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on December 18, 2012
Here are my notes of things I had to figure out a bit on my own to make it all work in my desktop PC.

NOTE: This is really easier than it sounds. I am including a bunch of detail because I think it will be helpful, not because this is complicated - it's not.

First, this is truly a COMPLETE upgrade kit and makes the process fairly simple and almost fool proof. The box contains the SSD, an adapter tray to allow the SSD to mount in a regular drive bay in a PC chassis, a SATA cable (which I didn't need because my PC chassis was prewired for more drives), a great multi-tip screwdriver, necessary screws, a case to allow the SSD to be used as an outboard portable drive (how neat is THAT) and the Acronis True Image software that makes cloning your system drive a no-brainer. The CD also contains an installation guide that talks you through MOST of what you need to know.

To put my notes in perspective, I installed the SSD in a Dell SPX Desk Top that is about 4 years old running Windows 8 Pro. This is a multi-core PC used for photo editing (heavy graphic work) with 8 GB of RAM and a fast graphics processor/video driver card. So this is no slouch of a machine and yet I have seen a definite improvement after installing the SSD.

First Things:
Load the CD, open the HyperX_Install_Guide (the PDF file) and if you are using English, print the first 16 pages. That's all you'll need of the guide.

Getting Your PC Ready:
Review the notes on page 5 of the installation guide regarding the capacity of the drive you are replacing versus the size of the SSD you are installing. In my case I was installing the SSD to replace my C: drive to speed up boot/start-up, shut-down and launching of applications. My C: was 500 GB and had about 300 GB of content. I bought the 240 GB SSD so I knew I had to do something about the difference. I had another internal hard drive with plenty of space so I moved My Documents, My Pictures, My Music and My Videos to that drive. This brought the remaining content on C: well below the capacity of my new SSD. Since these are "System" libraries and the operating system will look for them at particular locations you need to point the system to where they are in their new location. You can do this part while you're waiting for your SSD to arrive.

Here's how I moved my library folders.

First, I backed up all of the library folders to an external drive, just in case. (As it turned out I did not need these back-ups; nevertheless, I suggest you do the same. This can take a while so when you get that started, go get a cup of coffee, watch a couple of TV shows and come back to see if things have all been moved.) When I had the back-ups completed it was time to free up that C: drive space.

On my other internal drive (D: in my case) I created a "USER:" folder and inside that a "Bill" folder (that's me). Inside "Bill" I made a folder for each of the libraries, e.g., My Documents, My Music, etc. This is where I was going to move each of the libraries.

With that set up, I clicked on Windows Explorer (the file folder navigation screen), clicked on Desktop, then in the right hand pane double-clicked on the User Name (Bill, in my case), then right-clicked on one of the library folders mentioned above like the My Documents folder, clicked on Properties, clicked on the Location tab, clicked on MOVE, this brought up a screen where I navigated to the new location, selected the "Bill" folder, selected the My Documents folder and clicked Apply. I answered "Yes" to the question that popped up about moving files. I did this for each of the library files.

With the libraries moved I checked the storage on C: and it was down to 143 GB so I was ready to proceed.

The Hardware Part:
Install the SSD into the Kingston metal carrier using 4 of the flat-head screws that come with the kit. You get to use the great screwdriver that is included with the kit to do this.

Be sure your PC is shut down. Unplug the power cable.

Open your PC case; locate the hard disk drive bay; remove one of the spare HDD carriers, probably by squeezing a couple of tabs and sliding it out. Install the Kingston metal tray with the SSD into this carrier. In my case I backed out (loosened) the front two screws on the Dell carrier and they lined up with the front two holes in the Kingston tray. I just positioned the Kingston tray and retightened the Dell carrier screws as they went into the Kingston tray's two front screw holes. There is a ledge on the Dell tray that supports the rear of the Kingston tray so no screws are used for that. So, you won't need the included pan head (roundish head) screws at all in this situation.

Slide the Dell tray back into its slot until it clicks into place. Attach the SATA data cable (bigger connector) that is already there. Attach the SATA power cable using either one that is already there (it was for me) or using the cable supplied with the SSD. The Kingston instructions tell you how to locate the right connector on the motherboard.

Close your PC chassis, plug in the power cord and start your PC.

The Software Part:
Follow the Kingston instructions for Setup and Use of the Acronis software (page 8). My computer did NOT boot from the Kingston CD so I had to go into the BIOS (press F2 or whatever your PC uses during start-up to get to the BIOS screens) and set the Optical Drive as the first choice for boot devices. (Note, leave it this way after you are finished with the entire SSD installation process.)

Acronis will launch and just follow the simple and straightforward Kingston instructions.

Along the way I got some obscure message (`ST not recognized) but I thought "what the heck" and just hit Enter and it proceeded without any problems.

