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on October 13, 2017
My daughter loves these Pixie Hollow movies and I find that they are not annoying. I have read that there is some inconsistency in the storyline of 'Secret of the Wings' with other Pixie Hollow movies but frankly, that doesn't bother me at all. My daughter hasn't mentioned it yet so apparently it doesn't bother her much either, and she often notices that type of issue. What I like about the movies is that the music and voices are not annoying or cloying. The artwork is lovely, the storyline is solid and acceptable for young children. And as long as someone doesn't find fairies or magic offensive I don't see anything scary or inappropriate for young or sensitive viewers.
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on October 24, 2015
DVD simply has Disney Secret of the Wings. Tinkerbell is not in title. Very well rendered, top quality all throughout. Has a very simple story of cooperation and curiosity. Some of the ideas in this film were later used in Frozen, and Periwinkle somewhat resembles Elsa of Frozen. Uses of frost and ice in this film also cropped up in Frozen. One thing that was pointed out elsewhere is the prohibition of going to Winterland makes no sense as Winter fairies were shown in the first Tinkerbell movie, so a continuity error is in this film. Also the Winter Lord visits Tinkerbell up high on a giant frozen mushroom, yet he cannot fly. Neverthe less, I enjoyed this film very much. The idea of the joined wings creating a supernatural light and able to repair Tinkerbell's broken wing was very intriguing. The two librarians (one in warm Pixie Hollow, the other in Winterland) was another inspired idea of parallel complementary worlds. Some parts are too cute for an adult, such as a discussion about clothes, but it is a film an adult can enjoy as well as small children. Tinkerbell is always very inventive and innovative, creating remarkable machines -- one of the reasons I like her, she is a great engineer ready to produce a device as needed, such as a snow-making machine. The theme of two divided worlds coming together to help another is a lesson learned for the need for cooperation and tolerance.
One problem is that the other fairies haven't enough to do and have few lines. It was only occasionally an ensemble piece, with each character doing a little bit, but with the major roles confined to Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. A rather short film, but very well done, especially in showing the movements of the face and body, all flowing realistically. Also Tinkerbell is a brave fairy to go out to a frozen world like that, an explorer and engineer. A great hero for all.
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on March 20, 2016
I was very unsure about these series of movies. I love the old tinkerbell from peter pan. and I was afraid they won't do her right... but I am impressed and still in love! this story is one of sisterly love( better the Frozen ). it's a beautiful story. and the winter fairys are so pretty! it's a smi heart breaking story, but it ends with a happy ending for all I do believe.:) I had met Tinks sister at Disneyworld and had no idea who she was... now I do! and love her!
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on November 29, 2012
I love all the Tink's Movies, any body Dissing this movies it's just not really seeing the big picture. I love this movies cause I love animation and I feel it's hard to make such a movie and I love the way this people in Disney just keep making
great things like this for me and my family to enjoy. I love art and animation. I feel you have to, if you want to enjoy your self with any animation and cartoon. I forgot about Peter Pan with this new Tink movies and I still love Pan's Tink also. I hope they make a pan or at least how Pan got with Tink. That would be great. I love magic and faries and well all and I am a 44 year old male with a kid's heart to love and care for all if I could, and this movies are all about that. We all know about reality, so please don't mess with the fantacy. I love Tink and that is that and this 4th movie is just a wonderful movie with colors and white all and magic that and well? what can I say. I loved it, and the 3D was great and my wife loves it and so do my kids all ages by the way. I hope you guys buy this DVD set and keep it till it's gone from Natural degration or you just loose it or give it as a gift. If so, just buy another one. I would if I lost mine. I hope you guys enjoy this as much I we did as a family. Good luck in all you do and happy holidays, and forgive my spelling and punctuation. I flunked math and english. Enjoy!!!!
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on October 7, 2014
My wife and daughter probably consider this their favorite Disney movie of all. I am all about the classics, but this one definitely has a great appeal. The only issue with the packaging was the absence of a slipcover, which is only an issue to someone as obsessive as myself. Otherwise a great purchase.
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on January 22, 2013
As a parent, I watch every movie that I can with my child because I want to know what she's watching as well as what she likes and what she doesn't. When my daughter said she wanted this movie I thought to myself "Oh great, another Tinkerbell movie...bleh" but I decided to get it for her anyway as Disney and Pixar are usually on par with quality animated movies. I am very delighted to say that I wasn't disappointed.

