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on May 29, 2014
I hate it when people call something an Instant Classic. However, Men In Black, especially MIB1, definitely fits the bill. Men In Black is a hoot. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are such polar opposites one would think this just wasn't going to make it. In fact, the fact they were polar opposites is exactly what DID make it.

I doubt I'll have anything to say that any reader will find new and revealing about the movie. The characters are fun, the action is great, the interaction is fantastic.

MIB truly is/was an instant class. If you've never seen it before, do yourself a favor, set some time in reserve to watch it. You'll thank yourself afterwards. Now would you please pass the popcorn? Thanks
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on February 11, 2016
I think I appreciate this movie now more than I did when I originally saw it. Having just watched it again, I can say that this is a very tightly packed and well paced movie.

It's the movie that not only featured Will Smith in one of his most iconic roles, but also managed to revive his music career through his single contribution to the soundtrack.

The movie itself is a lot of fun. It balances introducing this secret world to the audience, while playing up the almost routine danger they face constantly. Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play their roles well, and make for one of the best on-screen duos, at least as far as the 90's go.

Special effects are pretty primitive. The parts with the puppets and anamatronics fare better than the cgi in every case. Even some of the green screen effects aren't that great. But it's also not the worst I've seen either. And generally, the special effects are used sparingly. And when they are, it's used on alien life forms, which with a little bit of disillusion can be explained away as looking weird because they are weird looking.

Actually, the first time I saw this movie, I was lucky enough to get to see a work in progress post prediction version. Which was a neat treat for kid me. It was a bit of a behind the curtain look at how movies, especially with the then emerging cgi push in cinema, are made. Lots of effects were missing, like the big screen inside the headquarters, and the final bug battle at the end, which was filled with placeholder effects.

Overall, Men In Black is a fun movie. It doesn't try to pretend to be anything beyond that. And I think it succeeds very well on that front. While it shows it's age a bit, I wouldn't let that stop you from checking it out.
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on April 28, 2017
Blu-ray remastered from 4k to HD (not actual 4k disc) picture and sound quality are amazing plus a great movie Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are great together and this movie with awesome directions from Barry sonnenfeld is worth watching over and over in my opinion five stars easy
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on January 27, 2015
Worst movie ever. I opened the box from Amazon and inside was just a hat. It didn't fit in my blu-ray player or anything.

Update: Amazon quickly sent out the appropriate product via overnight shipping, so I got what I ordered like three days after the "guaranteed delivery" date.

I think this movie is hilarious. Tommy Lee Jones plays the ultra-serious government agent and Will Smith plays, well, Will Smith. The interaction between the two is pretty funny. The visual effects are good for the time; some are cheesy but I think this was more for comedic purposes. The script is fairly well written, you actually care about the characters as they develop throughout the story arc. This doesn't qualify as a "spoof" film, but it is far from a serious scifi flick.
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on September 1, 2012
Luckily, Earth is far from the interspace wars that rage throughout the universe; that is what makes it such an attractive place for alien refugees seeking asylum on some unnoticed planet inhabited by a simple, somewhat-intelligent, and technologically-backward species that is willing to make room for them; of course, we jumped at the chance to establish a safe haven in exchange for a few trinkets. . . .

An enclave was established in New York City. By treaty, the aliens had to blend in and not reveal their unearthly origin. While a few lucky alien species could pass themselves off as human; most had to rely on organic-mechanical contrivances.

Keeping the aliens in line was a tough policing job and keeping their presence on Earth a secret required constant vigilance, and in general, it worked, but unfortunately not all species are covered; one such, is a particularly obnoxious species: the Bugs. . . .

One night, not long ago, an unlicensed, immature Bug crashed his flying saucer into Edgar's pickup truck. Luckily for the Bug, Edgar stormed out of his house to see what had happened. Unfortunately for Edgar, Bugs are indiscriminate eaters and Edgar's skin would suit it well until it could find and snatch the Arquillian's prize possession; foolishly, an Arquillian had brought it to this defenseless planet. . . .

Picture (Blu-ray): 4.5 to 5. Languages and Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai. Additional Subtitles: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, and Alien. The "Alien" option is underwhelming.

Special Features: possible additions, beyond those listed in older DVD reviews: a MIB trivia game and "Ask Frank the Pug" ( he is an alien, in a dog suit, who has the inside scoop). He will answer your questions about love, money, and etc. Be sure to talk loud; Frank is a little hard of hearing. . . .
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on June 23, 2017
A Great comedy on dvd but so much more to see in blu ray....
Bugs are bigger but not as scary because you know the good guys win again.
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Sci Fi and comedy come together in a well done story about a secret government-like group of alien police that are aging and in need of recruits. Will Smith is that new recruit and Tommy Lee is the older would be mentor. It is a buddy pic with a heart and a good summer popcorn movie that still holds up pretty well today. There is a number 2 that isn’t as good as this one but they really got it right with number 3.
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on September 26, 2017
Wow, this movie has aged well. I was expecting jarringly bad costuming & CGI but the filmography covers it excellently. Great story and great acting on top of that.
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on April 18, 2017
I love this movie! I didn't remember all the cursing though, until I wanted to show it to my 10-year-old son. Yikes!
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on October 24, 2017
I love this movie but for some reason they've subbed out lines. Example: "You insensitive prick!" is now "You insensitive jerk!". There's no reason to do this and it happens in a couple other places. It spoils a couple of lines but all in all doesn't change too much.
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