Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA MX892 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax
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REVIEW UPDATE: 1/17/2015
She's still alive and running great! She still drinks ink faster than an alcoholic on a binge, but I buy no-name brand ink from LD Ink for it and it still prints fine.

About 2 months ago it started to skip some colors when it printed, so I took the print head out & cleaned it out with pure Isopropyl Alcohol & it's back to printing perfectly again (I was amazed at the garbage that came out of the print head! Dried ink, gunk, etc).

This one's outlasted all my previous Canon All In One's. It still stays glued to the network, even after a power bump it comes right back online. I can even print to it from my cell phone and tablet now too! (through Canon's Android app) (Haven't figured out the Google Cloud Print thing on it yet).

It still scans, copies, faxes, and prints great! I can still scan from the device to any computer (that's turned on) that's on my wireless network (Yes. Even the Macs) and it still functions great.

I've even gone through a couple of Wireless Routers in the time I've had this and it's always found the new routers and was a cinch to get set back up again (Kudo's to Canon on making this really easy to do!)

I even convinced my folks to buy one of these a while back and they love theirs too. My mom prints to it from her iPad all the time. In the time I've owned it, my Father In Law has gone through a couple of HP All In One Printers (no surprise there).

Original Review Below:
This is my 3rd Canon MFP. While I was contemplating other brands (because these things drink ink like crazy & I only get about 2 years out of them), I still am glad I went with another Canon.

Here's why:
Wireless Scanning AT THE MACHINE
- Unlike the Epson, HP, and others, this machine will actually scan over wireless to the computer of your choice by pressing the Scan button on the machine (at the machine you're not restricted to just a USB connected device--Love it!)
- You push the button, choose the type of scan (PDF, Image), and then you have the choice of choosing which network connected computer to scan to.
- I have an iMac (with OS X AND Win7 on it via VM Ware), a MacBook Pro, an Acer Laptop, a Dell XPS, and a clone PC
- If the computers are on and connected to my network, they all show up in a list to choose from
- You choose the computer, then press SCAN and it starts to scan
- I tried it on all my computers & platforms & it worked flawlessly! Great software!
- I absolutely LOVE Canon's MP Navigator. It pops up, the scan is saved into it, and you're ready to use the file. AWESOME!!!

Wireless Setup:
- Super easy! Tell the machine you want to use Wireless and it looks for wireless access points (routers)
- You select your router and enter a password if you use one (I do)
- It then connects and that's it! You're done!

To set up your computer to talk to the printer, just install the software & let it run through the install
- Your computer will detect the printer and whoala! You're ready to print (or scan or fax) over wireless!
- Canon definitely rocks in this department and setting up the MX892 over my MX860 for wireless was even simpler.

- Super simple. Plug in your phone line, and it's pretty much ready to fax
- There's also quite a few settings (tone/pulse/phone priority/machine name & number registration, etc)
- But right out of the box you can plug it in & it'll fax (I tried it. It worked!)

- It prints quicker than my MX860 does
- The ink tanks look a little smaller and if it's like the 860 I'm sure it'll eat through them like water
- I notice the ink will evaporate if you don't use it (I don't print a lot & the ink just "disappears") I swear it's alcohol based
- I bought off-brand ink for the 860 & never had a problem, I'm sure this will be the same

- Worked perfect!
- Lift the lid, put something on the copy glass, select the # of copies, and press copy
- Out comes your copy.
- It has lots of bells & whistles (enlarge/shrink/scan to duplex, etc), but I just use it as a basic copier and it works great

- Canon's printing software has to be some of the best out there. I've tried lots of others and I'm hooked on Canon
- Super easy install, super easy to use, and it "just works!" Every time!
- No hoky monkey business to scan or print or fax, just easy to use buttons to get you moving
- There's some extra's in there (calendars, photo layouts, etc). I printed a calendar & it did pretty well

- I tested some of the downloadable templates on the printer
- The calender templates are pretty cool
- I'm sure I'll be trying others

