Customer Reviews: PicShop - Photo Editor
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I read a lot of the reviews, good and bad, before trying out this app. (Kindle Fire HD 8.9")

Unlike some reported, for me the app saved images and I had no trouble finding them afterward, and it does have some nice features.

The deal-breaker was too severe for me to consider using this app at all. Even with saving the image at its high resolution, it left the image corrupted by compression artifacts that did not exist in the original image.

So if you can imagine starting out with a perfectly sharp, clear picture, then winding up with a picture that has blurs and smears at every edge and color interface - that's what you get with this app. I had done my first test with a simple crop and save.

So to double check this, I loaded an image, did absolutely nothing to it, and then saved it with the "ultra high" resolution option.

I wound up with an image that was ruined by compression artifacts.

In today's world of high resolution images and big, big device memory, there is no excuse for that result from any image handling software, even one for a tablet or phone device.

I'll be dumping this software as soon as I submit this review.
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on November 29, 2012
I loved this app - it worked very well and was pretty intuitive; however I've had an issue with the app for MONTHS and have not been able to get ONE response to my many emails to the developer.

PROBLEM - Images will no longer save, post

I can alter images all day long, however the images will no longer save ANYWHERE.
Until the recent update - CUSTOM save option would not even display, where I could see if it the images were being placed somewhere unknown(even though searching all files failed to find any)

When I try to save - its goes through processing as if it is...but nothing.

I wasn't certain if this was related to the Jellybean update it was around that time, but I've not seen this complaint in other reviews or something else. Trying to get any help/response from the developer is about as effective as trying to save something I've done in this app.

I saw what could have been a similar review today and a note that the "lite" app still saves - so I tried that...and low-and behold it does...however you don't have all of the features.

I don't know if the "save" screen should be the same and it is not in the PRO version - missing Email and share option.

If anyone else has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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on September 9, 2012
The application itself is beautiful and well equipt to contend with higher end mobile photo aplications.

The problem that I'm having is something that should be simple. I can't save my photos. I can share them to twitter or Facebook but they will not save to my gallery.

Please fix this and make it possible for me to share to other applications from this app itself.
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on July 10, 2013
If you would like to save your pictures, don't waste your money---you can edit them till you're blue in the face but recently they completely stopped saving or sharing properly. I just noticed a few weeks ago but have no idea how long it's been going on (I didn't use the app for a few months). Customer support won't respond to inquiries, either.

The lite version saves..but unfortunately doesn't allow photo overlay, which is why I purchased this app instead of using the lite version anyway.

Now I'm stuck trying to find another app that does this and allows me to share. Just a friendly warning, if you're paying for it....don't.

Galaxy S4
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on August 13, 2013
This is a very nice photo app that will let you use your Kindle Fire HD camera more fully or edit photos on your original Fire. I picked up the free version first and liked it well enough that I bought the paid version back in December 2012 for $2.50. It's been upgraded considerably.

Some of the reviews, not the current ones, say you can't save photos you've edited; I'm not sure if it's something they've fixed since a prior version, but you can--it is somewhat confusing though, it could look like you can only save to FB. But there are two buttons, one that says Save with a right-pointing arrow, and one that says Facebook. Clicking on the Save button saves to your device.

When you first open it up, you'll see a black screen with a little picture icon in the lower left corner. Tap on that and choose Camera, Gallery or Facebook. If you choose Camera, you'll be able to take a picture and edit that in the app. Selecting FB just got me a spinner. Gallery opened up the pictures on the device (make sure "Device" is selected at the top if you don't see the pics you want).

If you pick Camera, and have other apps that use the camera, you'll be given the choice of Camera or the other app(s). Note that when you pick Camera, you'll be given options to adjust the settings on your camera. Tap on the woven looking icon surrounding the blue shutter button to adjust the white balance (AW), exposure (+/-), the scene mode (auto, action, night, sunset, party--I'm thinking this is shutter speed?) and a menu icon that lets you set the store location and the picture size--I recommend the defaults for these).

Edit options include autofix, crop, straighten, brightness, color, blemishes, red eye, focal point, tilt & shift, fish eye, sharpness, and rotate. There are filters, frames, and extras such as background fill, add an image layer, stickers, pointers, Attention (lets you place a shape around something), sketch, text, meme maker, colorize, speech (lets you add thought bubbles).

All in all, quite a good app. It also works on my Samsung Galaxy 2.
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on December 9, 2012
After the update when I try to save the picture it does not save anywhere. Then application was good since the new update you can edit it but can't save it so what's the point. Please fix.

S3 user
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on November 8, 2012
Purchased this app after using the free version, after the purchase have not been able to bring up an image from my gallery it keeps going round and round asking from where to pull the picture.
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on June 22, 2012
Going into this app, the one feature I was looking for was Red Eye removal - which to my delight is included... But.

