Customer Reviews: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB Solid State Drive SH103S3/120G, 2.5", SATA Rev 3.0 (6Gb/s)
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on October 17, 2012
Thank you Amazon for the very quick delivery.

I have been noticing that a lot of SSD vendors ship out their products in nothing more than a hard plastic shell, not Kingston. The Hyper 3k comes packaged with a nice box. The SSD and the 3.5" adapter and screws are held snugly in place by dense foam. As this is a bare drive, there are no software or sata cable provided. However, sata cables are cheap and software to clone your old drive to your new SSD can be downloaded for free from various software companies.

I'm sure you all are aware that SSDs are fast, really fast when compared to HDD. This Hyper 3k is no exception. To maximize the speed of this SSD make sure you run it in AHCI mode and not IDE mode. It is very comparable to my girlfriend's Samsung 830 speedwise. It is also built, in my opinion, a little sturdier than the Samsung. It seems a little heavier and the header where you plug in the power and sata is much, much better than the Samsung. With the Samsung when you try to disconnect the sata cable it almost feel as if the whole header will come off. The Samsung, however, has a much better toolbox called Samsung SSD Magician. The Samsung SSD Magician has features to optimize the OS, to do firmware update, to run benchmark, performance optimization, and secure erase. The Kingston SSD Toolbox, which must downloaded from Kingston website, only gives you Drive and Details. Details is useless, and Drive will tell you the model of your SSD and the firmware that came with your SSD. Kingston, you guys really need to give us a better toolbox. Visually, the toolbox looks like it was designed back in the 90's.

Firmware can not be updated via the Toolbox, you have to go to Kingston website and download it from there. Quite cumbersome. Also in order to update the firmware, you HAVE to be in AHCI mode. If you are in IDE mode, don't panic, there are quite a few tutorials on the web on how to change from IDE to AHCI by in the registry and reboot into bios to enable AHCI.

Good news for Windows 7 users, your SSD will be automatically be 4K aligned. What does that mean? It means you can clone or migrate your OS to the new SSD and not having to worried about doing the 4K alignment yourself.

For cloning my HDD to my Hyper 3k I used to programs, AOMEI partition Assistant 5.1 and Macrium Reflect 5. Both are free programs.
1. Install your SSD in the computer case but don't plug it in to the motherboard yet.

2. Uninstall any programs that you no longer used in your HDD, are haven't used in a long while, which means you are no longer using it:)

3. Defrag your HDD. What you are doing is trying to remove as much data as possible because the content that is left has to fit into
your new SSD.

4. Once it is smaller, launch AOMEI and shrink your drive. For example, you wean down the content of your 1TB drive to 150GB of data. Macrium Reflect will not be able to clone your drive because it still sees 1TB and will give you an error message that your source drive is bigger than you destination drive. With AOMEI you can shrink the PARTITION of you drive to 150GB. There is a tutorial on AOMEI's website. *you will have to reboot after AOMEI shrinks your partition*

5. After the reboot, power down your computer.

6. Plug your SSD to the motherboard with the sata cable and connect the sata power cable from your power supply to the SSD.

7. Turn on your computer and go disk management and initialize the unknown drive (your SSD). Once initialized, Windows will recognize your SSD and assigned a drive letter to it.

8. Launch Macrium reflect and click on clone my drive. It will show your HDD and SSD. All you have to do is drag the partitions down to the SSD. Most people will only have 2 partitions on the HDD.

9. Sit back, relax, this could take 30 minutes or more depending on how much data you have. I only had to clone 73GB so it took only 17 minutes.

10. After it's done, you will need to reboot.

11. Google how to enable AHCI mode and follow the steps (not long and complicated at all).

12. One more reboot and you are done.

Enjoy your new drive:)

Update 11/05/13: After 1 year of usage, this SSD is still as fast as the 1st day I installed it. It has proven to be very reliable. The Kingston HyperX 3K withstood 2 abrupt power failure and a lot, and I mean a lot, of writing cycles as I am constantly moving my steam games back and forth from SSD to my HDD. Toolbox still shows that my SSD's health is still 100%.

