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on January 24, 2013
This slow cooker was a replacement for my 6-year old model, which we found would heat the food too quickly. Unfortunately this one is no different and follows a category-wide trend: food will cook completely in under 4 hours on low, and make it overdone at any of the fixed time settings. With no way to set a precise time, you can't even have it shut off earlier. But it does add some nice features like a sealed lid for easy transport, a gasket for a temperature probe, and an auto-warm setting once the time expires. The stoneware can hold fully-cooked food without power at 140F or higher for 3 hours in normal house temperatures (~73F), which is great. Overall I would give it 3.5 stars if it were possible - a slightly better than an average unit with some nice features, but a bunch of problems that hold it back. Will I keep it? Sure. It's an upgrade from my "dumb" crock-pot. Unfortunately there aren't many better alternatives out there.
Details on my testing are below:

To test performance and safety:
I prepared the slow cooker according to common instructions found online: 3/4 full of 40 degree water, set on low. Temps were taken every 15 minutes using a calibrated thermometer. Ideally it should heat to between 185F and 200F and reach the 140F "safe zone" within 4 hours. See my customer image for the graph of results. In summary: This unit cooked to the "safe zone" by 2:15 on high and 2:30 on low, and hit "cooked" at 185F by 3:30 on high and 4:15 on low. Both settings levelled off at exactly 204 F. At sea level it's not much of a problem, but at Denver altitudes water will boil at 203F. Left at that high a temperature, it could cause food to be overdone without regulating it yourself by removing the lid every so often, and watching it like a hawk. Now of course all of this could vary depending on whether the food is in full contact with the cooker, the initial temperature of the food (frozen or not), and if you add food during cooking which lets the steam out.
There's also a no-power-required temperature display on the front of the unit (the bright white label), which gives you an estimate of how hot it is even when unplugged and travelling. There's no probe for this thermometer, so I assume it is measuring the temperature of the stoneware - not exactly precise for the food itself, but a decent estimate nonetheless.

Power usage:
On high, the unit pulled 237 watts of power. On low, it fluctuated between 170 and 237. For your power bill this means that ~4.5 hours of use will pull up to 1 kWh of power. Using the US average for electricity, that's a total of 12 cents to heat up your meal. Disturbingly the unit pulled 2.1 watts of power when completely off but plugged in - the so called "phantom" power. That would add up $2.21/year if it was left plugged in 24/7. Not much, true, but this is just one more device in your kitchen doing the same thing. So as with all appliances, unplug them when you are not using them.

These are the recommendations I've found online and in the user's manual:
1) The pot has to be 1/2 to 3/4 full. If you're only cooking in a small part of the pot, it will heat up the contents much faster - potentially overcooking it even more if you are not watching. Conversely, if it's packed to the brim, there's no room for the steaming effect and the sheer mass of food will take longer to cook.
2) Empty and clean the pot while the food is still warm. Nothing is more of a pain to deal with than stuck-on food from the night before. Even the glossy surface of this pot can still have this problem.
3) Keep the lid closed as much as possible. Temperatures drop very quickly if you open it.

- Temperature probe gasket on the lid: Makes it super easy to read the temperature of what you're cooking without opening the lid and letting all the steam out.
- Hooks on the back for the cord to wrap around are nice, especially when on display at a potluck.

- There is slight electrical burning smell during the first few uses, but that went away soon thereafter. It's even mentioned in the manual as "normal".

- The time settings are very limiting on this unit: 4 or 6 hours on high, and 8 or 10 hours on low. Especially since it tends to heat quickly, there's no way to lower the time. Unattended operation is not recommended.
- If you live in a electrically-unstable area, the fact that the unit resets to off with even a brief power loss might be a problem for you. No way to tell if the food was fully-cooked or not, and even the manual recommends discarding it.
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on December 12, 2012
So I've owned this for about two months now and I've used it about five times. All in all, this is a good slow cooker - it seems to be built well, the cooking temperature doesn't seem too high, and at the end of the day, it works. So, a solid three stars for that.

However, there are a few major flaws in the design that make me question the competence of the designers who worked on this model. Things that would seem like a no-brainer to anyone who's ever cooked anything, but somehow, not the case here.

