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"Yellow Submarine" surfaces with a sharp, colorful presentation for Blu-ray. The 4K restoration for the film looks brilliant and is a huge upgrade when compared to the original 1999 DVD. I haven't seen the DVD remastered edition of this put out at the same time but I would imagine it uses the same high def source. The painstaking restoration for the film is evident in just about every frame which is brimming with more a sharper, more detailed image and colors that positively pop.

The Beatles (none of the band provided their own voices) are recruited to help overthrow the Blue Meanies when they take over Pepperland by Fred who is going to transport the Fab Four in his Yellow Submarine. Things go awry along the way as Ringo gets launched out of the sub, they meet Jeremy a Nowhere Man who finds helps them free Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band from being kept captive by the music hating Blue Meanies. A truly surreal adventure as Jon Lassiter points out in his introduction in the booklet, "Yellow Submarine" truly was revolutionary in its day and still looks dazzling.

Image quality is top notch with a painstakingly restored image filled with sharper images than previously seen. The film probably has never looked this good even when it was shown in 1968 as film development and projection techniques weren't quite as good back in 1968. In fact restoration efforts can often reveal flaws in a film as the resolution is so much better than before. The aspect ratio returns the film to its original 1.66:1 presentation (vs. 1.68:1 for the previous DVD and 1.33:1 for the VHS as I recall).

The lossless audio is marvelous sounding.

The special features include a 16 page booklet with behind-the-scenes photos and comments, mini-seri-cels (that resemble the animation cels although smaller and with each Beatle in one of the iconic moments from the film)of each of the four Beatles and stickers. Audio Commentary by John Coates and additional contribution by Heinz Edelmann

Vintage featurette: The Mod Odyssey (7:40), we also get three storyboarded sequences - including two not used in the final film:* Sea of Monsters (4:21),Battle of the Monsters (Interactive), Pepperland (Interactive),Original pencil drawings (8:33), Behind-the-scenes photo gallery as well as interviews with crew and vocal talents: Paul Angelis (voice) (1:39), John Clive (voice) (2:04), David Livesey (key animation) - 1:13, Millicent MacMillan (1:14), Jack Stokes (3:44), Eric Segal (1:38), Theatrical Trailer (3:45)


16 page booklet, reproductions of animation cells of each of the four Beatles characters + stickers

Missing is the music only audio track that was on the previous DVD which is too bad but we do get the original mono soundtrack as well plus a stereo PCM mastered track.

This is a terrific reissue that is flawed only by missing the original music only track in 5.1 like the original DVD. It would also have been nice if the MTV Special (or was it VH1?) that was shown back in 1999 had been included or the BBC documentary but evidently Apple chose not to license either for this release. Even though it doesn't have everything it could have, this is highly recommended due to the stellar image and sound quality.

Highly recommended.
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on March 14, 2017
How can you go wrong with the Beatles? I came of age with them, and have seen Yellow Submarine several times...but not for 20 years or so. When I got this, I was surprised about how good it was!

The music is there (especially my favorite "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), the corny jokes are there, the struggle between love and greed is there, and the special effects are great despite being so old. More than most things, this movie brings back those "good old days" (if we can really call them that) and the psychedelic memories that go with them.

If you haven't seen this in a long time, I strongly recommend you grab yourself a copy.
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on August 23, 2015
BOTTOM LINE: This is a cool film, perfectly safe & suitable viewing for the entire family. A positive message, some classic Beatles tunes and mesmerizing animation make this a blast. This is a great way to introduce your young ones to some terrific music; they may quickly find it among their new favorites. 5 STARS for the marvelous magical mystery movie, the Beatles' YELLOW SUBMARINE!

THE STORY: The evil Blue Meanies declare war on the peaceful world of Pepperland because they can't stand music, thrive on disorder and, well... just because. The Beatles are brought to Pepperland aboard the trusty Yellow Submarine and, disguised as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (whom they eerily resemble), the Fab Four battle the Blue Meanies with the all-healing power of their groovy music.

THOUGHTS: After catching only snippets of this film over the last 40 years, I finally plunked down some dough and bought myself a copy and sat and watched it from beginning to end. As soon as it was over I went through all of the supplemental material and then watched it again. What a wonderful film this is! Hard to believe that the same animation team that produced the pedestrian Beatles cartoon show for ABC television also did this amazing flick. Obviously the era in which it was made & released almost dictated that it be a psychedelic assault on the eyes, but in so many ways YELLOW SUBMARINE isn't just a "smoke some dope and trip out on this thing!" film. As the movie goes along, it all becomes rather a beautiful work of art in motion. In many ways, much of the visual style is heavily reminiscent of the crude-ish animation on the old Monty Python series. In many other ways it is unlike anything I've ever witnessed in animation - before or since. Of course it features some classic Beatles tunes, along with three made just for this film. They all sound clearer and more incredible than I've heard them before.

