I did have one area of concern in Morgue Drawer for Rent. Profijt does admit in a section at the back of the book that she takes some artistic license with a couple of subjects, but she took a bit too much for me. Her bending of the facts of asbestos removal and one other subject kept throwing me out of the story, and I'm no expert on either subject. Be that as it may, I'm enjoying this series too much to stop just yet!
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on January 1, 2013
A year ago I discovered this series. I have enjoyed the series, because each book is different, not cookie cutter. I like the characters and the way the author handles the relationship between Martin and Pasta. The books are funny and hold my interest.
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on August 4, 2013
This three part mystery series has a comic dynamic between Dr. Martin Gansewein, "Martin", a Cologne (GER) forensic pathologist and the ghost of a "gifted" 24 year old car thief Pascha Lerchenberg ("Pascha"), who by some "electromagnetic anomaly" (or plan for redemption), is only audible to Martin. If Martin is orderly, meticulous, and proper (he loves herbal tea, collecting old city maps, and enjoying gelato with his girlfriend Birgit), Pascha is none of this - after all, he knows he's "in the prime of his afterlife" - impulsive, raucously profane, and hilariously sexist.

In the introductory MORGUE DRAWER 4 Pascha establishes his uneasy relationship with Martin, solves his own murder, the mystery of a dead woman in the trunk of his stolen ride, and rescues Martin's reputation. [3 stars]

In MORGUE DRAWER NEXT DOOR, Pascha learns how to infiltrate wireless networks to help Martin solve deaths at a convent (a "prayer pit") while confronting a ruthless real estate developer. Pascha also realizes his experiences are the stuff of best-sellers and so decides to become star mystery author. Pascha's ingenuity and love of euphemisms (e.g. forensic techs are "cadaver divers") advance the series over the introductory first novel. [4 stars]

MORGUE DRAWER FOR RENT finds Cologne in a suffocating heat wave. The tone darkens a bit. When an ill-suited and arrogant Institute director becomes Martin's new boss, bodies start piling-up and disappearing, and only Pascha will save Martin's career. Pascha falls in love with a mysterious Russian medical student...his manuscripts are accepted for publication and the three part series comes to a neatly packaged end (?) with the selection of an author for the series (I'll let you guess who they choose). The action level picks-up in the final chapters of this - hopefully not last in-the-series - novel after limping mid-way. This is the equal of MORGUE DRAWER NEXT DOOR and deserves 4 stars.
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on August 22, 2013
The "Morgue Drawer" series is very entertaining, with "Morgue Drawer for Rent" very funny in both concept and execution. The voice of the narrator, ghost protagonist Pascha, a car thief in life, is very well done. His cluelessness about social situations and so much else contrasts with his enthusiasm and detailed knowledge about cars. Pascha's relationship with the coroner Dr. Martin Gansewein, who performed his autopsy in the first book, "Morgue Drawer Four", progresses in a sometimes amusingly antagonistic fashion, but I found that I was involved with the characters, and hoped very much that they would solve their current difficulties and all would be well in the end as they struggle with a department head who wants to maximize profit by renting out morgue drawers to local funeral homes - and does he have a hidden agenda?. I recommend starting with the first book in the series, "Morgue Drawer Four" which establishes the situation and the characters. The second book, "Morgue Drawer Next Door" could be read before or after Morgue Drawer Four", though it's always best to read them in order for character development. I do recommend all these books as a very entertaining read and will purchase any further books in the series as they appear.
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on April 21, 2013
I have now read all three of the "Morgue Drawer" books, and after reading the second I was hesitant to start this one. There was something about the second book that really dragged for me, and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. I am so glad that I did! In this novel, Martin is having to drive between two places to work - one place holds the morgue, and the other place holds the offices. During this time of a crazy move, the security at the morgue is not quite what it should be, and some bodies get mutilated or stolen. Meanwhile, the new boss is renting out the morgue drawers to funeral homes and trying to earn money and keep things efficient, without really having any idea what he is doing. The gang gets back together to solve the mystery and take back control of the morgue.

I love Pascha and Martin's relationship with one another. They both get so agitated with one another, but it is obvious that they also care for each other. The banter between them is hysterical, and the author has created a wonderful antagonist in Martin's life by creating Pascha. He does not do it intentionally, but he is really good at ruining everything for Martin. I also love the supporting characters, and I think the author has created a really excellent team of people with these characters.

I am really glad that I continued this series because this novel was wonderful! I definitely recommend to those that are already Pascha fans, and I recommend this series to any mystery lovers.
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