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on August 13, 2013
Personally, I don't consider a tablet or phone a good platform for a photo editor because of the hardware's limited horsepower to accomplish the task. I only downloaded this app to test it because it was the FAOTD and I hate an app getting a bad rap just because of a bunch of 1 star reviews from users with a limited OS saying they can't see the files the app saves. I assumed they just weren't able to see the saved files. But, having tried PicShop, I have to agree it does not save changes. I even used es File Explorer to search for the saved files--no luck. Since this not a "lite" or "test drive" app, that is unacceptable. I've reported an issue to Amazon for this problem.

Ignoring the problem with not saving the changed photos, the App is easy to use, has more functionality than the built-in Android photo editor and performs well on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1. But all that functionality is wasted if you can't save the changed photos. If the app did save changes, I would still only give it 3 stars simply because of some bad choices the developer made when designing the app.

1. It relies on the Android Gallery to select the pictures to edit. Android's built-in photo editor operates the same way. Gallery is notorious for not showing current files because of its incomprehensible refresh rate. Even using Android's photo editor--Select a photo from Gallery, save it, open another Photo, then try to go back to the Gallery and select earlier edited photo--you won't be able to see it. Usually relying on a component of the OS is usually a safe bet but not in this case. -1 star.

2. While PicShop gives you a bunch of choices on what size of file to save, it does not let you choose the filename or location to save the file. If this is not part of the "doesn't save" bug, then it's a poor choice and merits -1 star.

I'll be watching for an update to fix the save problem.
Update : New version 2.91.1 The app now saves but only to default location-- "custom saves" produces a zero length file. Added 2 stars.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon June 12, 2014
**Update, 14May2015 - I have to grimly chuckle how reviews from three years and two years ago choke up the top of the review list, all banging on about issues long fixed. Just goes to show you that devs need to pretty much need to get it right the first time, eh?**

My main interest in these Photo apps are in relation to my product photos for Amazon reviews. PICSHOP actually offers me some aspects others that I have tried didn't include, namely a SHARPEN function- and also all the little graphic doodads I can use to annotate product photos since Amazon's photo annotation doesn't work with my tablet.

Load times are slightly on the slow side, but I fooled around with 3 preexisting photos, two product ones and one of my cats. Generally pleased, although the Auto-Fix function did some bizzare stuff with one product photo taken against a sepia background. As mentioned, the sharpen function is the one I really appreciated. Funny how out of about half-a-dozen photo editors, including the stock one, none of them have a sharpen.

All my tablet's photos were accessible as well as an option to pull from Facebook. I also saved various copies using different resolutions, and they all looked fine to my eye. One other very particular aspect I like, under cropping, it gives the Golden Ratio as an auto-size cropping option! Finally, there is a in-app screen "on-going tutorial" that I found rather well designed.

Along with the bare minimum Network Permissions, I personally find PICSHOP a personal 5 star application (the sluggish load times being bearable) and has already completely replaced my stock editor.

**Recent Updates have completely fixed the loading times as well as many other tweaks. Awesome!**
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I read a lot of the reviews, good and bad, before trying out this app. (Kindle Fire HD 8.9")

Unlike some reported, for me the app saved images and I had no trouble finding them afterward, and it does have some nice features.

The deal-breaker was too severe for me to consider using this app at all. Even with saving the image at its high resolution, it left the image corrupted by compression artifacts that did not exist in the original image.

So if you can imagine starting out with a perfectly sharp, clear picture, then winding up with a picture that has blurs and smears at every edge and color interface - that's what you get with this app. I had done my first test with a simple crop and save.

So to double check this, I loaded an image, did absolutely nothing to it, and then saved it with the "ultra high" resolution option.

I wound up with an image that was ruined by compression artifacts.

In today's world of high resolution images and big, big device memory, there is no excuse for that result from any image handling software, even one for a tablet or phone device.

I'll be dumping this software as soon as I submit this review.
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I downloaded this app not knowing what to expect. My family uses photo editors all the time and we are quite familiar with how to use them and the benefits of having a good one. There are so many available and some are just not good. This photo app has a lot of features and is pretty powerful. It has a large selection of Edits, Filters, Frames and Extras with the option to save your work, post to Twitter or to Face book.

I won't go over all the features but some I thought were nice are the fact that has a good pinch and zoom feature that is useful when editing the photo. Unfortunately the pinch and zoom feature worked great but only once. After I used it I could not get it to work again on multiple photos. It does a good job of cropping photos and it lets you add text at the top and bottom of the photo. You can even add cartoon speech boxes to the photos to add captions. You can add texts and adjust the font size, color and type. Using the stickers was fun to doctor up some photographs; my wife got a laugh at some of them I modified.

The selection of picture frames is good and it adds a nice touch to a photo to enhance it. I did not feel that the red eye reduction worked well at all and I did not understand how to use the BG Fill option as it colorized the entire photo deleting the picture you were trying to edit. Overall this is a nice app but some features need to be improved and some more help information would help to improve learning how to use all of the features properly. I am not sure if it is worth the price of $4.99 they are asking for it, that seems a bit high.
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on January 1, 2015
[Updated Review 14 May 2015]

This app hasn't been updated since my last review. In fact, it still is an older version than the one in the Play Store, and that version was last updated in July 2014!

