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on February 8, 2013
A little background about me: I'm a techie, recently moved to USA, i lived in Europe and Asia before. Stayed in a hotel for couple of days initially, moved to a new home and had to set it up ASAP. I boringly spent my free evening times for the last 2 weeks researching on mattresses.

After having researched a lot about different mattress types (spring Vs memory-foam Vs coir Vs gel-infused memory foam Vs latex), i finally decided to go for Memory Foam mattress because of two main reasons
1) distribution of pressure across a larger surface area of the back, which is good for the back, this property i guess is unique to memory foam mattress
2) durability, this one comes with 25 years warranty !!!

However, i happened to read that memory-foam mattress retains heat (may be good for people living in cold regions) which is not desirable for me. To mitigate the heat retention
1) there seems to be variants of memory-foam which can "breath" by letting air flow into the mattress, i wasn't sure how effective this could be, mattress of this type are priced less
2) Gel infused memory foam: this type has gel infused in the top layer of the memory foam, without getting into too many details here, i'm convinced this could effective than 1), obviously the price is little more.
3) combination of 1), 2)

Having decided on 3), the next task was searching for a brand, there are many brands with different prices, i decided on 12" LUCID-LinenSpa Gel-Memory foam mattress, it seemed to be a price-quality optimized product, when i bought this item there were only 42 reviews as against 300+ reviews for other mattress types, but i was confident on my research, well popular choice need not be the best ;-).

To summarize following four points from the mattress description is what made me decide the item
- Exclusive Lucid-Gel formula memory foam is infused with gel beads to capture and distribute heat
- Removable silver-infused cover is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
- Pin-core technology increases airflow throughout the sleep layer and helps regulate sleeping temperature
- 25-Year warranty; Open cell construction yields a longer lasting, more resilient foam that will not leave long-lasting body impressions

I paid $449 (excluding tax and shipping charges), in the rest of the review i would just mention important points, i already spent 40mins to write the above, would wrap it up quickly
- Got this item delivered on time
- nicely packed. It took about 10 mins to unpack.
- first impression: Awesome, also the mattress cover looks great
- there was an odor, not intense, it faded out in couple of hours
- i slept on the mattress, it wasn't too hard or soft, just perfect cushion. the pressure on my back seems to be distributed (memory-foam effect), did i feel like sleeping over clouds !!! ;)

May be i would write another review after couple of months.

PS: Hey BTW, if my review has helped you (either in buying or not buying this product), please feel free to click on the "was this review helpful link" at the end of this review, motivates to write more reviews in future.

04/04/2017 - Update after using it for 4yrs and 2months.
Some regions have become more saggy than others, its a different experience depending on which part of the mattress u sleep. Just avoiding sleeping on this mattress for over 2 months now.
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on October 10, 2012
When I set out to get a new bed for us I visited about 10 different mattress stores, and tested everything from a $5,000 Temper-Pedic to Sleep number beds to the top of the line hybrid beds. Our old expensive coil mattress after just 3 years already was really hurting our back. I am a person that just enjoys a GOOD pillow top bed that you feel like your laying on a cloud, and I was super skeptical of foam beds because, honestly I was scared it would be hard as a rock. This Lucid bed, changed everything!

I ordered from Amazon on a Sunday and the bed was in my hands by Tuesday, amazing! It came in a large box sealed in plastic wrap.

I opted to open the box on the box springs as it was about 100 lbs+ and I wanted to make it as easy as possible. As a side note I had a Cal King on a box spring set and just removed the Cal King mattress and put this in its place.

Un-boxing was super easy, cut the box roll the package out, cut the plastic wrap and lay the bed out along the edges, remove rest of plastic and let the bed rise. I left it for about 10 hours to rise but it took about 2 days to reach 11.5".

The cover is very soft and comfortable, but I opted to put a sheet on the bed itself. There was a noticeable odor from the bed that was not too bad, but for those folks sensitive to smells you may want to open the bed in another room and let it air out.

Now here is the important part.. How does it feel?

The bed is soft but not too soft, you lay and sink into the bed until it forms a lovely cocoon for you. Coming from a guy that only slept on pillow top ultra plush mattresses this was plenty soft enough and felt great to lay in. I sleep with a fan on me a night, always has for the white noise and the airflow, and was VERY concerned this bed would make me hot, but honestly it was not a noticeable difference from my other mattress, so for those that are worried about heat, I had no issues with heat so far.

The Sleep?? How does it Sleep?

The first week it was harder to sleep, however, it honestly was odd! We felt like I didn't sleep well but I was waking up earlier and more rested, my wife and I could not figure it out.. In our mind we kept thinking we tossed and turned all night but the results really were different, waking up earlier, feeling more rested.. Just was odd..

The second week till now... Amazing... We sleep like a rock, I sleep so well I drool often... I wake up earlier, more rested and my back feels great.. For those that have a hard time getting out of bed, watch out! This sucker will make you sleep through alarms and not want to move!

So far after almost 2 months, we just went on a vacation for a week, my god the difference is unbelieveable.. People if you are skeptical, and I was SUPER skeptical, the price makes it well worth the try..

