Customer Reviews: Panasonic SC-BTT490 Energy Star 5.1-Channel 1000-Watt Full HD 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System with Built-in Wi-Fi (2012 Model)
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on December 1, 2012
Alright, here's a completely honest review from a guy who's been shopping around for a good entry level system. I am in my 20's, newly married, and not able to afford an elaborate home theater system at this stage in my life. If you want a fancy system with every last up-to-date bell & whistle, then I would say search elsewhere, but if you are looking for great sound for a really low price, then look no further. For the $200 I paid on, I couldn't be happier. Following are some things I would like to comment on, and even though this is a long-ish review, I sincerely hope it is helpful to you or that some of the tips make this item even better! Just know that I am so pleased with the value I got from this system that I felt compelled to write a lengthy review, so that should be a testament to its quality! :)

1. This system is a Home Theater In-a-Box. Therefore the speakers plug directly into the blu-ray player itself. No need to worry about buying a separate receiver. That said, because this is an entry level system not designed to be a big receiver, the input options are very anemic; there is only one optical input and no HDMI inputs. This however, is not necessarily a problem as some people complain it is. My TV has enough HDMI inputs for the player, my DirecTV satellite box, and my Xbox 360. From the Xbox and the DirecTV cable box, I have an optical Toslink cable plugged into a separate optical cable switcher I got for ~$5 at Monoprice, and this is wired directly into the receiver. This way, I preserve the 5.1 surround sound output from each device. This is the ONLY way to do this if you want to preserve your 5.1 output. Simply plugging HDMI's into your TV, then having one optical cable run from your TV to the 5.1 system will not work as TV's can't strip the 5.1 sound from the signal and pass it through. You will get sound, but not 5.1 surround sound. So if you are buying this for use with more than one other peripheral, I would recommend picking up a couple optical cables and a switcher. Cables are only $2-3, and the switcher is only $5 as I said before.

2. Sound: It is INCREDIBLE for this price. I have a mid-sized loft where everything is set up. Despite it not being an enclosed room, the speakers still fill the room with tremendously rich, full sound. I can't even turn the volume up over 50% for fear my ears would burst. And this is coming from a 20 something year old guy who most of you probably thing would stereotypically play music too loud. I have my equalizer set to "heavy" which doesn't make things louder, just more full, and I have the 3D cinema surround sound feature turned on. It is truly AMAZING. NOTE: I have seen others complain that this device doesn't come with all the speakers working, or that they don't work all the time. Well, respectfully, there is a good reason for that. To take advantage of a 5.1 system, your blu ray, TV show, game, or whatever, needs to be coded with a 5.1 soundtrack. If your media only has a stereo source, sound will only come out of the side speakers, not the front, and depending on your settings, it will only be quiet coming from the back. Make sure you have a 5.1 source! This item has the latest decoders, and will support media with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Pretty awesome.
*One confusing thing in the product description is that it says it has wireless back speakers. This is a bit confusing, as the back speakers are indeed wired. What it means is that there is an extra accessory you can buy to make them wireless, if you wish.

3. Picture: Again, the picture, on an HDTV of course, is incredible! I don't have a 3D TV, so I can't comment on that aspect of this system, but the colors are sharp, blacks have good contrast, and images really pop out at you. Not to mention, the blu ray discs themselves load VERY fast. The player is also able to upscale DVDs to near 1080p, and the effect, while not as good as a BD movie, is excellent. Not much else I can describe about it, you need to experience it for yourself!

4. Network: This is a WIRED system, so if you are looking for wifi, you'll either have to buy an adapter or look for a different model. For me, this is no problem. My home's wireless router sits right next to the television, so I don't mind having a wired system. Again, if you are looking for more features, you'll need to spend more money, but for what you pay for this system and what it gives you, it's incredible. I would like to mention I'm not a huge fan of the Viera Connect interface, which you use to stream internet content. It feels sluggish to me, and a lot of the apps need a facelift, ESPECIALLY the Amazon Prime Video app. It would be really nice if that app would stream 5.1 sound too. (Are you listening Amazon?? haha). But each app does however do what it is supposed to do, and this system makes good use for streaming Netflix or etc.