After selecting the Source Disk it took several minutes of "Processing" before it went to the next step. I was getting a bit nervous but I just waited it out and everything was OK.

After selecting the Destination disk, the software immediately began the cloning process which took about 30 minutes - remember that I was cloning about 143 GB so your time may be shorter or longer depending upon the amount of data to be cloned.

If all goes as expected you will get a "Disk cloning was successful" message.

Whew! That seems like a lot of work but it really wasn't. The bulk of the time was taken up in the back-up I decided to do and then figuring out how to reduce the stored info on my C: drive. I hope my notes here help you a bit. The use of an SSD as my boot/system drive has definitely breathed new life into my somewhat old PC and will give me another year or two of service.
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on September 6, 2013
WOW!! I love this drive! I know it's only been a few days and I should wait, but the performance boost for me so far has left me speechless. I do a lot of program intensive stuff on my computers and this drive (just SSD in general I'm sure) has sped up my performance. It has exceeded my expectations. If all you do is play on the internet then this thing won't do much for you except maybe boot your computer faster. But if work with a lot of different applications throughout your day, then you need one of these. Again, it's early and this model may crap out on me a week from now, but I just can't complain. If anything should happen from today I will definitely be back with an update on the product. If I haven't included an update and you're reading this, then nothing has happened since I wrote this review on 9/6/2013 (installed drive on 9/2/2013).

This went into my desktop computer (Dell). The included bracket was not supported in the Dell drive bays without a Dell mount, however, it was so light that I just used 1 screw to mount it and skipped paying extra to Dell to have a fancy mount. I don't plan on moving or shaking my desktop around so I'm confident it will do just fine. I'm not like Steve Jobs, the inside of my computer doesn't have to be pretty. That's no slight on MAC, I love my MACs too. It also came with an adapter box so that if you are installing into a laptop you can use it as a USB drive to clone it first and then use your old laptop drive as a USB drive after you are done. I now use the SSD as my primary drive and the old HD as a backup. The included cloning software was easy to use and relatively quick. It took about 45 minutes to clone my 300+GB of used space on my 1TB hard drive over to the SSD. All in all it took about an hour to get the desktop apart, mount the drive and cabling, re-assemble the desktop, clone the drive, and boot back to Windows. Not too bad.
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on January 18, 2014
Just finished installing this SSD on a 2-3 year old Gateway desktop. The desktop provided an extra drive bay and power connection. I just needed the SATA cable and 3.5" bay adapter that's included with the kit. I did not use; nor, did I need the USB drive adapter that comes with the kit. This was my first time installing a SSD; so, I purchased this kit just in case.

The actual installation and cloning process went very smoothly and took maybe 45 minutes. The worst part for me was trying to move everything from the 1.5 terabyte drive (that had close to 750 GB on it off my old primary drive). Cleaning up the old drive, defragging, uninstalling, and reorganizing everything took most of the day. I was surprised that when I moved all my pictures, videos, documents, and music off my old drive, my PC was still using 250 GB. Running "Windows Disk Cleanup" removing all of the update backups and restore backups took the data usage down to 80 GB.

The Acronis cloning process went off without a hitch and took about 15 minutes. When my PC booted up on the new drive, I was amazed at the boot speed and the overall new speed of my old PC. I checked the "Windows Experience Index" and the Primary hard disc rating went from 5.9 to 7.9, which is the highest possible rating.

I can't speak to the longevity of the product, but my initial impressions are that this is a very high quality product that's been well thought out and should give me exactly what I was looking for... speed and peace of mind. I highly recommend this product. I guess my laptop is next...
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on August 2, 2012
Just installed this product on Late 2008 Macbook pro (Pre unibody), Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1 running Mountain Lion

Yes this product works on Mac, although the box indicates only support for Windows Operating systems. I was a bit concerned considering the few reviews there are of this product used with Macbook Pros.

Install was easy enough

1) Put the SSD in the provided drive enclosure, use Super duper of Carbon copy cloner to clone your HDD, I had about 100GB of usage on my old drive, took close to 2 hrs to clone
2) Putting the SSD drive was easy enough, just go slow, so as not to lose any of the screws (there are quite a few), and delicate connections to deal with. Videos are available on [...]
3) Book time is significantly fast, and so are app load times. I hope the product lives up to the MTBF specified. My 4 year old computer feels like it just got a new lease of life.
4) Kingston Tech support was very helpful for pre-sales support with all the Q&A

For those of you considering the HDD upgrade, It should be worth it, except that I am writing this review after 10 minutes of use.