THE BLU-RAY: Fans of this film should rejoice; you'll be amazed at how incredible it looks & sounds. YELLOW SUBMARINE was painstakingly restored by hand, one frame at a time, by a small team of dedicated folks. The impressive results make this well worth the investment. It looks pristine & perfect. The only gripe I have is about the dialogue, and it's a minor one. It's a little on the soft side, and much of what is said seems rather mumbled. Turning on the subtitles on my second go-round helped tremendously. (The subtitles looks really nice, crisp & sharp, by the way.) There are lots of great bonus content included on this Blu-ray, including new interviews with a few of the voice actors & film crew, a feature-length commentary track with the animation director & producer, a vintage making of featurette and the film's theatrical trailer. There's also 3 storyboard sequence breakdowns and several behind the scenes photos. But wait, there's more! In addition to the supplements on the disc itself, the packaging includes an informative 16 page booklet, four 4"x6" cell transparencies, (one of each of John, Paul, George and Ringo) and even a cool little sheet of stickers featuring characters from the film!
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on March 26, 2017
It had been so many years since I'd seen this on TV. I'd read a few reviews stating the DVD version wasn't great, so bought the BluRay version. The color and sound were wonderful. It was better than I remembered it. I haven't checked out the special features yet except to say it comes with a booklet and animation cells of each of the Beatles. The main menu's quirky (meaning unique) so that was a plus for me.

Yes, for some who never seen this before, it's going to look strange but for those who watched this as kids, you NEED to get this :)
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on September 5, 2014
One of my favorite films of all time - when it first was shown I even saw the uncut version which no longer exists (George Harrison's "All Too Much" was originally shown on-screen in its entirety, almost 10 minutes long. It was cut twice; first to 8 min, then down to 6 min). The unexpected success of Hard Day's Night enabled The Beatles to exercise considerable control over both "Help!" and "Yellow Submarine". "Help" was only modestly successful compared to HDN and TYS, but watching them decades later all three movies show the same sly humor and numerous puns so beloved of British comedies (such as the "Carry On" franchise). Despite artist Peter Max trying to take credit for the look of "Yellow Submarine", it was Czech-German illustrator Heinz Edelmann who was in charge of art direction and character designs for the 1968 animated film. This movie was a radical change from the 'everything realistic and pretty' style of Disney animation, and popular media from poster art to comic books to display fonts in advertising, was influenced by its success.
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on June 12, 2012
This is a review of the 2012 Blu-Ray release of Yellow Submarine, not a movie review (you can find those elsewhere all over the web). This is the complete movie, as was the 1999 release. Just to compare; this release was visually at least as much of an improvement over the 1999 release as that release was over all of it's predecessors, if not more. Not surprising since the entire film was cleaned and repaired manually cell by cell.

MOVIE VIDEO: The picture is so nice it is hard to believe. Having only seen the movie on the various home video releases over the last 25 or so years, I have never seen this movie look this good. I know how bright the colors in various stills and even the 1968 comic book were, but I had no idea that the movie colors actually matched or even surpassed that vividness. All of the animation looked perfect. The only flaws I could find (specifically looking for flaws, that is) were a very few occasional wobbles in some standing images and the only light pixilation on the entire disk was during the gradient fade up from black during sunrise in Liverpool leading into Eleanor Rigby. To me, that is absolutely acceptable. The actual Beatle footage at he end was still a bit grainy, but I consider that to be very acceptable as well. There is only so much that can be done with poor quality filmstock of live action, at least at this time, and this portion still looks just fantastic compared to any other release of Yellow Submarine.

MOVIE AUDIO: The 5.1 and mono mixes themselves sound exactly the same as the 1999 release, but both are now lossless audio. I don't know if they did any new tweaking or reworking for this release or not, but it sounds as grand as you would expect a Beatles product to sound, and both sound very clean and crisp. I have not listened to the running movie commentary at all yet.

BONUS FEATURES: All of the 1999 release features are here. The interview footage looks pretty poor, having been recorded on video in the pre-HD days. However; all of the bonus feature animation footage, including the entire original trailer and all the animation in the "Mod Odyssey" documentary, has been cleaned so the quality matches that of the movie. As for new features; as listed on the packaging there are three storyboard sequences, two of which are alternate scenes from very early pre-production. This is especially nice because we can finally see the story around The Beatles riding the birds dropped clip that was in the above mentioned Mod Odyssey documentary. Sadly, that the snippet in Mod Odyssey seems to be the only existing footage of this, as no more was included here. There are also some original pencil drawings and behind the scenes photos which are interesting to fanatics like me.

PACKAGING: Cardboard - digipack style packaging. I am not a fan of this style because it is so hard to keep these in good shape over time with normal handling and shelf-ware, but overall it does look very nice. Glad to have almost the original poster design back as the cover, but in person it looks a bit dark (not as clean and bright looking as the picture here on Amazon). Not a big deal to me, only making an observation, but it is very noticeable. The booklet is very nice with additional photos and artwork and some international poster art shown. There are also some reproduction cells of each of The Beatles and a small page of stickers. Very nice little extras for a standard edition.