5. Set-up: Took me only a 1/2 hour. It's a simple as plugging in wires to their correct spots. I set up the front/surround speakers on stands I bought for only $10/pair from Monoprice. The speakers have really nice slots in the back that make mounting on screws really easy. I did have to buy some extra 16-gauge speaker wire, because even though they do give you a lot of wire to work with, my room had an awkward shape that required extra length of wiring so I could place the speakers in the proper spot. But overall, didn't take me long at all to get everything going.

6. Remote: A little frustrating that I can't get the supplied remote to work with my Samsung HDTV, but I was easily able to use my universal DirecTV remote with the system. My DirecTV remote now can control my TV, DirecTV box, and the Panasonic system. So when I'm watching DirecTV, I don't need a ton of different remotes to control everything. I simply use the volume on the same remote I would have used anyways to control DirecTV, and I can control the volume on the entire surround system. The only thing I need the Panasonic remote for is when I initially turn the speakers on. It is annoying that every fresh boot up of the system takes you to the main menu by default; I wish it would remember your last setting. But all you have to do is push ONE button (the input selector labeled "iPod" after the system turns on and you will hear your television. That's what you'd have to do for a typical surround sound system with a separate receiver anyways. Easy as anything.

7. OTHER ITEMS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER BUYING WHEN PURCHASING THIS: This may be obvious to some, but if you are a newbie, here's an easy list of what else to buy:
-HDMI Cord (to hook into your TV)
-16-gauge speaker wire (for extra flexibility in wiring)
-Speaker stands/wall mounts
-Optical cord switcher
-One optical cord for every other peripheral you plan to connect + one extra to run from the switcher to the box.
This may sound like a lot extra, but each is very cheap on, or you can look at Monoprice which is extremely inexpensive.

Like I have said from the beginning, if you are looking for more options or flexibility, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you are like me and don't have a lot of money to spend on something like this, the Panasonic SC-BTT190 truly is the best bang for your buck. It does everything some of the more expensive systems do and then some. I am very VERY pleased, and can't believe I got something this quality, brand-new, for only $200. If you see a higher price, maybe it'll come back down, I don't know, but either way, I would have been willing to pay more. Please take my word for it, I am extremely satisfied!

UPDATE (12/27/13): Someone commented on my review, so it brought my attention back, and I'm glad to see this review has been so helpful! Just as an update, I've been using this system for over a year now and I feel it is still worthy of my original 5 star review. I've had no problems whatsoever and am very happy with how it has served those rare moments when I can enjoy being a couch potato. And the price is even better now than when I bought it, so while I obviously haven't looked into the newest or comparable systems , for $170, this is a great buy!
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on September 20, 2012
The system is one of the better mid range Home Theater in a Box setups. Build quality is on par for what you are paying for it, which is really a polite way to say it doesn't suck, but you won't change anyone's religion with the quality. The front "Tall Boy" speakers are my main gripe, they should be named skinny, anemic, fragile, wobbly boy speakers, but I suppose that would tough to fit on the box. Their plastic mounting stands seem a little flimsy and even screwed together and placed properly they tend to feel fragile like they could snap in two with marginal force. I'd caution having them anywhere near young children or any other bouncy kinetic forces that could snap them. That being said the sound quality is, quite frankly..amazing. With the fine tuning options in the Audio setup, finding that sweet spot on sound is relatively easy. The Highs and Mids are crisp, and the lows are punchy, even in content not optimized to use the 5.1 setup, it sounds good. The Image quality and 3D abilities are crisp and vivid.

The setup from unpacking to enjoying content is about 15 minutes with minimal fine tuning. The two HDMI In ports are a nice touch and allow you to connect a Set Top Box or Game console and take advantage of the Theater's sound. The ports are cleverly labeled "In" in case there is any confusion between "In" and "Out". The speakers connect to the Theater using a proprietary plug that is color coded, so even if you sustain crippling brain trauma while setting the system up, you should be able to drool your way to a fine home theater experience. The functionality when paired with a Panasonic TV with VIERA Connect is nice as the devices talk to one another regarding proper settings, although I've never remained in the room long enough to see if they discuss anything else, presumably not.

All in all the product was worth exactly the price I paid for it, and overall i'm satisfied with the purchase.

Excellent Sound Quality
Crisp Clean Image Quality & 3D so lifelike you reach for Jessica Alba on the screen.
Extra HDMI Inputs.
Box makes an exceptional hat.

Flimsy front speaker stands.
Jessica Alba not actually reachable via Home Theater Unit.
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on June 23, 2012
VERY HIGH:LY RECOMMENDED! This system is incredible...