- Yet to be seen. I'm not holding my breath
- My MX860 lasted just over 2 years before the internal power supply died
- Came in one day & it was dead. No way to fix it. Hello garbage can!
- My previous Canon MFP had the print head go bad
- I've read that the HP's/Epson's/Brother's are more reliable & drink less ink, but the Canon functionality (being able to actually SCAN over wireless AT the machine) and ease of use of the software still make it work for me
- I'd much rather have a machine that I can actually use & have to replace it every few years than fight & grumble with a "reliable" machine that won't do what I need it for

- If you're looking for an easy to set up, easy to use Multi-function printer, then look no farther. Setup couldn't be simpler and it just works. Every time!
- The Canon MFP's do drink ink like it's going out of style (my MX860 actually EVAPORATED ink), so just use off-brand ink & call it good.
- The machine is smaller than the Epson Workforce or the HP 8600 series (shorter) although it takes up just about as big of a footprint. But I like not having to use a stool to use the top of it
- Time will tell how well this one will hold out, hopefully longer than the MX860, but I'm happy with it so far.

[3 MONTH UPDATE 11/24/12]
The printer is working absolutely flawlessly and I still love it!

- Definitely prints faster than the old MX860 did
- Print quality is noticeably better too
- The cartridges seem to be lasting longer.
- I'm still on my original set & they still have quite a bit of ink left
- Maybe they finally fixed the evaporating disappearing ink issue! SWEET!!

Scanning (Via Wireless AT THE MACHINE):
- It still works flawlessly
- Stick something on the scan bed or in the automatic document feeder, press SCAN, and away it goes!
- One improvement over my MX860 is that it remembers the last set of settings used
- You don't have to reselect which computer you want it to go to. It chooses the last one used. AWESOME!!!!
- The MX860 made you choose which computer you went to every single time you scanned
- With 5 computers running at any given time in the house, but usually scanning to just one repeatedly (Win7 via VMWare on the iMac), it's been a godsend to be able to just walk up to the machine, press SCAN, and it scans to the right machine!

- Again, flawless...and FAST!!!
- From a cold boot, the machine is ready to fax in about 15-20 seconds
- From the machine booted, it's almost instant
- Load the document feeder, press FAX, enter the number & press Black & White or Color and away it goes!
- Love it!

- Rock solid! It's never left the network
- My MX860 would sometimes disappear from the network & come back (wasn't for long, but it was annoying sometimes), this one NEVER leaves the network and if you have to reboot it, it finds the network FAST!!!
- I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme router

Cool Extras:
- The Canon Software rocks!
- If you get one, try the cool Canon Creative Park printable cutout animals
- Very, very cool!
- We printed out a bunny, cut it out, glued it together and the kids loved it!
- Yeah, it's a gimmick to get you to use more ink, but still, VERY COOL!!!

- I still love it, would recommend it to friends, and would buy another one!
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on June 21, 2012
1. Autodocument feeder for scanning, copying, and faxing( single and double sided ). I love this! I no more need to scan pages by hand. It saves so much labors.
2. Individual color. Nothing is wasted.
3. Very good generic ink replacements. NO need to buy OEM. Generic ink manufacture, for example, Sophia Global, here at Amazon, sells generic inks that do a great job at a fraction of cost of Canon OEM inks.
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on July 27, 2012
I've tried TWO of the PIXMA MX-892 all-in-one printers (purchased locally) and returned both.

I've had a PIXMA MP-780 for years, and I loved it, but unfortunately the printer died and it seemed more logical to spend the money on a new one than have it repaired. Since I loved the 780 so well, I had high hopes and expectations for the 892.

It is a beautiful printer. It is easy to set up, including wireless. It's print quality was amazing (rivals professionally printed photos and blows away "drug store" prints). I didn't own it long enough to see how thirsty it is when it comes to ink consumption, but I scan far more than print, so I wasn't too worried about it.

But wow, was I disappointed in the scanner's scan quality. If you're just scanning documents, or using it as a simple photocopier, the quality may be fine for you, but if you expect photo-quality scans -- something my old MP780 did well -- forget the MX-892. Now I suppose my issue could be software-caused (e.g bad composition algorithms) within Canon's drivers or the firmware on the scanner and not the physical scanning device itself, but since it's all required, it doesn't matter where the fault is.

