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on March 26, 2012
Received this case and installed it pretty easy watching the video from Otterbox's website. First thing I cleaned the Ipad screen and the screen protector and looked at them both in the light making sure there was no prints or lint on either. I just used windex and a paper towel. Then assembled it. The screen looks beautiful. Games, video's and everything else looks wonderful. I can't tell I'm even looking thru a screen protector. I can't understand why so many other reviewers are unimpressed with the screen protector. Overall protection seems pretty good. My nine year old son can grab this anytime he wants now without me worrying. I would recommend this case highly to anyone looking to purchase protection for their new Ipad. Also try keeping this in your cart with Amazon as the seller and watch for a price drop. Amazon last week for a short time dropped the price to $30.99 which is when I purchased it. If they did it before maybe they will do it again.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 12, 2016
On a bitterly cold day, when I had a terrible fever and some kind of flu, I left the house determined only to make it to the doctor - and then back to bed. Unfortunately, my car's battery gave out just as I reached the parking lot in front of my doctor's office. Because I was flustered and trying to jump start a car in 15 degrees (with a significant wind chill factor to boot), I thoughtlessly placed my iPad on the roof of my car. I have no idea why. I don't even remember doing it.

And, of course, I drove away with the iPad still on the car's roof. When I reached my next destination I reached for my iPad and was horrified to discover it was nowhere to be found. It had been at least 15 minutes since I left the doctor's office and I'd been driving on a very busy street. My heart sank.

I expected my iPad to either be long gone or crushed to bits by all the cars whizzing by. As I backtracked my steps, I suddenly spied the iPad, lying in the MIDDLE of a very busy street, Although cars were racing by , I managed to run through the traffic and grab my iPad. Then I drove to a quiet spot., expecting the worst. My heart sunk when I noticed a small tear in the Otterbox Case....but my sadness was replaced with amazement when I realized that my iPad was perfectly fine.

Somehow, miraculously, not a single car had managed to run over my iPad. Its screen wasn't even scratched!. It started up without a hitch. It looked as good as ever.

I can't say the same about the Otterbox case. It had s couple of tears on the edges. But then...I didn't buy it to look pretty but to protect my device. But I would never have predicted that it would do such a stellar job protecting an iPad which flew off a car going at least 45 miles per hour..
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on August 6, 2013
Let me start by saying that if I had written a review on this case in the first month or so after purchase, I probably would have given it 5 stars. I'm glad I waited though, because after 9 months with this case, it just has not lived up to my expectations. I wouldn't say that I hate it. Nor would I hold back from buying other Otterbox products in the future. But I am disappointed for a few reasons I will get to in a minute. First the good: I bought this case to protect my iPad, and in that area alone, I give this case 5 stars. I hand my iPad off to my 3 and 5 year old on a daily basis, and occasionally even my 1 year old. Though they are reasonably careful with it, they are still kids, and it has endured its share of bumps and drops with no damage. At the time I purchased this case I was also considering the Griffin Survivor. I actually bought one of those as well and compared it side by side. The reason I ultimately chose the Otterbox was that it was superior in day-to-day usability. I didn't have to pry open any tabs to expose the speaker or the camera, which for me meant that this case was as usable in the office as it was out. The rigid shell/stand was also a big plus when carrying in my travel bag as it completely protected the screen. Now onto the bad. The most common complaint I see with this case is about the screen protector. It's certainly a valid concern. The screen protector does cause some distortion, and initially I wasn't so crazy about covering up the iPad's beautiful Retina display, but I honestly didn't notice that much after a couple days. I won't say that the protector doesn't affect the display at all, but to me it wasn't a huge deal. I've even read many books on my iPad in the past few months and the screen protector didn't bother me one bit, even when looking through it for extended periods of time. I also see people talk quite a bit about how hard the buttons are to push with this case on. That is also a valid point. Compared to the Griffin, operating the buttons with the Otterbox at first took a herculean effort, but they do relax eventually. Either that or my fingers have gotten freakishly strong. But like I said, my kids use my iPad all the time. If a 3 year old can push the buttons, any adult should be able to manage. The main complaint that I personally have with this product is just a general lack of build quality for a case in this price range. After about 9 months, the silicone sleeve is seriously sacked out. It will no longer stay tight around the corners, especially on the side by the headphone jack which makes attaching the outer shell difficult. Separating the silicone from the plastic shell, something that was originally frustratingly difficult, now only takes a slight brush of my finger in some places. And just to be clear, I have removed the silicone cover maybe 3 times - once when I first opened and disassembled the case, once when I replaced my iPad 3 with an iPad 4, and maybe one other time to clear out some dust that found its way under the screen protector. At some point I'm sure the cover will start to rip and that will just be the end of it. Contrast this experience with the Griffin Survivor I originally compared. It has a similar design in that it consists of a rigid plastic shell surrounded by a silicone/rubber cover. I actually gave that case to my brother who purchased an iPad around the same time. I looked at it the other day when he stopped by the house and was jealous. Rather than relaxing to the point of falling off, the cover on the Griffin seemed to have become almost "seasoned" through use. It felt better in my hands than when it was first installed and seemed to have almost molded itself to fit its plastic interior more closely. This will probably be the last Otterbox I buy for an iPad until they significantly alter the design. Very disappointed.