That said, initially, I was so disappointed that I was began shopping for a replacement. After reading another Panasonic review, I easily found the SOUND section on the HOME display and switched it to heavy as recommended. WOW! It's like a completely different system. PHENOMENAL and I thank this reviewer and AMAZON for great products, great product support and for providing this kind of information in reviews. I AM ECSTATIC and highly recommend similar Panasonic systems without reservation.

Easy to install and connect - great price, humungous sound (how do they do that with these little speakers?) - and A GREAT VALUE.
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on April 27, 2012
System works great and I could not be happier. I also purchased the Panasonic SH-FX71 Wireless Rear Speaker System with two extra speakers. This thing connects to the Panasonic SC-BTT490 3D Blu-Ray Disc 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System and I can add two more speakers the the system. It also runs just under the 2.5Ghz of most wireless phones and has the same range. So I can play music from my iPhone (which connects to the Home Theater System) and extend the music anywhere in the house or back yard. Also I can place those two extra speakers behind my 5.1 system and essentially have a 7.1 system. Though I really just use the two extra speakers to extend my music outside the reach of the Home Theater System.

Also I use WiFi for the Panasonic SC-BTT490 3D Blu-Ray Disc 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System and have had no problems. You get free games, and if you are an Amazon Prime member a bunch of free movies.
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Style: Prior Generation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been an audio phi for quite some time and I wanted to spend some time with this system before I wrote a review on it. I'm glad I did because now it is my pet system; I get a special joy out of using it. Let me explain. When I first took it out of the box and saw these gleaming piano black finish towers for a smaller reasonably priced all in one system it was noteworthy. Then I hooked it up. Looking back it is an easy setup; everything is color coded so you just plug the proper wire with the color coded end into the correct speaker. I was disappointed in that the front two towers had speaker wire that was only at best 8 to 10 feet each which gave you very little allowance for hiding the wires. That is not a serious problem at all since the wire ends are just bare wire and can be added onto very easily. I just thought with the cost of this thin wire they would have supplied a longer length than that. The other wires were plenty long.

At first I was going to hook it up to a large high def LCD monitor and couldn't get it to work. So I took it into the room with the 46" high def TV and it worked instantly. When I first turned it on to play it the sound was very nice. It was room filling but uneventful. So then I started tweaking and it made all the difference in the world. First you need to go into "Sound" on the convenient "Home" menu on your TV screen projected by the BTT195 and change it from the factory default of "Flat" to "Heavy". Flat is flat and that is what I was experiencing. However it is only fair to say that most people prefer flat. I want to get more excited than that. So once you set it to "Heavy" you see the typical inverted bell shaped curve with maxing the boost at both ends, the treble and bass, with a gradual slope down toward the center from both ends to flat in the middle. (Boosted mid's typically provide a boxy type of sound so it is best to leave them flat) This is all automatically set that way just by choosing "Heavy" in the sound menu onscreen.

Ok now we have boomy bass, and crispy highs although without a tweeter in any of the front towers instead they give you a full range speaker the highs are not as crispy as a more expensive system with dedicated tweeter speakers. However the highs are fine, and sound great depending on the quality of the original sound source. If it was mixed with crispy highs that is what you get, if it was an orchestra recording with distant microphone picking up the sound the highs are of course a bit more muted. Tweeters/combo speakers are in the center channel according to the literature but center channels are mixed mostly all for voice.

Since I like the maximum amount of boom in my bass I took the sub-woofer cabinet and played with positioning. It is amazing the difference positioning makes to a sub. You have to try it in the room you are going to use it in because there are many factors affecting positioning, but generally speaking if possible place the sub about a foot or two away from a corner, and swivel this side projecting sub speaker until you feel/hear the maximum bass. The towers should be aiming right at you since treble travels in straight lines. This system has adjustments for each of the speakers so you can balance the room. I took the sub and maxed out the gain for that as well, and that is probably why when I leave the room and have some music on I can hear it rocking the entire house. The bass is louder in the next room even more so than it is in the room the speakers are in. This thing rocks.

Installation tips: When assembling the base to the first section of speaker tower, loosen the 4 screws in the metal plate which makes aligning the 2 screws that hold the tower on a lot easier. If you don't do it that way you risk forcing the screw and stripping the thread. (This is a universal mechanical principle: Loosen, or start all screws first before tightening any one of them so alignment of each additional screw doesn't become an issue. After you get them all started then go back and tighten them all up) the job goes faster that way too.