As with most of the functions in PicShop, Red Eye Removal isn't quite fully baked. The problem I had with my first photo was that the image needed to be zoomed in, so I intuitively "pinched" to zoom my photo, and then couldn't figure out how to pan the photo. Sooner than later, I've zoomed out, and am unable to zoom back in (as I've seen in some other reviews) Several Force Stops later (as the program does not have any exit function apparent) and I've got it set up for my Red Eye Removal, touch my daughter's red eye, and end up with a green halo around her eye?!?!?! Several minutes of settings tweaks later, I have satisfactorily removed the redness from her eyes and moved on to the fun stuff. Borders, stamps, "focus", etc. These effects seem to work mostly, and can indeed be fun to play with.

Time for do or die. All done editing the photo (nearly 45 minutes later for simple Red Eye Removal plus a little bit of play time) and I hit the Save button - and decide to just send it to Facebook. Nope. After entering in a description for the photo, and hitting the post button, an error pops up telling me to sign in to Facebook - but I am. Both my browser and the Facebook app are signed in, so no idea what else it's wanting from me, but the error box will *not* go away. After some finagling I do manage to save the photo to the device itself (not a simple feat with the Facebook error covering the middle of the screen the whole time) and can post separately from within Facebook itself. Another Force Close, and one more attempt to upload to Facebook from within PicShop ends in the same error message as before (What do I have to do to convince this program that I'm signed in to Facebook?). Well, I load it up on my tablet, and with the larger screen I see what it's wanting now. With the larger error window I can see it asking for Facebook login credentials - which again didn't show up on my phone.

Bottom line - PicShop is 3/5 of a very handy app. There are some annoying bugs, and lacking options that prevent this from being a great app. If the devs can get the little stuff straightened out, this will be the photo editor to pick up, but until then I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who frustrates easily.

Tested on:
HTC Amaze 4G ICS
Asus Transformer Pad TF300T ICS
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on August 13, 2013
Personally, I don't consider a tablet or phone a good platform for a photo editor because of the hardware's limited horsepower to accomplish the task. I only downloaded this app to test it because it was the FAOTD and I hate an app getting a bad rap just because of a bunch of 1 star reviews from users with a limited OS saying they can't see the files the app saves. I assumed they just weren't able to see the saved files. But, having tried PicShop, I have to agree it does not save changes. I even used es File Explorer to search for the saved files--no luck. Since this not a "lite" or "test drive" app, that is unacceptable. I've reported an issue to Amazon for this problem.

Ignoring the problem with not saving the changed photos, the App is easy to use, has more functionality than the built-in Android photo editor and performs well on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1. But all that functionality is wasted if you can't save the changed photos. If the app did save changes, I would still only give it 3 stars simply because of some bad choices the developer made when designing the app.

1. It relies on the Android Gallery to select the pictures to edit. Android's built-in photo editor operates the same way. Gallery is notorious for not showing current files because of its incomprehensible refresh rate. Even using Android's photo editor--Select a photo from Gallery, save it, open another Photo, then try to go back to the Gallery and select earlier edited photo--you won't be able to see it. Usually relying on a component of the OS is usually a safe bet but not in this case. -1 star.

2. While PicShop gives you a bunch of choices on what size of file to save, it does not let you choose the filename or location to save the file. If this is not part of the "doesn't save" bug, then it's a poor choice and merits -1 star.

I'll be watching for an update to fix the save problem.
Update : New version 2.91.1 The app now saves but only to default location-- "custom saves" produces a zero length file. Added 2 stars.
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on June 22, 2012
A friend of mine got this as the FAOTD and said it "looked" awesome. He hadn't really used it yet though. I downloaded it on both my Motorola Xoom and Galaxy S II. It has the same issues on both so I know it's most of the issues are due to either the app itself, or that the app doesn't play well with ICS. I took off a star for each issue that I noticed on both my tablet and phone.

1)The very first thing I noticed was that when using the Focal Point tool, you can set the point and preview the changes, but when you apply the focal point edit the focal point jumps up and to the left. I tried applying the focal point to a picture of a face with the focal point over an eye and when I applied the setting the focal point was up on the forehead. I also found another issue with the focal point settings and that is with the color shift. At one point on the slider it goes from color to almost full black and white. There was no gradual change.

2)When I saved the picture back to the phone I had no idea where it saved it at. Most photo editors that I've used either creates it's own folder to save pictures from the app (even the stock photo editor does this), or at least let you rename the photo before saving it back to the same directory as the original. This app uses a long random number string as the file name so when I finally found that it was in my camera directory (even though that wasn't where the source was from) I had to scroll through all of my photos before finding it.

I'm sure there are some other issues I just haven't found yet, but hopefully the dev will fix the ones that are already there.
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