Feel free to leave comments I will respond..

Bottom Line :

Best bed Ive ever owned, and feels just as a good as a temper-pedic for 4,000.... Do it people!

**** UPDATE: 5 Months in and it still feels excellent, Make sure you turn it once every other month, it helps keep it perfect.. Still loving this bed!
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on January 3, 2015
Let me start by saying this is the first time I have written a review for any product. I feel that it is an important and expensive investment so I feel it worthy of my time. I read a lot of reviews which helped give me enough confidence to purchase this product.

Firstly, I started this journey with every intention of spending $1500 on a mattress and thought that may be a bit on the low side. I went to the "mattress" store with my wife and did the whole sleep analysis and laid on several big name beds. Neither of us liked the "temper" beds except the cloud luxe which was just "ok" to us. We did not want a firm memory foam bed. This bed seemed like one of the few that wasn't super firm. So after much research we bought it with the understanding that we may not like it but the price was low enough to take a gamble. Shipping was very fast as usual with UPS and Amazon. I purchased the "temper" foundations (2 twin xl foundations for the king) as they seemed very sturdy compared to some of the cheaper ones. We opened it up and let it roll out onto the foundations. There was an off gassing which was noticeable but we turned on the bath fan and the ceiling fan for hours while the mattress expanded. It took hours for it to plump up to the right height but we did sleep on it that night. Wow!!! It is absolutely perfect!!! The mattress is not firm which is what we wanted. No matter what position I threw myself into this bed just cradled me perfectly. I went to bed at 4am that night. I awoke at 8am totally awake and energized!!! I did not want to get out of bed because it was so comfortable! For the record my wife is mainly a side sleeper and I am a back and side sleeper. I think stomach sleeping may not be the best on this bed my wife disagrees. You may want a firmer mattress for that? Also snoring was greatly reduced.

In conclusion, if you gave me $3,000 to spend on a bed... I would buy this bed again. I would also buy 4 more for my other family members.

I will let you know if anything changes but We couldn't be happier!
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on August 1, 2012
Product was exactly as desicribed. This is actually the second LinenSpa mattress that i have purchased and we have been very pleased with both of them. The first was a 12" queen with the standard memory foam top which my wife and I really enjoyed for the month that we slept on it. Our son needed a new mattress and we decided to give him ours and try out the gel infused 12" queen and we like it even better than we did the other, which is very surprising as we loved our original.

As far as how it sleeps. My wife has three fused discs in her neck and two herniated discs in her lower back. She wakes up stiff and hurting nearly every morning with our stearns and foster coil mattress that we paid many times over the price for the LinenSpa. The first morning that she got up from the new gel infused LinenSpa she had 0 pain. She could stand up straight and bend down and touch her toes without any pain. We also both sleep much better with nearly no movement at night. We typically wake up the same way we lay down. We also debated on a king because we never seemed to have enough room but now with us not tossing and turning all night we have plenty of room on the queen.

Also I am not a little guy at 6'1" 250lbs. So if you are scared that it won't support you then don't be. I can lay right on the edge of the bed and not fall off.

We are extreemly pleased with our purchase and plan to buy another in the near future for my parents as a gift.
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on June 25, 2016
I purchased this mattress in king for myself after having purchased the same brand in twin size for my boys. The twin mattresses have been wonderful and very comfortable. However, this king mattress has been horrible. I immediately requested a return as the mattress only inflated to 10". I tried in vain to somehow wrap the mattress up for return shipping but that proved to be impossible. So I resigned to give the mattress a try even though it had failed to inflate to the full 12".

I slept with no problems for the first few weeks - at the point I reached the 30 day return limit, I decided the bed was sleeping fine and it was not worth the near impossible task to ship it back for an exchange/refund. HUGE mistake - by the end of the second month, I started having lower back pain. By the 3rd-4th month, I had problems sleeping comfortably at all on this mattress. I had lower back and hip pain that kept me tossing and turning all night. I had never experienced back/hip pain before so I began to think it was the mattress. I slept about a week on my boys' beds - VOILA! Back/Hip pain gone!

I was out of the return window at this point and could not afford to purchase another mattress. I've tried twice to return to my bed, but both times woke up the next morning with excruciating hip/lower back pain. As I pulled this mattress to dispose of it this morning, I decided to open it up and see what part did not inflate as shown in the product description.

I was disappointingly surprised to find that the layers in my mattress did not even look like the ones in the description. Buyer beware - what you see may not be what you get. And if it's by chance not - then you will be left with the impossible task of trying to ship this hunk of junk back!
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on January 7, 2013
This mattress ended up being a great purchase. I was nervous about buying something like this from Amazon, in case the wife and I were not happy. I will say that it would be possible to have shipped it back, but it would have sucked. Good thing I did not have to. I will address some of my major concerns from reviews below.

1 - Mattress would not expand properly - I opened this thing up around 7 PM in the living room, and was wondering what the heck I was doing buying a mattress from Amazon. It looked to be about 3 inches thick, and very chunky. I decided to make a drink and have some faith. 30 minutes in, looking much better. 1 hour in, looking good enough to briefly lay on, awesome. By the time my wife got home around 10 PM, it was perfect. We actually ended up sleeping on it in the living room that night!

