Customer Reviews: Secret of the Wings (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2012
About halfway through this movie I looked over my 8 year old daughter, and almost 12 year old son, to my husband and said, "I can't believe I'm getting goosebumps from a Tinker Bell movie."

Yes. Goosebumps.

My daughter and I have watched all the Tinker Bell movies in the franchise, and have even watched the specials on the Disney channel. I have to say that we've loved all the movies, but I think Secret of the Wings is now my favorite.

I won't bore you with the synopsis, as you can read it above, but I will tell you about what we liked,

-New characters!! Not only do we get to see all the favorites, we get lots of brand new characters as well, including Periwinkle (of course), Dewey (the Keeper), Lord Milori (voiced by Timothy Dalton! Yes!), and a host of new friends from the Winter Woods.

-No bad guys. I realized when I was watching this that there are no bad guys in a Tinker Bell movie! There are bad things that happen (and an occasional stray cat), but there is really no one bad guy. I love that! I love that it teaches my daughter that bad things can happen but if you work together, and think outside the box (like Tink), you can solve almost any problem.

-Personal sacrifice. As one of the other reviewers here remarked, there is a moment of personal sacrifice made by Tinker Bell that truly makes the film. It shows that while her main focus is getting to know Periwinkle, she cares more about all of the fairies, and the great pixie dust tree, than her own wishes.

-Great music. I'm still singing..."and the great divide...doesn't seem so wide..." although I do miss the Celtic music from the previous movies.

-The story! How can I put this last? The story is FANTASTIC. Simple enough that children can understand it, and complex enough that adults will enjoy it (note: my husband and I were going "Ooooh - I know what's gonna happen" as there is quite a bit of foreshadowing, but it didn't ruin the movie at all!"

All in all, the entire family has marked this as one of the best Tinker Bell movies yet! Even the animation is getting better (the bobcat looks so real!).

Thanks, Disney, for making an amazing franchise - so...when's the next movie?!
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on September 5, 2012
I saw this movie with my new children on September 2012 at El Capitan in Los Angeles (a special showing). My three year-old daughter and my five year-old son sat there mesmerized for the duration of the whole movie. This movie has a beautiful story-line and wonderful execution. If Disney had touched up the scenery ("background") a little more, it could have easily been ready for theaters. Even as is, the winter scenery is well done. I actually think this movie might be my favorite of the four tinkerbell movies (and I have watched each of them several times with my kids).
The story includes a beautiful moment of personal sacrifice by Tinkerbell. She "gives up" something she values greatly to save those she loves (I cannot reveal details without spoiler alert). What a wonderful lesson for young ones! I would recommend this highly to any parent with a young son or daughter.
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on October 21, 2012
I have to admit that Disney's Tinker bell movies have become something of a guilty pleasure for me. I say "guilty pleasure" because I'm a 41 year old male - hardly Disney's target audience for the Tinker Bell movies! What's more, I can't even use the "I watched this with my kids" excuse cos I don't have any!! But I believe these movies can be enjoyed by people of any age - male or female! I watched Secret of the Wings last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, and it's easily as good as the other 3 movies, possibly the best yet. My favourite so far was TB and The Lost Treasure, but this could easily surpass that after further viewings. It's wintry setting with all the snow and ice really give the film an enchanting, magical feel. I watched this on Blu-ray (2D) and the picture quality - as expected from Disney - is amazing. The winter setting with it's icy whites and cool blues really look great. This film really deserves to be seen in HD. All of the animation is top notch too - everything from the characters to the beautiful falling snow looks great. Don't think for a minute that because this is a straight-to-video release Disney have knocked out a sub-par release. This looks just as good as most other CG animated films that get the full theatrical release. FYI this film was at one point known as "Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods". I will definitely be watching this again soon, and have no doubt that younger viewers could easily watch it many, many times. There's also trailer on this disc for the next TB adventure coming in Spring 2014...I can't wait!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 10, 2012
I was able to review this movie last night with the kids and all I can say is that it was an amazing film. The artists at Disney have re-created a beautiful world for the fairies and have introduced a brand new set of fairy friends into the mix. I loved the concept of the movie. I also loved the change from Winter to Summer that was shown in the movie. Tinker Bell shows great sacrifice in the movie, not only for herself, but also for all of Pixie Hollow. This sacrifice provides a great example of what it means to be family and a member of a community. I can say that the whole family thoroughly enjoyed watching this film and I already know that we will be watching it again and again in the months and years to come!
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on September 10, 2012
We saw this movie at the El Capitan theater in Los Angeles this past weekend (9/9/12). It was very enjoyable, and my 5 year old daughter and her friend were mesmerized. I really enjoyed it myself as well. Looking forward to this movie coming out on DVD!
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on October 24, 2015
DVD simply has Disney Secret of the Wings. Tinkerbell is not in title. Very well rendered, top quality all throughout. Has a very simple story of cooperation and curiosity. Some of the ideas in this film were later used in Frozen, and Periwinkle somewhat resembles Elsa of Frozen. Uses of frost and ice in this film also cropped up in Frozen. One thing that was pointed out elsewhere is the prohibition of going to Winterland makes no sense as Winter fairies were shown in the first Tinkerbell movie, so a continuity error is in this film. Also the Winter Lord visits Tinkerbell up high on a giant frozen mushroom, yet he cannot fly. Neverthe less, I enjoyed this film very much. The idea of the joined wings creating a supernatural light and able to repair Tinkerbell's broken wing was very intriguing. The two librarians (one in warm Pixie Hollow, the other in Winterland) was another inspired idea of parallel complementary worlds. Some parts are too cute for an adult, such as a discussion about clothes, but it is a film an adult can enjoy as well as small children. Tinkerbell is always very inventive and innovative, creating remarkable machines -- one of the reasons I like her, she is a great engineer ready to produce a device as needed, such as a snow-making machine. The theme of two divided worlds coming together to help another is a lesson learned for the need for cooperation and tolerance.
One problem is that the other fairies haven't enough to do and have few lines. It was only occasionally an ensemble piece, with each character doing a little bit, but with the major roles confined to Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. A rather short film, but very well done, especially in showing the movements of the face and body, all flowing realistically. Also Tinkerbell is a brave fairy to go out to a frozen world like that, an explorer and engineer. A great hero for all.
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on October 23, 2012
My daughter ADORES the Disney Fairies franchise. This movie was such a great addition. "The Pixie Hollows Games" short was very good as well. This movie keeps in the spirit of the other movies, and if you are a fan I highly encourage you to get it.