The sharpness was very good (better than my 780), and it was better at detecting subtle color differences, too, but it had HORRIBLE color artifacts -- "ringing" (squiggly lines) and more. The lower the scan resolution you chose, the worse they were. 100dpi was gross. 400dpi was bad. Even at the highest resolution, the artifacts existed -- they werent' as pronounced, but the were there. Different photos had different looking artifacts, but that makes sense. This problem made the scanner unusable for my needs.

When I took the first one back to the store, they assured me it must be a problem with just that one printer, so I took home another. The second one was every bit as bad. I called Canon and they were no help. (I also wrote a similar review on Canon's site, but Canon refused it as "not meeting their guidelines -- I guess they don't want anything negative said!)

SO, to anyone who has one of these, if you can scan a photo and it has no color artifacts / distortions, I'd love for you to comment on this review and/or contact me directly (if Amazon allows me to insert a link below). I suppose there could have been a bad batch of printers, and I was unlucky enough to get two from that batch. I'd really like to know if I should try getting a third one. I really wanted to love the 892.

If Amazon doesn't prevent external links, here is a sample of the same picture scanned on the MX892 and my old MP780: [...]

I should have added this update sooner. After giving up on the MX892, I managed to get my old MP780 to limp along a bit longer, but after several months, its printer gasped its dying breath and passed on. At that point there happened to be a really good sale price locally on the MX922, so I decided to try it. It works great. Awesome scanner quality, photos that put the 1-hour (e.g. CVS) photos to shame and rival professional lab quality...but time to first print is incredibly slow, but then fine after that. I may write a full review of the MX922 when I get a chance, but I wanted people to know that the issue I was seeing with the two MX892 units I tried is not an issue with the similarly priced MX922.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I actually shot about 20+ minutes worth of footage for this review, and had to seriously trim it down to fit inside of Amazon's size requirements. So, a lot of the footage of me walking you through the setup steps had to be sacrificed. I was especially pained to have to trim the detailed steps I filmed of getting the Google Cloud Print functions up and running. So, if you have questions for me about setup, especially about getting the Google Cloud Print up and running, leave them in the comments, and I will do my best to answer them. The short of it is, go download the latest firmware exe from the Canon support page for the printer, plug in a USB cable to the printer and your computer, double click the exe, open the folder it creates, and run the update program in there. After that, run the setup process from the "Web" menu, and tell it to register a Google Cloud Print account, it will print out a paper which has a QR code and a URL (you can use either/or) to link the printer with your Google account. After that, you can print from Google services that support doing so, such as the Google Cloud Drive.

Overall, this is a very good printer. We had previously purchased the MG6120 and that was working very well for us. This new one uses the same ink cartridges that the 6120 did, so that is nice. I hate it when the printer companies change which cartridges you have to get, with each new model. The main differences between the MX892, and our old model, is the MX892 has a fax function (which I will never use), and it supports printing "from the cloud" -- which is the same thing as saying "from the internet" (honestly, marketing people give me headaches >.<)

Every function I tested worked great, and the entire machine is setup very nicely, just like the MG6120. The MG6120 is classified as a photo-printer, so it includes a slot for a gray ink cartridge. The MX892 is classified as a business-printer, that can also do photos, and it doesn't have a slot for a gray cartridge. I don't know what the long term affect of that will be, but I will update this review if I find out anything majorly interesting.

So, that is about it, most of the information is in the video. I hope it is helpful for you.

5 stars.
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on June 4, 2012
Ordered this through Amazon, standard shipping, got it 1 day later. I couldn't get this faster if I bought it in a store!

The printer is amazing. Set-up was easy, I just followed all the steps in the pamphlet, and then the set-up screen on the printer itself. It does come with a CD (software installation if you want to use all of the printer's functions, mostly photo enhancement and editing capabilities), but it's not required for regular printing. It's really simple to connect to the printer wirelessly through your computer.

The main reasons why I wanted this printer were: wireless, and auto duplex copy and printing. And so far, I am happy! Of course, with all auto-duplexing printers, as they get older the chance that the duplex hardware will fail increases. So, we'll see how long this lasts, but I have good hopes for the best. The printer is sturdy and seems very well built. It is easy to use, and has a lot of options for use. There is even a port on the side to put momory cards and USB drives directly into the printer, so you don't even need a computer! It also has the ability to connect to your phone so you can print things off your phone. Finally, if you want a fax, this thing connects to a phone jack and acts as a fax machine.

