Customer Reviews: Newsies: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray]
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on June 14, 1999
"Newsies" is a very fun filled movie based on actual events of the newsboys strike. Its educational, but it does not lack in fun. The choreography amazes , and astounds me. The music is wonderfully put together and catchy. I find myself singing it throughout the day. The lead characters Jack Kelly played by Christian Bale, puts on an astounding performance (The ladies will fall for him quickly, I know I did) as the leader of the Newsie pack who first decides to go on strike, his friend David helps him by giving him the words to say to start it, and stands by his side to help fight for their rights. Its touching and it fills your heart with excitement and joy. Don't miss out on this wonderful musical. One of Disney's absolute BEST! I first saw it when I was 12, and I loved it then, and I LOVE it now! Go see it, You won't regret it.
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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2001
From the looks of it, I MAY be the only male reviewer posting positive for this movie, but of course I only read the first several reviews, not all 300 plus. I saw Newsies when it first came out in the movies. I believe it was a double feature, with Aladdin or something, can't remember which. I guess I was around 17. I've always been a loyal Disney fan, and I do love many musicals. This was an instant classic for me, sort of a male version of Annie, which came out a decade or so before, and is also excellent. And I seem to recall that Annie and Popeye, two faves of mine, sort of marked the end of live-action musicals. A real shame. Newsies proves that great musicals can still be made, but it also proves that it can take some time for most modern people to admit they like it. The story is about the 1899 strike of the New York paperboys. The central characters are Jack Kelly, a streetwise orphan played by Christian Bale(the main reason most females love this movie), and David Jacobs, a kid from a more stable, family lifestyle. Through the course of the strike they put on, the two boys become unlikely best friends, and with the other Newsies, learn about loyalty, friendship, and believing that they can work together to fight for a better life. The songs and music are beautiful. I'm particular about that stuff too. Don't trust professional reviewers like Leonard Maltin, whose reviews are inconsistent at best. Just when you think he's got good taste from reading one review, you lose all faith in him by reading another. Judge this movie for yourself. If you don't like musicals, don't bother. You have to love musicals to enjoy this even a little bit. And I don't mean just stuff like Oklahoma or Dr. Dolittle. If you loved Annie, this might be a good one for you. A little more adult than that, but not much. Don't expect to see many female characters though. Ann Margaret has a small part as one of the kids' few adult friends, and there's the character of David's sister, purely there to present a love interest for Christian Bale, just so someone would have a love interest. She's not spectacular, but she IS cute. Bill Pullman does a great job as a reporter trying to help the Newsies get some publicity. This was the first time I ever saw Bill since Space Balls, though I wasn't really keeping track of his career. I'm so glad to hear this will be on DVD soon. And I hope they release more of Disney's late 80's, early 90's stuff on DVD. Like Dick Tracy! A visual masterpiece! And my favorite movie of all time, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is badly in need of a Special Edition DVD! Such a spectacular film and we didn't even get the movie trailer promised on the box! Anyway, as for Newsies, get the soundtrack too! Great music! I bought the soundtrack back when the movie came out! Unfortunately it was on tape. Gotta replace that with a CD too!
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on December 25, 2001
I am offended by the professional critics slamming this movie. My two teenage daughters and all their friends absolutely love it! It has incredible dancing, cute guys, and the above-mentioned females are constantly quoting the songs and lines out of this movie. It has a solid plot - and actually holds the characters up to noble ideals...honesty, integrity, loyalty, love of family - and criticizes things that I want my kids to hate: greed, breaking promises, etc. There is a touch of romance, but no sex! Yeah!
The fact that it is based (I believe somewhat loosely) in historical fact also pleases me as it has given my kids a taste of that portion of US history and a desire to learn more. We have managed to purchase a piano/flute book of the songs - so my kids have also been challenged to improve in another area.
This is a great movie for girls from 11 years and up. (I say this only because my 10 year old is not ready to obsess over this movie yet.)
Newsies has inspired both of my older girls to write stories based on the characters.
The reference to "kiddie humor" is particularly annoying. I, for one, am tired of watching movies geared towards kids that feature "potty humor" such as farting and boys getting hit in the crotch. I can't think of anything in Newsies that is that ignorant.