I'll be short & list just three reasons why I don't even want to touch this app:
- Support only up to 8MP!
- No support for non-latin text!!
- Keeps running in the background even after you've closed all files

PicShop won't even make the grade as a free app. Users should check out alternatives like Snapseed or Pixlr or the dozens of photo editors in the market. Many are free AND better.

[Original Review 1 Jan 2015]

Haven't really tested every aspect of this app, but I noticed that when I was playing with the Fisheye tool, the original picture was distorted after I *discarded* the change (never having saved any changes at all!). Tried several times, same result.
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on May 14, 2015
Decided to see for myself if all those old SAVE issues in the reviews have been resolved. Took a test photo and edited it. The editing options were great and the test image came out looking fantastic -- I was thinking at that point I'd be writing a rave review. The edited image was made quickly and looked outstanding.

THEN as one last thing I tapped the little button that lets you compare your edited image with the original. The original showed up on screen BUT THEN THE EDITED VERSION SIMPLY DISAPPEARED. Poof. Gone. Not in the app, not in my default photo location, nowhere to be found. And nowhere could I find any options to retrieve it. (In fact the original test image itself --created through the app via camera-- didn't show in my image gallery, so it seems to be lost, too.)

With our photos it's one strike and you're out. Like most people, I am NOT taking a chance on losing good images to an app with a well established history of sending them to the Null Bucket.
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on August 13, 2013
I'm an artist, so I like to try new software, especially when I can get it for free. So, since this is the free app of the day, I decided to give it a whirl. I used it to modify a couple images, one of my cat that I took with my tablet's camera and a 3D CGI render that I did last year on my computer and have on the table to use as a background image. I found the program to be just OK and at times annoying and it has a fatal flaw.

First of all, I found the selection of filters to be decent, though limited in function. It has the usual suspects: red eye removal, B&W, color enhancement, sepia tone, and many more. Many of the filters have no options, you simply apply them and they do their thing at predetermined levels. For the ones that do have user set levels, those levels are set using a simple slider, there's no way to input numeric values, which means they're very imprecise. That may be OK for novices and casual users, but it won't fly for people who are serious about photo editing. So, the filters are decent, though not great.

On to the annoying side of things. This program has virtually no options. One of the more annoying things it does is it has "tips" that pop up frequently. On my second run through, it was showing me the same tips it showed me the first time. Both times, I had to get rid of them to continue working. And, since the program has no options, save for changing the color of the interface, I couldn't find a way to disable those. They are very annoying and they get in the way. Then, when I was (supposedly) saving my second image, a pop up thing came up asking me if I wanted to give them a five star rating. Firstly, NO. Secondly, popping up and begging for a five star rating is one thing that irritates me to no end. So, this app definitely has some annoying tendencies.

Now for the fatal flaw. Many people already know what it is. It won't save images locally. I hit "save" on both of the images I edited and neither is saved to my tablet anywhere. I went through every folder, even the hidden ones, and I can't find them. It doesn't let you choose where to save and it won't tell you where it supposedly saves it. That makes this app completely useless for me. I have no idea if the "post to Facebook" button works because I don't have or want a Facebook account. That may work, but it can't be the only way to save the images.

So, this app is a big fail for me and I already deleted it from my tablet. If you're a serious image editor and/or you like saving your work on your device, I'd suggest passing on this one and using Photoshop Touch. It costs more, but you get what you pay for. It's not perfect, but it suffers from none of those problems and it has more filters. Also, it can edit images in layers and it has better control.
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VINE VOICEon June 1, 2015
PicShop's Edit, Filter and Frame options include all I've ever used and more. People with pro level skills may not find all they want, but for my purposes, PicShop's options are more than adequate. Some features, Color Fill and Image Layer (aka double exposure) are within the Extras menu; reviewers indicating the app doesn't have either option are incorrect. Save options make it easy to immediately share finished work via Facebook, Instagram and email. Resolution issues mentioned in other reviews look to be fixed. The "Meme" feature, available through the Extras menu, allows easy creation using my own pictures. I could get rid of my meme creator application all together if it also loaded the pictures behind popular, already viral memes (ie, like Sweet "ain't nobody got time for that!" Brown's picture ). PicShop is my new favorite picture editor.
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on May 14, 2015
I don't know how this app got an average of 4 stars but it has crashed once (tried to use the camera), already, and won't open a picture from my gallery and it has only been 5 minutes.

All the bad reviews were correct. Ignore this one and save yourself a tiny headache.

I am off to delete the corrupted picture that it took and uninstalling this app, not in that order.

Samsung Galaxy S5
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on May 14, 2015
I had no trouble finding my saved image. As a matter of fact, the app told me exactly which directory the image was written to, but it was picked up in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4's Gallery.

My issue was the deplorable image quality. The compression artifacts were so bad, they revved the image _unusable_! And, all I did was crop an image, and saved it as "Ultra HD Quality." Umm... Right.
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