For example, the timer control has four AND ONLY FOUR settings, so it is not truly programmable. High for 4 hours, High for 6 hours, Low for 8 hours, and Low for 10 hours. Want to cook on high for six hours? Too bad. Want to cook on low for four hours? Tough. Now, of course, you can manually keep returning to the crock pot to adjust these times - there's nothing to stop you from coming back after four hours on high and adding another two hours, but if you wanted to cook something for, say, four hours on low and then have the unit switch over to "keep warm" afterwards, you can't. (This is particularly problematic for me when I make bone stock because the timer has a max time of 10 hours, and I tend to simmer for at least 20 hours. That means I have to continually come back to the crock pot throughout the day and reset the timer so it doesn't automatically shut off.) So there's no way to manually adjust the cook times?? Do they actually think customers are so inept that setting temperature and time separately would be too confusing, and therefore needed simplification to two hour intervals?

Second, the lid has a locking mechanism, which I've yet to use because you're not supposed to lock the lid while cooking - only during transport. This seems like a nice feature, but of course they designed the lid with no way of keeping the clasps actually in place when you turn it upside-down. So when you remove the lid and set it upside-down on your counter (so that you don't get condensed water all over the place) the locking pieces fall out of place and then get in the way when you want to put the lid back on, making you use two hands to put the lid on every time. Yeah, poor design again.

To summarize, the unit cooks reasonably well, but these two flaws seem somewhat inexcusable. It's not worth it to mail it back (I can't imagine what the shipping would be) but if I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd go with the nearly identical model that has an adjustable timer.

A few things that have been addressed on other reviews:

1) the crock pot does have an electrical/chemical smell the first time it heats up. This would be from the industrial solvents burning off. It goes away after the first use and doesn't get into the food.

2) the lid seal appears to be latex or silicone and not plastic or PVC. No odor left in the food that I can taste, and I tend to be pretty sensitive to that sort of thing. Moisture does seem to get into hidden parts of the lid, but so far I've been able to keep the lid clean (again, not very good design though)

3) the ceramic pot seems pretty solid and well built. No complaints there.
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on December 15, 2014
I recently broke my CrockPot so I needed to replace mine. On the long hunt to find the perfect CrockPot for me I came upon this one. I love the ease of use that this crock offers. The front display is easy to read and figure out for use. This particular model offers 5 different setting. Low 10hr, low 8hr, high 6hr, high 4hr, and keep warm. I have now used all settings accept the 4 hour. Everything I have made has turned out beautifully.

I especially love the easy of transit that this CrockPot offers. Allowing you to snap down the lid for travel all while ensuring warmth that you can judge by the temperature gauge on the display. It makes potlucks and family functions a breeze. Now worries of food splattering out, or the ceramic cracking from jostling around, and no worries for quite some time about the temperature dwindling.

The only downside I have with the product is how warm it is to the touch compared to other models. I attribute this to the extra insulation and the materials used, but you must take caution when handling. It is recommended in the manual that you leave at least 6 inches of space around the entire machine and I highly recommend this because you can feel the heat coming off the machine.

Other than that one slip with the heat, it is a great product.
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on December 8, 2014
Disappointed and returned because I need a 6 qt crock pot to cook up to 6 qts. but this crock pot holds less than 5 qts. When I talked to the company, they told me it is the housing until that holds 6 qts... can't cook in the housing unit. :-(
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on February 28, 2013
I bought this, not because we needed a new one, as we already had a couple of small ones, but because I wanted us to have a no hassle day preparing meals that will last the two of us at least 3 or 4 days. The instructions are very easy to understand, and even holds a few recipes, but the main joy is how it worked. All we have to do is put in the potatoes, veggies and meat, a certain amount of liquid, and 6 or 8 hours later, a really great dish with very tender meat (great recipes can be found on the web). The only time we had a problem (not with the unit) was cooking some chicken a little too long. It came out more grainy, and not very enjoyable, which was a surprise as a previous chicken dish came out so very tender it was insane. There isn't ever enough room for a LOT of vegetables in these crock pots, and we love a lot of veggies, but still, it holds enough to make several meals for those 3 or 4 days for 2 people each day. We haven't tried taking any meals to parties or anything yet, so can't comment on that, but the warmer DOES work great. It is usually started in the morning (I am at work by this time) as my wife turns it on and leaves for work some hours after me. By the time I get home, it is all fully cooked, and the warmer has been on for about 1/2 already, and I just leave it there until she gets back home a couple of hours later, and I serve dinner. It stays nice and hot the whole time. I ooh'd and ah'd over 2 or 3 others before I bought this one, and for what we want, and the price, it was perfect. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to put in the ingredients, set the timer and forget it.
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on December 9, 2014
I've been very happy with this slow cooker. Our previous model was having issues with keeping the proper temperature after many years of use, so it was time for a replacement.