In this installment, Tinker Bell's endless curiosity (I'm sure that's part of the Tinkerer in her) decides that she wants to explore the winter woods after an interesting situation goes down with her wings glowing at the warm/cold line while she's helping her animal fairy friend escort some animals to the winter side of things. Unfortunately, with Tinker Bell being from a warmer climate, her wings are far too delicate to travel in the cold without them breaking and her never being able to fly again. Sadly, there is no cure to fix them if they break. To combat that tiny problem, Tinker Bell builds a winter outfit and wraps herself, as well as her wings, in it to prevent damage/breakage and sets off on her journey to discover...why did the cold weather make my wings glow, sparkle, and twinkle?

During the course of her winter woods exploration, Tinker Bell discovers that she has a twin sister (Periwinkle) that lives in the winter woods as a frost fairy and that they have identical wings. When they get close to each other their wings glow, sparkle, and twinkle. Is it magic? You bet. Do they know why? Not a clue. Regardless, the two spend lots of time together in the winter woods letting Tinker Bell enjoy all the winter activities before they hatch a plan to take Periwinkle to the summer area partake of all the things the warmer climate has to offer. After-all, if Tinkerbell can survive in the winter woods, why can't they figure out a way to keep Periwinkle alive long enough to smell the flowers?

Tinker Bell enlists the help of her 2 tinker fairy friends and they build a contraption to grate ice into snow that Periwinkle can fly around in and stay nice and cold. The only problem is, they didn't get a big enough block of ice and Periwinkle almost loses her wings. This of course gets Lord Milori, the Ruler of the Winter Woods, and Queen Clarion, warm area ruler, involved and you find out exactly how everyone knows that there's no fix for broken wings. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are told that they can't see each other anymore, which as you can imagine upsets them both a lot. During the course of all of this the ice grater that made the snow for Periwinkle gets pushed into the stream that is the definitive line of the warm/cold areas and starts a freeze epidemic of massive proportions that begins to overtake the warm area and threatens to kill the magical pixie dust tree in Pixie Hollow. Did I mention that if the Pixie Dust tree dies then no fairy will ever fly ever again? Yeah, heavy stuff.

This was, to me, the most definitive moment in the movie as far as Tinker Bell's character is concerned and it makes her totally worthy of the fact that my daughter wants to grow up and be her (I wanted to be a ninja, I try not to hate on dreams). Tinker Bell decides that regardless of the fact that it will ruin her wings and probably totally limit her life, she is going to fly to the winter woods and enlist their help to stop the deep freeze from killing everything. Huge sacrifice for the greater good of all fairy-dom. Because Periwinkle is a frost fairy, she and the rest of her frost fairy friends can cover the tree in a layer of frost that will preserve the tree from being destroyed by the ice. Go team go.

When it's all said and done Tinker Bell and Periwinkle save the day, Pixie Hollow, AND even find a way to let warm fairies spend time in the winter woods. Oh, they also figure out how to mend Tinker Bell's broken wing. It's a win - win situation.

In conclusion, this is a good movie, it has some good moral values and fiber in there and it's actually entertaining enough to keep this 28 year old mom's interest. I recommend this movie.
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on December 21, 2012
The Movie (Plot, Characters, Music, Etc.): I was skeptical when the first Tinker Bell movie was released, but since then my 4 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son have fallen in love with this series and have collected each installment, including this latest addition, Secret of the Wings.

The first thing I love about Wings is that it's another expansion of the Pixie Hollow universe. This is the reason "The Great Fairy Rescue" is my least favorite, because the fairies and their world, not just Tinkerbell's antics, are what I love the most. Wings does not disappoint here though! We get to see the world of the Winter fairies which has plenty in common with the "warm fairies" as they're called in this movie all of a sudden, but also plenty of differences! It's a new magical world for Tink to explore with new fairies to meet and adventures to be had.

The animation seems to keep getting better and better. The music is magical and the voice acting is spot on as always. We don't see much of Terrence in this one, but we see plenty of the other characters, including a short side story with the Queen herself (I forget her name...)