TL;DR - Good protection but disappointing build quality for the price. Should have gone with the Griffin.
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on December 2, 2016
Works great for me as 98% of the time I use it at home. No heavy duty outdoor use such as hiking, job site, etc. The exterior material and design of the case allows it to be held in one hand and not worry about dropping it. The iPad itself does not slide around in the case.

The on/off button is accessible. The home screen button is a pain to use. I much prefer the case design of the iPad Air case home button. The tab to open the charging port can be awkward to access, concerned about breaking it off when trying to open it. Now I keep it open when possible.

An excellent solution for the never ending smears on the iPad screen is the screen cover. No longer going through multiple cleaning wipes throughout the day.

Not sure if this case design will help keep the iPad cool in warmer weather.

Side note: The OtterBox case is not "parrot proof." I bought this style of case as my parrots started playing tug of war when I was using my iPad in a Snugg case. I was concerned about their health from chewing on the material, unfortunately they can tear through this one also. As a result, I do not allow the parrots near the iPad.
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on February 14, 2017
I found out the hard way, it may be worth it to pay more. I originally purchased OterBox- Defender Series Case with Screen Protector and Stand for the New iPad (4th Generation), iPad 2 and 3 - Pink / Gray for almost half the price. The seller may not be aware the product is not genuine. It just did not have the same fit, finish, and quality I have come to expect from Otterbox. The low price is not necessarily an indication that the product may not be the real thing. This is a case designed for products released 4 to 6 years ago. I immediately contacted Amazon for a refund and took a chance to purchase this case instead. It has the characteristics I look for in a genuine Otterbox case. I have included some slides that will help one see what the differences are between a case that is not genuine and one that appears to be genuine.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 29, 2012
I wanted to "defend" this product. We have the defender for the iPad 1. It's very nice and durable. I knew I had to get a cover for "The New iPad" that was on the way, so I started looking at covers. Reviews for the iPad 2 Otterbox Defender were not that great, so I looked at some others (griffen, gumdrop). Those reviews looked nice, but I wanted to wait for the new otterbox defender to come out for "The New iPad." Well, we've been using this for a few days and it's pretty nice. I immediately RIPPED out the screen protector. I put Zagg invisible shields on all my stuff. Whoever said they CUT out the built-in screen protector in their review is crazy. Just push it out of the frame and make sure you get most of the adhesive to come off with it. So, this is 100% perfect except for the home button. It does take a little extra muscle to press it. We've started to press the button on the top (I don't know the name) to make the iPad wake up. I also use that hand gesture a lot (take 5 spread out fingers and then pinch) to go back to the home screen. SO, if you find you are a freak-a-zoid about perfect comfortabilityness with your home button relationship - DO NOT GET THIS!! If pressing a little harder on the home button doesn't seem like that big of a deal, then this is the product for you. As a side note - my wife says the new iPad resolution is better. She never says that - even when we watch a blu-ray movie on a TV that's better than ours...

9/29/2014: This case has not stood up well. The outside rubber part is getting stretched and does not attach at all contact points. It doesn't fall off completely, but it is extremely stretched. A few areas with thin rubber contacts have ripped. I had such high hopes because we've used otterbox for the original iPad and an iphone 4. They are still working nicely. The fact that the outer rubber part has become stretched really bugs me. I would pass on otterbox for this device. I looked up otterbox's return policy and I think you have a year to get a replacement. Too late for me...
review image
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The instructions are on a yellow brochure inside the clamshell. I didn't realize they were there until I started playing with the stand feature.


Considering I didn't use instructions, I figured out how to disassemble this case from the box and install it onto my iPad 128GB. The outer rubber backing peels away. Then the inner clamshell is separated. The screen cover is integrated into the inner clamshell. There are ports for the camera, plug, power, home button and toggle switch.


The case itself is solid feeling and secure. It doesn't really add much weight, thickness or width like the Griffin Survivor case does. The outer clamshell serves as a good screen cover when the iPad is not in use. I wish I had this on my iPad 4 64 GB before it dropped using the Griffin.