The only thing I don't like about this printer, is the size. I wish it were smaller, but I guess the size is a function of that auto-duplexing I like so much. It has a tray under the print-feed out that stores all the paper for printing; but if you want to print a photo or something that is non-standard size (ie. an envelope), it needs to be fed through the tray that opens up in the back. So if you thought you could put the printer flush against a wall, you would be sadly mistaken. The back tray is also necessary for printer head alignment (you get 2 sheets of "special" papers that you need for this task...I'm not sure where you can get more if for some reason you need to align the heads more than twice for some reason). So if you have a small office, pay attention to the size dimensions listed by amazon (it's also pretty heavy).

Bottom line: if you want the function of one of those mega-printers from your office in your home, this is one of the best out there. But pay attention to where you want to put it in your home, it's larger than most home-office printers.
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on September 17, 2014
This is a great printer, until it mysteriously stops working for no reason. My printer had a happy home, and I'd say it was moderately used - no crazy amount of printing, didn't sit idle for too long ever, always replaced the ink on time with genuine, super expensive ink. Then in the middle of printing one fine, sunny day, it suddenly beeps and gives me a B200 error. After many hours of researching and fiddling, turns out a lot of people have the same problem with this printer, as well as other recent models of Canon printers. I was "lucky" and managed to confuse mine enough to now get the also infamous U052 error, again many people experience this exact same problem with this printer, as well as other recent models of Canon printers.

The best part about these errors? You can't use the printer at all. Can't print. Can't scan. Can't even access the menu to attempt maintenance unless you unplug it, plug it back in, force the printer head to the left, press buttons wildly while holding some of them down, and maybe after all of that, you can access the menu and try a deep clean. From what I've read though, for most (myself included) it won't help. I tried washing the print head with rubbing alcohol and every other suggestion I found because at this point, might as well try everything. Some people claim success in getting the printer to work again. From what I saw and experienced, most aren't so lucky.

In the end, I'm honestly kind of sad. I've used Canon printers for many years and usually been very happy, aside from the ink costs. But the fact that this printer is less than a year old, has an apparently somewhat common issue that renders it completely useless, won't let an end user reasonably even attempt to perform maintenance, Canon offers no suggestion other than re-seating the print head, and my only choice is to spend money at a service center to tell me it's broken, then more money to -maybe- fix it with a new print head... I guess I'll go buy a different printer because it will probably end up being easier and cheaper.

Sure, you'll read a lot of people who haven't experienced this frustrating situation claim it's a great printer, or say "I don't know why people are so upset, *I* don't have any problems!" Well, before you go and take a gamble on the MX892, or a recent Canon printer, I highly recommend you take a look at the issues people are reporting. Consider that even under the most ideal usage, it might randomly stop working on you for what appears to be no reason, leaving you with zero options. The kicker of it all - most of my ink cartridges are near full, so I get to eat the cost of that awesomely expensive ink too, unless I buy another Canon printer with the same ink cartridges. Gotta love what the inkjet industry has turned into, right?

Also, I'm editing this review because I just discovered that apparently there's a class action lawsuit against Canon for this model, and 15 or so other Canon models for a defective print head issue. So yeah, don't but it.

Sorry for the rant, but if I can spare even just one person this awful consumer experience, I'll sleep better.
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on May 7, 2012
Upgraded our existing HP printer and Canon printer for several reasons: I wasn't able to print wirelessly from my laptop, didn't have FAX capability, and couldn't print from my iPhone. However, my old HP printer had great scanning software that recognized multiple photos automatically (without the user cropping or using handles to select the photos) from a single scan and saved them individually to separate files. I have lots of old photos that I want to digitize, so this old HP feature was an important one for me. I first purchased an HP 6900 series from Costco for less than $150. The set-up was very easy, however I was disappointed to learn that the software no longer had the scan feature I needed. I returned the printer. I did more research, and learned that the only companies that offer this scan feature were Kodak and Canon. Kodak advertised inexpensive ink. I never had a Kodak printer, and Wallmart had one advertised for $100. I read more reviews, and they were mostly negative. Several reviewers claimed cartridges were less expensive, but they bought more cartridges than with their HP printers. I checked out Best Buy, and as another reviewer mentioned, this Canon printer was in-stock, but at the time was selling for $199 which was over my budget. I didn't have to wait long for this printer to go on sale at Best Buy for $149.99, so I purchased it.