My first impression was that this thing looks like a receiver but it is not. Then as I got my mind out of conventional old world receieverdom, I began to realize that yes it is. However it does only give you one HDMI out as well as some types of inputs such as Optical Digital Audio Input which I hooked up right out the TV so the audio was in synch on playback, a single pair of RCA aux input jacks, as well as some strictly more modern features. For example you can access your network DLNA to connect to your Windows Media Player library. So if you have a zillion songs on a hard drive on a computer in your network you can access them and play them through the BTT195. In addition if you want to plug in a USB device (I tried the iPod shuffle and it worked great) as well as a USB external hard drive you can access your audio and video media directly through it as well. In addition to the USB input on the front panel it also has an SDHC card input reader built in so you can take for example your 32 Gig SDHC card with all of your music on it and play it back through this system without any outbound devices showing; the SDHC card buries itself in the unit. The other model which has a list price of an additional 25% over this one is the Panasonic SC-BTT490 3D Blu-Ray Disc 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System has a second HDMI input, says the wattage is a little more but doesn't show it in the specs on the Panasonic site, at least not for any individual speaker, but has a downward firing sub-woofer of the same 6 1/2" size. The one on these 195's fires out the side.

I wanted to have all of the speakers on at the same time. In addition to this Panasonic system, I wanted to be able to use the built in TV speakers but found there was an echo as in a delay so the timing wouldn't allow it. I have to play with that some more to see if the sound source output can be contrived to eliminate that. However with just this system playing in the room it makes TV time a pleasure something I am delighted to experience. This is not supposed to compete with systems that one tower speaker costs more than the whole system, but rather provide a truly great buy for the money. To have a Blu Ray player, a receiver, 5 speaker cabinets including a center channel, two fancy piano gloss black 4 foot tall towers, two rear surround cubes, and a sub-woofer with the latest in technological connectivity, all in one package for this price and sound as good as it does you can't beat it. Highly recommended.
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on July 9, 2012
I'm satisfied that this unit delivers what it promised - improved sound on a Viera link equipped television. Unlike the previous reviewer, my Direct TV remote controls both the tv and the home theater system and both turn on together. I don't need the tiny home theater remote. The sound is a noticeable improvement over the built-in speakers, which frankly, are poor on my 65" Panasonic TC-P65ST30 plasma. Even my wife immediately noticed the difference, saying it sounds like a movie theater. I wouldn't go that far, but it is much better and for the price, a good deal. Won't blow you away, but makes watching tv or a DVD more enjoyable. btw, I thought I needed an optical audio cable, so I also ordered one from Amazon, but it wasn't necessary. Cheap HDMI cable worked just fine. Would recommend at least a 6' foot HDMI so you can place the subwoofer at either side of your tv, not just the side that is closest to the HDMI output.

The only reason I didn't give it five stars is I wish there had been an on-screen display of the bass and treble settings. You have to decipher the flashing light code on the subwoofer to get a rough approximation of the settings, but I guess it does force you to pay more attention with your ears than your eyes.
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on August 12, 2013
I received this system as a gift that was purchased at a box store. Setup was easy and everything appeared to be working well. I was replacing a Samsung DVD Home Theater system that I had purchased about 5 years ago. I would say the sound a little better than the Samsung system but being 5 years newer I expected that. My problems started with Blu-Ray playback. I put a disc in to play and it started off great, sound was good, picture was good. About 1 hour into the movie the unit just turned itself off. At first I thought it was a sleep mode type of thing but after digging I didn't find any settings for sleep mode. So I restarted the disc and it played for about 5 minutes before turning off again. Everytime I've tried to play a move it turns off after about 1 hour the first time, and then if restarted right away about 5 minutes into it. If I let the unit rest for a half hour or so before restarting the movie it will play for about 20 minutes. Once I started having these issues I began to do some more research on problems with this model. I found a few others reporting this same situation and on the panasonic help forums they had a reply about a resetting procedure that was suppose to fix it. I ran through the process and then restarted my movie. It lasted about 20 minutes again and then turned off. I have found that a few other people have mentioned overheating issues with their units which sounds like what mine is going through. I have my unit on an open glass shelf with nothing within 6 inches of the sides, front, back, or top of the unit so it shouldn't have any heat related issues unless there is some kind of manufacturing defect. I listened real close when I first started the unit and I could not hear the cooling fan running, I believe this is why my unit is overheating.

