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on July 7, 2014
The 4k remastered version of this movie Men in Black was superb . This movie was made in the 90s and the color and the definition of the actors was beyond what I could imagine was every bit worth the money for the remastered 4k version . I will buy more 4 k movies in the future .To me this compares to any Criterion Collection of movies I've seen.
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on March 11, 2017
An excellent movie, but the 4K mastering was pretty disappointing. There are many scenes where a solid color background (concrete walls, etc.) sparkle with artifacts. It looks like whoever did the 4K conversion just took an HD original and turned the sharpness all the way up. I found it very distracting. Skip this 4K version and buy a regular HD Blu-Ray.
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on August 13, 2015
The improvement is ABSOLUTE! After comparing a few key scenes to the original bluray format, Will delivering alien baby in car, I was sold. There is a DIFFERENCE! Less grain, more realistic, colors more vibrant. The only reason I am keeping the original 1080p copy is simply for the special features. But not even those are presented in HD. I was skeptical at first, but buying this 4K mastered version is definitely worth it for your 4K TV, and for the low price.
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on February 11, 2016
I think I appreciate this movie now more than I did when I originally saw it. Having just watched it again, I can say that this is a very tightly packed and well paced movie.

It's the movie that not only featured Will Smith in one of his most iconic roles, but also managed to revive his music career through his single contribution to the soundtrack.

The movie itself is a lot of fun. It balances introducing this secret world to the audience, while playing up the almost routine danger they face constantly. Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play their roles well, and make for one of the best on-screen duos, at least as far as the 90's go.

Special effects are pretty primitive. The parts with the puppets and anamatronics fare better than the cgi in every case. Even some of the green screen effects aren't that great. But it's also not the worst I've seen either. And generally, the special effects are used sparingly. And when they are, it's used on alien life forms, which with a little bit of disillusion can be explained away as looking weird because they are weird looking.

Actually, the first time I saw this movie, I was lucky enough to get to see a work in progress post prediction version. Which was a neat treat for kid me. It was a bit of a behind the curtain look at how movies, especially with the then emerging cgi push in cinema, are made. Lots of effects were missing, like the big screen inside the headquarters, and the final bug battle at the end, which was filled with placeholder effects.

Overall, Men In Black is a fun movie. It doesn't try to pretend to be anything beyond that. And I think it succeeds very well on that front. While it shows it's age a bit, I wouldn't let that stop you from checking it out.
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"Men In Black" is one of those very fun movies that can be watched over and over, and we just re-watched this before heading out to see the new "Men In Black 3" movie.

No plot spoilers from me; The story is centers on "J" (Will Smith), NYPD detective and a newly recruited Agent to a top secret organization responsible for monitoring Aliens (as in from outer space) living on Earth. As might be expected, "J" brings a fresh attitude to the relatively stodgy establishment, including Agent "K" (Tommy Lee Jones) and the leader, Agent "Z" (Rip Torn). I liked that the pace of the movie was not overly rushed and they gave time for the characters to develop an on screen chemistry. The special effects were also quite good, considering when this movie was made.

My whole family really enjoys this one!

Highly Recommended!

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on June 26, 2017
Aliens, funny characters & situations, quality story + screenplay, Tommy Lee Jones, and oh yeah...Will Smith.

No wonder this was a smash hit back in the 90s. The duo of Jones & Smith really make this thing pop.
So, If you had seen this back in the day as a kid and must see it again, go no less than the Blu-Ray edition of MIB.
MIB (1) is terrific while 2 is lacking in major aspects as I have been seeing it on HBO recently.

I couldn't believe this was not already in my movie disc collection, and I know it will stay there forever. It's cool having physical things for me, and not having to rely on the Internet all the time for streaming.

—Thanks Amazon
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on April 28, 2017
Blu-ray remastered from 4k to HD (not actual 4k disc) picture and sound quality are amazing plus a great movie Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are great together and this movie with awesome directions from Barry sonnenfeld is worth watching over and over in my opinion five stars easy
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on July 8, 2014
The original "Men in Black" story is fairly plausible science fiction with enough goofiness that 10-year old kids love it. It's very original. I can't recommend the sequels, which moved towards the goofier side, as they usually do. Men in Black is no "Matrix," "Avatar," or "War of the Worlds," but the aliens created with special effects are darling and the "bug" is as close to an alien as any human actor can manage (better than any Star Trek Equivalent; that's for sure). He's a real charmer, who delivers flawless lines, like the one from his conversation with an exterminator in which the exterminator looks at a dozen cockroaches and asks, "Don't you want me to kill them all?" -whereupon the alien says, "Oh, In the worst way." -except that he's talking about humans. The last thirty seconds of the movie is the best part. It really stretches your imagination as only the best science fiction can.
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on January 27, 2015
Worst movie ever. I opened the box from Amazon and inside was just a hat. It didn't fit in my blu-ray player or anything.

Update: Amazon quickly sent out the appropriate product via overnight shipping, so I got what I ordered like three days after the "guaranteed delivery" date.

I think this movie is hilarious. Tommy Lee Jones plays the ultra-serious government agent and Will Smith plays, well, Will Smith. The interaction between the two is pretty funny. The visual effects are good for the time; some are cheesy but I think this was more for comedic purposes. The script is fairly well written, you actually care about the characters as they develop throughout the story arc. This doesn't qualify as a "spoof" film, but it is far from a serious scifi flick.
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on December 18, 2013
Action meets science fiction in this film about an Earth-based covert (the U.S. government doesn't even know about it) agency which polices and monitors alien activity on Earth. Veteran Agent Kay recruits NYPD Detective James Darrell Edwards III into this world, transforming him into his new partner, Agent Jay. This film would be believible as any sort of "buddy-cop" film if it weren't for the aliens (not a bad thing.) Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith have great chemistry from the start even if their characters do not yet really know one another. I do wonder how many people looked for signs of aliens and the MIB after the credits rolled. Anyway, Rip Torn, Tony Shalhoub, Linda Fiorentino, and more made up a great supporting cast and Vincent D'Onofrio rounded things off as the wonderfully slimy Edgar the Bug. This is definetly a keeper and the studio must have thought so too as so many different editions of the DVD have been released over the years...great marketing stradegy. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to start a MIB collection...if you've already started such a collection and this film isn't part of it, then there's nothing I can do for you but recommend you see a professional therapist imediatly as there is something very wrong. No matter what though, this film is worth watching over and over again. Enjoy.
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