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Wow. So many mixed reviews here, and like those of you who are pondering over whether it is worth purchasing this Western Digital MY PASSPORT, there may not be a clear answer.

Let me tell you my story.

Recently bought the new Retina Macbook Pro with its 500GB SSD drive. For a person like me who puts a lot of software on my laptop and does quite a bit of movie editing, hard drive space is a premium. So, when figuring out how to handle nearly 200GB of music, I decided it would probably be best to run iTunes off an external drive instead of taking up space on the Macbook.

Again...Wow. Reading these reviews on Amazon was quite unnerving. So many great experiences with this drive followed up by a handful of negative experiences -- many talking of total hard drive failure. It's almost as if you are rolling the dice as to whether you'll receive a drive that works or doesn't.

...then there's the reviews from people who claim they are having problems using this drive on their Mac.

Well, I picked myself out a RED 1TB drive. Thought it was a cool color and didn't mind paying the premium price for it. In addition, I picked up this fantastic Case Logic QHDC-101 Hard Case on Amazon for $10. It's the perfect compliment to the red hard drive that fits snuggly inside.

Using the Western Digital MY PASSPORT on a Mac couldn't be easier than opening the package, plugging the USB cord into the Macbook, and then formatting it using Disk Utilities. From package to format took under 4 minutes.

And for anyone claiming to have a problem using this drive with their Mac, this is all you need to do...

1. Plug in the drive via USB connection
3. Click on the hard drive icon located at the very top left sidebar
4. Select the ERASE tab and FORMAT in Max OSX Extended (Journaled). Assign your drive a name if you wish.

That's it. Easy.

The drive works incredibly fast thanks to its USB 3.0 compatibility, which is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0. The drive is extremely quiet, and I didn't notice it getting warm.

And, yes, you can run your iTunes off the external drive.
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on December 27, 2013
I'm wirting this review way too late. THe disc was DOA. I tried formatting and stuff. I couldn't return it as I was out of the country. Then I figured I could try and get it repaired... When I brought it to the shop, they opened it in front of my eyes and it was a 500MB chinese ripoff. Kudos on their amazing ability to counterfeit this... Just thought I'd drop the note somewhere, it is too late for me, but it is just a warning this DD is being distributed as counterfeit...
review image review image review image
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on July 20, 2013
So, here is what happened:

- I purchased this hard drive from Amazon (sold by LA Electronics Trading) and it arrived on time in a what seemed to be genuine WD packaging. And that's where the good things ended!

- The hard drive did not work with my MAC Book Pro and I called Western Digital Support to figure out if I was doing something wrong

- They said that the hard drive seems to be defective and they (Western Digital) can replace it if I send them the defective piece. So I did and that's when the scheme unfolds

- Western digital refused to accept the defective hard drive I sent them back as they said that the case is WD but the actual hard drive inside is a generic. Also, the serial number on the case does not match the generic hard drive inside (I have email proof from Western Digital!!)

- I called Amazon and all they can do is refund me my money if I send them the defective hard drive

Can you see the scheme here?!! Sell a generic hard drive in a genuine WD case, if the hard drive works: Great!. If it does not then just replace it because nobody would check in the case if the hard drive is genuine or not!! I found out because I happened to call WD instead of Amazon or LA Electronics

What a sham!
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on June 16, 2016
Over the years I have bought quite a few portable external hard drives by Western Digital. They have all been great, including this one. The 2 TB space is plenty for me to store videos, music, document files, etc. Nowadays, I don't save a lot of stuff on my laptop. Everything gets saved and stored on this hard drive. It's easy to use. Just plug the USB cable into your laptop or computer's USB slot and it should be recognized immediately. It works with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, but you might as well use the USB 3.0 because the transfer speed is so much faster.

I'm surprised a lot of reviewers have had issues with this device. I've had it for about three years now and it's still working great for me. And I also use it on a daily basis. I like how there is a password protection on here. This way I can store all my documents/files on here without anyone else having access to it. I've taken this on a lot of trips and have used it on a lot of different computers/laptops (PCs and Macs). It's worked all the time.

The one thing that bothers me is when I'm using this hard drive at night. Whenever the hard drive is in use, there is a small white light on the side that blinks. This blinking light gets annoying in the dark, especially when I'm using my laptop in bed with the lights off. I'll usually cover it up with something, like part of the bed comforter. But with all the traveling I've done with his hard drive and the fact that it's lasted me for such a long time (and still going strong), I'm happy with the purchase!
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on July 9, 2012
Let me make it clear that I like this product. Its AFT that somebody came up with a 2TB portable, and it comes as no surprise that WD was the one to do it. I like it so much that I now have three of them.

BUT there is a problem with these drives if you try to load more than one. I do not know if this is true for XP, but if you have W7/64 like me, you may run into some problems. For some reason, the OS does not "see" any more than one of these drives at a time unless you manually force it to do so. So if you add a second one (or a third) and don't see it listed in "My Computer", here is the fix:

1. Bring up "Computer Managment", and under "Storage" select "Disk Management"
2. Once the Disk Management screen populates, on the center bottom you will see the graphic which represents each disc.
3. SCROLL DOWN until you come to one that says "My Passport"......not the one which already works, but the one that you think does not work
4. On the left side where it lists the disk by number, this "bad" disk will be listed as "offline"
5. Right click the "offline" word and let it go to "online"......ignore the warning it gives about disk conflict.
6. I would suggest renaming the two disks, perhaps to "Passport 1" and "Passport 2", but that in and of itself does not resolve the Disk conflict.