We try to get the digital copies because it helps to have them on our handheld devices while travelling. It's definitely a lifesaver!
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on January 7, 2014
Ok, I normally think any newer 3D type of movies that Disney puts out to make more money tends to be a crap movie. BUT this one is actually quite good and I really do like it. It's a kids' movie, but it's still a genuinely good movie. This whole new franchise has actually grown on me to like it. I think it's a good movie franchise and now little girls and boys everywhere can dress up as a fairy. There are boy fairies in this series too, it's not just for girls, but it's mainly aimed at little girls.

The 3D isn't horrible, it's actually well done and pretty. The characters aren't bland or that annoying, some are, but it's mostly okay. I have a feeling the people at Disney used some Pixar people to make the background environments look better and the character design/animation as well.

Great movie for kids and people who like these kinds of movies. I think the director and screen writer made the characters easily identifiable with a younger audience because they're fairies but also with adults as well since the adults would probably be watching it with their kids and they don't want the parents to be that bored either. The characters have depth, and complexities that you would find in other Disney movies that isn't just aimed at a younger audience. I think they're stepping up their game into making a movie or set of movies to be better than just sub par.
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on November 29, 2012
I love all the Tink's Movies, any body Dissing this movies it's just not really seeing the big picture. I love this movies cause I love animation and I feel it's hard to make such a movie and I love the way this people in Disney just keep making
great things like this for me and my family to enjoy. I love art and animation. I feel you have to, if you want to enjoy your self with any animation and cartoon. I forgot about Peter Pan with this new Tink movies and I still love Pan's Tink also. I hope they make a pan or at least how Pan got with Tink. That would be great. I love magic and faries and well all and I am a 44 year old male with a kid's heart to love and care for all if I could, and this movies are all about that. We all know about reality, so please don't mess with the fantacy. I love Tink and that is that and this 4th movie is just a wonderful movie with colors and white all and magic that and well? what can I say. I loved it, and the 3D was great and my wife loves it and so do my kids all ages by the way. I hope you guys buy this DVD set and keep it till it's gone from Natural degration or you just loose it or give it as a gift. If so, just buy another one. I would if I lost mine. I hope you guys enjoy this as much I we did as a family. Good luck in all you do and happy holidays, and forgive my spelling and punctuation. I flunked math and english. Enjoy!!!!
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on July 15, 2014
My daughter loves this movie and I was, again, surprised by how much I enjoyed watching it too. Disney really has a good series here and the Tinkerbell characters continue to entertain (with the exception of one unnecessarily dopey winter fairy character in this one; why they need a new-age stoner character is beyond me.) Nothing scary for my 3 year old in this one and I love hearing the voices of Angelica Houston and Timothy Dalton. Good watch.
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