I especially enjoyed this one because of the introduction of Tinkerbell's sister, Perriwinkle. They have an instant bond as sisters that is animated very well and is very real. The love is there and it warms your heart to watch the siblings work together to overcome obstacles and never get into a single tiff along the way. I was waiting for the usual "We meet, we love each other, oh but now we have a fight, and the climax of the movie is we forgive each other" plot but that, thankfully, never came. These leaves kids and their siblings only with kind thoughts and the inspiration to work together and be there for one another which is great.

As an adult, I kind of saw the real ending coming even so and wish we hadn't had to just add some action in there at the end for a good climax and no other reason, but I also didn't mind the ending. It was a nice conclusion and I can't wait to see the next Tinkerbell adventure.

Special Features: The special features are the usual fair, with music videos and whatnot. My daughter and I enjoyed the short bonus clip featuring Tinkerbell and a Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern. I am also now kicking myself because the 20-some minute long "Pixie Hollow Games" movie is also included on both discs! I bought this by itself on Amazon instant video for 2.99 before Secret of the Wings had been released.

The Pixie Hollow Games features the garden fairies with Rosetta being our lead character for this feature. Think the Olympics with fairies, and the garden fairies have a pretty embarrassing losing streak. But it's Rosetta's turn to compete and she's happy just dropping out of the first round to spare herself the humiliation. She ends up being paired with a newer garden fairy who is anxious to compete and aim for the gold.

It's a really refreshing watch with the same Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow world and fantastic music but a new lead, and I think a lot of kids nowadays can relate to not wanting to compete in public, even when they do have a great chance at win. I knew plenty of kids when I was in school who would fail gym for lack of participation, simply because they were afraid of trying and failing. So this is a really great theme to share with little ones!

I don't have much else to say but... If you buy this, here's a tip. Do watch the included music video The Great Divide by the McClain Sisters. Not because the song is great (it is, I like it), but because it is hilarious. One of the sisters, being a new up and comer of course (you'll know her when you see her, I promise), is not super awesome at controlling her facial expressions for the camera. Throughout the whole music video, she shoots you looks like a lion on the prowl about to jump on some fresh meat and it had me laughing with my daughter having no idea why.

So don't be afraid to give Tinkerbell a shot with this one! Even my son loves the sense of adventure in every movie, especially this one. Definitely a must watch for siblings!
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on September 28, 2013
the tinkerbell series is one of the best disney series ever in my opinion. there are never bad guys in their movies, just good people resolving conflicts with each other. that is so refreshing of a change from the typical good guy/evil guy plots of old.

i've owned and watched all 4 movies with my kids and this was one of the most touching. a wonderful story of friendship and adventure and overcome challenges together. I hope disney never stops this series. it is rare to see a sequel outdo the priors but tinkerbell continues to amaze me.

buy it! you won't regret it.

Note i bought the deluxe set with downloadable movie to ipad. it works pretty well and easily loads up on itunes. my kids now borrow my ipad regularly and probably use it more than me. a wonderful educational tool by the way if used correctly and monitored carefully. loaded movies are key for road trips and long plane trips.

Also note, the deluxe set (3D blu-ray/DVD) also comes with pixie hollow games on the DVD as bonus. that is an excellent short movie that my kids like watching as much as secret of the wings.
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on September 28, 2017
Our grandchildren love the Tinkerbell movies and this one did not disappoint. We actually like watching them, too. This is my favorite.
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on December 28, 2012
Maybe I need to watch it again...
Santa just brought this long-awaited new Tinkerbell installment the other day, and we finally had the first viewing this afternoon.
It's got some great aspects: we all loved learning that Tinkerbell has a sister, and getting a chance to see more of the Winter Land was very cool.
But it seemed to lack something the others didn't - a solid storyline. We (4 yr. old and 7 yr. old savvy girls) kept waiting to get into it, then suddenly without warning it was over. Huh? That was it??
Like I said, maybe we have to watch it again, but there's something to be said about first impressions.
I was very surprised to see how many people gave it the max amount of stars. Maybe they were targeted previewers hand-picked by Disney??
All in all it was not an unenjoyable movie - but I feel like it was definitely lacking in basic story structure, depth and detail. Plus, it was SO short. It felt incomplete. If you compare it with the last Tinkerbell movie, these are two productions on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Great Fairy Rescue was longer, richer, and followed a basic story structure (Dramatic Arc?) with a solid beginning (rising action), climax, resolution (falling action), ending (denouement) . This latest has almost none of that. Kind of a shame after their three other fantastic movies for children that are so refreshingly free of needless violence.
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