Customer Reviews: Seidio BACY38SSGNLN-BK Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Life Battery for Use with Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE with NFC - Retail Packaging - Black
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on August 7, 2012
Yes, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has terrible battery life. That's why you're here in the first place.

Unfortunately, this battery failed to perform as advertised, and only lasted a few more hours than the OEM Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2100mah battery. Since I believed that I had a faulty product, I attempted to RMA (that means get my battery replaced). Unfortunately, Seidio said I did not have a proof of purchase, despite sending in my receipt.

I'm also pretty sure the thing above this review that says "Amazon Verified Purchase" also means I bought it from them. But I digress.

Anyways, I let them know I was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau. They did not care, and that's when I found this:

That's right. They have the highly coveted F grade. Good for them.

I guess you could take what I say with a grain of salt. Just be ready to risk getting a faulty battery, and being unable to get your money back/ get a replacement.
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on April 30, 2012
I was all excited to get the Sprint Galaxy Nexus but when I got it, I was shocked by how dismal the battery life was. After a week, I found that with the stock battery I was getting between seven and eight hours depending on my usage. I ordered this praying to get through an eleven hour day without having to bring a charger with me. I am happy to report it lasts much longer than eleven hours, and under heavy usage (I'm addicted to a game on my phone). Even after I got home from a long day I still had enough juice to watch an episode on Netflix while at the gym on a cardio machine. The battery does stick out a bit from the back of the phone but still fits easily into a jeans pocket. I did not have the same experience as the other reviewer who had problems with the battery door. Mine snapped into place fine and doesn't feel and flimsier then the stock door. Overall, I am happy I got this, it allows me to use the phone without worrying about making it through the day.
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on July 20, 2012
The battery is fine, but this is being represented as the NFC version of the battery and it is NOT. The first unit I received had no NFC, so I asked for a replacement -- also no NFC. I use NFC via my standard Samsung batteries and I can attest from my personal testing that this does not have NFC capability. It is, in fact, the non-NFC version of the battery, which has a lower list price from Seido. Note that the description and title on the Amazon product page state that this is the NFC version, but there is no mention of NFC on the packaging or on the battery itself and (as mentioned above) I personally tested it and demonstrated that it does not support NFC.

Update: I have determined that there IS an NFC antenna affixed to the back of the battery; the problem is that it does not work in either of the batteries I received (I have 4 Samsung batteries, all of which have perfect NFC functionality). I have never been able to obtain a read with this Seido unit. If I decide to keep this I will remove the battery cover and check the design, integrity, and connection of the antenna that Seido is using.
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on August 2, 2012
- This is a large battery. The additional size and weight are very noticeable. It still feels good in the hand, and as someone who straps these ridiculous batteries on all my phones, I consider it to be well worth it. If you carry the phone in a front dress shirt pocket, that pocket is going to sag big time.

- When you receive this battery, charge it for several hours past where the battery says 100%, then use it until it's completely out of juice (turns off automatically), then repeat that process at least 2-3 more consecutive times. This calibrates the phone to the battery and will result in best performance.

Note (1): In the long run, it is NOT good for lithium battery longevity to run them all the way down over and over. However, doing this calibration at the outset and then doing a full drain and charge every once in a while makes a real difference.

Note (2): NEVER leave a lithium battery fully discharged for a long time without charging. There is a safety mechanism that won't let it be charged or function once it goes below a certain reserve level.

- The first couple charges, you will be disappointed in the performance of this battery. Keep using it, and after a week or two, you'll be VERY happy with the battery. It gives me close to double the use time of the Samsung 2100 mAh extended battery that sells for $25, and I got better than average life from that. Btw, the conditioning/calibration process I described above seems to help all phone batteries, not just this Seidio.

- The ideal case for the Galaxy Nexus and this battery, in my opinion, is this one:
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on May 3, 2012
Like many others are saying, this extended battery adds a good chunk of life to your Galaxy Nexus and is almost a requirement to have if you're going to be out and about without access to a charging cable. However, what stopped this from getting a 5-star rating was the battery cover provided by Seidio to fit this monster. My issues with it narrow down to three main points:

1) The battery door doesn't fit properly, and requires some playing to get it to stay put. It's definitely not as easy to put on as the stock cover (or the cover provided with the 2100mAh battery).

2) The door is black instead of the grey color like the rest of the phone, and it really makes it stand out like a sore thumb. If they just made it the same color as the rest of the phone, it would go a long way to reduce drawing attention to the huge battery.