OVERALL: if you are a fan of this movie, this is an unquestionable must for your collection. Unlike most re-releases, this is worth every cent of re-purchase.
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on June 20, 2012
I purchased Yellow Submarine, anticipating a substantial restoration, being the care taken with upgrading the Beatles music, as the restoration employed 4k, and DTS HD audio. Even with the bar set high, I sat, astounded by the result as I watched this film on my 55" LED. This presentation is as an impressionistic painting came to life. According to the films addendum restoration credit, the restoration was completed frame -by frame, and is comparable to Criterion releases and superior to most High Definition remastered classics.

Let us not forget the films audio. The soundtrack employs all the care that any Beatles commodity deserves. The Beatle classics, as well as George Martin compositions envelop the viewer, not by overkill, but rather by complementing the film. My audio equipment, for watching video is a sound bar with subwoofer, using a fiber optic connection. By far, it is the best sounding Blu-Ray that I own.
The content of the film is appropriate for all ages, although the dialogue offers a few double entendre's for a mature viewers. It is nothing objectionable, just a few comments that may go over most kid's (and some adults) heads.
This film is for the generations! Enjoy!
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on June 9, 2012
The film itself is something that no other animated film provides. It has unique imagery, a storyline that looks confusing, yet a simple one, and an excellent selection of Beatles music that fits the mood in selected scenes (it is a Beatles film after all!). If you're a Beatles fan, you'll certainly get a kick from seeing. Those that are not will enjoy the film's elements that it provides. 8.5 out of 10.

The restoration of this film is one of the best restorations ever made. Based upon a 4K restoration, unnecessary dirt has been removed and colors have been re-adjusted to match how it's supposed to represent. Grain has mostly been removed, but finding moments of DNR movement are slim, and does not affect everything else that the restoration provides. 4.5 out of 5

As for the Audio... what a beast! For a 1968 film, the 5.1 remix sounds like it was done today! The entire sound field has been used throughout the film, with sound effects booming and spreading through different speakers, dialogue clean and consistent, and the music all taking advantage of the 5.1, with newly-remixed Beatles songs that are now better than ever. Original Mono and Stereo soundtracks are provided, but both cannot be compared to the 5.1 remix. 5 out of 5.

As for extras, it seems all of the bonus material from the previous MGM releases (except for a music-only track) have been provided.

Fans of the Beatles or film collectors should certainly pick up this edition that is now a must-own.
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on January 8, 2015
Bottom line first, for a first time viewer, this will be a fun popcorn movie. Good time for a family. Maybe Yellow Submarine in 2015 will not be all that those of us who can remember, will remember.
I well remember my excitement all the way back in 1968 when I got to see Yellow Submarine. This was a time when movie screens were very big, newly released movies where shown in movie palaces and I was just beginning to get into Pop music. At that time this was a silly story, built around some wonderful Beatles songs, a few of them new and all held together by some very creative animation.

Not quite 50 years later , between the uneven color qualities, a much smaller TV screen and maturation of the concept of music videos and Yellow Submarine does not seem quite as magical.

The good news is that The Beatles Music is still as magical as it was then. Audio quality is not something I can attest to, I speak only to the artistry of the `Fab Four". The musical inspiration is still there. Beatles movies are known for the verbal by-play and punning the best of the dialog are the comments they toss back and forth. Some of the visuals remain trippy - No Where Man and It's Only a Northern Song, the Sea of Holes. Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds music and visuals are "waiting to take you away" if you will let yourself go with it. Other parts just drag or look like filler. All Together Now once looked original and now looks tired. Eleanor Rigby, has some powerful imagery but what is it doing is what is mostly a light entertainment?

I was looking forward to some special, special features. There are some short interviews, I guess mostly people still alive. Besides a few behind the scenes secrets, there is not much here. As much video as exists about this movie and the singers, the animators and yet the Special Features are underwhelming.

Yellow Submarine as a movie is uneven. As an early form of music video it is historic. Yellow Submarine is family friendly on almost every level. No bad words, no nudity and the violence is as near to comic non-violence as can be imagined. Given how subversive the Beatles were considered in 1968, that we can now see this movie as family friendly has to be a good subject for amazement.
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on July 7, 2013
I have the VHS and the Blue Ray is far superior. It's great for grand children. Our 3 and half year old granddaughter left her week long stay singing Yellow Submarine and All Together now.

Included with the disc are 16cm by 12cm transparencies of the carton characterizations of the four Beatles. Also included is a 16cm by 12cm sheet of stickers of the individual Beatles, the Glove, Jeremy Hillary Boob, the yellow submarine, LOVE, The Blue Meany, and a group shot of the Beatles.

There's a booklet (16cm by 12cm) with the story and pictures of the making of the movie.

It's great DVD to have if you are Beatle fan and/or grand parent.
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