The installation of this Canon printer was more difficult than the HP. HP installation was done from a menu screen on the printer. I have a wireless network, its secured, and HP immediately recognized that a key was required, AND the router was set up to allow only approved MAC Addresses to join the network. When I pressed OK on the printer, it printed a sheet of paper with the printer's MAC Address! How cool is that?

Canon on the other hand detected a wireless network, and simply said there was an error connecting and suggested trying again later. I then went into manual wireless network set-up mode from the printer panel, and it asked for the key, but again had an error message (of course) because I hadn't provided the router with the printer MAC address! So since I was still setting up the machine, and didn't really know where to find the MAC address, I found a one page brochure in the box with the URL to info about the printer. After a bit of searching on the Canon website, and the online user manual, I was able to find the MAC address for the printer through the printer panel. I entered it for the router, and it connected immediately. I tried printing from my laptop, and it printed just fine.

Then, I tried printing from my iPhone. Nothing happened. In my earlier research, I recalled a reviewer saying they had to go out to the Canon site to download firmware for Airprint2. I went out to the website, and sure enough, the version of software that came with this printer was not the very latest, and did not have Airprint2. So, I downloaded the firmware executable file to my desktop. However, when I clicked on the downloaded exe it wouldn't allow me to choose where to decompress the files. It automatically decompressed them, and put them "somewhere". And it happened so fast, I couldn't see a file name to search for initially. Eventually I found the file I needed on the desktop with the instructions for updating the firmware. It did require a USB cable which was not included, but we had one from our last printer. After the installation, printing from my cell phone worked great! One feature I haven't found yet that was available on the HP printer was the ability to email to the printer. The HP printer had an email address. I'm not sure yet when I would use this, but I haven't found the feature for the Canon printer.

I tried scanning multiple photos briefly, and there are two choices one can make: either use the MP Navigator software or within the MP Navigator software there's a choice to scan the photos using the scanner driver. I tried both ways, and both recognized that there were five photos on the scanning bed and separated the five photos into five files. I don't know what the difference between the two is yet. This is the feature I was looking for, and I'm excited to start scanning. Being wireless, I can move the printer in front of the TV if I want, too.

Then I decided to try setting up the FAX. HP did this automatically. It ran some tests and asked some questions, and determined what connection I needed based on the responses. I have a VoIP phone, one phone number, so there isn't a dedicated FAX number, and an electronic answering service and desktop answering machine. I had to look at several different configurations in order to determine the best set-up. I'm not positive I picked the right one. My phone rings, the FAX sends, but I haven't tried receiving a FAX yet. I didn't find a feature for setting up the number of rings, so will the answering machine pick up or will the FAX pick up?

I haven't tried printing photos yet. This printer doesn't claim to be a "photo printer". The speed of normal printing seems fine. I am concerned about ink costs, but one online editorial review said the cartridges for this new printer are comparable to other printers in the same class, so that's encouraging.

So for the reasons above, I knocked the printer down a star. If you are the person who installed your wireless network like me, it's probably only worth a half star, but I could see how the setup might be very difficult for some if they haven't installed their wireless network.
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on September 8, 2012
I am quite happy with this printer. The printer is easy to use, has great flexibility and can be used as not only as a printer but also as a scanner, copier, and fax machine. It can be hooked up wirelessly (aka Wi-Fi), or by USB or ethernet! Add in an automatic document feeder and I think you have a winner.

Yet you won't see this printer at the top of most professional reviews for the simple reason that it is not as fast as many competitors. Yet Canon printers are very reliable and that was a major factor, for me, in making this purchase. Study after study rates Canon at the very top for reliability.