3) The door isn't designed aesthetically well. It just kind of "ends" near the bottom right above speaker, and I would have liked to see it extend to the end of the phone and leave a hole for the speaker still. This would blend in more with the rest of the phone and look easier on the eye.
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on April 20, 2013
This does increase the amount of time between charges, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Total charge time is not substantially reduced
2. The Nexus battery life indicator will not be a linear depiction of remaining battery life
3. Battery service life seems limited

1: You will probably keep the thing hooked up to a power cord for the same amount of time as with the standard-life battery, but can go longer between charges--in other words, think of it as charging for 3 hours once a day instead of 90 minutes twice a day. I actually usually charge it for longer, leaving it hooked up to a charger for an hour or two after it reaches 100% (see 3 below). If you don't do that, it won't be fully charged and will drop 10-15% fairly quickly, even under normal or no use.

2: The indicator seems to be decline at a consistent rate down to 50%, but then starts to plummet. At 50%, there's maybe 35-40% of the usable charge left, in my experience; I usually charged it again around the time it reached 50 if not sooner. I don't have a way to measure what's actually in the battery, but once it gets below 50, and especially when it's below 30, the indicator drops rapidly.

3: I've now had this about a year and have charged it more or less every day. My voice and data usage are moderate. Lately I've had to start charging more than once per day, so it seems it's getting to the point that it's not holding a charge well. Figure maybe 350-400 charging cycles, mostly from 50% back to 100%. Is that good for total number of charging cycles before decline? The Seidio extended life battery I had for my Blackberry pretty much went through the same life cycle. Part of the problem might be that I'm over-charging it; see 1 above. But if you disconnect as soon as it reaches 100, you'll be charging a lot and might not see much of a stored energy boost over the stock battery at all.
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on June 24, 2012
I purchased the Trexcell Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3800mah Extended Battery before buying this one, because it was cheaper and I thought there could not be much difference. I was wrong. I followed the "conditioning" procedures so that I would get the maximum battery life. For the first day or so, I THOUGHT I saw an increase in battery life. I was getting really frustrated after a few days, and upon "normal" use, it still had almost no battery at the end of the day. I am not someone who spends a lot of time talking on the phone or web browsing. I am with clients most of the day, so I take and return phone calls, in between clients, have a wi-fi connection (or a data connection if I am not within wi-fi range) for my online scheduling to update in real-time, and sometimes I check my email and/or text messages. I typically start my day at 6 AM and go until 10 PM. When your phone dies at 6 PM, with mild to moderate use, and you still have 4 hours left of your day, that is not good. I realized that it is possible that I had a defective battery and contacted Trexcell customer service. No response. I said "screw it" and bought this Seidio.

MUCH BETTER! I guess you get what you pay for. With this battery, on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (VZW phone,) I sometimes can go 2 full days, plus, without plugging it in. There have been a few times I had to actually turn on the data, plus wi-fi and do some serious web browsing just to drain the battery completely, after almost two days of not plugging it in. Of course, if I use GPS, or do an unusual amount of web browsing, I have to plug it in at the end of the day...but it usually still has juice, so I am getting 16-20+ hours on this one. The Trexcell, barely 8-10 hours, on a light day of use.
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on August 27, 2012
WOW! I am simply amazed that my phone can last the entire day without charging. I use my phone all day for texting, emails, games and phone calls on 4g. Plus my screen is on the brightest setting so I can see it outside. I used to get about 5 hours if I was lucky with the battery it came with. Make sure you follow the directions and let the battery charge for 12 hours. Use the heck out it and make sure you do not recharge the battery until it is fully discharged. So now I don't have to carry the extra batteries. Love it! It's worth every penny!!!

Also I read other reviews and the battery does fit properly. I also got this case to hide the fact that the cover is not grey like the phone. Works great and compliments the phone very nicely: Seidio CSK3SSGNLKX2-BK ACTIVE Extended Case with Metal Kickstand for Seidio Innocell 3800/3500mAh Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black
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on February 11, 2013
I originally bought a knock-off extended-life battery from China in hopes that it would last at least a year and give me decent daily battery life. I was wrong. Even though that battery was marginally under the mAh rating of this Seidio battery, it hardly gave me more life than the original battery for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This battery, on the other hand, started giving me outstanding longevity out of the gate, and within three or four charging cycles, I could end the day with 30% charge left, even after a reasonably heavy day of usage. This battery is more expensive, but sometimes you simply get what you pay for. It does extend the depth of the phone on the back, but the included battery cover actually gives the phone less of a slippery feel. I highly recommend this battery since the Nexus is quite the little battery hog.
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on August 6, 2012
UPDATE: August 2013
Approximately one year later, the battery endurance is shot. Additionally, the battery has started to bulge, which could potentially be hazardous.


If I could give 3.5 stars, that might be a more accurate rating for this item. The battery is truly spectacular and works as expected. Using it in tandem with the Juice Defender app, I'm getting at least 10 hours of use on 4g, and sometimes over 16 hours of use on 3g.

As for the NFC, I've tried to use this set-up with my Nexus 7, and the results are very mixed. (The Android Beam transmission is not successful when sending a page/video/app link from one device to the other.) So while I do feel that the NFC capabilities are present in this battery, I can't say that it works as well as the Galaxy Nexus with the stock battery.
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