I was looking for a well constructed cooker that had a timer to switch the temperature to warm at the end of the cooking cycle. This unit doesn't let you set a specific time. It has options you can select: High - 4 hours or 6 hours, Low - 8 hours or 10 hours or warm. For my uses, those options are perfect. It's very fast to hit the button to get the temperature/time combination you want. If you require more options, you'll want to look for something else. I think the majority of people will love how this one works though.

Quality and appearance are great as well. I appreciate the little touches. Cord storage is quick and convenient. The stoneware seems to be of high quality, and is still working great after many uses.

The locking lid wasn't something I was shopping for, but I think it's a great additional feature. I imagine it'll come in handy at some point when we need to transport the unit with food in it. I also like the simple temperature gauge that lets you know how warm the food is at all times.

It is a little bit more of a hassle to clean the lid than on some units, due to the rubber seal that helps prevent leaks when locked down for traveling. It's not much of an issue, but I couldn't think of anything else to mention as a negative!
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on March 11, 2014
I was very happy with this crockpot at first, but the more I use it, the more qualms I have about it. First of all, there are 5 settings: High 4 hours, High 6 hours, Low 8 hours, Low 10 hours, and Warm. And there is no timer.
So hypothetically if I want to cook a dish on "Low" but for only 4 hours, I have to be home in order to turn the crockpot off after 4 hours, because the only "low" settings are 8 or 10 hours. Second of all, the crockpot cooks quite unevenly. A few dishes (one bread, one stew) I had to rotate the ceramic bowl halfway through cooking so as to not burn on one side (as it did the first time I made the bread). Now, the last two nights, one entire side of my meal is burned/stuck to the crockpot while the other is perfectly juicy and loose from the ceramic. Uneven cooking is not good, and I do wish I had control over the timing.
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on February 13, 2016
Just had our first meal and all seemed to work fine. I researched for several days and this one pot seemed to have everything I wanted.
It got great reviews for nice even heat without overcooking items. This appears to be a problem with many of the newer slow cookers, as they have all ramped up the heat due to new safety regulations. Our old Crock-Pot, a hand me down from my mother in-law, finally bit the dust, the handle broke, and the plastic lid cracked. This new model features a glass lid with locking tabs for travel and rubber gasket to prevent leaking. The old model had only low or high settings, while the new one give you those setting plus four different run times. Having the auto timer, and warmer makes it easier for us to leave a pot on while at work. If we run late it doesn't cook away all the liquid and burn the food. The limited choice on heat and time are not a real problem since almost all recipes I've seen call for those exact time and heat settings which keeps things simple.
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on January 30, 2016
We already had one crock pot but it wasn't very big. I wanted a bigger one so we found this one. This crock pot is worth every penny. It is amazing, it has times that correlate to low/medium/high and once those times are hit it will default back to a warming option which I absolutely love. Another reason we decided to go with this one was because it has a locking lid which I told my husband I wanted on my next crock pot. That is a wonderful option to have and should be on all crock pots. It also has a way to wrap up the cord when you're done. I love everything about this crock pot and is very worth it!
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on March 17, 2015
I like the Crock-Pot, but I'm only giving it two stars because the gasket on the lid retains the odors of everything I've cooked in it. I've tried scrubbing it and soaking it in vinegar, and it just stinks. I've contacted the company, and they haven't answered. There you go.
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