2 - Mattress was too soft - Go lay down on the Tempurpedic at your local HH Gregg or other retailer. SAME EXACT THING. Softer than the spring mattress? Yes. Too soft and not supportive? No. This thing while being soft is way more supportive than anything else I have slept in ever. Amazing on my back, or my side. Does not matter.

3 - Too warm - The mattress is definitely a tad warmer than the spring mattress, but just enough to mention as a passing notice. I am a large man, and a warm man. I made the transition in a night easily. There are mattress covers to help this, but I won't be needing one.

4 -Smell - Yes, this is the only thing that I could even mention about this mattress. It does smell, and still smells a little a month later. The good news is that it is not a potent chemical smell, or anything offensive. Hard to describe really, but I know that it does not bother my wife or kids at all. No big deal for us really. I am sure that we could have let it sit in the living room for more than 12 hours too!

If I could rate this mattress on 10 stars (think about that one Amazon!), I would have given it a 9 for sure. The smell being the only detractor at all. I have been telling everyone at the office about it, and some have come over to try it out! Hands down there is no better deal, and this mattress hangs with every other $3000 Cal King that we looked at.

Side note for grown ups regarding "not sleeping". This was a concern with this type of mattress, and was a concern that we didn't want to dispel in a show room. You lose the bounce of the spring mattress for sure, but you now have "formed indentations" that facilitate better stability. All is still rockin on that front. I give this mattress a .2 nod on the 10 scale for this unsung category, bringing it up to a 9.2.

Update: After 6 months of sleep, my spot has an indentation. We flipped it, and it is fine now, but I would have to say I am slightly disappointed that an indentation has formed at all. Not a big deal, because it looks like it is healing nicely since the flip.
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on December 16, 2016
The mattress felt lovely to sleep on the first couple of months, but after that it was not so great. I weigh around 250 lbs and the mattress seems to get soft over time to the point where my chest area sinks a bit too far down but my legs are stuck up high causing a very uncomfortable pressure points. I mainly sleep on my back and sides and either positions are no longer comfortable.

*****Update 12/21/2016*****
Well I contacted the manufacturer on the 16th of Dec and went through their warranty process. I'm not surprised that they didn't issue me a warranty, however I still question the quality of the mattress. As I mentioned above, I bought the mattress back in Oct and now it's Dec so it's been only two months and there's now 3/4 depression near the center. I have been rotating my sleeping positions twice during that two month period so I am rather alarmed that only after two months a 3/4 depression was already showing up.

FYI, the manufacture says the depression needs to be at a depth of 1.5 inches to qualify for warranty.
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on February 17, 2014
I've had this mattress for almost 6 months now and I really like it. It's probably the most comfortable bed I've slept on in my lifetime and I always feel rested in the morning. I used to wake up a lot during the night because of discomfort and while that occasionally still happens, it it no longer an every night or even every weekly occurrence. My boyfriend also loves this bed... He has 3 herniated discs in his back and is always in a lot of pain. This mattress conforms to your shape so my boyfriend (and I) get support in the right places, which alleviates his pain and lets him get a good night's sleep. I will say, the mattress is definitely not firm but it's not too soft either. When you sit on it, it really gives and you sink into it a lot but when you're laying your weight is distributed more evenly so it doesn't give as much. I happen to really like that, but if you are looking for a very firm memory foam, you might want to look for one that specifies that it is very firm.

I would say that my boyfriend and I are average build, (he is 6'2" 190 lbs and I'm 5'4" 135 lbs) and it supports us very well, it also was used by my boyfriend's parents who stayed with us for 3 weeks when we first got it. His father is very large and he said it was the most comfortable bed he has ever slept on, as did his mother who has a spinal condition that is very painful.

For the price, this bed is awesome. As I said, I've only had it for 6 months, but I love it. I hope it holds up for years to come. Also, shipping was awesome! It comes wrapped tightly in a long box and while it's heavy, I was able to push it up the stairs and open it up all on my own. They recommend letting it rise for a while (I think they said 24-48 hours but I could be wrong), but it definitely was probably at maximum height within 1 hour. I still didn't sleep on it for 24 hours just in case, though! I didn't notice a bad smell either, but I had all the windows open in anticipation. The cover is really pretty too and washable. The whole thing zips off so you can just throw it in the washer if you need to.
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on August 29, 2012
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on March 28, 2013
Plenty of research, but it really paid off. The mattress excels in every category. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning it sleeps so well. Three layers of foam, all classified as having the same density (4 lb), comfort zones, and cooling gel beads as mattresses costing 4-5 times what I paid. There was no odor. It was at a full 12" thickness in less than a day. Watching it rise was comparable to watching a cake rise in the oven. Wish I had a time lapse camera. And best of all--- it's made by a company on the Jersey Shore! The only retailer I know who has these on display is Kohls, but mine was sold out and did not have a demo, but the price of the queen was $100 more than what I paid for the King. I'm glad I read and tried out as many varieties and brands as I did before taking the plunge.
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