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on March 24, 2014
An amazing upgrade for my first SSD tryout, exchanged my 7200 RPM out with this in my MSI gaming laptop, would say probably a 100% increase in load speed, write speed, read speed, heck pretty much everything speed as far as HD's go. It compliments my 8970M and 6 core processor phenomenally. It isn't the best Kingston has to offer, but for its price & size, its freakin awesome speed! Perfect for mid/high-mid Laptops and Desktops. If I had more money I would have gotten an even better upgrade; I would highly suggest this upgrade kit because it includes pretty much everything you need to clone your drive if need be. However, being that this is only 120 GB, you are better off starting fresh and using your old drive as just a slate like I did, whatever you decide to do, run your OS on the SSD, you will see the difference.............. a total of 3-5 seconds I would say is how long it takes for me to get to my desktop and to run a game from it being shut down completely. No joke.
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on January 28, 2013
This drive is excellent in speed my boot up is now 20 seconds. Decent price for a great drive.
If you are running windows 7 this drive is amazing. If your trying to run Windows 8 prepare for
about a 3 hour process. If you think the time spent is worth having a faster pc. Please follow
my directions in order and you'll be fine.

Con: The software to install this drive and the drive itself is not made for windows 8. (but can be made to run)
To install windows 8 on this drive you first need to set the drive aside for about an hour or so.
Take another drive and install windows 7.
Once installation is complete
Now use Acronis Home Image
Clone the drive onto the solid state
next is the fun part hook your solid state up to another computer
you now need to change the system reserve file to at least 300MB
(i used mini Partition wizard found at this link[...]
now after you have changed your system reserve
plug the solid state into ur pc you want it to run on
system will error out (no worries)
Press F8 and run last good known configuration
now your system is ready
restart your pc and boot from your windows 8 disc
Now it should install with no issues
(Any issues email me and i am more than willing to help)
I spent hours working on this drive i am happy with the speed; but this drive was very frustrating to get windows 8 on it. These are the steps i took; now my system is running much faster.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 27, 2013
I'm using this for video game file storage, 240GB version.

My ATTO 2.46 benchmark test results are:
Overlapped I/O
Transfer size 0.5 to 8192KB
Total Length 512MB
Size, Write, Read
0.5, 9885, 37632
4.0, 83968, 146140
1024.0, 238080, 400649
2048, 237553, 403662
4096.0, 237553, 403662
8192, 237553, 403662

The test was conducted on an EVGA FTW3 motherboard, with the drive connected to the on-board SATA III controller. The drive is about 30% full of data. Windows 7.

Maximum Observed Read (Megabytes/second): 394
Maximum Observed Write (Megabytes/second): 232

These are pretty good rates, for a bargain-priced SSD of this size. Certainly not blowing me away though.

The kit comes with a nice USB3 hard drive caddy for your old SSD. It transfers pretty quickly from my tests. The drive I put in it was an OCZ Vertex 3 (128GB).
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on April 21, 2013
I bought this SSD for my laptop and I am super happy with how easy it was to switch out the old drive and with how much it has improved my laptops performance. I don't rely on benchmarks because I like real world performance better and this SSD changed the time on opening Adobe Photoshop CS5 from about 40s to 9s. I would say it is pretty fast.

Pros: Super easy installation, fast speeds, and comes with a nice external 2.5" SATA to USB case.

Cons: None

Thoughts: This is not the fastest SSD out there but if you are upgrading an older computer like I was then this is the way to go because it is relativity cheap and if it is an older computer then you will most likely not even be able to reach max performance on higher end SSDs out there. I would definitely recommend this SSD to anyone.
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on October 23, 2014
Great purchase. Installs in a heartbeat. I had a problem with the transfer software at first....the problem was the user(me). Once I took the 10 seconds to actually read the screen, my problem was solved and all files moved without a single hiccup. Fired up the laptop with the new SSD and as all the other reviews state, I was amazed at the speed. Only software problem I had on SSD was a product called CryptoExpert, a program that encrypts files. Had to delete and re-install the program, then all was fine. I did not lose any of the encrypted files, just the program itself had to be reloaded. Loved this so much, I bought a second Kingston SSD for my wife's laptop. Will never go back to a HDD again.
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on August 12, 2012
Over the years, I've bought 3 SSDs (last one was 2 years ago). Each time, I assumed that the products would finally be good enough that there'd be no downside to switching (other than capacity and cost). This was the first time I wasn't disappointed. No stuttering. No finagling settings. Nothing bad to say about it at all. This particular packaging was worth it too. Install SDD. Insert CD. A few minutes later my existing 500GB HD (less than 100gb in use) was effortlessly transferred to the 240GB SDD. Everything fit (including the restore partition) on the destination without having to do anything else. Windows 7 was happy. I was happy. (FYI: Comes with a USB enclosure to facilitate laptop upgrades. Something I didn't need since I was upgrading a desktop machine...but a nice surprise.)
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