Customer Reviews: Titanic: The Long Night
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on February 17, 1998
TITANIC: THE LONG NIGHT by Diane Hoh is a great fictional account of the Titanic disaster through the stories of five fictional teenagers on the doomed ocean liner. Elizabeth Farr is in first class. She is trying to escape both her debut into society and an impending marriage to a wealthy, older man she doesn't love, and to persuade her parents to allow her to go to college. Also in first class is Max Whittaker. Max defied his wealthy parents by travelling to Paris to study art. Now poor, he is only able to travel first class on the Titanic because his wealthy grandmother sent him the ticket. In third class is Katie Hanrahan, a 16 year old Irish girl dreaming of becoming a singer in New York. Katie has left her family and her small village to build a new life for herself. Also in third class are two brothers, Brian and Patrick Kelleher. They also dream of a new life in America. During the voyage, Elizabeth falls in love with Max, and is now more dertermined then ever to break off her engagement to the man she does not care for. Katie falls in love with Patrick, only Patrick is afraid to return her feelings, as he believes that Katie loves his brother Brian. It takes the sinking of the Titanic for true feelings to be revealed. But is it too late? Who will survive? Will Elizabeth, Max, Patrick, Brian, and Katie be among those who get out alive? READ THIS BOOK TO FIND OUT!
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on November 2, 2000
Well first of all let me say that I actually really enjoyed this book. But I couldn't give it 5 stars because it doesn't seem as if the book was really Diane Hoh's writing. I mean, is it just a coincedence that it happened to come out at the same time as James Camerons Titanic came on video? If you're still not following me here listen to the story line, artist (first class yes but still) meets stuck up young fist class lady suffering from an arranged marriage to someone she does not want to marry. Her mother AHEM insists...does this sound like a certain billion dollar movie you may know of?
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on May 28, 2000
Titanic: A Long Night is one of the best Titanic stories. It was so much more interesting than the movie. The four characters focused on were the perfect hero/heroines and although the book took place over only four days, you had a good idea of their personalities, which were adventurous, brave and nice. I thought the plotline for Elizabeth Farr and Max Whittaker was a lot like the movie's, but I did like the focus on some third class travellers - Kate Hanrahan and Paddy Kelleher. It was such a romantic book and I just couldn't put it down! The novel was well-done because everything about it was perfectly historical and factual, although the main characters, Elizabeth, Max, Paddy, Kate, Lily Costello and Brian Kelleher are fictitious. It is their tale of events on the huge White Star Line disaster. The dialogue in it was believable and so descriptive without being boring. For the second time I've read it, I always save it for the night to read while I'm under a warm comforter. But the first time, I was half scared and thought they'd all die. The story of the Titanic has moved me to tears many times and this one was no exception, but the characters and everything were much more beautiful than Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio (even though he's a babe!) and James Cameron's film making. Maybe because of the ending... but I don't want to spoil it! Diane Hoh is an exceptional writer. Read for yourself and form your own opinion on this great novel!
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on July 28, 2014
The story is about two women. Elizabeth, first class and Katie, steerage. It goes back and forth between the two and their struggles to survive and how they do it on this journey to America. I've always been fascinated with the Titanic, but these stories just add more to the mix. I know they are fictional, but who knows that in some way this didn't happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story but I seriously wanted to clobber Elizabeth's parents and their attitudes toward their daughter. Katie was very heroic herself and the actions that she took that night when the ship was sinking. Two very remarkable women and a wonderful story to read.
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on July 8, 2002
This book was great. I learned more from this book because it was in so much detail that you felt like you were witnessing everything. The book has alter egos, which at times can be very confusing, especially when the great ship starts to sink. One part is about Elizabeth Farr; traveling in first class. Elizabeth is expected to marry a boring man after she gets back to New York. Elizabeth soon meets a young traveler named Max Whittaker, the son of aquantences. Elizabeth is jealous at the fact that Max is independant, and Elizabeth wants to know how he did it. The other part is about 3 Irish third-class passengers, hoping to make a better life in America; Kathleen Hanrahan, and the brothers: Brian and Patrick Kelleher. When the Titanic begins to sink, the full potential of each character comes out with a beautifully written ending. Their are only two problems. One, the book kept on flipping back in forth from 3rd class to 1st, which got confusing when the Titanic sinks. And the second, the author took some ideas from the movie; but gives a new zest to those ideas. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the sinking of the Titanic.