The Holiday season is here and if you are looking purchase a SSD for yourself or as a gift for someone else, I recommend that you consider this SSD (if the price is right).
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on October 18, 2012
My drive which shipped on October 15th, 2012 came with revision 501 (501ABBF0) firmware on it, which has been out-of-date since June. At this time, the latest revision is 503 (503ABBF0) which was released in August.

I had some difficulty updating the firmware to Rev 503. The Kingston firmware update utility (found at > Support > Drivers/Downloads > Solid-State Drives > HyperX SSD -- SH103S3 > Firmware Update) would not recognize the drive.

As it turns out, it was either a conflict with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) software I had installed, or the Intel AHCI driver that installs with the Intel RST software. Once I uninstalled Intel RST, rebooted, and the generic AHCI driver was automatically installed in its place by Windows 7, the Kingston firmware update utility recognized the drive and successfully updated to revision 503.

Once the update was completed, the Kingston firmware update utility will recognize the drive with or without the Intel RST software and Intel AHCI driver installed. There must be an incompatibility with revision 501.

The Kingston firmware update utility will tell you your firmware revision number. Make sure to check it out first thing after you get your drive!
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on October 12, 2012
I chose this particular SSD because reviews and benchmark stats were pretty high from what I read online. I bought it to put my OS on as well as other high-use programs, and the occasional video game. Some observations since installing:
1) Boot times are about the same; however, once I log on and my desktop shows up, I can immediately start launching programs without a hitch. I do not have to wait a single second for things to load at logon, and can run programs and open files right away!
2) Single-player video games that have the levels loaded on the computer (i.e. Half-life) load levels instantly. On my old HDD, load times per level were roughly 20 seconds. They are now no longer than 5 seconds, smaller levels load almost instantly.

I have only had this SSD installed for 3 days now, and so far I am pretty amazed.

1) DO NOT try to use window's recovery/image system for cloning your OS to from your HDD to the SSD. It is tedious and takes forever. Instead, google "Seagate DiscWizard." You can use the free version to clone the C: partition to the SSD, and it takes 20 minutes tops. If you are lacking technical expertise, I would highly recommend using this method.
2) Make sure you activate the AHCI drivers. You will see a MASSIVE increase in performance with the SSD, even moreso than you already get by just installing the SSD itself.

I highly recommend this product!!
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on October 18, 2012
Drive is a good cost performance pay off but...
sata and power connectors seems to be made of brittle plastic without any reinforcement of a surrounding housing. This makes it easy to tweak the connection a bit when installing in tighter cases for instance. After 3 unplugs entire plastic connector broke off inside power connector.

Lucky exposed copper prongs still still allowed me use what was left of the messed up connector, so I continue to use the drive.

If I was a complete noob I would probably just being flaming this drive. Admittedly I could have been a bit more careful had I known how delicate these connectors were. Never had this kind of issue with the untold amount drives I have swapped in my lifetime. I bought it on sale, so GREAT DEAL!, just be careful with those connectors. Maybe even apply some dielectric grease.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 17, 2013
Ironically the reason I am here today writing this review is because Kingston has requested a copy of the Invoice and thankfully Amazon keeps that information available to me online. While I was retrieving that information I noticed the, "product review" button. Last week this drive failed completely without warning. Additionally the drive has performed slower than my Raptor which is not solid state and far older and it doesn't seem to me, based on the specs published, that one should be getting this type of poor performance from a SSD. Now I certainly understand that I may have gotten a bad drive off the assembly line, but that does make me wonder what percentage of these drives are bad. Additionally Kingston indicates that the warranty is not renewed upon shipment of replacement, but that the remaining warranty time is merely transferred. This could be used as a methodology to escape responsibility of a product that has an inherent flaw in its design.

The initial Return Merchandise Agreement form on Kingston's site is a nightmare in that whatever script that is running to collect the requested data causes your input to go into improper fields. It almost felt as though it was a game to get the data where it belonged before the cursor jumped. This couldn't possibly be intentional...After somehow managing to provide all requested data I was directed to a confirmation page of which if had I not printed, would have had no record of the request whatsoever. The confirmation page provided an RMA ticket number and indicated that should I not hear from them within three business days, to call back. Given that three + days had passed with no word from Kingston, I contacted them as instructed by the process.