The iPad gets hot if you didn't realize by now. I tend to feel heat alongside the bottom left hand corner. With the outer clamshell that contains the stand, it buffers heat well.

The home button is responsive. The screen is also responsive with the screen cover. Unfortunately, this is not water resistant so it's not safe for the pool, hot tub or steam shower. The ports and buttons are easily accessible. Unlike the Griffin which has "removable" but easily misplaceable covers, this has covers integrated into the body of the case.

This does have less rubber padding than a Griffin, however. So if you're somewhat clumsy or more abusive with your gadgets, then the Griffin or Nuud iPad case would be a better alternative.

The stand feature has different angles of hold which makes this more versatile than the Griffin. It can be set in portrait or landscape mode: shallow or steep. So many options. I do like that flexibility.


Overall, I'm pleased with the design and overall function/features. It makes for a solid case to transport my laptop surrogate, the iPad 128 GB, generation 4.

Two thumbs up.

Highly recommend it.
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on July 19, 2014
Love everything about it but the outer silicone. This was a second purchase for my mom since I loved mine so much. Purchased mine 5/2012 at Best Buy and hers here in 2/2013. Just recently both started getting out of shape especially the corners. All the flaps for the ports of my moms have come off. I just lost the charging port flap. Hers is really stretched out on corners. Mine aren't too bad but getting there. Both are ripped. Mine by earphone jack and hers by speaker output. The difference... I hold mine with the button to the right and she holds hers to the left. It is where the left hand holds the iPad gets the most wear. Our screens are both perfect and no problems with the inner shell.

A year ago I would have gave 5 stars but in one to two years the silicone will not hold up. So far matching duct tape is doing wonders for the rip. Emailed Otterbox...Will see what they say.

UPDATE...Otterbox took care of both and sent new ones. Customer service was great.
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on March 16, 2013
I recently purchased an IPAD; I have very low vision. That leads to drops and bangs, missing edges sometimes. I saw this case on youtube. I loved the protection (multilayering)+not having to put an additional protection on the face of the IPAD. I also own an Otterbox for my protective cover I have ever own for it. I drop it alot.
What I don't like about this product is; I have to remove the outer cover to charge it. It is very difficult to get off with arthritis. I have trouble finding the buttons for sound, earphones etc. Since this is very particular to me due to visual loss. It may not bother you at all. It is very well made. If I change anything it would be to put color contrast in the places I have trouble finding. White/Red/Yellow.....just a suggestion. This is ideal in every other way for safety for this wonderful device I use daily. I don't know what it would take to address the charging issue. Additionally I would like a front dark cover for when you aren't using it. The way you see it in the picture is the day it is all the time. I have to turn it off....the less protective covers have a book type cover for when it is not in use.
03/21/2013: I apologize Otterbox, I was wrong about having to remove the rubber protector to charge it. I am legally blind, I was trying to charge in the wrong place. This is totally accessible; works well in every need. I HIGHLY recommend. This is very good protection for your device.
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on February 6, 2013
Edit / Update:

I really liked this case at first. It ended up being ineffectual and cumbersome.

I was lying on my side with the iPad on its side watching some netflix before i went to sleep.. I had my hand rested on the top of it... I thought my weight was on the case, when in fact it transferred directly to the iPad. Screen is now cracked. Luckily its only on the sides. I stopped using the case and I have since dropped the iPad twice on Tile Floor. It survived without the case. Though, a corner is now dented and there are some more minor cracks on the edges. iPad is still usable. Unless you have a toddler or a child your giving this too, thats going to drop the thing frequently I'd use it. Otherwise just pay for the applecare and try to be careful with your device.


I just received this today. I really like it so far, The stand works great and I now don't feel so paranoid about dropping my iPad. After just minutes of use I decided to remove the included screen protector.

The responsiveness was good with the protector on but I just didn't like that when I touched the screen there was a slight air gap between the protector and the Gorilla glass. I felt like it made the iPad feel cheap, so I decided to removed the included protector from the case.

To remove the protector is a very simple procedure. Just carefully push it out from the front bezel after the case is removed from the iPad. Once it's started it all comes off very easily. The glue is like the kind that you find on the back of a brand new Credit/Debit card you receive in the mail. You know the stuff that is used to affix the card nicely to the paper they send you. So it removes surprisingly easily.

So far I'm happy with the screen protector off, I'm thinking about maybe buying a separate one though, one that affixes directly to the screen in order to prevent the air gap problem. But I don't think I will... with the gorilla glass that comes standard on touch devices such as the iPad these days, it really renders those sort of protectors obsolete.

I'll be sure to update this if my iPad ever takes a fall, knock on wood.

-Great Case
-Very Stable and well built Stand
-Screen Protector is good, not great, but easily removable / replaceable.
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