A second factor in my choice was that very cheap aftermarket ink (I call it Chinese ink) is widely available. I own several other Canon printers and routinely feed them "Chinese ink". No matter who you buy these aftermarket ink cartridges from, they all appear to come from the same source in China. I have had excellent results with these cartridges and sometimes went through a 100 or more cartridges a year in very heavy duty business printing (on two other Canon ink-jet printers). But I was usually printing black and white invoices and shipping labels and only occasionally printed a color picture that was not meant for display. It is widely know that if you want high quality color pictures then you should use the manufacturer's paper and ink!

I just installed five new "Chinese ink" cartridges in this very printer. These five aftermarket ink cartridges cost me just $5.00 total, including free shipping (that is not a misprint). To repeat - a total of five ink cartridges cost me only $5.00. See [...] here on Amazon. Unlike many other brands of printers, you will NOT get any annoying error messages when you use these aftermarket ink cartridges. Pop them in and they just work

One final remark, the auto feeder works flawlessly!

If reliability is important and cheap ink is also important and speed less so - then I heartily recommend this printer. If photo printing is a priority then I'd recommend the Canon MG8220 or the MG6220 but you'll be giving up some business features like fax and automatic document feed. For high quality pictures there is little doubt you should stick with the manufacturer's ink and paper and the cost, per page, will increase significantly. Yet photo printing, using the manufacturer's ink and paper may be no more expensive than other brands of printers.

The only negative to this printer is that it is a bit slow. It will not spit out a page in a few seconds, e.g., - it took 12 seconds, using only black and white, tweaking the printer to its very fastest setting, to print out a single page, here, at Amazon. Second and third pages print much more quickly but that first page took some time.

Update: It took a bit of tweaking but this printer is no longer "eating" ink cartridges. Go into your settings and make a few adjustments and this printer will use ink more moderately

Ratings: Consumers Reports (December, 2012 issue) just rated 53 all-in-one inkjets. It is a rather simplistic article. They didn't give any weight, in their rankings, to important features such as whether a printer had a document feeder or built-in fax. Their number 1 choice was the Canon MG8220 (no fax or document feeder), their number 3 choice was the Canon MG6120 (no fax or document feeder), the Canon MG6220 (no fax or document feeder) came in as 11th and this printer (Canon MX 892) was 14th out of 53 (includes fax and document feeder). You should read the entire article but it is rather simplistic in nature, quite short, and a bit flawed in my judgment because which features are present was given no weight in the article or rankings. Nevertheless all of the above Canons were "recommended purchases" while 38 other inkjets were NOT. I should also note that Canon ink costs were reported as higher than most of the other printers tested (assuming you are using the manufacturer's ink cartridges). As I noted, "Chinese ink" make Canons very cheap to operate. Depending on the features you want or need - you might want to look at these other Canons.

Given the reliability of Canon printers and the availability of cheap ink, I would not - personally, consider other brands but see the 2012, December issue, of Consumers Reports if you are considering other manufacturers. While hardly an in-depth article it might be useful to you.
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on May 25, 2012
Easy to setup with wireless, but one caveat! Tech support told me it would not work on a guest network (I am using an AirPort Extreme) and indeed, they were right. Also, I downloaded the AirPrint (to use with Apple hardware) firmware from Canon and it works flawlessly. Always have liked their products - the last Pixma I had for 4 years and it never malfunctioned (I wanted to upgrade to a newer wireless printer) - I wish I could say the same for the 2 HP inkjets I have had....nothing but problems!! Highly recommended.....
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I didn't have any problems installing the printer using the getting started guide & CD.

I've been using the printer for about a month now, and usually leave it on. Copies are crisp & printed quickly. Wireless works great. I always use Print Preview. For everyday use, I save ink by choosing the 'Fast Print' option. Using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) speeds up copying & scanning tasks. (I really like the ADF feature). It's too soon to comment on ink usage, but it looks like ink is being used quickly. The Pixma MX892 has 2 way paper feeding (front cassette or rear tray) which is useful when you need to print photos. It also has an automatic document feeder.

The Pixma MX892 has a duplex option which means you can print on both sides of the page. If you choose 'Printer Properties' then the 'Page Set Up' tab, then 'Page Layout' you will find options to print a booklet, up to two pages on one side of a page (see my update at the end of this paragraph) and a few more choices. I print quite a few crochet patterns that consist of several pages. I always choose duplex, and sometimes a layout that puts two pages on one side of the page (for example, I can print a 4 page pattern on two pages using these options).
UPDATE: I just discovered an option to print up to 16 pages on one side of a page. Select 'options', 'page setup', 'tiling/poster' or 'page setup', 'specify'. Then choose the number of pages you want to print on one side of the page.