Once you have done this, exit Disk Management, and reboot. Because the conflict has not really been resolved, it may still happen from time to time. But if that happens, unplug the drives, then plug them back in one at a time, giving each a chance to come online individually.
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on July 23, 2012
I obtained a Western Digital My Passport 750 GB USB 3.0 external hard drive from Amazon. Overall, the drive is great and I would highly recommend it. The substantial caveat is that the Western Digital software is useless.

The Passport hardware is impressive. Small, light, and silent. You can install the Passport in just seconds by plugging in the USB cable. Windows (7 in my case) automatically handles device driver selection and configuration. At that point the Passport will show up as a new drive in Windows Explorer and elsewhere.

The Passport drive has all of the Western Digital (WD) software and documentation pre-installed on it. That's convenient to be sure. However, the software fundamentally doesn't work (at least in my environment). The WD utilities try to categorize the files on your drive(s). That sounds useful. However, it takes hours (too many hours) on a system of any size (100+ GB). Worse, the drive I/O and CPU utilization makes your system essentially useless while the WD utilities are scanning your system.

Even after scanning, the WD utilities don't add value. I tried to backup a small part of my system... The transfer rates were so low that any significant backup would have taken days (or more).

At this point I was sufficiently frustrated that I gave serious thought to returning the Passport. Fortunately, plenty of other tools are available to work with the device. I tried Windows Explorer, XYplorer, and NovaBACKUP. In each case, the results were excellent. I was able to sustain backup rates of 1 GB per minute (16 MB per second) on an old Dell Precession 380. The computer is USB 2.0 only, so a newer computer might achieve even higher transfer rates.

Note that switching the Passport to 'optimize for performance' in the Windows Driver Manager had no apparent effect (either way). Many online sources suggest this driver configuration change to improve performance. In my environment it didn't appear to help or hurt performance.

An important point is that the Passport runs quite cool. Past experience has shown that some external drives consume enough power to heat up significantly. The utility cost is less of an issue than the likely drive damage over time. By contrast, the Passport stays cool even after days of significant use.

Overall this is a fine piece of hardware. However, the software has no value. If you have your own utilities to work with the Passport (including the standard Windows tools), it is a great choice.
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on August 7, 2012
This product was advertised as a USB 3 compatible external hard drive. It will be recognized as such and windows will download drivers and tell you it's ready to use. Well, it isn't and your transfer will keep getting shut down. After several hours of trying I finally gave up and will have to use it's USB 2 capabilities. It really sucks that this item is advertised and sold as something that can run at USB 3 speeds but fails miserably, even with repeated installs.
I checked into it and it appears that ASUS computers with a USB 3 port have a problem in it's chip-set or motherboard with recognizing this drive. It could be that it's a systematic thing and may work well with other computers. As a back up it will run at the USB 2 speed and performs well with EASEUS backup software (which I highly recommend). The Western Digital software seemed overly complicated and not that reliable because of the learning curve and their included instructions. For most users it may work well and they won't have any problems.
I originally gave this review a one star, but after reconsideration have changed it to a three. Good luck users.
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on May 6, 2017
Bought this over five years ago. Set up the password with a clue. I also set up the drive so it would automatically log me in.

Lo and behold, over five years later, the drive security app decides it wants me to log in with my password. My hint points to two possibilities. Neither of these possibilities work in their various forms.

Apparently, WD says I have to wipe the drive clean, meaning they have no recovery process. I've lost all of my college projects, my ministry notes, as well as a lot of other data.

Western Digital, I will never buy another product with your name.
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on January 3, 2016
If you're looking for a review comparing specs, speeds and other technical terms - this is not the review you're looking for. Move along.

The last (and first time) I acquired an external hard drive, was about 8 years ago for Dell laptop. The thing was size of a classic literature tome. Both the HD and the laptop have since gone the way of the dodo. Well, after the "genius" gave me a scolding for never having run my time machine on my Mac, I thought it might be time for a new external hard drive.

I have been using my WD Passport to back up my 6 year old Macbook Pro via Time Machine for 2 years now. It's about the size of a Blackberry and comes in fancy colors. Since I was a bit skeptical after reading mixed reviews, I opted for the slightly less expensive, ho-hum black color. Well, I have put it through the test of time and the bottom line is, I think it's great! I'm not a technician or a gamer and mostly use my laptop for non-professional photo editing, music and streaming films, but I want to feel confident that my files are safely backed up, and I think this device fits the bill.

The original set up was simple, even for someone who isn't very tech savvy like me. To date, I haven't had any issues with the device and admittedly, I have even dropped the drive a couple of times. I have successfully moved files to and from the drive easily over the last two years. The storage capacity is perfect for my use. I take a lot of photos, some videos as well as have several thousand MP3s with plenty of room to grow.

Overall, for general use and storage, I think this hard drive is good deal and I would recommend it.
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on March 26, 2017
Actually chanced a refurb one of these cheap and it seems to work fine. The box was beat up but appeared to have not been opened. It was listed as refurb but looked like old stock unused and this is the old model. I read they only changed the outside case for the most part for the new model. Anyway it works great no complaints. I don't really like all the software that came with it but other reviews say it is nice and very useful so we will see. I backed up the stuff I needed and it seemed fast with the usb3. It is small, about size of a guys wallet. This was one of the third party sellers.
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