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on February 22, 1999
The book is about 4 teenagers and how they try to survive the disaster of the Titanic. I'm only 11, but everyone should read this book! I will be looking for the sequel soon.After you start reading you just can't stop!I think if this story was a movie that it would be more successful then the James Cameron film "Titanic" . If you don't have the book I suggest that you get it. It will be worth your money.I love the Titanic and I love this book to. Even though it's 370 pages you'll read it over and over. I'm not a person who really likes to read , but I read this book and will read it again. The author Diane Hoh is now my favorite author and I hope that she keeps on writing.
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on October 11, 2015
As if loving the Titanic wasn't enough Diane Hoh wrote this amazing story about a young girl who falls in love with a man that's "beneath" her and her family. I read this book so many times that my book is shredded and I was estactic to see it on kindle!!! I used to only read Elizabeth's story cutting into Katie's every now and then but I think now that I'm older I'll read both and love it all over again.
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on January 2, 2004
I first read this book when I was in sixth grade, a little after the time the film came out. I read it within a day, and it became my favorite book.
Right now I'm a junior in high school, and today I picked it up again. I remember why I loved it so much. The characters are amusing, the plots are captivating and the romance between Elizabeth Farr and Max Whittaker is extremely enjoyable. We all know what happens to the Titanic, but we dont know what will happen to these 5 teenagers that the book focuses on.
If there has to be a main character Elizabeth is clearly it, having the prolouge being written about her, and the most space in the book about her. She is a likeable character, spoiled but passionate and headstrong. We sympathize with her struggle to convince her parents to let her go to college instead of marrying a boring banker 10 years her senior.
She meets Max Whittaker, a poor painter with rich parents who have disowned him. I suppose there's a sort of Jack Dawson feel to him, but I fell in love with this character more than Titanic's Jack. Elizabeth immediatly makes the mistake of directing him to third class when he is actually in first class, just like her. Thus the romance begins, Max teasing her-Elizabeth going from hating him to becoming jealous of him and his onboard friend Lily.
In third class, Kathleen Hanrahan is traveling from Ireland to America to pursue a singing career. She's accompanied by Brian Kelleher and his brother Paddy. Although she is more like Brian, she suddenly becomes attracted to(and horrified because of it) rascal lady-killer Paddy.
Even more interesting, is that Kathleen and Elizabeth cross paths a few times somehow knowing or sympathizing each other.
Obviously with the Titanic sinking, there's alot of suspense and drama- which only makes the romances better. I really couldn't put down this book! Max and Elizabeth make a great couple and Kathleen and Paddy (almost) equally so. Even at sixteen it makes you wish 'if only romance today could be like this'.
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on May 17, 2016
I remember being young and reading this book. I always enjoyed the story of the Titanic. I have seen the movie many times and have read countless books about it. This book was just as good this time around as the first time I read it. It even seemed better.

Elizabeth, a young first class passenger, wants to go to college while her parents want her to be married. Max is an artist who has ignored his rich raising and is determined to make his own way. Katie, a young woman in steerage accompanied by her two shipmates is on her way to America to follow a dream only she knows of. Each person has their own reasons for being on the grand ship Titanic. Each one knows not what one fateful night will bring to their way.

This story brought romance and history. Passion and hope. It was written so well it was so hard not to fall in love with all the characters and each of their stories. This was a great read all around....Stormi
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on March 2, 1998
This story is about the great ship Titanic. Of course we've all heard of it! Meet Elizabeth and Max, from first class and then Irish Kathleen (Katie), Brian, and Patrick (Paddy). It tells about the days before, during, and after the sinking. Elizabeth Farr wants to go to college but her parents are determined for her to marry a boring banker. Max Whittaker betrayed his parents and went to Paris to study art, now his Grandmother is providing him with a 1st class ticket so he can get back to America. Katie wants to follow her dream of singing in the Us. Her parents bought her the 3rd class ticket for her birthday. She is traveling with two men, who are brothers, Paddy, and Brian. There is a lot of romance. But then the ship starts to sink. It's discribed so well I felt like I was there! You can see the horror these poor people felt. AMAZING! But I think the ending, though not to perfect, was a little too happy. And I'm tired how in most books the women get in the lifeboats. Yes, most did, but still can't they have one that has to survive not in a lifeboat, like Max did in this story? Oh well.
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