My experience with panasonic's customer service didn't go much better. My first experience was the help forum which was not helpful. I tried their online tech support chat after waiting about 10 minutes for it to connect me to a representative he asked me what i needed help with today and I explain my problem, he immediately disconnected the chat without saying anything. Then I called their technical support and was basically told to do exactly what the help forums said. After that I was forwarded to their online repair submission group. They set up a repair submission for me and that went fairly smoothly, until I found out that they expected me to pay for the shipping to send it back to them. Once I finally got a hold of a customer service manager who told me the same thing about not paying for it, he agreed to submit a request for a pre-paid shipping label. So obviously this is something that they can do but they make you fight them for it. I am currently waiting for the email about the escalation of my issue to receive that pre-paid shipping label. In all I have spent about 45 minutes with their help forums and online chat and another 1 hour 30 minutes on the phone with different parties. My issue still isn't solved and I am waiting for them to get my label to send it in where I'm sure I will have to wait a month or more to get it back and hope that it will work properly.

I have only had this system for 2 months and I haven't been able to watch a single movie from start to finish with it. I gave it 2 stars because the sound and picture were of very good quality when the unit would play but the major cooling flaws and horrible customer service would make me NOT recommend this product to anyone.

So after waiting a week and a half for customer service to get back to me about the prepaid shipping labels I decided to call them again. I asked to speak with a supervisor who immediately said that they can't provide prepaid shipping labels. So I take this to mean that Panasonic is OK with their products being defective and want you to pay more money to have them fixed so that maybe they will work. When I asked to speak to the supervisor's boss I was put on hold for 10 minutes just to be told he was not available. I will be taking the item back to the store where it was purchased and seeing if they can give me in store credit or something even though I am past the return date on it, either way the Panasonic system isn't working and I'm not willing to pay more money so that a company can try to fix their manufacturing problems.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2012
I wanted a simple sound bar that had Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Viera Link for my 2012 Panasonic TV. The HTB20 met all my needs. It is a excellent value for the price. With Viera Link, I only need one remote, the TV speakers automatically mute, the home theater volume displays on-screen and units turn on and off together, so easy!

I do have one problem with the HTB20 and one piece of advice. The advice is that on 2012 Panasonic TVs, not all HDMI inputs are created equally. Only one HDMI input is marked HDMI (ARC). So just ensure the HDMI from the sub-woofer is plugged into the right input on the TV, otherwise you may think the system isn't working correctly.

The problem with the HTB20 is the speaker wire from the soundbar plugs into the subwoofer with flat plugs, which might be proprietary to Panasonic. If you need longer wires, you cannot run down to Radio Shack. I looked at the plugs and they do not unscrew apart, so you can't McGyver the plugs onto longer wires. I called Panasonic and they only sell replacement wires, not longer wires. The price? Hold your breath, it's $27.20 for thin generic speaker wire and some really expensive plugs. After connecting the wires to the speaker bar, you will have 9'4" of wire left to run to the subwoofer. It should be enough for most users, but I had to route the wires in back of a wall unit and then out to the subwoofer. Because of the wire length, I couldn't place the sub-woofer exactly where I wanted it.

I've attached a photo of the plugs to the Amazon product page. Perhaps someone will recognize them and can suggest where to buy them. Two Radio Shacks and a Frye's electronic supply store had never seen them before.

Except for the speaker wire plugs, I like this soundbar very much.

Update Feb 10, 2013. The price for the HTB20 fluctuates wildly depending on whether Amazon has it in stock or not. If sold by a third party vendor, it can be almost 40% more at $220+ with shipping. At that price, it's no longer a bargain and I'd pay a bit more for a system with a wireless sub-woofer, like the Panasonic HTB550
review image
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on June 20, 2012
I just want to say right off the bat that I have not had a tremendous amount of time to review this product thoroughly, I am just giving my initial impressions.

Things I like-
-The unit is Viera Link compatible, my volume adjusts with the panasonic and fios remote, and is labeled 'home theater volume' with the volume bar shown on the screen
-The compact size of the sound system
-Assembly is straightforward, and the manual is detailed
-The voice booster, it helps with the dialogue audio during TV Shows and Movies
-The sub sounds crisp and deep, especially for a one floor apartment setup
-The unit powers off when you turn off your TV (I am using a Panasonic 2012 42' LED model)
-The audio level is adjustable with any remote that is compatible with the TV after the system linked via viera
-The power light LED on the subwoofer is nice and small, and although noticeable it is not an eyesore.