As you can see, I think this is a great movie. Why do the professionals always dislike the decent movies?
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on August 28, 1999
The world was not ready for a return to the days of the movie-musical when "Newsies" was released in 1992. A box-office flop, it has quickly risen to cult classic status with fans everywhere. Newsies is based on the true story of the New York newsboys' strike of 1899. Granted, Disney is guilty of "improving the truth a little", but doesn't any musical, where people break out in spontaneous song and dance, require one to put reality aside for a while? This film tells the tale of the newsies, led by tough, street-smart Jack Kelly (Christian Bale) and intelligent, reasonable David Jacobs (David Moscow), who form a union when Joseph Pulitzer (Robert Duvall) ups the price of newspapers from fifty to sixty cents a hundred. The street children - with names like Racetrack (Max Casella), a compulsive gambler who steals many scenes with his wisecracks - are aided by a newspaper reporter named Brian Denton (Bill Pullman). Together the unlikely company endures many troubles, including run-ins with the police and their leader's betrayal, throughout the strike. The actors are believable as poor orphans and runaways during the turn of the century, and one look at any of them shows that they've poured their heart and soul into this movie. The lack of depth in some characters - especially Sarah (Ele Keats) and Medda Larkson (Ann-Margret), roles that serve no discernable purpose other than sex appeal - is my only qualm with the film. Looking past that and the many continuity errors (some of which are actually quite amusing), this is a highly enjoyable movie for the entire family to share. Not a masterpiece, but plenty of entertainment!
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on March 21, 2003
"The world will know" that Newsies are "carrying da banner" to "seize the day" "for once and for all!" LOL, no pun intended. Okay, enough joking, let's get serious.
First of all, the movie of course does not portray 100% correctly the real strike. But it got about 65% of it right, which is pretty good for Disney. Besides, what movie ever tells the true story correctly anyway?
Some people bashed Newsies because they thought that a)the plot is unoriginal and predictable and b)they didn't like the dancing and singing routines. First, there is nothing wrong with a "Good vs. Evil" plot because it is a classic theme that can't be done without, in movies as well as the real world. And second, just because the dancing is a bit modern and the songs are a little pop driven, doesn't mean it can't be good. So using My Fair Lady or West Side Story to judge against Newsies is like comparing apples to oranges.
The adults' acting is a little embarassing, but we don't pay much attention to them because we've got our beloved newsies pulling some very good stuff. The singing and dancing are great, especially Christian Bale who stops the show with his solo in Santa Fe. Bale's New York accent is just picture perfect, I was shocked and amazed to find out later that he's really British (acting, singing, dancing, this man's talents ever cease?). Max Casella also stands out with his witty facial expressions and tough-streetguy front. The screenplay can be clumsy at some places, but over all it's a good screenplay with lots of clever and funny lines. My personal favorite are "It's not lying, it's improving the truth a little." and "Remember that hot tip I told you about? Nobody told the horse." Among the songs the best ones are Carrying the Banner, The World Will Know, King of New York, and everyone's favorite Santa Fe.
This is a great fun family movie. So watch it just for fun and learn something too.
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on September 1, 2001
I absolutly LOVE this movie!!! I can't tell you exactly why, there is no way to put it into words, but I recommend it to anyone who likes musicals! It has wonderful songs, I have the soundtrack and know the words by heart. I was so happy when I found out that Newsies was coming out on DVD (seriously, I went around with a stupid grin on my face for atleast a week) and that the VHS is being re-released. A big newsie "thank you" to whoever made this happen. Newsies is about a bunch of newsboys who go on strike when the price of the pape goes up 1/10 of a cent, which was a lot of money in 1899. I know the plot sounds a little corney, but it is really good, and for all of you who, like me, don't like mushy love stories, that's another plus, love plays a small role in this great movie. Oh, and Newsies has great dancing too! Pelvic thrusts forever! I don't know anyone who doesn't like this movie, and if you got any search engine and search for it, you'll find thousands of fan sites for the movie, and I don't know any other movie who can claim to have more than Newsies. CARRYING THE BANNER!