Speaking with Christine, I was advised that I should have received an email from them which requested additional information. Part of the information requested being a copy of the original invoice or receipt. To me this seems like an additional step in the process that does not need to be there and this very step in the process that does not need to be there. Another point of potential failure in the RMA process: Of which, no surprise, failed. I advised Christine that I did not receive the email and she offered to send it again while I was on the phone. After a long three minutes and checking all mailboxes it was clear that the email was not received. She seemed content with leaving me at the fact that she had sent the email and suggested that perhaps it would arrive in an hour or so, but I was not satisfied with that as resolution to the call. I asked if she could provide me an email by which I could sent a test message. She did and when I sent the test message she received it inside of ten seconds. I then asked if she could respond to that message with the required information supposedly sent in the initial message and got her response within seconds. Again she seemed content to leave things as they stood at this point and seemed to have no concern that whatever automated process they were using to generate the initial RMA email was failing. I suspect that there is intention behind these failures, that they are not random happenstance and if that is the case such activity would seem to be criminal in terms of fraud. Understand that what I suspect and what is reality are two different things. In the event I should decide to escalate to a legal posture solely based on the principal of the matter I don't need a counter-claim thrown at me for libel. Everything I have written here is true. I don't think that Amazon has the means for me to follow up on a negative review, so I will have to leave you to speculate about how they turn out, but under no circumstances would I recommend doing any business with Kingston Digital, Inc. for any of their products or services whatsoever!
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on July 22, 2012
I installed this drive in an April 2010 MacBook Pro (15", 2.4 GHz Core i5, 8 GB RAM). Installation was a breeze using's instructions.

The interface on my MBP is 3Gb/sec so it doesn't get to the Anandtech benchmark numbers, but I am seeing ~250 MB/sec write and ~290 MB/sec read using the Blackmagic benchmark tool. It's actually faster than my Sandybridge MacBook Air (1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 128 GB SSD).

Everything installs very quickly. I did a fresh install of Lion in ~15 minutes. All applications run quicker and boot times are startlingly brief. Currently the uptime on my laptop is 29 days... I would say is it is stable thus far.

I would recommend this drive to anyone that wants to get a little more out of their aging laptop or desktop. A 240 GB SSD at <$1/GB is a good deal in my opinion.
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on May 7, 2013
Had it for about 6 months before it suddenly died without any warning. Kingston didn't even give me a shipping label so I had to pay to ship their defective product back to them. Waste of time and money. Lousy customer service.
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on June 11, 2012
Don't mind previous reviewer. They are misinformed about SSD program/erase cycles. 3K program/erase cycles is over 8 years of use.
Buy with confidence.

Source - Anandtech Kingston HyperX 3K (240GB) SSD Review
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on October 11, 2013
This drive is one of the best. It is very fast and very easy to install. Comes
with screws and mounting bracket for 3.5" to 2.5".
Highly recommended, and as usual hats off to Amazon and their fast and on time delivery. Item was very well

It is now 10/13/2013 and as I went to remove the drive to put into a new built the sata connector just fell off the drive. No force of any kind. It does appear that this part may have been glued in the past or it got super hot.
Anyway another drive on it's way. Thanks to Amazon for their great warranty service.
I will still recommend this drive because I don't know if it was returned and just accidentally sent back out or if this is a Kingston problem which I really doubt.

I went ahead and with time and patience soldered the connector back on the drive. As stated above this is a fantastic drive and I would highly recommend it. Just make sure you check the drive for loose or broken connectors when received. I didn't mess with the warranty because of all the data I have on this drive and needed it back immediately.

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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 14, 2013
So you hate HDD and are sick and tired of all problems associated with those low-quality low-reliability craps and think SSD is the way to go and makes the sky bluer and the grass greener.
Bad news is that SSD is even worse; at least when HDD fails, for a while before the failure, in most cases, it gives all kinds of warnings and notices, etc; and enough time to complete the backup, etc. But this is not the case with SSD.
It just died. No warning. No sign of problems. And it is no recognizable by other computers. It is not there, the computers say.
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