Things I Don't Like-
-When I power on my TV, the receiver does not automatically turn on (Perhaps I need to configure viera link differently), but I always have to hit the power button on the remote or the subwoofer, and then my tv will let me adjust the audio level with any remote. Note that I am using the most recent Verizon FIOS cable box and utilizing an HDMI cable for the audio. Perhaps using the conventional wires solves this. *Update- The menu settings have been updated to resolve this issue*
-No Audio Streaming because there is no bluetooth on this model (I knew that going into it, and wish they would have added this feature, which would have not added much cost to the unit, but you could look into purchasing a bluetooth adapter either on here or the manufacturer's site)
-The remote is really small and probably could break over time with constant usage or kids stepping on it
-I wish the remote or the TV interface would allow me to adjust the treble, but I guess that the voice boost essentially does that, so this is not much of a con per say.
-When you adjust the treble/voice enhancement or the bass flashing LED lights on the subwoofer are the only way to know that your command has been accepted from the remote. I would like to see these displayed on the screen to know what level they are at.

All in all I enjoy the unit, once it is powered on it significantly improved over the standard Panasonic TV speaker sound experience. The setup is nice and compact, and sounds great. The sub sounds really good for its size. If you live in a small apartment like me, you will find a setup like this to be practical. Don't compare this 2.1 setup to a 5.1 or 7.1, it is perfect for enchancing stereo sound, it is not designed for true surround sound. I recommend the Pansonic home theatre offerings for anyone who owns the newer model tv's for the simple fact that these are designed to link up to them.

UPDATE 1/27-

Thanks to another reviewer that had some time to tweak his Viera Link settings to resolve the FIOS box issue of the audio system not turning on when the TV is powered on. I forgot his suggestions, but was able to find the settings. Hit Menu > Setup > Viera Link Settings > Make sure 'Power On Link' is set to 'yes' and that default speakers are set to 'Theatre'. Now when I power the TV on everything is synced up perfectly. It was nice to see Panasonic issue software menu updates so make sure that you have your TV plugged into the Ethernet or using the optional wireless adapter to have the new interface!
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Style: Prior Generation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I will admit that I had to change my review of this home theatre system. At first, I struggled mightily to connect the audio from Tivo Premier to flow through the Panasonic BTT195. Finally, I realized that I could use the Smart-Select feature on LG TV to auto-select the audio. Sounds easy enough, but it caused me a few hours of frustration.

Now on to the review-

Blu-Ray Player - I have been impressed with the functionality of the Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player. This is the second one that I have owned, and I have found the functionality and capability to be excellent. The load times are not exceptional, but all of the features of the Blu Ray are very solid.

Home Theatre Capability - The sound of the system is acceptable, as long as you are not expecting to blow down any doors. The main unit is only about 1 1/2 thick, so it does not offer an assortment of large capacitors that can store energy for massive bass. The speakers have integrated and color coordinated plugs, so set-up can be accomplished by anyone (although getting correctly synced with a DVR is a bit of a different story). The power ratings on the unit look impressive, but keep in mind that it rating everything at 3Ohms.

Speakers - In truth, the speakers are not very impressive. All of the speakers combined weigh less than a decent subwoofer. I will say that they do match well together, and as a set they sound much better than they do individually.

Other things

- The speaker wires have integrated plugs - which means using other speakers can be a pain. This is especially true of the subwoofer since the speaker wire goes directly into the speaker box and does not connect through a terminal (My solution, when I used my own Velodyne subwoofer I simply cut the speaker wire about 3" before it entered into the Panasonic amp).

- Does offer iPod inputs and has the ability to read SD memory cards

- Comes with a plethora of well designed apps (it is amazing how many companies create a poor YouTube app!). Included are Amazon, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, and Netflix

Final Verdict - The Panasonic BTT195 is a nice Blu Ray player that offers a decent home theatre system. While it may not offer the boom of more expensive systems, it is also a fraction of the cost. My opinion, if you are looking for earth shattering audio....keep on looking, but if you are looking a easy to use home theatre system at a reasonable cost this is certainly worthy of you consideration.

4 Stars
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