Although the Pixma MX892 is geared toward being an office printer, it prints excellent photos.
I loaded photo paper in the rear tray. (Always load paper in the portrait orientation. Loading paper in the landscape orientation can cause paper jams)
Then I connected my IPod Touch 4th Gen to my laptop with the Apple charging/sync cable, chose a picture from the camera roll & printed it wirelessly. The color & crispness of the photo are both excellent!
I noticed that my IPod Touch retained my printer information after I printed the first photo with it connected to my PC. Now I can print web pages, photos, etc without connecting my IPod to my laptop.

This printer uses 5 individual ink cartridges which includes one extra large black ink so you will only need to replace the individual color that runs out.

The On-Screen Manual has step by step instructions and is very thorough.

A telephone line cable is provided. A USB cable is not provided. (You might need the USB cable to use the Air Print function. (See below for my AIR PRINT UPDATE).

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
I've used this function 3 times to scan & save pdf files to my PC. It was fast & worked perfectly each time. You can password protect your pdf files after they've been scanned. In one instance I used the ADF to scan a 12 page document & save it to my PC as a pdf. In another I used the ADF with the duplex function for a 6 page document. If you use the ADF to scan or copy both sides of the document (this is the Duplex function) you will need to start the MP Navigator EX on your PC. When scanning or copying with the ADF, you cannot use the printer panel controls for the duplex function. If you are copying or scanning only one side of the document, you can perform these functions using the printer panel controls. This might sound confusing, but it is very simple. Just follow the on-screen manual instructions. You can also collate your copied pages using the ADF.

I haven't used this function yet. A telephone line cable is provided.

Air Print
You will need to connect the printer to your PC with a USB cable to use this function. I will try this when I find my USB cable. See Amazon's ~Additional Information~ ~Disclaimers~ #2 for more information concerning the Air Print function.

~~AIR PRINT UPDATE: I didn't need to perform a firmware update to use the Air Print feature. I did not need to hook the 892 to my laptop. (To check firmware version: Select Setup - Maintenance - Print Nozzle Check Pattern. Click Print Nozzle Check Pattern to perform the test. The firmware version will be printed at the bottom of the page. If the printed firmware version is "3.010" or higher, it is not necessary to install the firmware update. If firmware version is not printed or is lower than "3.010" the firmware update will be necessary to use AirPrint with your printer).

Pixma Cloud Link
This feature prints from Picasa Web Albums or Canon Image Gateway. I don't use either of these so I can't test this feature.

Memory Cards
Compatible memory cards include SD(tm) Memory Card, SDHC(tm), MultiMediaCard® (v4.1), MultiMediaCard® Plus (v4.1), CompactFlash® Card, Microdrive®, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO(tm), Memory Stick Duo(tm) and Memory Stick PRO Duo(tm). The following can be used with the addition of a special adapter sold separately: miniSD(tm) Card, miniSDHC(tm), microSD(tm) Card, microSDHC(tm), RS-MMC(tm) (v4.1), Memory Stick Micro, xD-Picture Card®, xD-Picture Card® (Type M), and xD-Picture Card® (Type H).

Canon Creative Park
Check out Canon Creative Park; you will find greeting cards, calendars, pop-up cards, paper toys, flowers, a large assortment of gift boxes & more that can be downloaded and printed.

As I mentioned earlier, I've only used the ADF 3 times. I haven't experienced any paper jams. I will update my review if I have any problems with paper jams while using the Automatic Document Feeder.

I will continue to update my review as I use the printer.

Like the previous Pixma printers I've used, I am able to continue printing even when an X shows above an ink cartridge. I read the pop up message which states that the cartridge might be out of ink then I press OK to continue printing my document. I replace the cartridge when the print quality suffers.

Also, like the other Pixma printers I've used, this one seems to use a lot of ink.
I might be using less ink by leaving the printer on...I'm not quite sure about this though.
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