-A Newsies fan forever
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on July 25, 1999
Newsies, though not recieved well in the film industry, and by the critics as all that great, I think was VERY underated. Sure, it may not have the best acting, but IT'S A MUSICAL PEOPLE! and it is historical! How often today do we get to see a musical in the movies? This movie also shows that American boys can dance and sing. Though Christian Bale is British, at least the makers didn't have to hire a massive British boy's choir to do the singing. It is like the classic movies from the early 1920s or so. Dancing, musical numbers, a cute little romance- How often today do we see that? Never, we're lucky if there is a clean movie made that is worth paying 7.50 for! Why do you people have to pick apart everything that is wrong about the movie? Try looking at the talent and the good in it for once. It is a great movie, worth while too. The songs may not be the best, but I wouldn't call them cheesy, they were written to go along with the story line, DUH! Plus, they are fun to sing along to. Give this movie a break. IT IS EXCELLENT AND ADDICTIVE. WE LOVE THOSE DANCING BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!
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on December 1, 2005
The first time i saw Newsies, i was around 8 and didn't really appreciate it then. Watching it now, i can't understand why...this movie is great! In fact, nowadays, i watch it all the time, its got great choreography, like a mix of gene kelly's style with some of the ""cool" moves from the early '90's, like mc hammer's scissor thing...hehehe, overall, the dancing is amazing. The songs the Newsies sing are all great.

If you happen to be a girl, you will fall in love with all the newsies, they are all so cute and each have different personalities with nicknames to match. Christian is a great Jack Kelly, in fact i can't think of anyone better to play him. The same thing goes with Gabriel Damon who plays my favorite newsie SPOT CONLON (*SIGH*). David Moscow, Max Casella (Vinnie!), Aaron Lohr (Bash Brother!), Luke Edwards, and all the other newsies are just great. The cool trivia about it is that it is based on real events. There is a special section in the special features that covers information the actual strike and its got actual footage and pictures of newsies from the turn of the century...very interesting!

Special features are great, although i would have loved a commentary with the cast in it, and deleted scenes and maybe bloopers, nonetheless its packed with cool beind the scenes stuff and interviews.

If you are going to buy the dvd, i suggest you get the CD as well, because the songs are catchy and you will go crazy humming them wherever you go till you actually have a copy to play in your car.

This movie deserves a million stars because its just awesome.
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on January 31, 2002
This is a fun musical! Why it was pulled from the theaters so soon after its original release and why Disney back-burnered this visually exciting live-action film is a mystery to me. But they've made their amends. This DVD has TWO featurettes about the making of Newsies and ANOTHER about the real turn-of-the-century newsboy's strike that the movie is based on. Also, it has director's commentary and sing-along lyrics. Some of the plot turns are predictable and Robert Duval's performance as publisher Joseph Pulitzer is a tad embarrassing. Ann-Margaret's as the dancehall performer, Medda, "the Swedish meadowlark" is not (though she inexplicably evaporates from the movie half way through). But the young cast is diverse and energetic. Dance sequences are tightly edited, but not in the annoying and disorienting way MTV videos are. You can appreciate the flow of the movements...and the dances and music in general support the story line and help define the different characters. If for no other reason, Newsies is worth the purchase price just for the opportunity to see Welsh actor Christian Bale (An American Psycho) sing, dance, and speak in a Bowery boy accent.
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on June 10, 1999
newsies is da best movie in da whole wide woild! i accually heard the music in my acting class before i accually saw the movie (in 1992, i was only 8). and i have grown ta love da movie more and more. little kids love dis movie, adults do, and teens too. it has great music, comedy moments (i cant watch it w/out laughing) and wonderful acting (thanks to gabe damon). anyway, its not only a movie dat goils like, i know lots of guys who have and love it too! you can look newsies up on the internet and get thousands of sites devoted to this one small movie! and its definatly worth it to read the fan fiction stories (i should know). so go buy da movie, da sound track, da poster, and print off as many pictures as possible (like me)! and remember spot conlon is da best charcter in da woild. no arguing! love ya all! "never fear brooklyn in here" "i say dat what you say, is what i say" "a porcelain tub wit boilin' water"!
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